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welcome to

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APRIL 2013

Laia is this years BlytheCon Europe traveler, since December she has been visiting friends all over Europe and she spent a few days at Tiny Feet headquarters during Carnaval season! And for her costume she had a specially taillor made Candy outfit by SugarDoll!Just in time to be a star in this new issue of Tiny Feet magazine!




Beloved dolly friends and enthusiasts,

It is with great excitement that I here announce a new, and number 6, issue of our much loved Tiny Feet! Waving the Welcome to Candyland flag! It is true this one was to be out in December, but as the old quote goes, “good things come to those who wait”, and after so much waiting I truly believe it was well worth it, and gosh I had to work hard to deliver this “baby”! To sweeten things up a little and to bright color your day these pages come just in time to kickstart Spring around here! This new number is stuffed with all things sweet, not only to justify the theme but also to show that ferever polished taste of our cute dolls! Welcome to... Candyland! Tiny Feet welcomes you to join in this fluffy sugar rush trip so hold on to your seat and enjoy the tour!

APRIL 2013


This time we start with a lovely feature story by the talented Nanuka, with her forever sweet custom Blythes, and continue to find candy corners, sweet monsters, queens and dreams... From the usual Blythe and Pullip dolls, this time we also have a couple of BJD (ball jointed dolls), Jerry Berry’s and Monster High sets! The featured artist this time is the ever amazing Ragazza, from Petite Wanderlings, she not only replies to our questions but also invites us to enter her unique workspace and share progress customs, materials, dolls and inspiration! These are just a few of the many reasons why I believe this is yet another delightfull issue, with 100 pages of what our contributors do best! As usual the big shout out loud thank you goes to everyone who kindly devoted a little time, talent and love to help build another number! The contributors, the sponsors and friends who help make Tiny Feet possible and with an ever growing quality!

welcome to

Candy Land

Also, and very important, thank you to each and everyone of you all around the world for supporting Tiny Feet by reading it, buying digitals and prints, sending amazing motivational messages and leaving the most grateful comments, it means to world to me! Sincerely, Filipa



Editorial 3 Contributors 6 Sweet Dreaming 8 Wishing you were here


Candy Corner 26 Featured Artist - Ragazza


That Sweet Monster crew


Flying above cotton clouds and...


The Tiny Shopping Guide


The World looks Sweeter in 3D


Collectors Corner 67 Queens of Sweet 68 How to - Paper Crown


Candy of your Dreams


Illustration - Erica Fustero


Floating Pastels 81 Whispers from Paradise 86 Sugar Coated Dreams 92 Credits 98





SugarDoll shop will be presenting a new Blythe collection at BlytheCon Europe on the 29th of June in Barcelona! Available online from 15th of July!

Nanuka Naiara Bilbao - Spain Interior Design and Arts Roterwolkenvogel Sidonie Starnberg - Germany Legal Assistant

Minita Minoru Mishima Tokyo - Japan Graphic Designer

bombom Filipa Aveiro - Portugal Designer

Ragazza* Lisa Maryland - USA Doll artist Retrograde Works Nashville, TN - USA Freelance Artist www.



Ayrin Sandra SandĂ­a Barcelona - Spain Graphic Designer


THE AMAZING COLLECTORS AND ARTISTS THAT MAKE EACH ISSUE POSSIBLE! Hola gominola Sara Torres Madrid - Spain Illustrator and Art teacher pixiepoo Christy Logan, Utah - USA Photographer and Illustrator


Sevastra Barbara Paris - France

cherrily Brenda Eindhoven - Netherlands Marketing

Erica Fustero Zaragoza - Spain Cultural manager / Illustrator Nickocha Nicolas Orgiazzi Bagnols Sur Cèze - France Student

Fragile Existence Sue Nueckel South Australia



Sweet DREAMING photos and story by Nanuka



Bubba sleeps and dreams of a world full of lollipops, delicious sweets and cotton candy clouds.



In her dream also appears her dear friend 05. They are confused, so many lollipops... may they eat one?



Bubba takes one lollipop. It’s so big and delicious!



05 is worried, maybe those lollipops belong to someone and she took it without permission...

Custom Blythe RBL “05” by Nanuka Outfits, scene and accesories by Nanuka



Custom Blythe RBL “Bubba” by Nanuka Outfit, scene and accessories by Nanuka

Bubba tells 05 not to worry! There are too many lollipops and no one will notice!

Lanu is the guardian of this candy world. She has seen Bubba and 05 from above and decides to go down and introduces herself

Custom Blythe RBL “Lanu� by Nanuka Outfits, scene and accessories by Nanuka

Bubba tells 05 not to worry, there are too many! Bubba hides the lollipop behind 05. Lanu welcomes them and tells she takes care of her world and its sweets.

05 tells v vBubba to return the lollipop, it’s hers and she has to apologize. Bubba returns it sulky. It’s only one and there are many more!... |


Bubba, thanks to 05, realizes she’s done wrong and is ashamed. Bubba apologizes and takes 05’s hand to calm down...

Lanu is amazed. They are as sweet as her lollipops, so she decides to give them a candy for each one as appreciation, for being so honest and good.



Bubba, still with glassy eyes, takes the lollipop and both say goodbye to Lanu promising they will be back soon.

Lanu returns to the top of her tower, where she will continue taking care of the sweets that are born among clouds of cotton candy.



Aleggra is a Unoa Lusis doll

wishing you were here... photos by Roterwolkenvogel



holding hands |


sharing secrets

Rhys is an Angelheim Luka/Dollzone doll

Allegra wearing shirt by BallJointedBeatrix, necklace from Soom and skirt from Leeke

Rhys wears a shirt by SMPdoll/Aireedhelien, a collar from Dollzone and pants from LUTS

making memories

wonder if you feel the same?




© 2012 erica fustero





CANDY CORNER photography by Minita







Doll is a Blythe Miss Sally Rice Cotton candy Wig made by phatberry Out-fit from Inuzou Poodle is a Prince Barbie doll's glamorous poodle Miniature are from Re-ment and the Candy shop is Handcraft 29


Ragazza* Ragazza is the name that Lisa has been going by on flickr for years. We all know her I may say, she has been in the Blythe world for as long as we can remember and she always delights us with her creations, either of her custom dolls or handmade toys under the brand name “Petite Wanderlings”. So, all in all, I know there is no need for introductions on this lovely lady! Lisa was so kind to let us take a glipse of her magical and sweet world with a taste of vintage in every single detail. She will tell us about her inspirations, show us her romantic studio and guide us on her creative adventure. Follow the next pages and get ready to travel to Lisa’s world holding on to her hand...

featured artist



Sadie Grace is a full custom Blythe doll Lisa created with a special outfit to introduce the Petite Wanderling’s Decadent Roadside Extravaganza, which is the theme for her custom Blythe dolls, handmade outfits and toys that will be available throughout this year and at BCNY in October 2013.

Dear Lisa, thank you for accepting the challenge to be the featured artist on our 6th issue, it is a pleasure to have you join us and we had a demand from some of our readers that you would have a spotlight on Tiny Feet, because we all love your work so much! PLEASE TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHERE YOU COME FROM. My name is Lisa Peterson and I live in Maryland in the USA. I’ve been working with Blythe and dolls for almost 9 years. I practiced as pediatric Registered Nurse in NICU and home health care for 10 years before deciding to stay home full time with my two children. I love all forms of art and creativity from sewing and painting to drawing, sculpting and photography. WHEN DID YOU START COLLECTING BLYTHE DOLLS? WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST ONE AND HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE NOW? I discovered Blythe in 1993 when I was working on collage paintings, journals and jewelry for nearby art shows, galleries and boutiques. I was always looking for 3d media and vintage ephemera and happened upon a book by Gina Garan with those famous pictures of Blythe. After admiring her book for a while, I finally bought my first doll, an Art Attack in 1994 with the idea that she would be an interesting addition to my studio; something to look at and inspire me, but nothing more than that. I was only planning to ever buy one! |


Work in progress dolls 3 Blythe dolls Lisa’s conjoined twins and a doll who will be available for adoption.

Philosophy of a Wanderling Dress by Drop Dead Cute Custom Blythe and little bear toy by Lisa I have gone through some real changes in my style of collecting over the years. When I first started, I felt like I needed to have every doll ever made or I might die. Of course, it didn’t take long to realize that would be a bit difficult to keep up with. I also remember thinking Kenner prices were ridiculous and I would never pay that amount for a used doll. It took about a year for me to recognize and understand the magic that lives inside a Kenner and once I did, I fell with all my heart. Kenners remain my favorite of all Blythe dolls to this day. I also finally realized that for me, I prefer unrestored Kenners with all of their flaws. The more imperfect they are, the more I love them. Each flaw is part of a doll’s story and makes her unique. It took a few years, but I finally found my style of collecting these dear girls from Takaras to Kenners. I simply have the girls with me who I love most. There was a time when I had around 40 Blythe dolls altogether. But, I have pared my collection down over the years to include only my absolute favorites. Today I have 8 Kenners, 2 custom dolls made by friends and a set of conjoined twins I am currently making and am very excited about.



YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE HOBBY FOR MANY YEARS, COULD YOU TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU STARTED AND THE HIGHLIGHTS DURING THE YEARS? Along with the Blythe herself, I was greatly intrigued by the culture surrounding her. This growing community full of so many vastly creative and endlessly talented people. I’ve never been an avid collector of anything and never even liked dolls as a child, so this was a completely new experience for me in every sense of the word. I have met so many interesting people and have made lifelong friends, including my closest friend (of 9 years now) through Blythe. I enjoy the companionship of these dear dolls and the art of recreating and styling them. Blythe has been and will always be my greatest and most dearly loved muse. I have found so many new creative outlets because she is in my life. She has also been like a gateway drug to other dolls for me; especially BJD’s which I have recently discovered a renewed passion for. In the photo above many new style of von Pinkteas and Little Lost things who will be available for sale throughout the year and at Blythecon NYC And below, working on BJD heads Lisa is preparing a few of her oldies but goodies for new personalities



COULD YOU DESCRIBE THE KIND OF WORK YOU DO WITH BLYTHE DOLLS? When I work I’m an absolute mess. I appear to be completely unorganized; with bits and pieces in piles everywhere. Piles on piles of bits and pieces. But I know exactly where everything is, including the (4th) pair of scissors under the pile of pink fabric. If I were to clean up in the middle of a project I wouldn’t be able to find a thing and all of the creativity for the idea would be lost. I do, however, have to clean up thoroughly between projects. It seems to give me a clean slate mentally for whatever may come next.

Birds of a Feather 3 of Lisa’s Blythe doll costums Brown Dress by Atomic Blythe, Pink and Mint Dresses and scarves by La Pierla

When I sew doll clothes I like to listen to music. But, when I am carving, airbrushing and painting I like to have a movie playing softly in the background for white noise and am in a heavy sort of- almost absent concentration. Yet, I always re-root, crochet, knit or sew little toys while watching movies.. I tend to watch the same 1 or 2 movies over and over during each project until that project is complete and no matter how long it takes. I work in phases where I have so many ideas and so much energy I am literally bursting at the seams and then end up so completely empty I need a bit of time off to recharge for a while. I used to struggle to find a middle ground. But, I’ve finally learned that the best way to break through a creative block is to just go into my studio and clean (there is always something to clean/organize) or play and something will happen. It always does. 35


WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR CUSTOM DOLLS AND PHOTOS? There are so many outward things that inspire the beginnings; from colors and shapes to current or vintage fashion trends as well as natural elements, bits and bobs, music, movies, books and even more simply at times my mood. Sometimes, I just see them looking back at me. There are times I pick up a doll with absolutely no idea in mind and just follow her wherever she wants to go. I think most of all; each doll I make has a little piece of who I am and how I feel at the moment tucked inside them. Every doll I’ve made carries a memory that I can see whenever I look at her, no matter how far she travels around the world.



Pierre Ganache von Pinktea, on the left, was created for a Laduree project Blythe doll. His name ‘Pierre’ is for the grandson of the founder of Laduree, who brought his grandfather’s company to fame with the idea to put two macarons together with ‘Ganache’ in the center. Bellow an inside to Lisa’s studio space.

In the above image we see Profiteroles, a set of 3 custom girls with dresses and Bears all made by Lisa



I think my doll’s characters feel real because their stories come to me as I’m working on them and their photographs. As though they are whispering to me and telling me their secrets during the time we spend together.

I prefer to let a concept grow organically. I loosely plan the initial stages or overall idea and let it evolve and change along the way as it needs to. Whenever I try to force things to go my way I end up frustrated, so I’ve learned to let go. So it’s much more satisfying and exciting to work on the whole concept myself and watch it unfold.

The von Pinktea bears are made to feel like long loved bears from the past and are given amusing old fashioned names to suit their vintage charms, along with middle names for bakery items or types of tea-von Pinktea. Big names for tiny bears that are under 3” tall. 37


The Little Lost Things are also made to be well worn bears from years gone by, but are larger- standing more than a whopping 3� tall. Large bears with small names -- it seems as though I enjoy a regular state of opposites. All of the details I put into clothing, props, photos sets and miniatures mostly come from hunting and gathering supplies here and there; long before an idea ever comes to mind of what I might use any particular item for. When I see something I like - whether for color, texture, shape or style, I add it to my stash. I end up with these funny little piles everywhere actually. Things that I just like the way they look together. Then my piles of goodies usually inspire me all on their own when needed.



There are many times I’ve been ready to start a photo shoot and go up to my studio with no idea in mind at all of what I want to do. I just put a board or two up on a shelf, grab a pile and start arranging things until I like the way it all looks together and go from there.

Oliver Devonshire von PInktea one of the fabulous bears created by Lisa

On Lisa’s work table: Blythe dolls wip, design ideas, shabby circus car wip, von Pinkteas wip, bjd preparations (Volks old F-08 head, Hypermaniac Muse Head, Secretdoll Yomo Head), DIM Doll body Happy Immature girl body. DIM dolls; Laia by Esthy and Larina by WinterNightPoem (Lisa is so in love with these two dolls and admires these artists so much)



My studio is a loft on the third level of my home. It’s a wonderful attic style space with skylights and huge windows that’s always so full of light. It’s an ever changing area that I am hoping to paint this year. You can see my photo set preparations starting in the bookcases. When I put together a set I like, I end up keeping it for a while and clearing off another shelf to use for more set ideas. The main structures are usually put together with foam boards, fabrics and papers of all kinds, very fast and easy to change, mix and match. Of course I also use a few shelves for my favorite dolls and bits as well.



I like having separate tables for sewing and painting as I usually have too many projects going on at one time to share the space between these two things. It’s also great to work on sewing projects while paint and glue dries. I would love to use a beautiful old sewing machine and even tried, but I am too attached to this ugly sewing machine I bought 20 years ago.

The black cabinet holds cameras, lenses and props. I often use the top for sets as well. The little table next to that is perfect for rolling around to work on sculpting and mold making. I gave in and decided to just leave the ironing board out. It mostly serves as another place to put piles of stuff and is a great cutting table and keeps me off the floor at least a little longer.



One of Lisa’s favourite works is this Cheshire Alice. The dress was made by Atomic Blythe and the mask by HauntsHold

Euphemia is another of Lisa’s favourites her dress and hat were handmade by Atomic Blythe

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR FUTURE DOLLS? I am currently making a set of conjoined twins for my shabby chic circus. I‘ve been dreaming of them for a long time and they will be the first custom dolls I’ve made and kept. I’m also working on Blythe dolls to sell each month, along with a few to take to Blythecon NYC in October 2013. Many of my future dolls will have Alpaca hair which is quite a change from the mohair I’ve used for years. I’ve been working on sculpting clay art dolls as well and plan to make those as little companions along with more little vintage bears for Blythe in the coming year.

I’m also starting to work on BJDs which is new for me. I’ve been collecting them for years as well, but always felt too intimidated to do more than dress them for some reason. Recently though my love for them has come back to life and I’ve been painting and blushing along with plans to create wigs, shoes and clothes for them as well. I really enjoy working with the larger size and have many ideas in store.

Lutwidge Hightopp von PInktea has the exception to the rule for his name. This little bear went to live with Lisa’s custom doll Alice Cheshire and therefore has the middle name of Alice in Wonderland’s author’s true name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. His middle name, Hightopp, is after Tim Burton’s version of the mad hatter ‘Tarrant Hightopp’ portrayed in his Alice in Wonderland movie which Lisa watched the entire time while makin the pair.



Maberly holds a kite and wears an outfit booth made by Lisa




Sweet Monster Crew photography and custom dolls by Retrograde Works



Peony is a Monster High Venus McFlytrap and wears: Dress by Dolls Ahoy Stockings by The Daughter Who Sews Faceup by Retrograde Works Shoes by CoolCat



Camellia is a Monster High Scaris Rochelle Goyle and wears: Dress by Dolls Ahoy Stockings by The Daughter Who Sews Faceup by Retrograde Works Shoes by CoolCat

Anemone is a Monster High Dance Class Howleen Wolf and wears: Dress by Dolls Ahoy Stockings by The Daughter Who Sews Faceup by Retrograde Works Shoes by CoolCat







Flying above cotton candy clouds and sailing a calm and sweet river Photography by Minita







Model : JerryBerry | Name : Hedy Out-fit : Licca-chan Castle ( Horse : Enchanted Kingdom Horses



the tiny shopping guide

the cute st dolly musthav es selected by Cherrily

sparrows shop

Shannon (US) hand makes the prettiest magnetic fantasy parts for your dolls. Have you ever considered to add antlers, a unicorn horn or fox ears to your doll? No? Have a look in this shop and you might reconsider. Each item is one of a kind and good news, this sweet and talented girl takes all kinds of commissions for just about anything! |


Kreamdoll These best friends from South Korea started their little company 2 years ago. They make very cute doll clothes for Blythe and more recently, they designed their own line of resin dolls “MocaPinoRu�. Moca, Pino and Ru are a deer, a rabbit and a sheep who can share clothes with Blythe.

Machinedoll Surisilp (Thailand) makes eclectic one of a kind outfits for Blythe. All clothes in her shop are handmade using various fine and exclusive materials that she personally collects from different areas of Thailand and vintage materials from her private collection.



Puttering When Heather’s childhood dollhouse came back into her possession at the age of 28, she decided to make a miniature cheeseburger with a side of fries. It was so stinking adorable, she just had to make other stuff. Now her studio is brimming with teeny goodies, even a 1:6 scale neon felted ball garland!

the tiny shopping guide

Catherine (US) creates a fantasy world of a miniature bakery, or patisserie as she likes to call it. The one of a kind pastel sweets are available in both dollhouse scale (1:12) as playscale (for Blythe and similar sized dolls).

Sweet Petite Shoppe |


the cute st dolly musthav es selected by Cherrily

TRIO BLYTHE These three girls from Australia join forces to make you something special for that very special girl... The team consists of a fanatical and talented free machine embroiderer and two sisters who are somewhat obsessed with Blythe.

the tiny shopping guide



the world looks

Sweeter Custom Blythe doll and photos by Hola gominola





Oreo is a Love Mission EBL Blythe Custom Blythe by Hola gominola. She wears Tibiloo Tricot angora beret, 3D googles handmade by Hola gominola, and dress by Ellie Moe. her little camera is a lomography keychain adapted with a strap.







Jenny (Sweden) NAME + OCCUPATION + NATIONALITY + WEBLINK Jenny (icantdance) + web & graphic designer + Swedish,, HOW DID YOU FIRST START COLLECTING DOLLS? I found the forum thisisblythe one day in 2006 and was compeletely lost in it for days, I went through every photo thread which probably took weeks. I then had to buy one. And then two... WHICH ONES DO YOU HAVE NOW AND HOW MANY? I have 17 dolls. Dimdoll Benetia, Elfdoll Twiggy Yumi & Dami. Littlefee modded Piki and Luna. Secretdoll Person8 & tan Person21. Dollndoll Bubble. Lati Green Lea, Lati Y Miel, Cookie, tan Lea, vampire mystic Lea, vampire tan mystic Miel. Lati W Belle & Bayer. Pukifee Ante & Puki Choco Rose. I also have 5 heads; Dimdoll Laia, two LTF Bisou, modded Ante & elf Ante. And 9 Blythes.

Collectors Corner

WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED DOLLY POSSESSION? I’d say my Person8, Theodora, as she has been the source of so much fun since she arrived. And also Wedge, my modded LTF Piki who is just magical, and named after a very special friend. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COLLECTING DOLLS? I like the creativity, the sewing and photography, and all the friends I’ve collected over the years.

Sherri (USA)

NAME + NATIONALITY + WEBLINK Shershe + American +

HOW DID YOU FIRST START COLLECTING DOLLS? I have always collected dolls, since I was a very young girl. My love for them comes from my Grandmother who raised me, we would go to garage sales in search of them during the summer months. Dolls were my “playmates” as a child. They have always been a big part of my life and I believe it will always be that way. WHICH ONES DO YOU HAVE NOW AND HOW MANY? Blythe is the biggest part of my collection, totaling 16. I also really enjoy ball joint dolls and I now have 11.  They are all considered tiny bjds, including fairyland pukipukis, lati yellows, muculdoll buu, a secretdoll person and my latest addition is a yosd size leeke girl. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED DOLLY POSSESSION? I am most attached to my vintage Kenner Blythes.  To me, they are special because they have a history, a story.  I know that they were once loved or maybe not so loved by a child, and every ding, melt mark, chopped hair, missing leg, it gives them that something extra that a new doll just doesn’t have. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COLLECTING DOLLS? I really love all of the opportunities collecting dolls has brought my way.  I’ve met lifelong friends, amazingly talented artists, I’ve traveled, I discovered photography, knitting, sewing.  Dolls give me an outlet to create, learn and experience things that bring me lots of joy!



Our dolls are often spoiled, we all know it, they get the best clothes, the best shoes and all the attention! They are, of course, Queens to their own realm! And what is of a Queen without a crown? In the Candyland kingdom the crown had to be special! Christy made a crown of Candy and will be giving us step-by-step instructions on how to go about so you can make one for your girls! Just follow us on another How To made with love, sweets and a toillet paper roll...

Original idea and instructions by Christy (pixiepoo)

Queens of Sweet need a crown! Doll is a Blythe Miss Sally Rice The dress was made by Shepuppy The rabbit was made by Violetpie The throwaway pet was made by Pixiepoo



HOW TO How to make a Blythe Size Candy crown Original idea and instructions by Christy (pixiepoo)




Lets get started!

Scissors Pencil Toilet Paper Tube Glue Gun Acrylic Paint Crepe Paper Streamers Needle and Thread Hole punch Ribbon Embellishments like poms poms or buttons


Draw connecting V-shapes on one end of the toilet paper tube.

Paint your crown however you like.


Cut out the V-shapes.



It’s perfect!

Punch two holds on opposites side near the bottom of the crown. Tie a knot on one end of a ribbon and thread it through a hole. Repeat on the other side


Glue ruffle onto the bottom of the crown covering the holes where the ribbon has been knotted.

Take your needle and thread and ruffle the crepe paper using a straight gathering stitch.


Embellish your crown!



Candy of your Dreams Each doll has its own personality. What would each of their Candy world look like?

Sevastra made a series of portraits using some of her dolls to explore their vision of Candyland





“Magic Candy Cane”

Pullip doll Peony wearing a Sugar Mag dress and a Clear Lan top



“Bubble gum ballons�

Blythe doll named Tutti wearing clothes by Cute Dolls Shop




Maggie is a custom Blythe doll wearing Sugar mag dress, Blythe MSR stock outfit collar and shoes from ebay



“...or Cookies?� Betty is a Blythe doll wearing Sugar mag dress, Blythe MSR stock outfit collar and shoes from ebay



“En Route to Candyland!” |


Pullip doll Lisbeth

“A sea of colours” Pullip doll Lisbeth



Erica is a Blythe collector, customizer and illustrator. She edited the “To B or not to B” blythe fanzine that had its debut on last years BlytheCon Europe. Talking about it Erica is also the official illustrator of the event and so she is the one coming up with those awesome images!

PLEASE TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHERE YOU COME FROM. Hello, I’m Erica, an illustrator and crafter living and working in Zaragoza (Spain). I majored in Graphic design, later I graduated in Advertising and PR. I always loved drawing, but I never took it seriously until... not so long ago. Blythe is the one to blame. Thanks to my work with custom dolls I’m making my hobby -drawing and crafting- my day job. COULD YOU DESCRIBE THE KIND OF ILLUSTRATION WORK YOU DO? I guess my drawing style could be described as childish, even when describing grown up situations. When I was in my late teens I discovered lowbrow art and instantly got hooked by it. I liked its innocent way to


represent bigger concepts and I guess I owe it a lot. Humour is always present in my drawings, even in those situations where you weren’t supposed to laugh. Overall, I like to make drawings that make us smile; life is hard enough, isn’t it? WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS? Inspiration comes from all kind of places, music, films, art, but specially real life. Most of the time I find myself representing situations I have lived, seen or heard about. BLYTHE AND MONSTERS ARE A PERFECT MATCH FOR YOU? WHY? Dolls and monsters are not so different, even the scariest monster can have feelings, and the cutest girl can hide an evil mind. So beware... ;-)



Floating Pastels

Photography by Nickocha

Patty is a Pullip Sfoglia with changes of make up by the talented Little Crow (The Blush and the Mouth) She wears a Crobidoll Wig



MĂŠrylle is a Pullip Ddalgi She has a wig from Leeke limited colors, the outfit is made by Lullaby



This cotton candy haired girl is OdĂŠlie She is a Adsiltia Pullip, wearing the original outfit of Dal Maretti.





Patty is a Pullip Sfoglia with changes of Make up by the talented Little Crow (the blush and the mouth) She wears a Crobidoll Wig



from Paradise

Photography by Fragile Existence sue nueckelŠ



Vivian is a Volks Luna She belongs to Sue Nueckel







In these 2 photos Vivian wears Chantillielane clothing, Sue Nueckel handmade shop



this space can be yours! Would you like to become a sponsor?


send us an email!


Photography by Ayrin

Ushio isa a Pullip Uncanricky full custom by Ayrin Wig is from ebay Eyelashes from Leekeworld Eyes are from Enamy Eyes Outfit by Dolly Boutique (shoes from ebay)



This blond doll is a Pullip Aquel Wig is from leekeworld Eyechips from coolcat with custom foil Outfit by Dolly Boutique Chessboard skirt is handmade by Ayrin Sweets are from Tinkerbells Kawaii, Re-ment and Kawaii Factory Deer is handame by Dolly Boutique



Ushio is the guardian of the world of dreams. She protects and helps people through them. She can be in the real world but nobody can see her. She can transform her world in all that she wants, making sweet dreams or nightmares that deserve it. She feels very alone and sometimes she’s bored in the world of dreams. She often gets into people’s dreams while they’re sleeping. In this case Ushio wants to help Rain because she’s sad and she has created a Candyland to have a sweet dream in which Rain is a sweet ballerina.








COVER CREDITS photography by Nanuka

EDITOR and CREATIVE DIRECTOR Filipa (bombom on flickr) CONTRIBUTORS Nanuka Roterwolkenvogel Minita Ragazza* Retrograde Works Cherrily Hola gominola icantdance Shershe Pixiepoo Sevastra Erica Fustero Nickocha Fragile Existence Ayrin THANK YOU Trio Blythe BlytheCon Europe Simply Kir Squeaky Monkey The SugarDoll Shop Dutch Blythe Fashion Blanki La Chica del Lunar Zolala! Isidora Morales Squish-Tish Team Teacup Christinopia Dollymix Published by Tiny Feet Mag all content Š 2013 April

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Tiny Feet - Welcome to Candyland  
Tiny Feet - Welcome to Candyland  

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