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I’m trying to write a comic book myself now ...I want to escape the usual visual material that I see around, so reading gives me a chance to invent from scratch. Favorite book/author... Hmm... Right now probably Murakami because it resonates with me visually in this moment ...but that will probably change in the near future.

Born in Šibenik, lived in Split and Winchester ... which place do you find most inspiring? I miss the quite surrounding of Winchester and fabulous nature there, because I noticed the noise levels here in my hometown of Šibenik went extremely up....but for now, Šibenik is cheap to live in, so I can concentrate on my work, but I would definitely like to go to live and work in some major city...maybe Europe...who knows. Obviously, you are inspired by the books you read. What are you reading at the moment? Actually I’m rereading Watchmen comic book and Paul Pope’s early comics....Maybe that is because

You are working with many different techniques, which one you enjoy the most? I start with sketching in computer thinking that I will translate that image onto paper or something similar, but then I get caught up in playing with colours, brushes and eraser and forget about traditional all of my work is digital .. that is sad... I would like to incorporate more traditional methods to my work, so when I get old I can sell my originals and buy a big bomb. Favorite artists... Picasso, Kubrick, Hendrix, Moebius, Ricky Gervais and the genius illustrator/comic book artist from Croatia: Alem Curin... who showed me that paper takes on whatever you put on it :).



Brave New World

Brave New World

Illustrations for croatian edition of “Le monde diplomatique”

in mercy of Neptune

What attracts him, what over and over again he tries to portray by transforming the world with photography, thing of which he cannot give up is the study of the sensitive border lines between thoughts and feelings... ... On diptych we look into the man’s inside, hidden in the purest forms of reality - we see our emotions iced by endless blue surface.

And when you see a character caught in the silence of the empty space you can almost hear his thoughts that seems to embody the width of surface surrounding it. ... Leko doesn’t want to explain the sharp jagged boundary between us and the world, does not want to give sound to misplaced thoughts of his silent dreamers. Yet, his only way is to see and hear sights with no sound... (Parts of Višnja Pentic text written for exibition “Pilows on the water“)


hunting lighthouse

disco titanic (she’s not coming home tonight)

air moves back from you

all night she dreamt of her brothers

“ capture a dream or a dreamer, that face behind the pillow, the face of truth! but it has to remain hidden, to survive! only faceless it can transcend, travel and be everywhere and nowhere at the same moment, everything and nothing at same time...�


Nightmare (detail), aquarelle, 2013.

“I have always been interested in symbols and mythology so I decided to paint the theme of Death. It came perhaps from my fear of herself and reverence towards her as the only thing that absolutely every man must experience. As a symbol death is a transient and destructive aspect of existence, which in my view is not necessarily negative. I decided to show the death from two angles- the mythology and customs of different nations and from a humorous point of view where for example depicting my dancing with skeletons I trying to laugh to death so I would not have to experience her as a fear, but as a possible positive experience.”

Innana Ištar, aquarelle, 2013.

Danse macabre, aquarelle, 2013.

Chess with Death, aquarelle, 2013.

Smrt, lampa, baba, vrog - Folk masks, aquarelle, 2013.

The Book of Death, aquarelle, 2013.

Chasm. Between me and everything. Between black and white. All that binds us is fear. All that connects me to everything is void.

Light is breaking at the objects. Haunted illusion. Love is breaking in all its emotions. In the abyss of all that exists. Endless, beautiful void.

Insects caught in an “introspective“ moment, with their wings bent down or bodies collected under the hardness of the shell, in a state of rest or a short calm, become something quite different from the primary association that they usually provoke. By monumentalizing such tiny creatures, artist does not only delineate their external structure, firmness and elegance of armor and build, but suggests the inner, hidden dimensions, mood and the “spirit” that these, like any other, creatures can have. text by Martina Mariæ

mala ljuštura II, aluminium

mala buba III, bronze

Physiognomy of tiny insects has been the subject of research for the sculptor Janko PetroviĂŚ over the last few years. But staying away from descriptive pretensions, PetroviĂŚ does not deal with identifying the animal world but inspired by the harmony of the natural, organic forms he observes and records the physiognomy and positions of these creatures so that he could, through gradual abstraction, reduce them to a distinctive sign.

mala buba I, bronze

Girl with quite long list of activities and projects. Works primarily in the field of graphic arts, set design and costume design. Exibits as a graphic artist and photographer. Has extensive experience in working with children. At the moment highly interested in graphic design, animation and children illustration.

System #1 mixed media, screen printing, collage, plexiglass construction

System #2 mixed media, screen printing, collage, plexiglass construction

Frieze mixed media, linocut, collage Owned by Faculty of economics and business, University of Zagreb

model of city (detail) mixed media, linocut, collage

this page: “Kocka“ club, monthly program cover illustration, on other pages: various posters and wall arts

creative in various ways... especially when jobless. Paints and draws on the walls, canvases, old chests, bikes .... Great enthusiast for photography, analogue and digital. Shoots when can. Don’t get confused, he is also creative while waitressing.

“My favorite parts of design are Social Design and Typography. Favorite medium is poster. Hand lettering and calligraphy are my joy. My favorite letter shape is current letter a, my favorite glyph is italic ampersand in some typefaces and my favorite ligature is fi. I adore small caps and old style numerals. Hate e-books. I love fine paper structure, smell of wood and shape of some typefaces that I find sexy and they all cause my heart race. My every project begins on a piece of paper with doodles of boxes and letters. Every time the same start. I suck at drawing.�

What’s on your mind today? One of the ten finalists at the international social design poster competition Fight Poverty, exhibited at the worldwide traveling exhibition, Finalist at visual communications festival Magdalena, exhibited at International Exhibition of Graphic Design and Visual Communications - ZGRAF’12

I was always into minimal design with a punchline, but they were teaching me maximalism (!?!) with no punchline and a lot of technical stuff which were never of my interest.

I think of myself as a hypocrite, but trying to fix it. I don’t really care much about politics. Even though, as a citizen, my duty is to vote, I never do so. I feel that if I’d vote, I wouldn’t have the right to feel unsatisfied because I made the decision myself, so I just sit aside and watch the elections.

I never buy bottled water, don’t know how to eat properly, and feel bored and uncomfortable in large crowds where everyone is dressed in shades of black and white. Oh, and brown, of course! I find sarcasm a powerful weapon. Everyone thinks I’m rude over the phone, but I simply hate to talk into the machine next to my face. After two minutes of conversation, the phone gets warmer and my ear starts to burn. Hate that feeling. I have three huge scars on my right leg and they don’t have names. People say that I’m an attention whore. I dislike the word whore. Never understood any of David Lynchs movies so I decided not to watch them any more.

One of the thirty finalists at the international poster competition Positive Posters 2011, exhibited at the “30� exhibition in Melbourne, Silver bra at visual communications festival Magdalena

High five for nuclear energy

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Created out of love for art

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Created out of love for art

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