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Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

IN HONOR OF CANTOR HELENE REPS Her gorgeous voice Her personal warmth An eternal friend LEROY FADEM & FAMILY


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018



Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018



Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018




Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Dear Helene For all the years Your music inspired us, Your teaching enriched our son, Your warmth brought smiles to our mothers’ faces We thank and honor you with love Barbara & Frank Axel 5

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Cantor Helene Reps Beverly Hoffmann Amy Bass


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

RIVERSIDE MEMORIAL CHAPEL WESTCHESTER: 21 West Broad Street, Mount Vernon, New York 10552 (914) 664-6800 Just off Exit 7 of the Cross County Parkway East

The Source of Support for the Jewish Community Since 1897

Charles S. Salomon


Joel E. Simon

Continuing to maintain the high service standards of the Rosenthal, Grossberg, and Alpert families Riverside Memorial Chapel is a participating member firm of The PREPlan,™ an FDIC insured fund for pre-paid funeral arrangements. Riverside Memorial Chapel is a subsidiary of Service Corporation International, 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, Texas 77219 (713) 522-5141


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Congratulations to the 2018 Honorees

Sisterhood board members: Robin Werner, Lauren Pekats, Greta Berenbaum, Jackie Saril, Jennifer Herbst and Janet Dubiel-Frey

Please email our sisterhood co-presidents to get involved! Lauren Pekats and Jackie Saril


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

To Our Temple Israel Family, Clergy, Staff, Congregants, “L’dor Va-dor,” From Generation to Generation: For Four Decades You Have Given Us A Loving Home Away From Home, A Precious Sacred Space For Heart and Mind and Spirit To Grow and Flourish. We Have Been, We Are, and Will Forever Be Profoundly Grateful.


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Proud To Honor Three Extraordinary Women Who Enrich Our Community Ilissa & Paul Warhit



Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary 2018 Gala

Saturday May 5, 2018

Evening Events 6:30 PM Cocktails, Silent Auction Opens, Photographs 8:00 PM Dinner and Awards Presentations 9:15 PM Dessert is Served, Silent Auction Closes Video Tribute to Cantor Emerita Helene Reps 9:45 PM Music and Dancing


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 From the Gala Co-Chairs Dear Gala Guests, As co-chairs of Temple Israel’s 110th anniversary Gala, we were both excited by the prospect of producing an enjoyable evening, and humbled by the honor of chairing our community’s signature fundraising event. This year we are pleased to honor three women whose contributions to Temple life, education and worship deserve special recognition: 2018 Gala honoree Cantor Emerita Helene S. Reps, Founder’s Award recipient Beverly Hoffmann, and Amy Bass, the President’s Award. Events on the scale of the Gala demonstrate the strength and commitment of our Temple community. In addition to the many talented and dedicated people listed below, we are also immensely grateful to our incredible Temple staff, including: Orietta Schneider who designed the beautiful graphics, and Ellen Egan for running the event so smoothly, keeping track of Journal ads, attendees and our late night worries. Thanks to Jim Weingast and his Blue Roadhouse Orchestra for adding their wonderful music to top off the evening’s festivities. Finally, a well-deserved shout-out to our Gala emcee, the irrepressible Lloyd Robinson, and Paul Sundick, the director/editor of “Helene’s Story,” our video tribute to Cantor Reps, which can be seen online:, and to our Gala photographer Kimberly Schneider. Last, but hardly least, Thank You All for supporting our Temple Israel by attending tonight, congratulating our honorees with your ads, supporting the silent auction and sharing in the warmth of our community. Greta Berenbaum Nancy Bookchin Jill Frey Toni Hoffman

Marjorie Lewis Lauren Mandelbaum Janet McDowell Sally Meisner

Lauren Pekats Barb Rosenthal Jackie Saril Jill Slansky

Stacy Spiegel Mitchell Tarnopal Ilissa Warhit Randye Zerman

Our wonderful Temple staff: Anita Aronoff

Frank Chavez

Brian Gomez

We hope you all enjoy the evening. All the best,

Berdie and Len


Rosa Montilla

Brian Reiner

Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 From Rabbi Weiner Dear chevrei, “Ashrei yoshvei veitecha…Happy are those who dwell in Your House; they will praise You forever! Happy are the people who have it so!” Such are the words of Psalm 84 and they are perfectly suited to express the joy we feel tonight because we are the happy people who dwell in this “house” of God. Tonight’s Gala is a celebration of all things good at Temple Israel: longevity, dedication, volunteerism, service to others, charity, community and so much more. Our three honorees are exemplary women who represent the best of the people who make everything happen here—in various, but equally important, roles. To be able to honor my colleague, and our community’s Cantor Emerita, Helene Reps fills my heart with the warmest of feelings. Cantor Reps embodies the ideal that we can be a light to others. When Helene is in the room, everyone is happier for sharing the same air with her. She exudes positivity, a can-do spirit and leaves everyone feeling like the most loved and important person on the planet. We are so lucky to have her continued efforts on behalf of this congregation so many years after she “retired” from the pulpit. Thank you, Helene, for all of your gifts to us. I hope that tonight gives you a measure of the joy you give to us. Our Founder’s Award recipient, Beverly Hoffmann, should be no stranger to anyone gathered here tonight —for decades now, Beverly has been the consummate volunteer. There is hardly an aspect of Temple Israel life that has not been impacted by the gifts of time and dedication she has given to us all. The list of projects, committees and Board roles that Beverly has been involved with over the years is too long to recount here. Her most significant impact has been, without a doubt, in the area of Early Childhood Education. Beverly’s work both as a co-chairwoman of our ECP Committee and then as the lay leader steering the development, transition and success of the Kehillah School for Early Learning has impacted thousands of lives and hundreds upon hundreds of families. Beverly, one can never know all of the many ways in which your work has shaped the future of the Jewish people, but be assured that you most certainly have! Thank you! One would be hard-pressed to find a member of Temple Israel who, over the past 5 years, has shared her professional expertise and knowledge as widely and deeply as has Professor Amy Bass, our President’s Award recipient. Teacher, author, scholar, historian and counselor are just some of Amy’s job titles, and she has shared all of those roles with Temple Israel—teaching, lecturing, and raising the bar to new heights on Temple content and programs. She is also a regular volunteer as a Chavaya parent, a new Board member, baker for special events, as well as an attendee of services and programs with an astonishing regularity, made only more impressive by her globe-trotting schedule researching and promoting her many books. Thank you for showing the way for busy people everywhere that a rich Jewish life is possible for us all! To all of you here, an extra thank you! Tonight is, of course, a fundraiser and a very important one. What happens at tonight’s Gala will dictate much of what happens at Temple Israel for the whole year to come. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated. A happy 110th to us all, Scott B. Weiner Senior Rabbi 13

Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 From Temple President Liz Weingast It is a thrill to celebrate the 110th year of Temple Israel of New Rochelle with so many members of this wonderful community. Our predecessors planted the seeds for the ever-growing and developing congregation. We are fortunate recipients of their hard labor. Synagogues require leadership for ongoing inspiration and direction. This year at our 110th year Gala celebration we honor three courageous leaders of the Temple Israel community. Cantor Helene Reps is our main honoree. Cantor Reps served Temple Israel for 17 years as our Cantor, now serving in her Emerita role for the past 20 years. Helene has a unique way of connecting to each of us through her humor, overwhelming warmth, and spiritual center that drives her musical talents. She embodies our core value of community by weaving social and spiritual threads among our membership. Her ongoing commitment to this community is celebrated this evening! The Founder’s Award is given in honor of a committed longtime congregant. Founders build the groundwork for a strong future of the community. It is only fitting that Beverly Hoffmann, the lay-leader who led us though the establishment of the Kehillah school, be recognized with the Founder’s Award. Through her engagement in the former early childhood program, Beverly recognized the unmet needs of the young families in our community. As chair of the Kehillah committee she was unwaveringly committed to building a sustainable program to meet those needs of parents and children through a dynamic educational child care program. She remains a wise voice of counsel to Kehillah leadership and is depended upon for her depth of knowledge and dedication to the program. The President’s Award honors another extraordinary leader at Temple Israel and beyond. Amy Bass is known in the greater New Rochelle community as a talk show host on WVOX, an active member of the New Rochelle Library Foundation Board, and in her professional work as an author and professor of history and director of the honors program at The College of New Rochelle. Amy’s leadership at Temple Israel has had a great impact on our current dues model and governance structure. She chairs the Library committee, looking to reinvigorate congregational connection to the remarkable Edith H. Handelman Library. I’m thrilled to be celebrating these three tremendous leaders, without whom Temple Israel would not be what it is today, in our 110th year!


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

‫הַ י בְּ עו ִֹדי‬‫ירה לַיהוָ ה בְּ חַ יָּי; אֲ זַ ְמּ ָרה לֵא‬ ָ ‫אָ ִשׁ‬.

I will sing unto the Adonai as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have any being. Psalms 104:33

May 2018 Dear Helene, Brava! We, your Westchester cantorial colleagues, are thrilled to celebrate this wonderful honor with you. As a sweet singer of Israel you have served Temple Israel of New Rochelle well, been a role model to many of us and an inspiration to the Jewish community. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and soul with all of us. L’shalom, Cantor Margot E.B. Goldberg, President Cantor Janet Leuchter, Secretary Cantor Fredda Mendelson, Treasurer and all of Kol Hazzanim


Temple Israel of New Rochelle


Anniversary Gala 2018

Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 2018 Gala Honoree Cantor Helene Reps Ask any congregant responsible for a big Temple event what they most anticipate and they will tell you, pretty much hands-down, that it’s the day-after phone call from Cantor Helene Reps congratulating them on a job well done. As Emerita, Cantor Reps doesn’t often preside over the congregation, but her presence is as noticeable and valued as ever. Congregants and clergy seek out, and value, her opinion on all things Temple Israel. She always responds with kindness, calmness, realism and wisdom — and yes — even a little humor. You can count on Cantor Reps to sense when a situation needs to be smoothed and people need to be soothed. Cantor Reps remains a steady hand behind the scenes, helping steer us in the right direction as we change and transform. So it is with heartfelt gratitude that Cantor Reps has been named this year’s Gala honoree. Cantor Reps came to the pulpit at a stage in her life as her four children were growing up and in school. Already an accomplished musician who studied at Carnegie Institute of Technology; performed with William Steinberg and the Pittsburgh Symphony as soloist in the Mozart Requiem; sang with opera companies and ensembles; toured the world with the Antiqua Players of the University of Pittsburgh; and taught music in the New York City schools — Cantor Reps was at a professional crossroads. Seeking advice from their congregational cantor in White Plains about what to do with the rest of her life, he told her to go to “The School.” She had no idea about “The School,” but she did know that being a cantor was the perfect combination of her formal musical training, her love of children, and her and David’s commitment to Reform Judaism. She attended Hebrew Union College, and in 1979 became one of the world’s first female cantors to be ordained. The following year, she joined Temple Israel of New Rochelle, first as Cantorial Assistant to Cantor Crockett and then as Cantor and Music Director, a position she held 17

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

until her retirement in 1997. Even after retirement, Cantor Reps continued to substitute and teach on a part-time basis in the New York area. “My favorite part of being a cantor was dealing with the children,” she said. And not surprisingly, Cantor Reps has stayed connected to many of them for decades, as they grew up, moved on and started families of their own. In addition to the children, for Cantor Reps, it’s all about the music. “It’s about bringing the text alive, making music to explicitly express the text.” And, of course, when it comes down to it, it’s simply about community, about being—and remaining—a vibrant part of our synagogue family. “Temple Israel has truly been a second home for our family. We’ve celebrated weddings, baby namings and even David’s second Bar Mitzvah (at age 83) on our Temple’s Bimah.” A blessing for all of us, from generation to generation.


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 Founder’s Award Honoree Beverly Hoffmann Beverly Hoffmann and her husband, Howard, made their way to Temple Israel in 1980, when they joined the Young Couples’ Club. It didn’t take long for Beverly to become entrenched in Temple life. Just as her children, Jennifer and Dan, attended the Temple’s Early Childhood Program and Religious School, Beverly took adult Hebrew classes, enabling her to participate more fully at services. Her involvement in Temple Israel is extensive and makes her well deserving of this year’s Founder’s Award. Among her contributions, Beverly has served in 13 different committees/capacities at Temple Israel, including: the Board of Trustees, Early Childhood Program, Temple Israel Cares, Nominating Committee, mentor to new congregants, Rabbinic Search Committee (bringing us Rabbi Weiner!), Marketing Committee, Confirmation Class invitations, College Committee, Club 56 Program Director, Sukkah decorating, the Religious School’s first Co-“Pizza Mom,” and the initiator of the “Singing Congregation” effort with Cantor Katzew. Now an honorary Trustee of the Temple, Beverly’s full, nine-year term of active service on the Temple’s Board was the period during which she took on the lay leadership role of overseeing our Early Childhood Program. When initially asked to use her business skills to shore up the School’s expenses, she determined that full-day programming, designed to fulfill the needs of today’s full-time working families, would resolve the dual problems of declining school enrollment and Temple membership. Beverly was part of a team of four who then founded the Kehillah School, which opened its doors in September 2011. Her involvement in the program continued as Beverly served first as chairperson of the Kehillah School and then, in 2016 and 2017, as co-chair of the Kehillah Executive Board and Kehillah Council. Beverly stated, “I am proud of the market niche that was filled by the Kehillah School to the envy and admiration of the nation’s Reform congregations.” Her role in developing the intricate pricing strategies which enabled us to obtain a competitive position among premier or value-added programs has been key to funding the operational needs of the Temple. In addition to general management and working with Bright Horizons, Beverly has played a major role in marketing and communications. “Insane as it seems, I wrote roughly 350 eblasts to promote the program and inform congregants about it,” she said. Her hard work paid off, as the Kehillah School continues to thrive. Beverly has also done significant volunteering for the New Rochelle public schools. She attended the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton Graduate Division and, during her early days in advertising and product management, won an Effie Award for Advertising Effectiveness. “It seems I neglected to attend the class in business school where they instructed us to earn a living for our work!” she said. And Temple Israel has been rewarded with Beverly’s commitment to volunteering.


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 President’s Award Honoree Amy Bass Amy Bass has a long resume as an author of books, articles and blogs; an educator on sports, culture and politics; a weekly radio host on WVOX, and an Emmy-winning NBC researcher, but when it came time for her to get feedback on her recently-published fourth book, One Goal: A Coach, A Team, and the Game that Brought a Divided Town Together, she turned to an unlikely group—the Food for Thought crowd at Temple Israel. “I just love that group of people. They were the very first people I read part of the One Goal manuscript to, when it was still in draft form—not my husband, not my mother—the Food for Thought crowd.  I adore them.” And clearly they adore her back. Despite Amy’s busy schedule as a Professor of History and Director of the Honors Program in the School of Arts & Sciences at The College of New Rochelle, and currently on tour promoting her new book, she says “yes” whenever she’s asked to speak at the Food for Thought program. This year’s recipient of Temple Israel’s President’s Award, Amy has done a great deal more for the Temple. As a cultural historian, she helped Cantor Schloss research music for his recent “Songs that Changed the World” program. As an amateur baker, she made dozens of musical note cookies—from scratch —for the dessert reception. She has also lent her time to chair the Library Committee; serve on the Board of Trustees; advise on the Temple’s media and communications efforts, including Temple Topics and the weekly Pocket Guide; help with governance and procedural issues; and she happily participates in Chavaya, in support of her daughter Hannah. Much of Amy’s involvement stemmed from her role as TINR’s first representative to the Westchester Jewish Council’s Leadership Development Institute when it was newly formed. Amy and her family incorporate as much of Temple life into their own lives as possible, attending Shabbat Services, Community dinners, lectures and social action activities such as Mitzvah Day. Growing up in a small town, Amy says, it’s all about community—it’s that simple. “I grew up in an impossibly small town, and my parents were committed to community, serving in town positions and committees—I always knew I wanted to do that.”  Her volunteerism extends beyond the walls of the Temple to include the New Rochelle Public Library Foundation and the district-wide PTA Council, representing Davis School. Amy also serves as moderator for the New Rochelle High School Civics Symposium. And because One Goal was just announced as the city’s “community read” for the spring, Amy will be working with various local constituents on the concept of “finding home.” “This is our village within the bigger city, so we are there,” Amy said. And that’s fortunate for Temple Israel and our community.  20

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Mazel Tov To our Beloved Cantor Helene Reps You are a true inspiration and a Temple Israel of New Rochelle treasure! May you enjoy all the blessings life offers. Carol Balik


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Congratulations to Cantor Helene Reps and the other honorees as well as TINR on its 110th anniversary! The Balik Family — Richard, Karen, Sarah, and Hannah


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018



Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Blessed is the flame that kindles other flames Cantor Helene Reps Your music and voice have touched our souls Your guidance and wisdom have help nurture and sustain our community

Beverly Hoffmann Your leadership and generosity have enriched a generation of our young learners

Amy Bass Your written word and teaching have inspired justice and equity throughout New Rochelle and beyond With Appreciation and Affection, The Board of Trustees Temple Israel of New Rochelle 24

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

‘‰ǡƒ†’ƒ”–‹…—Žƒ”Ž›Ž‹–—”‰‹…ƒŽ•‘‰ǡ‹•‘–‘Ž› ƒƒ…–‘ˆ‡š’”‡••‹‘„—–ƒŽ•‘ƒ™ƒ›‘ˆ„”‹‰‹‰†‘™ –Š‡•’‹”‹–ˆ”‘Š‡ƒ˜‡–‘‡ƒ”–ŠǤ ȋ„”ƒŠƒ ‘•Š—ƒ ‡•…Š‡ŽȌ

Cantor Helene Reps Through both your song and your spirit, you have given us a glimpse of heaven. Thank you for your lifetime of service and for sharing your beautiful song and spirit with all of us. sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf

Beverly Hoffmann &

Amy Bass Cantors & rabbis are nothing without the partnership of the congregation. Thank you for your exemplary leadership and partnership. Mazel tov for well-deserved honors! sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf sucfv kf

ƒ›™‘‡Šƒ˜‡†‘‡˜ƒŽ‹ƒ–Ž›ǡ„—–›‘—‡š…‡Ž–Š‡ƒŽŽǨ ȋ”‘˜‡”„•͵ͳǣʹͻȌ

‹–ŠŽ‘˜‡ǡ”‡•’‡…–ƒ†‰”ƒ–‹–—†‡ˆ‘”–Š”‡‡”‡ƒ”ƒ„Ž‡™‘‡ǡ ƒ„„‹…‘––Ǥ‡‹‡” ƒ„„‹‡–Š‹…Š‘Ž• ƒ–‘”ƒ†ƒŽŽǤ…ŠŽ‘•• 25

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018


CANTOR HELENE REPS Your Beautiful Voice is only exceeded by your Inner Beauty You have always been there for my family’s life cycle and important events, I will forever cherish the friendship you have had with my family, especially my Mom! You were my Cantor but more importantly you are Family! You are a Blessing and this honor is so well-deserved There are no words for the Love I have for you and all you have meant to me With All My Love, Scott Cohen


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Q Congratulations, Dear Helene you are a most special person

we are pleased to join this celebration in your honor

with love, the gavrin family

Q 27

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018





Temple Israel of New Rochelle ank y to

Anniversary Gala 2018 !

Cantor Reps

for the warmth and grace that you have always brought to us with your voice, character and smile.



for bringing informed, new perspectives to our congregation.



for the honor of receiving an award for work that I have found so fulfilling. I am grateful to be part of this very special, caring and supportive community.

Beverly Ho mann


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

To Beverly/Mom: Thank you for all the work you’ve done for so many families in the temple community, including ours. This recognition by the community for your many years of service across a diverse range of activities and responsibilities is well-deserved. We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and grateful for everything you do. You’re awesome and we love you! Howard, Jennifer, Dan & Mom


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Congratulations 2018 Temple Israel of New Rochelle Gala Honorees B E S T W I S H E S F O R YO U R 11 0 TH A N N I V E R S A RY

1 Brokerages in New Rochelle and Larchmont


Source: HGMLS, 1/1/17-12/31/17, total dollar volume sold by office, single family homes, Larchmont and New Rochelle Post Offices. NEW ROCHELLE BROKERAGE · 914.636.6700 

LARCHMONT BROKERAGE · 914.83 3.0 420


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

QP Congratulations to Cantor Helene Reps Beverly Hoffmann Amy Bass Thank you for all you do to enrich our Temple Israel of New Rochelle community. Your dedication is an inspiration to all of us. Lisa, David, Ben, Nicole and Adam ItzkowitzÂ

QP 32

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

“A woman of valor makes the world change Her strength is the content that guides through the days Defined by her actions that bring light to all dreams Valor is something that’s defined by her deeds” -Eric S. Kingston


CANTOR HELENE REPS AMY BASS BEVERLY HOFFMANN With Heartfelt thanks for all you do for our community Marji & David Karlin “Yes, A woman of valor makes the world change”


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

MAZEL TOV Cantor Reps! Well-Deserved!! Congratulations to Beverly and Amy

Jennifer and Matthew Kates


Temple Israel of New Rochelle


But most importantly, a wonderful wife and co-author of project Hannah. We Love You! Evan (and Hannah too) 35

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

To our dear friend Helene Congratulations on this well-deserved honor Thank you for many years of love and friendship!!! Congratulations Beverly and Amy with gratitude for all you do With Love, Ellen & Lee Meiner


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

A great big MAZEL TOV to our dear, sweet,

Cantor Helene Reps Who has been a very special part of our children’s and our lives and is so deserving of this honor We Love You!

Thank you Beverly

Hoffmann for your love & dedication in creating

A most successful Kehillah program. Thank you Amy

Bass for bringing so much to our community The Ostrove Family Carole, Mitch Marjorie, Jimmy Jackie, Joey


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

1966 (l-r) The Reps Family: Tami, Jennifer, Helene, Steven, David, Aaron

Through the decades, Helene and David are the beloved matriarch and patriarch of our Family of Origin, and beyond! We love you, Mom and Dad!

2018 (l-r) Deb Elliott Bennett, Steven Reps, Cousin Meg Browar, Tami Reps Freeman, Barry Freeman, Anne Ariel Freeman, Susan Mavrelis, Aaron Reps, Jennifer Reps Povman, Michael Povman 38

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

AWISCO is proud to support

Temple Israel of New Rochelle’s 2018 Gala Congratulations to

Honoree Cantor Helene Reps FOUNDER’S AWARD Beverly


Lloyd Robinson

800-834-1925 39

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

M Mazel Tov to this year’s Gala Honorees Cantor Reps, you make our community and world a far better place Beverly and Amy, thanks for all you do to make TINR so dynamic With love and gratitude, Donna & Andy Rabin Phyllis & Mark Shainker Stacy & Alan Spiegel

M 40

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Congratulations to our beloved friend

Cantor Emerita Helene Reps for your melliflous voice, dedication and devotion to Temple Israel. We also salute and recognize

Beverly Hoffmann and

Amy Bass for all of your outstanding contributions. Temple Israel is a better place because of all of you. Mady & Jeffrey Steir


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

M Congratulations to Cantor Helene Reps

A wonderful person honored for a lifetime of beautiful music

Lisa, Saky and Benjamin Yakas

M 42

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Amy Bass An exceptional writer, professor, mother, mentor, and friend. Thank you for all that you do to help so many. Joyfully, The Amy Bass Fan Club

Mazel Tov to

Cantor Helene Reps Amy Bass Beverly Hoffmann Thank you for all your contributions to Temple Israel of New Rochelle and our community.

Congratulations! Brandy & Mitch Benson


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Mazel Tov to All Gala Honorees! Special thanks to Beverly Hoffmann for her unwavering dedication to the children and families of Kehil ah Supporting children and families around the world. 800.453.9383 l Š 2018 Bright Horizons Family Solutions LLC.

CampGroup is Proud to Support Temple Israel of New Rochelle 44

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Mazel Tov to three remarkable women Thank you for all you do for Temple Israel! Ellen & Jack Egan


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Best wishes to the

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

It’s an honor to represent you in Congress Congratulations to

Cantor Helene Reps, Beverly Hoffmann, Amy Bass

CONGRESSMAN ELIOT ENGEL 16th Congressional District Paid for by Engel for Congress

Congratulations to Helene Reps Beverly Hoffmann and Amy Bass You exemplify what makes our TINR family so special and inviting Lynn & Saul Fleer

Sandy & Gerry Hyman 46

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Best Wishes Temple Israel From Gemelli Pizzeria and Posto 22

Congratulations to Beverly Hoffmann, Cantor Reps and Amy Bass Michael & May Goldberg 47

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Founder’s Award

President’s Award

Dianne & Brian Heaps It has been said that music is God’s gift to man. Cantor Reps, you have brought that gift so beautifully to all at Temple Israel. Congratulations to you and the other honorees, Beverly Hoffmann and Amy Bass, for their service to Temple Israel. June & Robert Hirsh 48

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Mazel Tov to

Amy Bass So proud of Amy and all of her accomplishments.

Dr. Gene Klupt

With gratitude for the work all our honorees do and special appreciation for Cantor Reps’ contributions to our Temple community with her voice, her humor, her wisdom and her love. Here’s to the next 110! Carol & Art Ostrove 49

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

To my special friend Cantor Reps One of the few people who knows my middle name! I’m grateful for the kindness you show me and my family. You’re truly one of a kind! Love, Your good friend Brian H. Reiner

CD With g�eat appreciation

Judy & Ber�ard Robinson EF 50

Temple Israel of New Rochelle


Anniversary Gala 2018

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Congratulations and very best wishes to Cantor Helene Reps Adele Wasko Bob & Sue Wasko Marge Wasko & Michael Katzman


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

With gratitude to Cantor Reps for having

Mazel Tov to all the Honorees! And special thanks and love to

enhanced our musical lives

Cantor Helene for her many years of dedicated service to our Temple Israel family.

The Entire


Jack & Judith Adler Family

Congratulations to the honorees 914-636-2680 A fully Licensed & Insured Contractor

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Honest service since 1977 New Construction


Service Upgrades

CAT-5, Intercom & Telephone Wiring

Parking lot lighting

Aerial Bucket Truck Service

Robbie Davis 914.701.5200 x4681 330 Fifth Avenue Pelham, NY 10803

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Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018


Thank you for your dedication to

Beverly on a

Temple Israel

well-deserved honor!

Anita & Stephen Aronoff

Love, Deb & Shmuel

Our Sincere Thanks and Congratulations To Cantor Reps, Beverly and Amy


Sharon Blinkoff & Herb Smith

To Our Own Woman of Valor with friendship and affection

Linda Capozzola Barbara Kantor Barbara Nissim 54

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

With immense gratitude to three women of valor: Helene, Beverly, and Amy Congratulations, Mary Ann

Thank you Cantor Reps, Beverly, and Amy for all that

Mazel Tov on your well-deserved honors Cantor Helene Reps Beverly Hoffmann and Amy Bass

you have contributed to the Temple Israel community, and thank you Len and Berdie for co-chairing this wonderful Gala.

Val Etra

The Deutsch FamilyÂ


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Congratulations to Cousin Helene, my first friend! (Here we are, at about age 4 ?)

Anniversary Gala 2018 ¥ µ Congratulations to Three Terrific Ladies Helene, Beverly and Amy

With your talent, compassion, and warmth, you have left “footprints in the heart” of everyone here. In my heart, you hold an extra special place—I am so grateful for the blessing of our friendship. Dan and Ron and family join me in expressing our best wishes, affection and mazal tov! Yishar kohekh!

Thelma, Barb, Michael & Peter Fixler ¥ µ

Joy Fish



Temple Israel of New Rochelle


Anniversary Gala 2018

Thank you to The Grape Exchange for your wine donation for this evening.

Congratulations to Beverly Hoffmann Cantor Reps and Amy Bass. Best wishes, Larry & Jen Goldman

6 Mazel Tov


Mazel Tov to the honorees

Your creativity and boundless energy is remarkable, and this honor is well -deserved!

Jerusalem Restaurant & Catering

Karen & Andy Jacobson Barbara & Marc Klee Karen & Stuart Wallenstein 57

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018


Thank You for being such an important part of our meaningful temple experience.

Congratulations Beverly on your well-deserved honor!

The Keenans Kenneth Karen Susan Debra

Love from your friends, Arlene, Ellen, Jill & Leona


Mazel Tov Cantor Reps

Our Best Wishes for Your Continuous Success

Janet & Richard Marcus

Serving the Community

Joshua Ari Marcus & Evelyn Dieppa and Baby Gala Marcus

M&J Pools


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018


With gratitude to our wonderful honorees for their devotion to Temple Israel

Congratulations to all the honorees for all they have done for us and the Temple Edith Meyers

Judith & Donald Pinals


“With love to my dear sister Helene” David Shifrin


Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Our heartfelt thank you to All of our honorees Mindy & Richard Stark

To our wonderful friend Helene, who has enriched our

Cantor Reps, you continue to be a shining light for our entire congregation!

family’s lives in so many ways. Love,

Congratulations to all the honorees.

Sandy & Michael Tannenbaum

Marcia Nackenson & Bruce Turkle

and Family Marilyn K. Levine 60

Temple Israel of New Rochelle

Anniversary Gala 2018

Mazal tov to the honorees!

Mazel Tov Amy! Congratulations to our wonderful friend and resident baker

Liz and Jim Weingast

Love, the Weiner family — Carmel, Jordan, Limor & Scott

Congratulations to all the honorees Thank you for all you do for Temple Israel Linda Cuggino, David Zensky, Chloe & Ethan


Temple Israel of New Rochelle Anniversary Gala 2018 Supporters ALL PRO INTERIORS

Rona & Gordon Perkel

ARCO Cleaning

Susan Germaine & Edward Pinals

Ina & Wilbert Aronow

Jacalyn Bitterman & Daniel Pomerantz

Barbara Balik

Marian & Richard Reiner

Marjorie Bliss Phyllis & Irwin Browarsky

Rochelle Coffee Shop

Sue & Larry Cohen

Sal’s II Gourmet Pizza

Laurie & Jay Dubner

Valerie & Preston Scher

EBP Supply Solutions — Jack Durso

Orietta & Richard Schneider

Foley Hardware

Diane & Elliot Senderoff

Toni & Alan Hoffman

Barbara & Jerry Shefsky

Kol Hazzanim

Simply the Best

Racille Lazar

Berdie & Len Stein

Manny Louros

Louise Stern

Anlee & Myron Marcus

Joanne Toledano

Ruth Marks

Dee & John Valvano

Debby Rubin & Richard Marx

Elaine Weiss & William Weil

Sally & Steven Meisner

Elinor & Nathan Young and Family

Cantors Fredda & Jack Mendelson

Karen Zipern & Len Zimmerman

Rosario’s Hair Salon

Helen & Bernie Miller


1000 Pinebrook Boulevard, New Rochelle, NY 10804 • (914) 235-1800

2018 Anniversary Gala Journal  

Temple Israel of New Rochelle celebrated its 110th Anniversary with the Annual Gala!

2018 Anniversary Gala Journal  

Temple Israel of New Rochelle celebrated its 110th Anniversary with the Annual Gala!