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The Tale of Dunnyn by Amber Sabandal-Harrison In the Tale of Dunnyn one’s eyes will be opened to the ideas of freedom, and true love. The story begins with Dunnyn, a house elf, being executed because of an affair he’d been involved in with the estate owner’s wife.

The sword sliced through his heart The moment the baby’s cry was heard. His soul left his body at the same time That his son’s soul entered this world. He would never know him, hold him He would never get to love him. This Elf would never get to pass down the tales of his people. To teach him what a proud race They once were Before the dark hairs came to their world. The tales that were only passed down From father to son. This father would not get to tell him how the elves; Tall, blone, bright eyed and pointy eared, Once lived in the beautiful south in peace. That they were not always servants To the short Darkies, Dark Haired humans.

And white on the third. Until this day The worker had only seen it from afar. The porch candles sat in perfectly places sconces, Giving the house a soft glow In the darkness. Tomorrow his title would change From field worker to house servant And he was not looking forward to it. Dun rose the next morning and began His new chore of window washing. That’s when he saw her sitting On the porch With tears in her eyes. She was the most beautiful human He’d ever laid his eyes on. Her black hair whipped in the winter breeze. Even with her face flushed and eyes puffy From the tears she shed, She still looked like and angel.

He closed his eyes and saw…

The humble servant recalled the friendship They began that slowly turned into more. The cruelty that her short, Fat, grub of a husband showed her. It was unimaginable to him. How could the boss Have a treasure such as her And treat her like dirt? Though there was nothing that he could do for her. Dunnyn would wait until the master of the manor Would leave for one of his various trips Then comfort the woman that he loved. The many nights they shared in each other’s arms Basking in the pleasure Only they could give one another.

The three story brick structure stood proud On the highest point of the estate. Its grand arched windows on every level had colorful drapes hanging from them. Each level a different color. Blue on the first, Green on the second,

As the season changed His mistress grew ripe with child. He begged her to end the pregnancy Afraid of what fate would hold for her Once the light haired child was born. The elf did not fear his own death For that was the one guarantee that was given to him, But what would happen to his lover

His soul rose to the gates of the goddess. While he was delighted that he lived a life Worthy to end up in her high kingdom, He felt the pain in his chest of losing the one he loved. “You are not happy to be in my real Dunnyn. Why is this? Show me what you know.” Her melodic voice said, As it washed him with warmth.

And his son? That he could not bear. Yet she refused to murder something that was created from their love. She did not care of her fate. She could not give up the only other joy in her existence. So he watched helplessly from afar as she developed. The bosses trips became fewer and fewer As the time for birth drew nearer. This forced the poor house-elf to stay away from her. The week before the birth the two lovers snuck away To dream together once more, But all did not go as it should have. The master stormed into the shack That they had met in so many times before. Two of the foremen followed close behind. He roughly snatched them apart. “You are a disgrace to the human race!” He bellowed at his wife. “Your bastard child shall be sold, And you shall die for your crimes! Take him and chain him up. The day of your child’s first breath Will be the same as your last.” The master ordered.

He turned to the goddess. “It is not that I don’t adore Being in you palace, But y heart aches. My loves is locked away And my son has been ripped from her. There are unbearable to me. I had never known That the happiness we shared was possible. She was my life, From the time I rose To the time I closed my eyes to rest. Her heart was pure. No judgment was put upon me by her. She respected not only me, But our whole race,

And I have failed her. She just wanted her child, Our child, A child born from true love. Not one of the anger and hatred Shown to her by her husband And she shall forever Live without him. Tell me honorable-one How could I enjoy myself here? While she wallows in misery? All because of my weakness for her. I am not worthy to be here your-grace.” “Ahh, my sweet, sweet-child. Your actions have had a far further reach Then you know, Because of your bravery to follow true love, New laws have been made. Elves everywhere pay dearly for your actions But you can save them. I have waited hundreds of years For one like you to come. Because you were willing to follow your heart, Not you mind and the laws, I have an offer for you. I can send you back But only for a night. When the day break comes you shall return to me You must save your people. In doing so you shall save your son. Take back the lands that were taken from you so long ago. You will also save your love from her misery. Do you accept the challenge I set before you?” “Yes” the new-hero answered without hesitation. “I shall not fail you” he closed his eyes and bowed deep to the Goddess. She bestowed upon him a sword, a bow, and a never emptying quiver. Then she kissed him on the top of his head. A bright light emanated from the contact. The newly-named hero found himself hom when her reopened his eyes. There he stood in the small brick house That he had been born into,

Getting his bearing he sat in the chair That his mother occupied so many nights And waited for her to return.

Hours after the sunset his tired mother Dredged into her hovel of a home. Her body worn from the years Of hard labor in the fields. She jumped with a start seeing her youngest son Back from beyond the grave. “What witchcraft was wound?” she whispered, Not believing her eyes. “Mother I need you to gather our people As many as you can, My time here is short And I have an important mission to fulfill.” “Yes, yes of course!” she said Knowing only that the Goddess herself could have sent him back. She ran into the night gathering all that would come. From her story of her dead son appearing almost all came back with her. They gathered around the small house, Pretending to feast As to not be noticed by the foremen. The newly-reincarnated Elf stepped from the doorway. The elves gazed in amazement at him As the hero began to speak. “My people I have been sent back from the grave. Your senses do not deceive you. You all know the transgression I committed, But I did it out of love. A pure, true, love. One that transcended this realm. It was a love that made me worthy of return by the Goddess herself. I know that the time that I have been gone has been torturous for you, But it is time for the tyranny of our people to end. It is time to rise up, And prove that we are not the weak race They think us to be.

It is time for us to take up arms Against the oppression that has been pushed upon us. Join me my people. Rise proud once again.”

The elves ran to their homes grabbing anything they could use to fight. They rushed back to their fearless-leader, Ready to take back What had once been theirs. Dunnyn led them through the fields The elf mob taking down The foremen they encountered. Some elves fell in the battles, But very few. The mob and its gallant-guide Approached the main house “Take it down, but leave the master for me” Their leader yelled. They did as they were instructed, Fighting valiantly against their oppressors. Dunnyn shot some from afar They zeroed into his main target. An arrow was too good for him. The master deserved personal attention. He sped through the yard, Which was now a full on battlefield. He reached the porch of the house He once cared for, Lunging for the man that He once looked after. His sword pierced through the boss’s heart. Like a hot knife through butter. The proud elf let out a battle cry That had not been heard by his people For hundreds of years. The cry caused all to stop. The humans that were left standing Threw down their arms, Surrendering after seeing that their boss had fallen. The cheers of the blessed-elf’s people Rose through the darkness. The warrior in him turned off, And the concerned lover returned. He raced into the house

Calling for his other half. He heard the most beautiful Sound in the realm Calling his name back to them. He broke the lock that imprisoned his-heart. There in the middle of the room Holding a bundle tightly to her chest she stood. She ran to him, Letting him encompass her in his arms. They kissed feverishly As they reunited. The bundle made itself known. The father looked down on his child, And pride welled up in him. “My son” he whispered, As he took him from his mother’s hold. “He planned on selling him Once he was weaned” she said As tears rolled down her cheeks. “You never have to fear that again my love” He told her. Seeing the sun start to rise Over the horizon, his face turned solemn. “My heart, I must leave you And my son now, But know that this was done For you, him, and my people. You are safe not. Safe to raise him in freedom and For him to know the great lineage He was born of. Teach him the kindness You hold in your soul. Your world is changing. My son will know freedom, But the cost of his freedom is my return. I will always love you. Teach him it is that that love that created the miracle he is.” The Elf sighed as he felt himself being pulled back high above. With one last kiss, he said goodbye to his true love, Secure in the fact that his people had begun their fight to freedom, A war they would surely win, And winning it would gaurentee

A happy life for his child, And his heart.

The Tale of Dunnyn  

A short tale of a fight for freedom and love

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