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Birthday tiny feet

EDITORIAL Beloved dolly friends and enthusiasts, After keeping you waiting for more than usual this time, i am happy to deliver our 5th issue of Tiny Feet, it being also a celebration of our 1st year anniversary! I find it hard to believe that last year in July we were just debuting with the first number, no one knew about Tiny Feet only the super awesome few that accepted the challenge, but even still i’m sure they didn’t know what to expect of it! With every number the goal is always to make it better, make it even nicer, make it with the best and most talented collector features... Hopefully this time again we will not desapoint any of you! We are half way into September and the Summer season not only went by flying fast it is also just in the last days... Now there is nothing we can do but remember the good times it provided! How about that first icecream with friends? That road trip on the

5th issue way to nowhere? Swimming in the open sea, sailing on a little boat... So yes you got it right, this time we celebrate Summer Loving! All about memories with a little added nostalgia around Summertime, our 5th issue comes out tasting like the sea! Take confort on your best relaxing spot and enjoy what we prepared for you... Invited this time, to be our featured artist, is Gina from GBaby, she opened the door to her studio showing off her creations and talking about her custom work and even invited friends to share photos of dolls she designed! There will be Mermaid and Sailor tales, walks in the sun, fun in the park, games on the beach, dreams and sadness... and so much more! Brought by our fantastic contributors showing off Summertime with their most special dolls! Also there are two new add ons in this issue! We have a little inside to what Blythecon USA and Blythecon Europe was all about, don’t miss out on the

notes, photos and fun! And there is also the little Collectors Corner, that we hope to keep for future issues, where collectors get to talk about themselves, their collection and doll talents! There is extra illustration content this time too, Aquaspirits and Vanessa Éffe deliver special Summer Loving artwork in their different style! Taking these last words to send out the heartfelt thank you to all who contributed, taking sometime from their own Summer to make this issue possible! Also to all our supportive sponsors and all those that helped once again make Tiny Feet look so delightfull... * Much love, Filipa



5 issues 3




new collection in October

table of contents Editorial 3 Contributors 6 Ah, those lazy Summer days, what are they made of?


Sailors and Mermaids 19 AquaSpirits - Illustration


Having fun ate the beach


Featured Artist - GBaby


Talking about Blythecom USA


Talking about Blythecon Europe


The Tiny Shopping Guide


Summer Dream 68 Collectors Corner 69 Vanessa Éffe - Illustration


A stroll in the Sun


Summertime Sadness 78 When it rains 84 La Belle des Champs

90 5



kittenvomit Maya London (UK) Student

Poison Girl Maria Cadiz (Spain) Photographer & Dolly face-up artist Agassi31 Virnando Agassi Tjong Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia) Student

Azuria or just Azu Laureline Paris (France) Student

rhubs knit Barbara Christiansen Portland, Oregon (USA) Independent Artisan - freelancer



Nyo Paris (France) dollmaker - movie maker +


Dani’s Art Daniela (Dani for friends) Geneva (Switzerland) Market research manager

Busymum ValĂŠrie Bretagne (France) School Teacher G.Baby Gina Soriano San Francisco bay area (USA) Doll Customizer bombom Filipa Aveiro (Portugal) Designer cherrily Brenda Eindhoven (Netherlands) Marketing and Design



“ Ah , those lazy Summer days... what are they made of? PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANI’S ART

Summer for Brigitte is luxurious sunbathing, and cool shades. It’s fashion, and cruising, and flirting, and Saint Tropez. It’s being forever young and hip, of having fun, and being loved. It’s fabulous, and daring, and crazy, and yet so naive... It’s the summer we never wanted to end.



Brigitte is a Blythe Miss Sally Rice doll. She is wearing a smock dress by Silly Little Song (INOMI) and a crochet hat by Atomic Blythe. The little pink felted poodles are Vampoodles by Violetpie and Mab Graves.

“ retro summer memories... 11


lush green summer




Summer for Viv is always green... The deep, lush green of tall grass, cool under your toes, and of old trees, full of shade and whispers... It’s sun rays filtered through the leaves, and dancing on your skin, caught-up in your hair... It’s a time of play, and joy, and being young, of lightness of the heart, and soaring spirit. It’s the summer we all want to relieve, year after year.

laying“on the grass



Viv is a Dainty Biscuit Blythe doll customized by Dani’s Art She is wearing a cute yellow dress by Chu Things (raffle win at BCEU 2012 in Berlin)



Raffe is a Simply Vanilla Blythe doll customized by Dani’s Art She is wearing an outfit by Madame Ze Cat

“ the feeling sun kiss

countryside summer




Summer for Raffe is the endless blue sky stretched over ripe fields, gently swaying in the wind... It’s red poppy flowers and taking shade from a scorching sun... It’s wandering, and wondering, and dreaming dreams of growing up; it’s romance novels, and imagination, and living in a time outside of time. It’s the eternal summer of our youth.




Sailors E Mermaids


Photography by ValĂŠrie

Sara is a Pullip Saras. She is wearing a sailor outfit from BHC, a grey Leeke wig and acrylic eyes from Safrindoll. DanaĂŠ is a Pullip Ddalgi. She is wearing a sailor outfit from BHC, a brown Luts wig and acrylic eyes from Eyeco.


ittle sailor, the ocean is calling you. Lift the veils and sail on the streams in search of unknown lands.

DanaÊ is a Pullip Ddalgi. She’s wearing a second-hand bikini bought on eBay (unknown creator), a brown Luts wig and acrylic eyes from Eyeco.



On the next page we see Pullip Merl wearing part of her stock outfit, a bandana made by Busymum, a Luts wig and teddy bears eyes.

Charlie, Pullip regeneration Anne Shirley. She’s wearing parts of Pullip Miku Lol version stock outfit and Pullip Merl stock hairband. She has a carrot Leeke wig and acrylic eyes from Eyeco.



Sara is a Pullip Saras. She’s wearing a sailor outfit from BHC, a grey Leeke wig and acrylic eyes from Safrindoll.

sailors ahoy!



My works on illustration are focused in anime and manga style, mostly interested fantasy themes and also fanworks about couples from series and games that I love so much. WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS?

I love fantasy themes, particulary fairies, elves, greek mithology, celtic legends and zodiac symbolism. Also, the eroticsm and the sensuality of the human body, the body language and facial expressions are very important form me when I do an illustration. It´s also reflected on my tastes on the doll hobby, and I love to customize them by myself, particulary with the face-ups.



aqua spirits ILLUSTRATION


I´m a freelance artist from Venezuela, currently living in Spain since some years ago, happily married and mother of two little girls. I love drawing since I was a child, it has been my major hobby during all my life, and some years ago, until present, it became on my full time professional activity. I have been in the doll hobby since late 2005, and bought my first doll in 2006 (still my favorite!). I must say that although I love to see other dolls, like Pullips, Barbie, etc., the only dolls I actually collect are resin BJDs and Dollfie Dreams. FIND MORE OF AQUASPIRITS WORK AT: 25


Having fun at the beach PHOTOGRAPHY BY NYO & LYLY PIE





Iekaterina is a Fairyland Minifee Shushu Her faceup was done by An / Ovalaire The stripy bikini is handmade





Eric is a Mydolling Heeah with a custom faceup by Lyly Pie wearing a handmade outfit.





G Baby The use of these flowers to introduce Gina is not random. Her work is very much surrounded by all sorts of small details, such as flowers, colors and textures... It is true she started go get interested in Blythe not so long ago, but she did manage her customizing skills perfectly to the edge of becoming part of the best at it. She accepted the challenge to take part of our Summer Loving issue and share her work and beautiful photopgraphy as well as answer all the our questions!




TINY FEET: GINA PLEASE TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHERE YOU COME FROM. Gina: Hello my name is Gina. I’m 28 years old and located in the San Francisco bay area where I was born and raised. I’m currently attending Fashion school and working my way towards a degree in Visual Communications. Right now I’m living in the suburbs with my mom and two dogs. The space in our house is limited, so my bedroom is also my workspace and sometimes if I’m working all day I start go a little stir crazy! One of my goals upon graduating college is to move into my own place in the city where I can have a separate room for a workspace. For now my poor dolls remain cramped on my desk next to all my art supplies and props, but at least they get to watch all the creations come to life and cheer me on as I work. TF: COULD YOU DESCRIBE THE KIND OF WORK YOU DO? G: I’ve been customizing Blythes for about four years now. For the past two years I’ve been lucky enough to have made a small business for myself by doing commission work as well as selling my OOAK Art Blythes via eBay auctions. The process of creating custom Blythes can be pretty extensive because of the fact that mostly every part of a Blythe can be modified or customized in some way. Typically the creation of one of my special Art dolls would include carving the faceplate, faceup, mohair reroot and dye, hand painting eye chips, sewing, and sometimes making handmade accessories. I also provide restoration services for vintage Kenner Blythes, as well as some BJD faceup work Cleo |


TF: WHAT MATERIALS DO YOU SEE YOURSELF WORKING WITH THE MOST AND WHY? G: I almost always give my custom dolls natural fiber reroots because it adds so much more realness to their look. So far I’ve only worked with Mohair and Alpaca. They are both amazingly soft and can be styled, ironed, permed, or dyed just like your own hair. When making clothing I love working with fabrics that are a bit glamorous or luxurious. Dupioni silks, dyed silk ribbons, and vintage lace trims are my favorite. Babette TF: WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR CUSTOM DOLLS? G: Inspiration can stem from anything, but I find that color combinations are one of the first things I take into consideration and that aspect is very important to me. When I’m trying to find inspiration I think about what colors I’ll use for a custom and from there everything else starts to come together. For example, I’ve made a doll inspired by BMW motors. It might seem like a random thing to base a doll on, but the color combination of their logo is what triggered the idea. I created that doll in the colors of cobalt blue, black, silver, and one pair of her eye chips we’re inspired by the blue glow of xenon headlights that most BMWs have.

Gish 37


TF: COULD YOU SHOW US YOUR FAVORITE CREATIONS UP UNTIL NOW? G: It’s difficult to choose favorites because each of my dolls are unique and I love them all for different reasons. But if I have to choose, here are a few that I consider to be quite special: ESME (to the left) - Esme will always be very special to me because from the moment I started working on her she insisted on creating herself. During the process of customizing this doll I ran into some issues and made many mistakes. I like to think it was Esme’s way of saying, “No, this is how I want to be!”. In the end it worked to my benefit because she actually turned out way better than I had planned. I originally wanted her hair to be gray on the roots but after dyeing it, it came out blue. When painting her eye chips I was unable to get the color right for one of the eyes, so instead I let them be two different colors. The story of her going blind came into play and was built on from there.

ASHBY (below) - The idea for Ashby popped in my head one day. I envisioned a hippie bohemian girl with wavy brown hombre style hair, sun kissed skin, a flower garland on her head, and most importantly a gap in her teeth. I never made teeth before but I decided to try it for this girl and I was so happy with the result. What I love about this doll is she turned out exactly how I imagined in my mind, and I was very proud of the carving I did on her mouth and teeth.

TRINITY (above) - Trinity was introduced as my third anniversary doll. She’s one of my favorite works because I really allowed myself to be free and do what I wanted without thinking about whether it was the best thing to do at that moment or if she would be popular or not. I released her during Christmastime so the cybergoth-fantasy girl theme didn’t really fit in with the season, but it was more important to me that she was a representation of me and a celebration of the past three years. I wanted her to be the quintessential GBaby doll.



Margaux, Stella and Seraphina



Victoriana 41


Arwen photographed by Jess

TF: WHEN DID YOU START COLLECTING DOLLS? WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST ONE AND HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE NOW? G: It was almost four years ago that I discovered Blythe. I stumbled upon her one day while surfing the Internet, and a month later I purchased my first doll. She was Can Can Cat and I’ll never forget the day I got her. I had never been so excited about the arrival of a doll in my life and here I was at 24 years old jumping up and down and giggling away like a fool. Today I have 9 dolls. My Blythe collection consists of four vintage Kenners, two Reina de Salem customs, and one I.G Sirenita custom. I also own a minifee Mirwen, and a Unoa Lusis with faceups by me. TF: HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR FASCINATION FOR BLYTHE INFLUENCES YOUR CREATING? G: What fascinates me about Blythe is that she can be anything you want her to be. There’s no limit to the modifications or customizations that can be done. I don’t have the insane carving, sculpting, or even sewing skills that some of the amazing artists out there do, but from what I’ve seen over the years I know that if you can think it, it’s possible in some way to make it happen. That alone inspires me to always want to try something different, be better than the last time, or jump from style to style. Some might interpret that as being all over the place or indecisive about what I am, but it’s only because I love all types of Blythes and dolls in general, I can’t do the same thing over and over or I’ll become bored. Even though the dolls I make are all completely different from the next, I still try to make sure they each have a little piece of ‘me’ and I hope people recognize that when they see my work. 

From top to bottom: Amelia by Roz, Agness by Camila and Baby San Fran by Jess. All Gina’s custom dolls photographed by their owners. 43






TF: WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST, CREATING A WHOLE CONCEPT OF A DOLL FOR YOURSELF OR AN ORDER FOR SOMEONE ELSE? G: For an artist, it’s always the most rewarding and enjoyable when you’re creating something that’s completely you. However, I think it can be a good change of pace to work with others, and I do enjoy that as well. Sometimes people come up with ideas I never would have thought of and I appreciate that aspect of doing commissions or working on collaborations. It forces me to think in a different way. TF: TELL US ABOUT THE STORIES BEHIND YOUR DOLLS, HOW DOES A CHARACTER BECOME REAL? G: I dont make stories or create personas for all my creations, but every now and then a special doll comes along and tells me a little more about themselves by whatever means. Sometimes a story starts with a simple detail and just blossoms from there. The idea for Étude (see her also on page 37) started with a piano. I had found a rare licca piano on eBay one day and quickly purchased it. I started thinking of what I could do with it, and in my mind I imagined a very specific scene. I saw a girl sitting at this piano in a cold atmosphere. She had long black hair and silver rimmed eye



glasses. She looked intently onto her music notes studying very carefully and practicing her music day in and day out. I had actually bought some silver rimmed glasses for this project but unfortunately they didn’t fit so I ended up not using them. In the end I wrote a story about what a day in Étude’s life would be like and that short story is currently posted on Flickr. Esme’s story can be found there as well. TF: WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR FUTURE DOLLS? G: I don’t have any solid plans for dolls at the moment, but I would really like to experiment more with the innocent EBL mold. I’m also hoping to add more BJDs to my family, so I’m excited to see what happens with that.  TF: WOULD YOU LIKE TO ADD ANYTHING ELSE? G: Just a huge thank you for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about myself and what I do! I appreciate it so much and I hope I’ve made it somewhat interesting for the folks reading!  Etude



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Talking about BlytheCon 2012 Texas Insider notes by Barbara (rhubs knit on flickr) Friends Rebecca (Glamourfae), Lauren (Happily Candied)

It seems every year BlytheCons around the world & (Pinkinshire), Sherri (Shershe) get better & better and each BlytheCon has it’s own flavor! This year most of us attending BlytheCon Texas were staying at the same hotel, Gaylord Texan Resort, which meant there was more time to get together for small spontaneous gatherings. Also since it was in a resort many people were able to bring partners or other members of their families combining the dolly event with a family vacation. Through participating & meeting friends during the sanxistreet an earlybird waiting to be one of the first to go in pre & post events our families were able to see that we are not just in this hobby for the dolls, but also for the wonderful people we have developed close relationships with from a very open, fun & caring community!

Chantelle, another earlybird waiting in line with her Blythes.

There were around 250 attendees this year. The day of the event some people began to line up around 3:30am in the morning to get their tickets with the number on it with the order that they would be admitted into the event. Everyone picked up their goody bag at this time & the first 60 or so slots were also able to get a voucher to purchase either one Eurotrash helmet or one Bambino hat when they Many of the participants’ Blythes were dressed in western attire fitting a BlytheCon taking place in Texas. returned to line up later to get inside. The actual event of course started off with the inevitable shopping; stopping off at each vendor’s display and was supplemented with a breakfast bar of coffee, tea, juice, pastries, bagels, jam & cream cheese to give you the energy for just a little more shopping as well as providing one the time to sit & chat with friends & compare items already purchased. Apart from our usual creative vendors, Tess shared a table providing a history of Blythe with actual Kenner girls, prototypes, as well as clothes, wigs & other Claudette Arrives - photo by ellewoods2007 - Lindsay Taylor accessories from 1972! |


Husbands even dressed in western attire like Peter husband to Jennifer

There was also a vendor this year, Toys Paradise, who was selling nrfb Neo Blythe girls at incredibly reasonable prices and this year Junko had even sent Angel to Blythecon so that there was a Junie Moon vendor table full of stationary & other accessories. Time was also spent going around to all the different participants tables taking photos of all the interesting Blythes in the room and many girls were dressed up in western attire!!! After a brief lunch break if you even needed to take one, came the highlight of BlytheCon which of course is the raffle. With so many generous people in the blythe world, there are always an incredible number of donations for the event. This year the raffle was broken up into the afternoon & evening which shortened the amount of time spent on the raffle into two shorter events of a fun & comfortable length! I couldn’t believe all the blythe dolls in the raffle from nrfb Neos to customs!

Small sample of the many donations

This year several workshops were offered as an added bonus covering areas such as customization, rerooting, crochet work, knitting & sewing; with two to three workshops going on at three different times during the afternoon & early evening. I was able to attend two of the customizing workshops: one done by Lynne (happibug) & one by Mel (melacacia). Each customization workshop provided me with different tips in regards to the methods the individual artists used when customizing their own girls. Before the evening raffle began, small trophy prizes were awarded for various contests such as the best display made by participants at one of many tables & this year the small trophy prize went it to Jair for his Glamour Cow Girls & horse display. The winner for the mini me blythe this year went to Linda Scarpellina (Tutubella - melacacia’s Mom)! Mab won the best vendor display just to name a few of the various contests.

Winner of Mini Me contest: Linda (TutuBella) and the Mini Me Blythe

The highlight of BlytheCon of course is the raffle. Even if you don’t win a thing you find yourself caught up in the excitement & happiness of the winners! You have never heard so much hooting & hollering as when the numbers were called & people realized they had one a prize. People were doing victory laps, shaking & crying realizing just what they had won. 51


customizing workshop given by Melanie, Melacacia

Customizing workshop given by Lynne of happibug customs.

Winner of Melacacia middie raffle: Diem (Tiny Haus)

Winner of Stable House custom: Jennifer with husband Peter behind her.

pomme-pomme display

Though exhausted from BlytheCon afterwards I went with a friend to have a last drink & unwind from all the excitement. I found myself riding high from a fantastic weekend meeting & making new friends as well as visiting with old friends from past events who I hadn’t seen for a year, discovering new vendors & getting to meet vendors whose work I have always loved. I was even lucky enough to be able to meet Mab Graves outside at the sports bar & get a chance to personally talk to her & get to know her better after BlytheCon was officially over.

Winner of I.G. Sirenita Petite custom: Angela (Gemini angel’s art and dolls).

Spunky-Junk at her display.

There are always people I wish I had been able to spend more time with or realized they were there, but I somehow missed them, however that just fuels my desire to come back to future BlytheCons. For now all I want to say to the organizers of this years event is thank you to Mara Edenfield & Erica Duh for all your work as well as a great big thank you to all the other volunteers involved in making such an event happen! Of course a final big thank you is needed to those who contributed donations! I had the best time ever Only part of the winning Mab Graves Best Vendor Display & totally look forward to seeing everyone in NY in 2013!!! |


Talking about BlytheCon europe 2012 berlin

Blythecon Europe had it’s first event in Berlin past June 31.I was invited by the organizors to give a little talk about the magazine, so why not have a little stall there for Tiny Feet, with prints, digitals and other exclusive goodies? So, since February, i started to (very) slowly prepare everything for it!

Insider notes by Filipa editor of Tiny Feet Magazine

When the day came to be in Berlin i was so very exhausted i coulnd’t belive i was not 100% but i gave my best! There was a pre-meeting at a Biergarten the day before, where a lot of the atendees got together and i know it was amazing fun but i just couldn’t go as i had to prepare all the last minute things for early next day! I got to the venue at about 10am and there were a few busybees getting the decoaration done, making the sweet paper flowers hanging from the ceiling. The space was very nice and had a great lighting temperature, perfect for photos, during the whole day. Tables were ready and all the vendors could set up their own stands before the crowd came in. I was a bit nervous to put everything together and i have a problem with details, everything has to be perfect... good thing my boyfriend went along and was patiente Tiny Feet stall at the venue, with my girls supporting! There were prints, CD’s and a few exclusive clothing! It had a Candy shop and kind to help with everything! theme andd all the details went along with it!

Spontaneous line up of cute little girls dressed in their best looking colorful fashion!

Here you can have an idea of the space and the amount of people (only on one side) that were there, here all expecting the big tombola prizes announcement.



Chu Things cute diorama and girls

M for Monkey custom girls and Camille dolls

Mirella’s flower girls

Unique dresses by Lounging Linda

Leo and his trunk of delights

So very amazing custom Blythes by Jodie Dolls

Tiny Feet stall overview

As soon as we all had everything set up there was not much time to chit chat with the others but i did talk a little with Erica Fustero and Mary (M for Monkey) as well as with a few others. It was hard to recognize some and associate them with their flickr or shops. At around 11am there was a big round up of visitors waiting in line to come in, we all got a gift bag with nice bits and each had a BCEU blythe size t-shirt handmade by Sandra (imagine 200 of those...). Once everyone started to come in we were all so excited, sales and talks were going on, no one wanted to miss out on the lattest blythe fashion! About an hour later things started to be more calm and we all had time to walk around, talk to friends, take pictures, buy more stuff! I have to say time went by flying! I attended Mary’s M for Monkey sewing workshop and after i gave my little talk to a few curious boys and girls, on how Tiny Feet started and how every issue is planned and made. It was already the afternoon! I don’t remenber eating, only drinking a lot of water, it was a really hot summer day. |


Dollymix won the visitors vote for best stall

As soon as the Tombola tickets started to come out everyone gathered around the 3 tables full of prizes! I had plnas to buy more tickets but forgot with all the excitement of the day, so no wonder i got no prize to claim! There were so many donations for the Tombola that i think i might have been the only one to not get one, ah! The big prizes were saved for last, and announced on the stage by Erica and Rebecca as we were all in expectation to see who would win the beautiful GBaby custom Blythe! It went to the lucky Suzy (sister of crafting with love).

Joelle and her boyfriend flipping Tiny Feet magazine

Sweet Mirella busy with her sales, she won the votes for best “mini me”

Soon after the announcement of the Tombola big prizes, everyone started saying goodbey, taking the last pictures, and packing all the amazing stuff they got. I think there was an after party dinner but i also didn’t go, i went with Brenda (cherrily) and our boys for some relaxed talking in a biergarten and some sushi. I was so happy to have attended this meeting, to have met with flickr friends from years, Tiny Feet contributors... This is why i love this hobby! Thank you all so much for everything! I will not write down any names, you all know who you are <3

Sweet girls Honorata and Katarzina from the Polish Blythe forum showing off the Tiny Feet gift frames

Barcelona is very close, so count us in for the next Blythecon Europe!

Jon and his partner also having fun with the frames, they were a huge success specially among the kids there too! I’m happy i made them specially for the event!

Blythecon Europe taking place next year in Barcelona, Spain. Will you be there?



the tiny shopping guide the cutest dolly musthaves selected by Cherrily

Mirella von Chrupek www.von chru pek.



impeccable taste This Polish sweetheart will amaze you with her prettiest pictures and raw creative talent. Apart from making the and selling the cutest stuff for yourself (http://a ds and clothes en) she also makes the sweetest flower headban for your dolls.

Hinyan w w w . h i n y a n . e t s y. c o m

Hinyan (Hong Kong) makes detailed little clothes for our tiniest tinies! The Pukipuki and Pukifee/ Lati Yellow sized dresses, dress sets and overall jeans are made to order but we bet they are worth the wait!

FoXyBrOwNy w w w . w i m u k t . e t s y. c o


Gr. Natural s clothes for slim MSD and SD sew d an ns sig de ) nd aila (Th Wimukt and perfect for clothes look realistic, stylish BJD r he ke ma rs lou co t sof d fabrics an photo shoots.



Cyristine Creations

Rona (US) gets her inspiration from Fairy Kei styles. She makes slim MSD and Lati Yellow clothes in sweet colours and she uses only the cutest transfer prints.

the tiny shopping guide

the cutest dolly musthaves selected by Cherrily

Twiggy Twiggy

w w w . t w i g g y - t w i g g y.


finish your custom Looking for that little extra to pull rings and Blythe? Twiggy (Taiwan) offers that will remind you sunglasses in poppy colours . With over 1750 of jelly beans and ice cream no newbie! sales in her Etsy shop, she is



Would you like to become a sponsor?

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“Sweet Crochet by Leshan” www.e t s y . c o m/s ho p/l e s ha n



photography by Agassi Tjong

Melody of Sonata and Pamyurin



“In the summer days, Feeling strong sunshines painfully We were bright in excitement, Weren’t we? We were together in such seasons Come closer to me Try to trust me more You are laughing innocently I adore your smile But I know that tears were shining On your cheeks until a while ago”





Models in this feature are Pamyurin, a Marchen Waltz Meryl and Sonata, a Volks SD13 Elena They have faceup work done by 3RD_STRIKE / Elan The photos were taken in Bandung - Indonesia









Tove Jonassen (norway) HOW DID YOU FIRST START COLLECTING DOLLS? I don’t remember exactly how I ended up there, but the first BJD I ever saw was on eBay. It was a custom Luts Delf Miyu, I was a photography student at the time and I imagined all the beautiful photos I could take if I had a doll like that. I ended up buying her, and I was very happy with owning just one doll for a few years. It took me a while to really dive into the huge resin pool, but once I did I was hooked. WHICH ONES DO YOU HAVE NOW AND HOW MANY? My family has changed a lot over the years, but currently I have 8 complete dolls: Littlefee Ante elf, LTF Ante elf mod, Unoa Lusis, iMda Petite Modigli, Pukifee Ante, Pukifee Luna, Pukipuki Ruby and Minifee Chloe. I also have 2 floating heads: Littlefee Luna mod and a sleeping Unoa Lusis.


WHAT IS IS MOST PRIZED DOLLY RELATED POSSESSION? Thats a though question. I think it would have to be one of my dolls, my Unoa Lusis. She was my grail, and when I saw this particular girl up for adoption I knew she was mine but I didn’t have enough to buy her. Luckily her previous owner was up for a trade, and I got to get her home. I’m also very proud of a few clothing sets I have from Wimukt/FoxyBrowny. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COLLECTING DOLLS? The possibilities, they are absolutely endless. From photography to face-ups and sewing clothes, I get to combine pretty much every hobby I’ve ever had into the dolls. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

Elly Rader (USA) HOW DID YOU FIRST START COLLECTING DOLLS? I’ve always loved dolls, ever since I was a kid!  I didn’t actually start pursuing them as a collector until about ten years ago, when I was introduced to the idea of creating customized dolls. WHICH ONES DO YOU HAVE NOW AND HOW MANY? At the moment, I’m absolutely enamored with Pure Neemo dolls by Azone. I own several from their various collections, as well as Jenny and Licca heads I’ve given Pure Neemo bodies. I also own several Kurhn dolls and a modified Unoa Lusis . WHAT IS IS MOST PRIZED DOLLY RELATED POSSESSION? I love all of my Neemo girls, their little faces just make me smile every time I look at them. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT COLLECTING DOLLS? Having the opportunity to create elaborate sets and the photographical opportunities are what draws me in.  I love photography and the dolls are a wonderful extension for that hobby.  Interacting with members from various corners of the doll hobby has always been fun. I’ve met so many wonderful people.



WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION FOR YOUR ILLUSTRATIONS? Basically i get inspiration from the things i love and from what surrounds me like for example with these illustrations for Tiny Feet, i got inspired by my own dolls a Blythe and a Pullip. LINKS TO YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE/SHOP Facebook: Portfolio: Shop:

Vanessa Ă&#x2030;ffe ILLUSTRATION





I’m from Portugal, Lisbon and I live in a city called Torres Vedras. My country is full of sun and sea and good food and I love books, toys and vintage things. I love to draw and I am owner of a small shop called CASA RUIM dedicated to visual culture, with books and toys among other objects. COULD YOU DESCRIBE THE KIND OF WORK YOU DO? I really enjoy to freely draw with a pencil to after trace it with ink and then take it over to be painted with photoshop. I feel very influenced by comics and that is actually what i love doing the most, comic boards, but i also like to approach illustration in a more realistic way.





images shot with 35mm film camera

a stroll in the Sun photography by kittenvomit



Isla wears a dress by Umbrellahead (shop not yet active)

Odda wears a vintage Skipper bathing suit



Sufjan wears a vintage Skipper outfit (Ship Ahoy)



Isla wears an outfit by Caramelody





summertime sadness PHOTOGRAPHY BY NYO







Doll in the photos is a Unoa Zero/Unon Latea sleeping mod that goes by the name Lady Mary. Her faceup was done by Caroline/Viridian House ( and the dress she is wearing is by Plume Blanche CrĂŠations (







You know those summer rainy days when everything gets wet outside and you can hardly see the sun? Some people may think they’re boring but we know the truth... they’re the funniest! Polka left her imagination fly one of those days when she felt a bit lonely and she found a lot of new friends who came to say hello. But Polka began to feel a bit scared because they were coming very quickly and soon she was totally surrounded by them! “What can I do?” she said. She never thought that her imagination could be so powerful! But you know what? At least she wouldn’t be bored anymore...

those grey summer days


FEATURING POLKA AND DANBO Polka is a full custom Pullip Rida made by Poison Girl Dress & shoes belong to Pullip Tiphonaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stock outfit Wig is from boggie0909 (on ebay) Eyechips from Coolcat (handpainted by Poison Girl) Polka has an Obitsu body from Parabox Grandfather Clock is from Dollmore Couch was bought at a local shop (Cadiz, Spain) The toy hanging on the wall is a Danbo









â&#x20AC;&#x153; I took these pictures at the Bois de Vincennes, near Paris. We were in the middle of July but the weather was rainy and windy, the sun was hidden by clouds, it was more an Autumn day than a Summer day. It reminded me an old popular song my Mother used to sing me before I sleep when I was a child. It's called " " and is about the end of Summer.You can listen to it on Youtube, it its a nice song and I think it fits quite well with my pictures.â&#x20AC;?







Sara is a Supia Rosy doll Faceup done by Ravendolls Clothes and headress made by Sevastraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cute Dolls Shop Additionnal flowers from Luts Wig made by Linn



“Colchiques dans les prés fleurissent fleurissent Colchiques dans les prés C’est la fin de l’Été”





5 issue th


Summer Loving


issue n.º st



CONTRIBUTORS Kittenvomit Nyo + Lyly Poison Girl Agassi Dani’s Art Azuria Valérie Aquaspirits Vanessa Éffe Rhubs Knit Cherrily Lady Sleeps a Lot Retrograde Works THANK YOU Trio Blythe Candy Kittens Emporium The SugarDoll Shop Sweet Crochet Casa Ruim Poison Girl Dolls Nomyens Gbaby Dolls Zolala! Dust of Dolls Isidora Morales YoukoSilvara Karlyl Luxie Lou Squish-Tish Cherrily Merrily Milky Robot Published by Tiny Feet Mag all content © 2012 Sep.





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Tiny Feet - Summer Loving  

Tiny Feet Magazine 5th issue September 2012 Summer Loving

Tiny Feet - Summer Loving  

Tiny Feet Magazine 5th issue September 2012 Summer Loving