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Dascor aims to fill the gap between developers’ need for funding and investors. Developers secure funding for their projects. Investors reach pre-qualified investment opportunities.

Your needs and Dascor Dascor is a new joint venture backed by a long history of success. It identifies property development opportunities and matches them with the right investors. The significant tightening in the credit market has resulted in a marked increase in the number of good-quality property projects unable to commence due to lack of funding. At the same time, there is a growing group of private investment groups and high net-worth individuals looking for solid property investment opportunities. However, they are not focused on property development and generally do not have the necessary resources to assess projects. The volatile nature of the industry over recent years has also led many investors to shy away from direct investment in property projects. Dascor fills this gap by being a trusted broker of private equity finance for property developments in Australia.

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Developers and their advisers Dascor can assist developers or land owners who have been unsuccessful in obtaining sufficient primary funding for their planned developments, by providing alternative funding to enable them to commence their projects. Dascor will consider projects that require a minimum of $5million in equity, in all property segments across Australia – residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use – initially concentrating on metropolitan areas in the eastern states.

How we work with you Dascor’s primary focus is on supporting projects that are in the latter stages of the planning process, have a well formulated completion strategy, and are in need of capital. Typically, key elements such as yield analyses, market reviews, designs/drawings and most planning approvals, would be in place, though this is not a strict pre-requisite. When you present an opportunity to us, we will review it and carry out our risk analysis and due diligence process. If the project meets our criteria, we will use our unique understanding of how investment decisions are made in family offices and by high net-worth individuals to pair the opportunity with the right investment partners. Dascor acts as your trusted funding partner, helping to bring your project to fruition. We also handle investor reporting on behalf of our clients, giving you a single, knowledgeable point of contact, and leaving you more time to focus on successful project delivery.

Our investors Dascor has a significant network of private investors, family offices and high net-worth individuals. They have confidence in our expert assessment of the opportunities at hand and are ready to invest in the right projects. As such, once a project is pre-qualified, funding will usually be forthcoming without lengthy delays.


Dascor can provide developers with alternative funding to enable them to commence their projects.

Why Dascor? Dascor was formed mid-2012 as a joint venture between Escor – a Smorgon family company – and Intrapac Projects – one of Australia’s most successful private developers of residential and industrial land. As Dascor, we bring together our extensive experience in property development and investments across various asset classes to the benefit of investors and developers.

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Dascor brings together the extensive experience in investments and property development of Escor and Intrapac Projects.

Key People

Tony Smorgon Chief Executive Officer Tony Smorgon is a Director of the Escor Group. Tony returned to Australia in January 2012 after six years in California, USA, with the Prado Group, a privately held real estate development and investment management company. At Prado, Tony’s focus was on developments in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as strategic investment advisory. During his tenure at Prado, the group quickly became one of the city’s most active multi-family buyers, capitalising on a strategy of acquiring and developing assets with a strong intrinsic value and a clear opportunity for long-term fundamental growth. His many years at various Escor companies, together with his overseas experience, have given Tony valuable insights into the workings of family offices, both in Australia and the United States.


David Payes

Maxwell Shifman

Executive Chairman

Senior Analyst

David Payes established Intrapac Projects in 1984. In that time, Intrapac has created numerous high quality land developments, and is now considered one of Australia’s most successful private developers of residential land.

Max Shifman is the Development Manager at Intrapac Projects, where he manages the successful delivery of Intrapac’s Australian project portfolio.

David has held directorships in a number of public and private companies and also sits on the boards of several charitable and non-profit organisations. He is currently the Vice President of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Victoria division. Before establishing Intrapac, David was a practicing lawyer and held a number of academic appointments in both law and economics. He also consulted in taxation and trust law to several of Australia’s leading accounting and legal firms including Arnold Bloch Leibler, KPMG, Phillips Fox and Blake Dawson Waldron.

As the Senior Analyst at Dascor, Max plays a key role in sourcing, attracting and assessing the projects in which Dascor takes an interest. He is often the first point of call for developers and deal providers, and is responsible for the due diligence and risk assessment of opportunities. He also develops financial models and carries out the feasibility analyses for projects. Max has a double degree in Civil Engineering and Law and is active in the UDIA’s Victorian chapter.

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164 Williams Rd Prahran VICTORIA 3181 T +61 3 9095 0880

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