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“Keep your kids out of hot water, put them on ice”

Respect the Officials

Cody Wickline


Dear Oiler Families Youth Hockey is Expensive

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2 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Nathan Danh (San Antonio Rampage PeeWee B)

John Wayne - Bantam AA goalie, playing up with the U16- Midget A team as a backup.

Noah Singleton (Grapevine Wolves Squirt Minor)

Hockey Weekend Across America was held Feb. 18-20 this year. Hockey families across TX/OK participated by: • Fri - Wear jersey to school • Sat - Bring a friend to rink • Sun - Celebrate local hero Ten rinks hosted a “Try Hockey for Free” clinic on Sat. Feb. 19th that was fun for all! Congratulations to the teams below who were crowned State Champions at the Feb. 11-13 State Tournament. Good luck at Districts & Nationals. • T1 18U: Stars Elite • T1 16U: Stars Elite • T1 14U: Alliance • T1 12U: Stars Elite • T2 18U: Houston Wild • T2 16U: Texas Tornado • T2 14U: Houston Hitmen • T2 12U: DJHA Penguins 888-878-8465

Cross Hanas (Dallas Stars Selects Mites)

Jessica Brook (DSS-Plano PeeWee Minor)

Michael Penn playing goalie at a Parents/Players game

The Dallas Stars Elite Hockey Club will host the 2011 Rocky Mountain District Tournament on March 3-6 at the Dr. Pepper StarCenter Farmers Branch. Local fans and friends are encouraged to stop by and support their 9 local teams and 17 others from Arizona, Utah, & Colorado as well as enjoy some top tier youth hockey action at the 12U to 18U age divisions. You can keep track of all scores at http://www.

2011 Planned Events • Mar 3-6 Districts: Tier 1 Youth (Dallas) • Mar 4-6 Districts: Tier Girls/Women (UT) • Mar 18-20 TAC Boys/Girls (Dallas) • Mar 25-27 Texas Cup HS States (TBD) • Mar 23-27 Nationals: High School (Chic.) • Mar 30-Apr 3 Nationals: Tier II Girls (CA) • Mar 30-Apr 3 Nationals: Tier I/II Youth (Various) • Apr 1-3 Nationals: Women A/B/C (Various) • Apr 6-10 Nationals Tier I Girls (MI) • Apr 13-17 Americas HS Showcase (PA) • May 5-8 RMD Player Dev. Camp (SLC)

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 3


Adventures of a Hockey Mom By Connie Holubar


f you are sitting in a rink right now, I know what you’re thinking: “There are a dozen things I should be doing instead of sitting here reading this magazine.” Relax. As a now wrinkling hockey mom, I can tell you there is nothing more important than the support you are providing to your child right now. Now, look up from your reading and glance around. Some of the parents you see are at the start of their child’s hockey career. They are lacing up skates or making sure that equipment that came to the rink is leaving the rink too. Some of the people you see are seasoned veterans. You recognize them by their team apparel. They may be holding court for parent newbies, who soak up advice about the logical “next step” up the hockey ladder. All these people are your brethren. If your child plays hockey for more than a few seasons, they might end up being your best friends. That is what happened to me. If I added up the time I spent in

hockey rinks over the course of my son’s youth hockey career, it would stretch into months. Add in the time in the car traveling to and from games, and the months are doubled. At least. But guess what: despite all the things I didn’t do because we had hockey, despite all the money our family spent on equipment and fees and gas…despite all the time I will never get back, I’d do it all over in a heart beat. It’s not just because of the game. Sure, hockey is the greatest game in the history of mankind. It’s not just the pride I get as a parent watching my son on the ice. I love hockey because of the people I met at the rinks. Thanks to my son and his obsession with hockey, our family became a part of a large extended family of people that I dearly love. I know dozens of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and of course players. During my early days as a hockey mom, I’d show up at the rink and look for a quiet corner away from everyone where

Dustin Parman of the Brazos Valley Bucks slides in on The ClearLake Falcon’s goalie.

I could watch my son or get a little work done. I never would have thought that the other people in the rink would become my second family. As season after season passed and I integrated more into the scene, I realized that the rink is a microcosm of the universe. There are adults and kids of all types, from every economic status and family situation. Now, when two or more hockey parents are gathered, there are sure to be some complaints. Every parent complains to some degree about the cost of league fees or a new stick or (heaven help them) goalie pads. It’s a badge of both pain and honor that we endure. Parents complain about the lack of ice time, or worse yet brag about their child and their future NHL career (right after they finish squirts). That’s all a part of the game from the hockey parent point of view. Fortunately, while most of the complaining is going on, the kids are on the ice, with dedicated coaches and

Joshua Ray, McKinney Ice Hockey Club Squirt Player.

4 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

Connie Holubar is a freelance writer and proud hockey mom from Mabank, Texas.

probably more than a few kids who will become their life long friends. They are having the time of their lives. My point is, don’t think about all the things you should be/could be doing. All the little sacrifices you make today will add up to create a period of time in your life that will change who you are – for the better. So, go to the window and watch a little practice so you can tell your child how well he or she did. Then turn to your left and introduce yourself to your new best friend. ■

Brent Johnson (Dallas Stars Selects Mites) clears the puck.


Respect the Officials By Keith Andresen


fficials make mistakes!!! Let’s accept the fact that it happens and learn to deal with the results in a respectful, sportsmanlike manner. It will allow everyone involved in the game to enjoy it more. Frankly, players and coaches make just as many, or more, mistakes than the officials but are seldom abused like the refs. Officials in all sports are the target of verbal and physical abuse and hockey is no different. Unfortunately it’s becoming more difficult to develop and keep officials as many quit due to the abuse they endure. The development of young officials is critical to the growth of the game. Many of these officials are 14-17 years old and I’ve heard them called some incredibly rude and vulgar things. If we’re going to grow the game we have to work hand in hand with the officials, young and old, and help them gain experience by allowing them to work games. Without officials we can’t play, and if we keep driving officials out of the game that’s exactly what’s going to happen. I have several “thoughts to remember” for dealing with official’s mistakes and I hope that each person

reading this article will take them to heart. As I stated, coaches and players make as many mistakes each game as the officials. Be tolerant and understanding. Very rarely does a mistake by the officials cost a team a game. It can happen, but in most cases a player or coach error will have far more impact on the outcome of the game. We don’t yell and scream at the youth players or coaches, so why yell at officials? If you think you see a mistake, it’s not your job as a parent or fan to tell the officials about it. Never wait for the officials after the game to complain or question a call, as this will only lead to trouble. Nothing good comes from confrontation. You may even end up being suspended from watching your child play. USA Hockey and the rinks will strictly enforce the Zero Tolerance rule, and any fan that approaches an official will be removed from the facility and will probably face a lengthy suspension. If you have a question or complaint, allow your coach to deal with it. If you feel you need to address the issue, wait 24 hours and then contact either your club, the rink, or the officials association.

Ethan Luo (DSYHL Frisco Squirt Flyers)

Don’t argue judgment calls. Whether a play was offsides or not, nothing will change after the call is made. What can be addressed after the game are rule interpretations. The misapplication of rules is something that can come into question and can be clarified after the fact. However, games do not get replayed and very rarely are penalties changed, so make sure you have your facts straight before contacting someone with a complaint. Know the rules. Most of the complaints I deal with come from folks who just don’t understand the rules of the game. Many calls are open to interpretation and “intent” is a key element in making that interpretation. In my mind the single most difficult job an official has is determining “intent” on any type of play. An official must see the play and determine what the players are thinking as the game moves at an incredibly fast pace. It takes years of experience to be able to determine intent. Referees who played the game are the most adept at this, as they understand the way players think. Lets all remember that youth hockey is for the kids and the officials are doing the best job they can. I’ve never met

Franco Canevari (Grapevine Jr Wolves Mite Red) celebrating his goal with teammate Landon Newman.


Keith Andresen, Senior Director, Hockey Programs Dr. Pepper StarCenters Dallas Stars Hockey Club

an official that intentionally makes mistakes. While winning is important it should never be at the cost of respect, sportsmanship and dignity. If you have an issue with an official, pursue it through proper channels and not during or after the game. You’re not going to change the outcome of the game by losing control, but you may lose your opportunity to watch your child play. ■

Aidan Williams (DJHA PeeWee Gold)

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 5

Kim Tinkham (1957 - 2010) Ice Times Magazine is dedicated to the memory of Kim Tinkham. Kim lost her brave battle with breast cancer Tuesday, December 7, 2010. Kim was a hockey mom, wife, youth hockey enthusiast, and editor and publisher of Ice Times. She will be greatly missed.

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6 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Dear Oilers Families,

(both returning and new comers)


he Dallas Oilers fresh off of their first season want to you to attend our upcoming CAMP. We have a great first season, with two teams making it to the LEAGUE (NTXHL) FINALS.  We hung over 4 banners in our first season of hockey, and we look to build on our success over the spring and summer at ITC.  We have added two new great coaches (both with over 6 years of Coaching Travel hockey in DFW), that will be announced very soon.    I wanted to personally invite you to the SPRING/SUMMER LTAD Oiler Camp. as I will be a big part of it and you all know I will push the boys all while we have a great time doing so.   If you are currently an Oiler and plan to return I would love to see you in this great camp.  If you did not play with us this year, please come check it out as I now you wont be disappointed with our very cost effective program. It will be a ton of fun for the boys and they will get the training

they need during the off season. One day per week of 3 on 3 and right after we will jump on the TURF and play a fun sport.  Also, one day per week at Sportsplex with Cosmo Clarke and other Oiler Coaches.  The cost of this works out to $12 per session, the same price you would pay to skate at another rink.  For this cost you receive some great coaching and a ton of fun and training. This Years Coaches include; - Cosmo Clarke (Oilers Off Ice/Skills Coach) - Kevin Smith (Oilers Director/Coach) - Ryan McLean (Oilers Asst. Director/Coach) - Kenny Carrol (Oilers Goalie Coach/Coach) - Kyle Hood (Oilers Coach) and two new Oilers Coaches TBA next week!  On top of our Coaching Staff some benefits we have are;

- 3 on 3 Divider Boards (Only rink in the city) - Cross Sport Training one side/ITC for all kinds of various sports and training - The Cheapest training/spring camp in town - A ton of fun for all players - Hockey Specific Gym at Sportplex To register go to Please call me or email me with any questions, I really hope to see you all sign up for this. I will be there with the boys and look forward to building some great Oiler Teams for next season. 

Bryce Clark Oilers Squirt

“Developing Players Today... for Tomorrow”

Head Coach Assistant Hockey Director Ryan McLean TEL: (469) 525 - 1985

All the gear you need to get in the game. Come see us at our two Texas locations or visit us at


Coppell, TX

Richardson, TX

751 S Macarthur Blvd (972) 393-2777

1330 W Campbell Rd (972) 808-9991

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 7


Greetings Hockey Folk, I have been struggling with focus lately and now that our season is over and the player exit interviews are done I find myself with time on my hands. Kind of like when my son turned 16 and got his license. We live about a 100 miles round trip to the closest rink and we had been making the trip three or four times a week for ten years and one day our son just starts driving himself, I was like now what are we supposed to do. Anyways, I was feeling sorry for myself and then I got this email (see below) that put everything back into perspective and brought me back to the reason why Kim and I started Ice Times so many seasons ago. I want to thank Mr. Seevers for sending the note and say thank you….it

Life Lessons On Ice was perfect timing. Also, thank you to all our loyal readers I raise my stick in the air to you at the end of my longest season. I will continue publishing ITM as long as there is a hockey parent to read it and a player to “scour” for their picture. I could use your help though, if you know of any business that would benefit from advertising to our highly desirable reader demographic please have them contact me. That being said I could use a little help in the sales department so if there is a hockey mom or dad out there looking for a part-time job to help pay for next season give me a call ASAP. E-mail from Ice Times reader and hockey Dad Matt Seevers: “Guys, On game days, practice days at the rink when the new issue of Ice Times arrives the first thing that my son Cole and his squirt teammates do is scour it cover to cover in hopes that they were among the “lucky one’s” that made it into the pages

by Scott Tinkham, Editor

of the latest issue. The kick that they get from seeing a picture of themselves in the background of a small black and white photo of another player sends them sky high. I have heard arguments over “that is my arm in the picture” or “if you look really close you can see my skate under the pile”! So last month when I sent you a couple of pics of my son Cole I only hoped his picture would make a future issue, whether it was in color or black & white it didn’t matter. So you can imagine the reaction that ensued when we strolled past the news stand at the rink last night and noticed a full page color shot of my #30 on the cover of your latest edition! I don’t think I have ever seen him so proud and excited. He was an instant celebrity amongst his friends at the DPSC in Farmers Branch, you have absolutely without a doubt made his year and I can’t thank you enough. Please accept my thanks and know that we as hockey parents appreciate all that you do to promote and foster the hockey culture in our region. I hope you have a great day, I look forward to future

issues.” Sincerely, (Proud Goalie Dad) Matt Seevers Again, a big thank you to the toughest position in hockey……the hockey parent. P.S. Congratulations to the U19 Alliance girls for winning the Teir II National Championship, see their story and picture on page 15. Texans winning Hockey Championships got to love that. Note to readers: I have asked the ITM staff not to correct any of my typos, misspelled words or improper word usage etc. This is who I am this is how it comes out, I’m an old hockey player and coach not a journalist and I am here to tell you it’s all about the passion so take a step back when you see ”IT”, it’s becoming rare, enjoy it and feel that smile appear across your face. ■

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8 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Blake Paxton & Ian Erdman

Taylor Ball

NTXHL Squirt A Champions the Grapevine Wolves

Blake Campbell

Submit your pictures to Austin Perdue


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 9


Get Noticed By Brad Buetow

Do You Want To Play Prep School, Midget AAA, Junior or College Hockey?


oming May 20-22, 2011, Texas and Oklahoma hockey players have the opportunity to show off their talent at the 7th Annual Junior Placement Showcase. JPS hockey showcase will be at Apex Arena in Denver and will start at 3:00pm on Friday, May 20 and will end at 1:00pm on Sunday, May 22. Attending and participating in JPS hockey showcase will be coaches and GM’s from Midget AAA, Prep School, Junior A, and College (Division I-III) programs from the United States and Canada. Last year there were over 60 programs involved at the showcase. These coaches/GM’s will coach behind the bench and provide informational sessions to players and their parents regarding their respective programs during the weekend. Director, Brad Buetow, stated that he believed there was a need for this hockey showcase so that Texas/Oklahoma athletes could be noticed and further advance their hockey careers. Brad has had over 20 years experience as a head coach at the University of Minnesota, United States International University, and Colorado College, was name “Coach of the Year” 5 times (both

in the collegiate and professional levels), played professional hockey, and has been director/coach for 9 years in Colorado Midget AAA programs where he has placed over 75 players in Junior A and over 40 players in Division I-III college programs. “I know Texas and Oklahoma has great potential to move players on to other programs so they can accomplish their lifelong goals of getting a quality education and continuing to play hockey. That is the sole purpose of JPS!” In addition, many players from previous JPS camps have received offers from various programs throughout the US and Canada. According to Brad, attending JPS is like attending over 60 individual camps, thus saving money and yet maximizing player’s exposure. Information regarding JPS can be found online at or you can email Brad Buetow at ■

Brad Buetow is the Director of Junior Placement Showcase. He is also a coach and former professional hockey player.

JPS – Hockey Showcase 91’ - 96’ Midget AAA, Prep, Jr A, College Div I-III • Denver, CO (APEX Arena) MAY 20-22, 2011 • 60 Coaches/GM’s in attendance • • JPS is like attending 60 team selection camps

4 Games & Information sessions (Midget AAA, Prep, Junior A, College) George Gwozdecky – Head Hockey Coach, University of Denver WCHA ‘At the University of Denver was are proud that 33% of our hockey team is comprised of players from the state of Colorado and therefore I am supportive of any opportunity that gives hockey players from our state a chance to develop and receive the exposure to the Junior A hockey coaches as well as college hockey programs. Brad Buetow has played and coached at the highest level of NCAA Division I college competition and knows what it takes to play at this level. Some of Brad’s former players who are currently playing at the University of Denver include Chris Nutini and Luke Salazar,”

Kevin Hartzell – GM/Head Coach Sioux Falls Stampede USHL “Brad Buetow, Director of JPS, was my college coach when I played at the University of Minnesota and I feel that with Brad’s contact JPS is one of the top exposure camps for juniors, prep, midget, and college scouts. We will enjoy coming out and feel it is very worthwhile. Coach Buetow, JPS Director, has coached in Division I College for 20 years, scouted and coached in the pros for several years and with his network he has helped my career immediately.” Dean Blais – Head Coach University of Nebraska-Omaha CCHA “We are looking forward to scouting players out of the JPS showcase. The competition is excellent and there will be several scouts/coaches from all the junior A/B and college levels.”

10 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

Jon Bonnett – Assistant Coach Colorado College WCHA “I believe Coach Buetow is one of the hardest working youth coaches/recruiters in the country. Brad is well connected and visible within the hockey community. Brad is motivated to develop and expose local and non-traditional hockey area players to Midget AAA, Juniors and NCAA Hockey. This camp is the first step.” John Marks – Head Coach/GM Winkler Flyers Manitoba (MJAL) “Excellent showcase! JPS exposure showcase really puts kids on the radar for future hockey opportunities. I will be attending it along with other Canadian coaches from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.”

r e t s i Reg

! W O eN n i l On

2011 Prospect

All-Star Series The All-Star Series is designed to help top prospects enhance and develop their skills under instruction from superior Alliance Hockey coaching. The program is specifically for talented Tier I and Tier II players who are striving to play at the next level.

Welcome to Texas Aces/Alliance Bulldogs 2011 Spring Hockey The All-Star Series is highly competitive, challenging & fun for young athletes. This extensive program provides a select number of players (per age group) an opportunity to learn, develop & improve during their off-season and helps lead the participant into a strong June try-out. Alliance Bulldogs AAA/Texas Aces Prospect All-Star Series includes: 1



Pre-Camp Prospect Tournament (4 Game - early April, dates vary by age group) 7-Week Camp includes Full ice 4 on 4 games OR Cross ice 3 on 3 Games plus skills & off-ice. Post-Camp Championship Tournament (4 Game - late May or Early June)

Exposure to Top Alliance Hockey Coaches Emphasis on competition & intense skills based training sessions Age Appropriate Off-Ice Training Sessions with AYHA’s Training Partner - Crull Fitness & Camp Jersey

Players should register online at or Once accepted each player will be notified and sent a spring schedule for all Series games and skills sessions. Limited number of teams per age group.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 11


Rocky Mountain District Regional Champions Tier1 Colorado Thunderbirds U18

Rocky Mountain District Regional Champions Tier1 Dallas Stars U16

12 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

The Dallas Stars Selects Euless Squirt Andresen team and parents celebrate a 1st place trophy at the Texas Star Winter Classic.

Texas Aces Midget Minor A (Johnson) team celebrating winning the NTXHL playoff championship.


Allen Jr. Americans Mite - Team Mully celebrates their RHL Championship win! Way to go, Team Mully!

Rocky Mountain District Regional Champions Tier1 Dallas Stars U12 (Ken Hatley)

Plano West Wolves Varsity Gold - State Champions


The DSYHL Frisco Leafs Mite team celebrating their President’s Day Tournament Championship.

OKC Oil Kings Squirt AA Division Champions

Rocky Mountain District Regional Champions Tier1 Colorado Thunderbirds U18.

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 13


14 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Alliance 19U Girls Win Tier 2 National Championship! S

unday April 3 in Anaheim, CA the Rocky Mountain District Champions Alliance Bulldogs faced off with the Pacific District champion Alaska All All-stars, both looking to capture the USA Hockey 19 & Under Girl’s Tier II National title. The battle of the geographic giants was played out on the big rink at The Rinks, the training facility for the Anaheim Ducks NHL Hockey Club. The Bulldogs spotted Alaska an early lead in the first period. With Alliance on the power play the puck took an unfortunate bounce off the boards and was scooped up by All Stars forward Zoe Hickle who moved the puck up to Brianne Bohn, who beat Alliance net minder Michaela Ross to grab a 1-0 lead just 1:39 into the game. In the second period with 11:32 left Hickle claimed her second assist of the game on a Kelsey Stanfill wrap around. Alaska struggled with staying out of the box and racked up 12 penalties in the game, including a strongly defended 5-on-3 Alliance attack in the first period. The 6th penalty with 3:21 left in the second would give the Bulldogs the chance they needed to keep the game close. Hannah Hoenshell beat the Alaska goalie Nicole Mrugia (27 saves for the game) on an unassisted drive to the net less than a minute into the penalty. With less than 2 minutes left in the second period a slashing call put Alaska on the penalty kill for the remainder of the period. With just 25 seconds left until the buzzer sounded

the youngest player on the Bulldogs, 15-year-old Miranda Bell, took a Hoenshell pass and blew the puck past a diving Mrugia. The third period saw fast and furious action as both teams flew up and down the ice. The Bulldogs were unable to capitalize on the 3 more All Star penalties, and the All Stars were stone walled by Ross as she turned away 8 shots in the period (22 total in regulation). As the final buzzer sounded the Bulldogs were headed to their second overtime game in less than 24 hours, and a second overtime championship game in a month. In the semi-final game just the night before Alliance defeated the Vermont 802 Stars in Double overtime in dramatic fashion. A Vermont slash on a driving Hannah Hoenshell resulted in a stunning penalty shot call by the referee. Hoenshell put the puck in and sealed the trip to the finals. Less than a month ago Alliance defeated the VOSHA Lady Coyotes in an overtime comeback win at the Rocky Mountain District Championship in Salt Lake City. At the start of the overtime the determination of the Bulldogs became apparent as they powered their way into the All Star’s defensive zone. As Alliance players crashed the goal and fought to will the puck in the net Alaska was called for an interference call that would seal their fate. The Bulldog’s “PP 1 (power play 1) squad came to the ice and began to move the puck looking for the opportunity to end the game.

Capitan and defensive player Carrie Atkinson worked the right point with a great play to keep the puck in the Alaska offensive zone. Hoenshell picked up the puck in the left corner and beat a charging Alaska defender and slipped the puck to Bell who had shaken the defensive player on her to slash across the front of the net. Catching the puck on her stick, Bell beat the All Star goalie to capture the 2011 USA Hockey Girl’s Tier II National Championship. “It was a tip to the five-hole” Bell said post game. “Words can’t describe it!” “We stuck to our game plan and never panicked” said Head Coach Stan Tugolukov. “This is one of the best teams we played this year, we had to be disciplined and take advantage of their mistakes. We did that. Our conditioning and skills gave us the opportunity to be ready on the power play. We did it for each other and we stayed in the game” Grinning from ear-to-ear and sporting a gold medal and new “National Championship” ball cap Miranda Bell said “A lot of our teammates are going to graduate and go to play college hockey next year. It was good to end with a win” The Bulldogs won 5 straight games to get to the National Title game. Twelve players made it to the score sheet with 37 goals scored and 39 total assist credited. Hannah Hoenshell led all scorers with 19 points (14 goals, 5 assist). Kacy Wilson lead the

Front Row: Sara Huff, Ashton Schaffer, Ashley Mc Manus, Micaela Ross, Second Row: Hannah Hoenshell, Taylor McCarthy, Celeste Colon, Miranda Bell, Haley Breedlove, Marisa Jenson, Danielle Esquivel, Emily Federspiel, Jessica Bowen, Third Row: Carrie Atkinson, Kacy Wilson, Head Coach Stan Tugolukov, Lexi Lieb, Megan Serves, Michelle Stock, Assit. Coach Julie Phelan


tournament in assists, racking up an amazing 10 in total (1 goal 10 assist). The unsung heroes of the for the tournament was a stingy Bulldog defensive crew of Megan Servaes, Michelle Stock, Marissa Jensen, Sara Huff, Lexi Liebo and Ashton Schaffer. Lead by Captain Carrie Atkinson the defense help keep the pressure off of the Alliance goalie and contributed to 3 shut outs in 6 games. Special thanks go to Emily Federspiel who has been with the same Dallas program from its very start, gave her best year after year and culminated her youth hockey career with the gold medal at the National Championship. For the Alliance goaltenders: Michaela Ross allowed 8 goals on 99 shots (.920 SV%) in 119 minutes played Ashley McManus allowed 0 goals on 13 shots (1.00 SV%) in 68 minutes played. Congratulations to the following players will be moving on to college hockey in the fall: Emily Federspiel and Kacy Wilson have committed to University of Mass at Boston. Ashton Schaffer has committed to play for Penn State. Several other players are still in the process of making their final college choices for the fall of 2012. ■

Tournament Chairman Art Trottier, Team Captains: Emily Federpiel, Celeste Colon, Carrie Atkinson, Hannah Hoenshell

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 15


Marcus HS JV Ice Hockey Captains - Matt Jaskiewicz, John Consolver, Michael Kobus and Kevin Fox. Brenden Coon Frisco Mites Leafs - working against a Red Wing player.

Adam Learmont (Plano West JVS) makes a move.

Submit your pictures to

Luke Asbury Jr Brahmas Mite Major.

Jr Brahmas - Conor Cusack, Zach Jones & Will Blumberg.

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16 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


GROW THE GAME By Courtney Welch

Q & A with ADM Regional Manager Joe Doyle


ith the 2010-11 season coming to a close, many associations are planning ahead as more and more adopt elements of the American Developmental Model (ADM). The ADM guidelines are based on age-appropriate training to help more kids play, love and excel in hockey. The focus right now is on educating local youth hockey association leaders, coaches and parents on the elements of the ADM for 8&U, 10&U and 12&U. To further educate and address some concerns, I sat down with Joe Doyle, ADM regional manager who works with associations in Texas. What should my child be doing over the spring/summer to prepare for next hockey season? Joe Doyle: After what has hopefully been a healthy, fun and extremely developmental hockey season, spring and summer is a time for kids at the younger ages to recharge their hockey batteries. They need to put their bags down for a certain amount of time. That doesn’t mean kids can’t go to the rink in the spring and summer, but if they do choose to go, it should be in a more unstructured environment than the rigors of the ‘regular season’ like a stick & puck program, where they can try new things in an unfettered environment. In addition to that, 3-on-3 cross-ice leagues at this time of year in an unstructured, un-coached environment are healthy hockey opportunities.

If kids want to choose a camp or two over the summer, that’s not all bad. But in choosing a camp, again, look for a camp that is more than just a hockey specific camp. Is there an off-ice component that is age appropriate? Will they teach some off-ice puck-handling, shooting skills that a player can then take and use throughout the rest of their season on their own? We’re seeing more and more camps around the country that have an on- and off-ice component and an introduction into other sports like golf, soccer, lacrosse or baseball. Kids need to be playing other sports to improve their overall athletic package at this age. Young kids need to work on becoming the best athlete they can, and that goes far beyond hockey. Well rounded skills will ultimately allow kids to become better hockey players. So during the off-season, take a break from the steady trips to the rink. If you go to the rink, do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. My youth hockey program is incorporating some elements of the American Development Model, specifically Red, White & Blue Hockey (8 & Under). My son has been playing full ice, but now they are switching to cross ice, won’t he be bored? Doyle: Not only have we seen kids not get bored, we’ve seen their enjoyment

Brydon Gillilan (MIHC PeeWee Minor)


level and clearly their developmental level increase dramatically in the cross or half-ice game format. Kids’ bodies at this age are not built to go 200 feet like a grown man or woman. The number of shots on goal, saves by the goalie, goals scored, pivots, and true hockey plays made are at a minimum quadrupled in the cross-ice game as opposed to an 8 & under game on a full sheet. What kid doesn’t like scoring more goals, having the puck on their stick more and being more involved in the game play? Not only does cross-ice help the emerging player have a chance to be more involved, it gives the most skilled players a chance to be more challenged by putting him or her in tighter quarters. The player has to work on puck protection moves because there is traffic, play through or around a defender, and work on skills that will happen in a game as the player progresses. If I want my kid to have a chance to play junior hockey, college hockey or even professional hockey, don’t I need to set him/her up on a fast track at 8, 10 and 12U? Doyle: Hockey at the 8, 10 and 12U age level is a primer stage in a hockey player’s development, meaning they not only need to acquire the age-appropriate fundamental hockey skills, but they need to develop athleticism in general. Training to be the best athlete they can

Megan and Keagan (Austin Roadrunner mini-mite) Pace at Dallas Stars vs Chicago Blackhawks.

Courtney Welch is the USA Hockey Program Services Manager for Texas. Courtney has worked as an administrator in hockey for 12 years.

become through playing multiple sports at a young age will allow them once they specialize in a sport (somewhere in their early teenage years) to reach their full potential in their chosen sport. Getting too much too soon (specializing in a sport at 8 or 10) ultimately doesn’t allow them to reach their potential and also increases the real risk of burning out players by their teenage years. For more information on the ADM, visit or reach out to Joe Doyle at or (719) 331-4058. ■

Hunter Donaldson #19 from the Nytex Fire.

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On Sunday April 4th the Dallas Stars Youth Hockey League season came to an exciting conclusion with championship games in 8 divisions. We congratulate all of the winners and all of the players and families from all teams participating this season. Thank you from the Dallas Stars and Dr Pepper StarCenters!

Plano Blues-Peewee Black Division

18 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

Frisco Flyers-Mite Black Division


Bishop Lynch Friars-Midget Division

Wichita Falls Wildcats-Squirt Black Division

Frisco Bruins-Peewee Green Division

Wichita Falls Wildcats-Bantam Division

Plano Red Wings-Mite Green Division


Euless Predators-Squirt Green Division

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The Rise and Fall of Youth Hockey


got a Pulitzer worthy, exclusive scoop here: gloomy economic conditions are negatively impacting youth hockey. I know. Take a minute to catch your breath. It’s like that when I’m on the job; the Geraldo of IceTimes. But alas, withering bank accounts alone are not to blame. Heads in rink were dwindling even as these life-sucking Chupacabra’s (aka, Wall Street) shoved us face first into this economic sludge pit. What does this have to do with coaching? Cause and effect me buckos: no kids, no coaches. How do we save ourselves? Let Uncle Behind the Bench (wait, that reads kinda creepy, don’t it?) throw a few tidbits o’ advice your way. As a coach you are the perfect salesperson, a grass-roots catalyst for growing hockey. It doesn’t matter if you are with a private association or part of a house program, we all need to market. We all need to get out in the neighborhood. Invite yourself to church youth and scout meetings. Bring some of your players, in full gear, and plenty of hockey video. Work with your association and/or rink to provide subsidised (or free!) skate parties with your team. If there is a local amateur or minor pro team, arrange gratis game tickets. Organize a pre-game “happy-hour” to review simple points of the game (provide handouts). Make sure those team reps Santa Claus-up with some quality swag.

What else? The Benjamins. The cost of hockey gear is choking enrollment. When it takes nearly $425 to outfit an 8 year old in low-end gear, a broad segment of prospects reject hockey outright and forthwith. That needs to change immediately. Equipment co-operatives have to emerge as a means to attract new players. Manufacturers, distributors, and retail outlets must work with the community to structure viable deals. In fact, let’s rethink how we outfit first-time and younger players. Not every child has to “own” her/his gear. Renting gear for a reasonable fee will attract “on-the-fence” families. Associations and house leagues should hold equipment swaps at least 2 times a year. That way little Nicholas or Jordan’s growth spurts are covered. Lastly, the hockey season needs to be shorter and mirror school athletic schedules (i.e., Nov-Feb). We compete for bodies across three seasons of sports. This eight month schedule is ludicrous and is oppressing player inventory. Not all kids have wiggle room in their schedules to play more than one sport at a time. Guess who loses? We do more often than not. Ask a football or lacrosse coach to help accommodate a multi-sport kid’s schedule and see how often they extend the

Mark Dyslin has been coaching youth sports for over 15 years and coaching youth hockey since 1999. He is currently one of the coaches for St. Mark’s Junior Varsity Hockey Team.

meat hook of cooperation. None of this will be easy. But doing nothing is what led us to this point; we thought people would flock to us no matter what. In good times, perhaps. However, we need to build the base now while we sweat-out the return of happy days . ■

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IceIceSports Sports Directory Directory Rinks DFW Metroplex Addison Sq Gdn 972-960-7465 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972.239-9096 .1mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 2.1mi The Allen Event Center 972-678-4646 American Airlines Center Home of the Dallas Stars for tickets 214.Go-Stars Dr Pepper StarCenter Euless 817-267-4233 Starbucks 817-684-7943 1.1mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 8.0mi ER CareNow 817-428-7300 5.0mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Farmers Branch 214-432-3131 Starbucks 972-406-8289 3.4mi I Fratelli 972-501-9700 3.5mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 5.9 mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Frisco 214-387-5600 Starbucks 972-668-9520 .9mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 1.8mi Dr Pepper StarCenter McKinney at Craigs Ranch McKinney 469-675-8325 Starbucks 214-383-4095 1mi CareNow 972-599-0077 8mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Plano 972-758-7528 Starbucks 469-229-0100 .4mi Olive Garden 972-578-8576 3.5mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter PSA 972-208-5437 Starbucks 972-758-9565 .5 mi Olive Garden 972.633.0406 3.2mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Valley Ranch 972-831-2453 Starbucks 972-304-1985 1mi Siena Pasta 972-462-0499 1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 3.6mi

with closest Starbucks, Italian Food and ER Centers (things change, please call before making the trip)

ICE at The Parks 817-419-0095 Starbucks in mall outside of rink Olive Garden 817-283-3121 11mi ER CareNow 817-465-4928 1.7mi Ice Training Center ITC Richardson 972-680-7825 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972-234-3292 2.0mi ER CareNow 972.387.8900 4.7mi Polar Ice House Grapevine 972-874-1930 Starbucks 972-874-1394 .6mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 4.1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 2.6mi Houston Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Houston 281-84-SKATE Starbucks 832-237-7586 .25 mi Olive Garden 281- 890-0784 Methodist Willowbrook Hosp. 281-477-1000 across from rink Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center 281-265-7465 Starbucks 281-265-8911 Papa LaRosa Flying Pizza in rink 281-313-3500 Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 281-274-7000 Space City Ice Station Friendswood 281-486-7979 Olive Garden 281-488-1022 Starbucks 281-488-9800 ER Clear Lake l 281-332-2511 Austin Chaparral Ice Centers - Austin 512.252.8500 Oklahoma City Blazers Ice Centre 405-631-3307 Arctic Edge Ice Arena 405-748-5454

ICE at Stonebriar 972-731-9600 Starbucks 972-668-1750 0.1mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 2.4mi

Readers, we need a little assist here. Don’t see your rink or association listed, see something that isn’t correct? Email us today at with your information.


ASSOCIATIONS Aerodrome Ice Hockey Alliance Bulldogs Arctic Wolf Ice Center at&t Metroplex High School Hockey League


AnD AssOCiATiOns Houston Wild Hockey

PRivATe LessOns*

ICE at the Parks Hockey 817-419-0095

Forwards/Defense David Ambler 817.905.4561 David Fry 817.832.2847 Phil Chaney 214.537,6997 Cliff Cook 469.831.5441 Sergey Deshevyy 214.498.6967 Danny Force 817.903,5442 Ryan McLean 469 525 1985 Stew Carson 817.253.7022 Michael Beck 972.571.7760

Ice Skate USA Hockey Interscholastic Hockey League

Jackalopes Amateur Hockey

Austin Roadrunners

Killer Bee Foundation

Bay Area Houston Hounds

McKinney Ice Hockey Club

Corpus Christi Youth Hockey

Oklahoma City Youth Hockey Association

Dallas Ice Jets

Polar Ice House

Dallas Oilers

Rio Grande Valley Youth

Dallas Stars AAA

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Senior Stars Hockey League

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Wichita Falls Wildcats

Christophe Crossley 817.201.6211

Chris Shakesby 214.597.1907 Justin Walters 405.413.8623 Corey Clarks 360.961.7162 Goaltending Francois Lemay 469.766.1981 Billy Pye 817.845.0133 Andrew Norton 817.896.5084 Cam MacDonald 817.800.2130 Power Skating Rob Warner 214.478.6605 Ramil Sarkulov 817.805.0002 David Horn 972.740.5513 Want to be listed as an instructor? You must be a member of good standing with USA Hockey. Contact You must have a valid USA Hockey membership number

PRO shOPs* StarStuff Locations in all Dr Pepper StarCenters Rinks (except Valley Ranch) Players Bench Richardson 972.808.9991 Coppell 972.393.2777

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Houston Hurricane Hockey

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Alliance Bulldogs & Texas Aces Announce Strategic Affiliation The Alliance Youth Hockey Association and the Texas Aces Hockey Club are excited to announce a strategic affiliation in time for the upcoming 2011-12 try-out season. This move is designed specifically to help strengthen the Alliance Bulldogs Tier I Hockey Program AND better define a path to the highest level of youth hockey in the TAHA area for those in a Texas Aces uniform. Both parties will provide a developmental path to maximize training progress for boys and girls at all age groups and all skill levels from house/rec to Tier I. By affiliating our organizations we have combined the longstanding creditability of the Alliance Tier I organization and the developmental focus of BOTH Tier II organizations (AYHA & TAHC) to serve families and players in all areas of the Metroplex. As both organizations collaboratively build on the advancements of USA Hockey’s developmental benchmarks, youth hockey families can look forward to being part of a promising generation of the DFW hockey legacy. From this affiliation, The Bulldogs: Gain a larger pool of players to access in regards to training, development and recruitment with the opportunity to build the most successful Tier I Hockey program possible for years to come. Additionally, the AYHA has found a partner to work with alongside our Tier II program with the same philosophies and ideas to help grow hockey in Texas & the surrounding areas.

• • • • •

The Texas Aces: Gain a clearly defined path to the Tier I level of play, for those living in the Plano, McKinney, Allen and outlying area’s. Also, Aces players will be exposed to the training & development of the Alliance Tier I Coaching Staff.

In Particular, the immediate impacts of this affiliation will be seen in: Combined Off Season Camps and Clinics Common Off-ice Training and Conditioning Curriculum with Crull Fitness Common Program Resources for all teams: Squirt to Midget Major 18U Tier I Shared organizational resources including coaching and a Common Director of Coaching Coordinated coaching philosophies and methodologies

“The AYHA has been looking to grow our umbrella in regards to adding a successful & competitive supporting Tier II organization – in addition to our own - that can help fuel the future of our Tier I program. The Texas Aces fit this mold perfectly. They’ve been operating in the area for many years and are committed to player development and progress, much like ourselves. The Aces current leadership is looking to parallel themselves to our existing Tier II program and take a step towards providing a clearly defined path of development and opportunity for their players and families. Both organizations Tier II programs will now lead directly to the Alliance Bulldogs Tier I Hockey Club,” said Chris Kostopoulos, Alliance Director of Coaching. “We’re going to leverage the

coaching skills & vision of both organizations for the benefit of players of all ages and skill levels across the Metroplex…” “The Alliance organization’s leadership and hockey excellence at all levels is unquestionable. We saw an opportunity for athletes and their families to benefit from common philosophies and to establish a development path for the benefit of all players. This affiliation creates a critical mass of players that can benefit from convenient, family friendly locations, and outstanding coaching,” said Bruce Walpole, Aces Board Member. “We’re going to see even more kids excel on and off the ice...”

The Boards of both organizations are working hard to fine-tune details in preparation for the upcoming pre-tryout camp season, tryouts and the 2011-2012 season. Additional details and information will be updated at and

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