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Tiny Tim’s Tearoom

The Tea Guild’s Award of Excellence 2011

All Day Breakfast Specialities All dishes are cooked to order.

Porridge A hearty bowl of steaming wholesome porridge; made with milk and served with brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts.


Poached Eggs on Toast Toasted thick granary bread topped with two freshly poached eggs.


Scrambled Eggs on Toast Lightly scrambled eggs cooked with a splash of fresh cream and served on toasted thick granary bread.


Beans on Toast Baked beans served on top of toasted thick granary bread.


Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Free-range eggs lightly scrambled and served with a generous portion of smoked salmon and a large wedge of fresh bread.


Spitfire Rarebit on Toast Our version of a Welsh Rarebit. Mature cheese blended with Kentish ale, egg and mustard, melted on granary toast.


Omelettes Three free-range local eggs served with a side salad. Select from a choice of fillings. Cheese and Onion £6.85 Mature cheese and finely chopped onion. Roast Ham Filled only with our home roasted hand carved ham.


Cheese and Tomato Freshly chopped ripe tomatoes with mature cheese.


Side orders

Side dishes must accompany a main dish - not sold individually. Bacon Two rashers Portion of roast ham Additional fresh tomato, grated cheese, beans, or poached egg Extra bread Extra jam or chutney Small side salad

£2.50 £2.00 £1.35 £1.50 £0.75 £3.00

Tiny Tim’s Scones The Story of Tiny Tim’s Scone The Tiny Tim scone is a well loved recipe passed down through generations of one family. Made with three simple core ingredients our scones are hand crafted freshly each morning by our bakers into what we believe is the perfect “baked good.” Sultana Scone A freshly baked scone made with plump sultanas served either warmed or toasted, with butter and jam.


Plain Scone A freshly baked scone served either warmed or toasted, with butter and jam.



Our speciality made with love at Tim’s each morning. A fat, sweet, scone-like cake with soft citrus pieces and currants. Served warm with butter and jam. £3.70 Cheese Scone A fat scone made with mature cheese served either warmed or toasted, with butter.


Portion of Clotted Cream Piece of Cheese

£1.35 £0.65

Tea Breads Cinnamon Toast Two slices of white toast buttered and sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon.


Crumpets Two toasted crumpets served with butter and jam.


Toasted Fruit Loaf Two slices of light fruited bread toasted and served with butter and jam.


Croissant Served warm with butter and jam.


Toast Two slices of white or brown buttered toast


Afternoon Tea Selection Our Afternoon Tea is prepared to order and arrives at your table on one of our three-tiered cake stands. Available all day.

Tiny Tim’s Traditional Afternoon Tea A selection of finger sandwiches made to order; cucumber, smoked salmon & cream cheese, ham, and egg & cress. A sultana or plain scone served with jam and clotted cream. A selection of mini pastries and cakes baked by hand at Tiny Tim’s. A choice from our extensive list of our speciality teas or coffees.*

£15.50 per person

It is in the early 1840's that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, is first credited with creating the concept of Afternoon Tea. She would request a small meal of treats, including cakes, tarts, and sweets to be taken secretly to her to curb her hunger prior to the traditional dinner time in the evening. When her snacking was uncovered she was not mocked as she had feared, but her habit caught on and the idea of a small meal of treats and tea became the height of fashion. Since then Afternoon Tea has evolved over time and today it is more popular than ever.

Tiny Tim’s Celebration Tea for Two A bottle of our finest English sparkling wine. A selection of finger sandwiches made to order; cucumber, smoked salmon & cream cheese, ham, and egg & cress. A scone each served with jam and clotted cream. A slice of cake per person from our Cake Cupboard. A full choice from our extensive list of our speciality teas or coffees. *

A treat championed by the great London hotels such as The Ritz and Claridges, a Champange Tea is the ultimate in luxury. Tiny Tim’s has selected to use superb English wines in our menu, showcasing our commitment to local produce. English wines have evolved over the past decade and we believe our choice for our Celebration Tea is one of the finest sparkling wines we have ever tasted.

£62.00 for two persons

* Excludes Alcoholic Coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, Silver Needle White Tea, Jasmine Snow Flower, Chocolate Drinks and Soft Drinks. These will be charged at their full rate.

Cream Teas and High Teas Kentish Cream Tea Two freshly baked scones served with butter, jam and clotted cream. A choice from our extensive list of our speciality teas or coffees.*

There are regional variations within England as to how a cream tea should preferably be eaten. The Tiny Tim’s method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with jam, and then dollop the clotted cream on top!

£6.95 per person

Tiny Tim’s High Tea A freshly poached egg served on two toasted crumpets. A freshly baked scone served with jam and clotted cream. A selection of mini pastries and cakes baked at Tiny Tim’s. A choice from our extensive list of our speciality teas or coffees.*

For the working and farming communities, Afternoon Tea became High Tea. As the main meal of the day, High Tea was a cross between the delicate afternoon meal enjoyed in the ladies' drawing rooms and the dinner enjoyed in houses of the gentry at seven or eight in the evening

£15.50 per person

Tiny Tim’s Gingerbread Tea (for under 12yrs) A dainty finger sandwich with spread cheese, ham, jam or marmite.

Tiny Tim’s has created this exciting tea filled with all the delights our smaller visitors will enjoy.

A scone with butter and jam. A gingerbread biscuit. A choice of orange squash, coke, apple juice or ice cold milk. £6.95 per person

We ask that all customers order their own individual drink.

Seasonal Specialities Available All Day

Blueberry and almond toasted muesli £5.65 Smoked kippers with fresh granary bread, a poached egg and lemon (Please note that kippers contain small edible bones) £7.95 Smoked salmon with cracked black pepper, fresh bread, and lemon £7.95

Lunches Soup of the day with fresh bread £6.15 Chicken liver pate with toasted rye bread £7.95 Bacon, potato and Stilton tart with chutney £7.95 Red Leicester, red onion and tomato quiche served with salad £8.50 Cold poached salmon with a sweetcorn, bean and potato salad and a mint mayonnaise £9.25 Meatloaf Puffkin made with local minced beef, pork and seasonings; served hot with baked beans and a poached egg OR cold with a side salad and coleslaw £8.75 Tiny Tim’s house salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, egg, crumbled goat’s cheese, beetroot, honey mustard dressing and fresh bread £7.75 Ploughman’s lunch with mature cheddar cheese, an apple wedge, coleslaw, beetroot, pickled onion, homemade chutney, and fresh bread £7.75

Huffkins and Sandwiches Coronation chicken Huffkin with a salad garnish £7.95 Cheese and coleslaw Huffkin with a salad garnish £7.95 Bacon and poached egg Huffkin with a salad garnish £7.95 Finger sandwich selection with smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber, hand carved ham, and egg and cress. Available as a selection of all of our above fillings, or as a choice of just one or two. £6.95 ALL OF OUR DISHES, SAUCES, DRESSINGS AND CHUTNEYS ARE HOMEMADE ON THE PREMISES.

Sundaes, Cakes and Ice-creams Hot Chocolate Fudge Sundae Rich chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and homemade speciality ice-cream, topped with whipped cream. £5.55 Banana and Toffee Delight A sundae with fresh banana, homemade toffee sauce, vanilla ice-cream and thick creamy custard, topped with whipped cream. £5.55 Almond Meringue Bomb A special from our Pudding Society menu - this frozen dessert is made with homemade almond meringue and thick cream. £5.55 Knickerbockerglory Ice-cream, cold custard, fruit, jelly, nuts and whipped cream £5.55 Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry ice-cream £3.00 Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Cookies and Cream, or Plump Pilgrim Milkshake £3.00

The Cake Cupboard Tiny Tim’s in-house bakers are in early every morning to produce a fine selection of traditional homemade cakes and pastries. These are displayed in our Cake Cupboard at the front of the shop. Ask you waiter for details or feel free to have a look! All of our cakes are served with cream, ice-cream or custard. From £4.00

Legends of the Ghosts In the 1980's a devastating fire destroyed most of this building uncovering many of the original features that were previously hidden. These discoveries persuaded the council to reinstate the property to its original glory with a full restoration project. However, during the work some macabre discoveries were made in the room on the second floor. Behind the original wood panels they found inscriptions for the children that had lived and died here for many generations, along with a child’s tooth, a ringlet of hair, and the name, date of birth and death for each. On removal of these items the building was said to take on a different feel. Workmen who were here late reported that the temperature of the building cooled, and that they heard the sounds of children playing on the stairs. Strangest of all was the sound of children whispering and singing in the panelled room. The children's spirits are believed to still roam the building today. The ghost room is open to the public where we have a small display detailing the history of the building and its ghostly legends. Please feel free to visit during your stay.

Tiny Tim’s House Teas Pure Kenya English Breakfast Lovely bright rich tea with a golden A fine morning tea or perfect for that liquor that does not stew. afternoon brew. Pot for One £2.30 / Pot for Two £4.10

Speciality Teas

Our speciality teas are loose leaf and are served with milk, lemon or honey. Pot for One £2.70 Tiny Tim’s Special Blend Rooibos A crisp breakfast tea with a bright A rich ruby appearance with a soft sweet taste golden colour and a sophisticated and a lovely aroma. Caffeine free. balanced flavour. Assam Earl Grey A slightly malty aftertaste and a A fine black China tea with a characteristic wonderful spicy aroma. smoky flavour. Green Tea Decaffeinated The taste is soft and mild. A fine black China tea without the caffeine. Ceylon Orange Pekoe Oolong A sweetish earthy flavour and full A mild palatable aroma with large, wild, curly bodied taste. leaves and a lasting aftertaste. Pot for One £3.50 Darjeeling Lapsang Souchong Crocodile Soft and flowery with an aromatic A large leaf tea with a traditional smooth scent. The champagne of teas! smoky flavour. Russian Caravan Kentish Apple Tea A highly aromatic soft tasting tea with This tea rings with apple flavour and a a slight smoky flavour. pleasant aroma. Blue Lady Lemon Tea A powerful citrus aroma with a sweet This tropical tasting black tea is endowed with scented taste. the juice of lemons. Rose Congou Jasmine Classically scented with rose petals to A sweet blend with good blossom content and give a sweet delicate aroma. intense flowery scent. Peppermint Chai Spice Tea A green flavoured tea. An aromatic, Cardamon , Cinnamon , Cloves , ginger , lively and rich tea experience. ginseng , rooibos and ginkjo are blended with an Assam to make a delicious spiced tea. Camomile Apple Viennese Tisane A soothing tea with relaxing Superbly rich powerful flavour tisane that can ingredients. Caffeine free. overcome you! Caffeine free. Jasmine Snow Flower A superb and rare hand stitched tea served in a glass tea pot so you can see the flower unfurl. £6.95 Per Pot

Silver Needle - White Tea Amongst the very finest Chinese Teas. The leaves resemble pine needles and the taste is mellow with a smoky taste. £4.95 Pot for One

Tiny Tim’s House Coffees Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated This is a medium roasted coffee with This is a smooth medium roasted coffee rich traditional flavours. without the caffeine. Cafétiere for One £2.75

Speciality Coffees

Our speciality coffees are served with milk or cream. Cafétiere for One £3.65 Kentish Roast A medium roast coffee with a full flavour and great aroma. Colombian A well balanced flavour with a nice rich depth and sweet aroma Java A rich earthy taste, with a mellow flavour and spicy overtones. Italian A great rich strong coffee with a strong taste and dark appearance.

Brazilian Characterised by a distinctly nutty flavour. One of the most popular coffees. Costa Rica Fine delicate flavours with a rich body and a subtle acid note. French A nice smooth coffee with a rich body with a blend of Central American coffees. Chocolate Orange Indulgent and unmistakable chocolate orange aroma.

Pure Jamaican Blue Mountain

Wonderfully smooth and mellow natural taste, full of flavour with a delicate body. The finest coffee in the world from Jamaica. £5.55 for One

Espresso coffees Please note that we do not serve decaffeinated espresso drinks. Cappuccino An espresso coffee Café Latte An espresso coffee topped with topped with frothy milk. £2.45 steamed and frothed milk. £2.45 Americano An espresso coffee topped Espresso A shot of dark espresso. £2.45 with hot water. £2.45 Chai Latte A spiced chai syrup added to steamed milk. £3.45 Add an extra shot of coffee or one of our flavoured syrups to your coffee: Hazelnut, Vanilla, or Chocolate.£1.00

Alcoholic Coffees Irish Coffee Sweet strong coffee with whisky topped with double cream.


Tiny Tim’s Hot Toddy Our espresso coffee topped with baileys and whipped cream.


We have a selection of milks available. Please ask your server for details .

Chocolate Drinks Traditional Hot Cocoa

This winter warmer is made from dark unsweetened cocoa and served in a pot, with cream and sugar on the side. An indulgence for serious chocolate lovers. £5.50 Please see our separate Hot Chocolate menu for a list of exciting chocolate concoctions!

Wines, Beers and Long Drinks Kent White Wine A medium dry wine produced in Kent. Ask your waiter for details. Kent Red Wine A red wine produced in Kent. Ask your waiter for details. Spritzer Kentish white wine with sparkling mineral water.

175ml £4.50 175ml £4.50


Sparkling Wine and Wine by the Bottle

Tiny Tim’s Tearoom is a proud champion of English Vineyards. Ask your server for our current wine list. Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale £4.10 Award winning ale brewed in Kent. 4.5% vol. Oranjeboom Pilsner Lager £4.10 Brewed in Kent to produce an elegant full bodied lager. 4.1% vol. Pimms ½lt jug £8.45 Characteristically British, served traditionally in summer. 1lt jug £13.95 Biddenden Cider £4.10 A strong, still and refreshing apple cider made in Kent. 8% vol.

Cold Drinks Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola Orange or Cranberry Juice Still or Sparkling Kent Mineral Water Kentish Lemonade (subject to availability) Orange Squash Ice-cold Milk Kent Apple Juice

£2.45 £2.45 Small £2.45 Large £2.95 £2.65 £2.05 £2.45 £2.45

Opening Hours Tuesday - Saturday 9.30am - 5pm Sunday 10.30am - 4pm Bookings accepted for Afternoon Tea only. Bookings taken any day except Saturdays. Please note that we accept most credit and debit cards for transactions over £10. A 12.5% Service Charge will be added to the bill of parties of six or more.

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