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A Lifetime of Learning

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Weatherford White All-Stars Coach Pitch team got to go to see the Ft. Worth Cats play against the Wichita Wingnuts. The boys were introduced on the field during the opening ceremony. They had a blast! Haley Hewitt receiving a game ball from one of the players during a Fort Worth Cats game.

The Burch School of Music Now offering


For children, newborn – 7 years-of-age. Designed by national experts in the field of Music Education. Recommended by Speech Therapists – a delight for the entire family.

Piano Instruction

For children and adults – superior instruction in both individual and group settings.

8 for 88

Beginning classes for adults (8 weeks of instruction on the piano’s 88 keys for $88).

817-341-2345 metro Weatherford, Texas

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MonteLago Builders


Helping you make memories… 817.341.2749 817.304.1135 913 N. Elm Street Weatherford, Texas 76086 Free delivery with mention of this ad. Call for details.

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Parker County 4 4-H H would like to thank Jerry Durant Auto Group for sponsoring our 5K run / 5K walk on October 10th 10th, that will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Parker County Aggie Moms Club Ice Cream Social, July 25th. Jackson McGlasson class of 2029 with three Aggie Yell Leaders.

Looks like football is back! Jacob King, Millsap High School varsity player, holds his own against Wichita Falls City View offense.

Millsap high school varsity players players, Casey Eller and Jacob King King, tak take a break during the scrimmage against Wichita Falls City View on August 15th.

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Seguin Elementary kindergartners Blake Jeter, Tara Bayless, Eliseo Padillo, and Paizley Wallace take a break from the 100-degree weather during recess on the first day of school.

Curtis Elementary kindergartner Johnny Cruz Salinas in the cafeteria.

It is a jungle out there. Brandi Erwin, Jodi Erwin and Sam (the bearded dragon) swing into action as the new school year starts at Millsap Elementary.

Now enrolling for Voice, Piano and Beginning Flute

Lakeshore Drive Academy of the Arts All teachers have a degree in music education. Limited openings available. To register please call 817-596-0100, ext. 105 or for more information visit Lakeshore Drive Baptist Church • 200 S Lakeshore Dr. • Hudson Oaks, TX 76087

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Back To School Safety School Zones When you approach a school, be mindful of your speed in that school zone. Each school zone might have different times and speeds. This can also include some private schools, too. Most of the school zones are marked with the new flashing warning signs. We need to thank the folks with the city’s Traffi c Division for getting those installed–great job, crew. These signs have the posted m a x i mu m s p e e d limit when the yellow light is fl ashing. Th e fines for speeding in these school zones can be very high so please slow down. Driving through a school zone is only half the story…what about the kids? You guessed it; there are kids in the school zones too. Some parents rely

Family Res – y s u B s i e f Li

on their children to get themselves to school. They might walk, ride a bike or skateboard. Keep your eyes peeled for young children that might be crossing the street or in the parking lots at the schools. If you see a young child that looks lost or scared, call the school or the police. I do not recommend that you try to pick up the child unless you both know each other. If your child has to walk to school, remind them of “stranger danger.” Tell them not to take rides from people they don’t know and try to avoid walking in the street as much as possible. Have you walked that route with your child? You probably need to. Look for hazards such as road construction, mean dogs or a house and/or people that give you the “creeps.” Your gut feeling could be correct. How long does it take? Does your child know where to go if they need help? Can they call 9-1-1 and do they know the street names? ■

IMPORTANT. . . Did you know the State of Texas has passed a new law making it a crime to use your cell phone while driving in a school zone? It’s true! As of September 1, 2009, you can receive a citation if caught talking or texting on your cell phone while you are driving in a school zone. The only exception is to call 911 in case of an emergency. statutes/pe.toc.htm

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On The Cover: September 2009 In our 3rd year of “Making A Difference”

Photo sent in by Lindsay and Kaylie’s mom.

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If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family. – Ruby Manikan

Lindsay and Kaylie Taylor with Mrs.Caroline Borkey. Mrs. Borkey was Lindsay’s teacher in the 3rd grade and now is teaching Kaylie. Mrs. Borkey teaches 3rd grade at Garner ISD.

Editor’s note: Mrs. Borkey, you should hear all the nice things that Mrs. Taylor had to say about you as a teacher. You have made quite an impression on this family. Want to be our next cover model? Visit our website at and click on “send pics.”

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“Do Right and Fear No Man”

Our Next Issue: In a time when many peo people exist never knowing their passion or purpose, Parker County Family would consider our “mission accomplished” to have caused the spark that lit the fire of purpose of just one child. — Scott Tinkham

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Hello Parker County! It’s that time of year again here at all Chili’s Grill and Bar. September is our Nationwide Fundraising Campaign for St Jude Children’s Research Center. Our Company goal is to donate $50 Million in 10 Years! When you visit our restaurants this month, you’ll have the opportunity to donate in several ways. You can color a Chili Pepper that we hang in the restaurant, or get a Cool St Jude T-shirt that you can customize with permanent markers. We especially look forward to seeing you on Monday, September 28th! This is “Donate our Profits Day,” where All Chili’s restaurants, will donate 100% of profits to St Jude.

Together, we can save children’s lives.

Austin Elementary kindergartner Haylie Barnes enjoys her first day of school on Monday.

Jaylee Hindman says goodbye to another summer.

Moms: cut out the Create-a-Pepper and have your child color it. Then drop it off on your next visit to Chili’s with your donation of $1 or more. 100% of the purchase price of this coloring sheet will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ®. Thank you for giving.

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Wise Words By Kim Tinkham, Editor

Lifetime of Learning


y mother says that I started reading when I was three years old. I can still remember the feeling when I figured out the words by sounding out the letters. It was a feeling of immense pride. I knew that other people could read but for some reason I always felt that my ability to read was even more special. Reading came easily to me; due in part to how I felt when I held a book in my hands and turned the pages. It was as if the book had a message for me and only me. Learning how to read allowed me to create. In sounding out the letters I created syllables, then words, then sentences and finally paragraphs. As I became older I turned those paragraphs into pages, then stories and then

books. Reading opened up my mind and in turn opened up the world to me. I remember thinking that because I could read I could teach myself anything. Obviously, it takes much more than reading about something to become an expert at it but reading about it will get you started down the right path. Reading started me down my path towards a lifetime of learning. Just as other interests do for other people. For instance, a young boy takes apart his ďŹ rst toy truck and studies the bits and pieces and eventually puts it back together. In doing so he begins down the path of a lifetime of learning how things work and ďŹ nds that he has an aptitude that not everyone has. Others soon ask him to ďŹ x things for them and he gains a sense of pride and accomplishment to be able to do this for others. A young girl watches as her mother and grandmother knead the dough for an apple

John Lubbock

pie that has become a family trademark. She watches as they peel the apples, measure out the sugar and is delighted when they allow her for the ďŹ rst time to crimp the edges of the doughy crust with a fork. She will remember the aroma of the kitchen and the oohs and aahs of family members when the freshly baked pie is ceremoniously pulled f rom the oven and placed on the table ďŹ rst to be admired and then to be shared. She takes those memories, makes them her own and soon is proud to produce her own delicious baked delicacies. We all learn from watching and then doing. We want to learn more about a subject because of the way it makes us feel. That sense of comfort in our ability. We are relaxed when we are doing what we love and often we love sharing that ability with others. We thrive o that nervous energy we feel just before we are able to share our talent with someone else.


8 Inspiring Parents! Motivating Kids! Celebrating Life!

The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.

As parents it is our responsibility to share our passion for our abilities with our children and to allow them to develop their own special talents. We must share our stories of accomplishments, big and not so big, with the children in our lives. We must tell them the story of how we practiced, how we made mistakes and finally how we came out victorious on the

other side. Let us commit our lives to learning how to be better at what we are good at now. Let us make time in our day, if only ďŹ ve minutes, to do what we love. Let us share our talent and passion with those around us and allow them to share theirs with us. That, my friend, is what a lifetime of learning is all about. Enjoy the issue! â–

Kim Tinkham (and some very close friends) celebrate the name change from Parker County Kids to Parker County Family Magazine and the beginning of the magazine’s third year in Parker County at a Weatherford Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting.

Now Enrolling PRE-SCHOOL Cutting Edge Curriculum 817-441-1906 5073 I-20 service road north (Beside Whataburger) AM PMsWEEKSTOYEARS WWWSPROUTSLEARNINGCENTERNET

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A Three-Tiered Approach for College Admission: Plan, Prepare, Practice By John Lee, Director Sylvan Learning Center


oday, the college admissions process is becoming more competitive than ever, and understanding what is needed for college admissions and prep success is sometimes the toughest part of the preparation. There are simple steps you can take that will help you prepare for college. Sylvan Learning, the leading provider of in-center and live, online tutoring at home to students of all ages and skill levels, is off ering a three-tiered approach to help students ace their college entrance exams and develop the skills needed for lifelong success. Plan For College: Your starting point for a successful academic life is to understand the process and lay the groundwork for college in junior high and high school. And, getting ready for college isn’t just a job for students - it also requires parents to be prepared. FREE “Test Stress: A Parent’s Real Guide to College Test Prep” Seminars Obtaining a college education requires time, effort and careful planning by students and parents working together.

To help navigate the college prep process, the Sylvan Learning of Weatherford is offering free workshops for parents, “Test Stress: A Parent’s Real Guide to College Test Prep,” dedicated to helping families navigate through the SAT/ACT and the complex college admissions process. The fun, interactive seminar features advice from Sylvan educators and leading college admission experts, college coaches and guidance counselors to help parents understand how to create a successful plan for the college application season. Families can then use Sylvan’s free, customized College Planner, Parent Resource Guide and High School Tracking Program to ensure their teenagers are college admission ready. Prepare For College: Equipped with the knowledge of what college entails, the next critical step is to assess your strengths and areas that need improvement and then map your plan to prepare for admission tests. “Reduce the Stress: Ace the Test” School Fundraisers

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The Sylvan Learning of Weatherford is teaming up with area high school guidance counselors and principals to implement “Reduce the Stress: Ace the Test” SAT/ ACT practice test events that serve as fundraisers for participating schools. Schools provide SAT/ACT practice exams (for a nominal fee), with proceeds going to the schools’ designated improvement funds to help pay for extracurricular programs, field trips and other school or classroom activities. Sylvan Learning with its College Prep professionals will then review and score the results and provide students with in-person improvement sessions to pinpoint areas of success in order to guide them as they prepare for the actual SAT or ACT. Improve Your Test Scores During this time of the year, families are looking for ways to increase their children’s chances for college acceptance and increase their SAT/ACT scores. This will help increase their chances for college scholarship opportunities. To aid students in their preparation for these high-stakes tests, Sylvan Learning of Weatherford offers targeted, individualized SAT/ACT programs that help students improve their test scores. A majority of students in the Sylvan College Prep program increase their scores which helps them improve their chances to earn scholarships. Offered in one-on-one, small group and larger seminar settings, these classes are five to eight weeks in length. A student takes a practice exam before the classes begin, at the halfway point and at the end of the series of classes. The program focuses on the exact skills needed to successfully answer test questions and offers specialized instruction in specific subject areas such as advanced mathematics, college prep writing and advanced reading. Practice For College: Practice helps a student become college ready. The key to realizing your college potential lies in understanding that academic prowess is cumulative. Academically, high placement in math courses and mastery of mathematical concepts and problemsolving skills are critical to lifelong success. To help students succeed under pressure, the Sylvan Learning of Weatherford offers a variety of tools to improve mathematical fluency. Recognizing the need for supplemental math resources, the Sylvan Learning of Weatherford is offering SchoolMathPrep. com, a free, online math resource, to our

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neighborhood middle and high schools. Grade 7-12 teachers and students can use at school during school hours - for remediation, enrichment or test preparation. The educator-created site delivers more than 2,000 instructor-led videos covering 750 lessons in pre-algebra, algebra and geometry. Each lesson includes sample problems, summary notes, a quiz, a worksheet and a deep thought question. Additionally, offers specific lessons designed to address the math concepts assessed on the SAT/ACT exams. Educators interested in learning more about this free math resource from the Sylvan Learning of Weatherford are encouraged to visit www.SchoolMathPrep. com. complements Sylvan’s superior in-center math programs and supplements is an online math resource for families and students in grades seven through twelve that utilizes the same instructor-led video format and the same educational features as the free school product - including powerful search functions by concept, keyword and textbook (for a majority of U.S. middle and high school math textbooks). Parents and students can search for topics or select a teen’s textbook and enter the page number of the homework problem. Then, a one to three minute, “how-to” video corresponding to the specific homework assignment is available for viewing. Most importantly, parents can utilize the video math lessons to work with their teenagers to recall “forgotten” math concepts so students are ready to tackle math throughout the school year. Families can access lessons in a variety of topics including pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and math test preparation programs for the SAT and ACT. With, students can experience on-the-spot and aroundthe-clock math homework support from the comfort of home. Parents and students interested in a free trial of this costeff ective, “just in time” math homework help resource are encouraged to visit www. Using this three-pronged approach while preparing for college will ensure students have years of fun and discovery ahead of them as they enter into college life and, eventually, successful careers in the fields of their choosing. ■ 888-878-8465

Parenting Tomorrow’s Leaders By Keitha Story-Stephenson, DS

Lifetime Learning Improves Daily Life Keitha Story-Stephenson, DS, owner of BlueSky Wellness Center, provides private consultation in Nutritional Wellness, Weight Management, ADD/ADHD Nutritional Management, and other Alternative Health Care, including private, alternative individual behavior counseling. Services are available by appointment in Decatur at 506 West Walnut, . Call 817-239-9525 or 940-626-9898 for appointment or visit us www. for more information.

A mind that is stretched by education can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


he idea of lifetime learning as a goal for all people – young, old, man, women or child – speaks to the uniqueness of the human experience. Ever yday new experiences present themselves to us. New challenges, new opportunities loom in the shadows of possibility. Teaching your children to approach learning as a lifetime joy often will mean a mind changing challenge for you, the parent first. Somewhere in histor y, children began to dread the idea of study and learning. But by my definition, children are learning machines. They can quote countless lyrics to songs; recite sports stats with unbelievable skill, construct complex structures from sand or Legos® or clay; regal their friends with histories of their favorite television programs and characters; amaze parents with

new and often shocking food combinations like a chemist or chef. They – we - were born to learn. I have always believed that children should never be punished with learning or study. They should be encouraged to seek new answers and try new adventures. They should be challenged to learn new tasks daily. As a retired school administrator, I watched children bloom under the simple directive to learn three new things each day. To change this negative mindset in parent and child, you must begin to see the possibilities that lay before you. Can something be accomplished more efficiently? Is there an easier way to improve expected results? Most importantly, can you make the task of learning as rewarding as the end result?

It has been said that man learns until the day he dies. If you stop learning, does that not mean you have begun the process of dying? Change you mind. Change your mindset. Begin by looking at learning as a growth process. Reward yourself and your child as you increase your learning. Discover new things together. Share the growth. Read with your child. Read more than storybooks. Share the newspaper. Use the paper as a tool to increase interest in the world around them. Turn off the television and let your child teach you what they learned today. Nothing is too small. Use the information passed on to learn more about your child. Challenge your child with thoughts more mature than their years; for example, ask for a way to end hunger, poverty, or war. Ask for their

insight into household tasks. Most importantly, listen. Learning should have a personal reward and purpose. School often teaches learning for the sole sake of learning. Teach yourself and your child, math improves logical thinking skills and problem solving. You may never use algebra in your life but you will need logic and problem solving. History teaches us what not to repeat in our behavior and what is good and purposeful about man. Science teaches orderly thinking – putting things in progressive order like planning for the future step by step. Music and art teach the beauty of life and production value. Holmes was correct in his understanding that a mind expanded by education will never return to its original shape. Learn for a lifetime for a lifetime of joy and pleasure.■

Helping kids grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially through learning stations that instruct in: WRITING PRE-MATH MUSIC ART



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Music From The Heart By Holly Hughes


After spending twenty years as a university professor of music, Dr. Holly Hughes moved to Weatherford and founded The Burch School of Music with her husband, Fred Burch. For more information about them and about the Burch School, log onto www.

ifelong learning – “the lifelong, lifewide, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons” – is not just an adult concern. Those seeking to gather new skills, to expand their knowledge in any number of fields, to meet others interested in similar pursuit – or all of the above – have most likely been curious for that which was known for many years simply as “continuing education.” But a love for lifelong learning need not be for adults alone. It can and should also be encouraged among all family members. Children are especially capable of fostering a love for learning. Their young, eager minds are specifically adapted from birth to be in a constant search for new information. The complex organ we call the brain continues to reveal its mysteries through numerous scientific studies. Among the knowledge that has been gleaned in recent studies are the following: ♫ At birth a baby has 100 billion unconnected neurons in their brains, all of which are looking for networks. ♫ As a child grows, thousands of networks are formed through junctions called synapses.

The advice I am giving always to all my students is above all to study the music profoundly... music is like the ocean, and the instruments are little or bigger islands, very beautiful for the flowers and trees.

♫ By age 10 a child has developed trillions of complex synapses within their brains. Dr. Don Campbell, in his book The Mozart Eff ect for Children, writes that those things which children see, hear, touch, and experience during their first 10 years influences not just their general development, but it actually affects, on a moment-to-moment basis, how their brains are wired. Music plays a critical role in this process of wiring the brain. Dr. Campbell further reveals that: ♫ Young children who receive regular music training demonstrate better motor skills, math ability, and reading performance. ♫ High school students who sing or play an instrument score up to 52 points higher on SAT tests than. ♫ College students who listen to ten minutes of Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, (K. 448) tend to score higher on the spatial-temporal portion of IQ tests immediately afterward. ♫ Adult musicians’ brains exhibit more EEG (brainwave) coherence than non-musicians – and even differ anatomically in musicians who began their training before age seven.

Why I read

Music develops the area of the brain that controls math, language, and abstract thinking. By fostering a love for music, we can also foster a thirst for continued learning. As music teachers we see first-hand the benefits of music study in developing habits needed for lifelong learning. The wide-eyed look of amazement and the beaming smile of a child who has mastered a difficult passage of music are sure signs that they are developing a thirst for more. This same satisfaction – sometimes expressed through tears – of an adult who has realized their dream of “making music” means that in achieving that goal, they will be eager to press forward. Why not make music a part of your daily routine, no matter what your age? You may be surprised at all the benefits and joys you will find in this engaging – and lifelong – activity! ■

I really enjoy your publication and my family and I look forward to reading it every month. The “Doright Guy” as we call him is always a lot of fun to find. It is wonderful to have something my whole family can enjoy together. — Stephany Ashcraft

Andres Segovia

Walt & Gail Tilley 817-304-0778 (Walt) 817-296-2010 (Gail)

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Pearce Lancarte and his teacher, Mrs Leeper.

Enjoying New River Kids Camp 2009.

Wright Elementary kindergartner Zoe Boles enjoys her first day of school with a nutritious meal in the cafeteria.

Curtis Elementary kindergartner Rachel Tesi enjoys her sandwich in the cafeteria during Monday’s first day of school.

Did you know‌ Chiropractic is safe for kids and expecting moms?

Want to learn more? Call us at 817-594-5944 or visit our website Wright Chiropractic Health Center, PA, Dr. Heather Wright, BS, DC, CCEP 702B Eureka St., Weatherford 14 Inspiring Parents! Motivating Kids! Celebrating Life!

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Samantha and Caitlin Ainsworth give mom a smile before heading off back to school.

A Lifetime of Learning in Parker County. Deborah Cron, Superintendent of Weatherford ISD is the mother of Jessica Robert who is the Assistant Principal at Aledo Middle School and mother of Dylan Robert, 5 years old, kindergartener at Austin Elementary.

Enjoying summer music camp with friends.

Seguin Elementary School kindergartner Hannah Keahy receives a comforting hug from Tabitha Psencik during Monday’s first day of school at Weatherford ISD for the 2009-10 school year. WISD welcomed 498 new kindergartners to the District.

Kara Norman looks forward to another exciting school year.

Sharing the roads and supporting the families and youth of Parker County since 1985.

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tudents “took a trip” to the rainforest this summer during Rainforest Camp at The Burch School of Music. Students learned about the value of our rainforests and the price we pay when we lose these wonderful ecosystems. They learned about the flora and fauna of the various forests across the globe, while singing, reading, moving and listening. Here Jasmin Patterson is being swallowed by a boa constrictor while classmates Mason Shaw, Leah Tell and July Patterson are helping. Although the humorous song by Shel Silverstein ends with “and I don’t like it one bit!” you can see from their faces that this was one of their favorite activities. Dr. Holly Hughes was the instructor, and Hannah Penny (background) was teacher’s aide during this week of educational fun. (Not pictured was camper Mathias Harmer.) ■

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A performance of “The Noize,� a new music and dance ministry of New River Fellowship.

Members of the WHS Ninth Grade Center JV Jazz dance team recently took home a platinum trophy while attending their Extreme Dance Camp over the summer.

The WHS Ninth Grade Center cheerleaders would like to thank Roger Grizzard, owner of The Pizza Place, for his continued support in helping the girls throughout their recent fundraiser.

About a dozen students enrolled in a summer camp at The Burch School of Music called “I Write the Songs.� Over the course of several weeks they had private instruction on their skills as young composers. Eleven of the twelve chose piano solo as their medium, while the twelfth, Angie McCullough, tried her hand at a song for voice and piano. Many of these students will continue to fine-tune their works for competitions throughout the year. At the end of the camp, a recital was held for students to perform their pieces for parents and friends at Bethel United Methodist Church, and they were very well received. Shown here are students who performed their own solos at Bethel UMC: Seated Emily Pruitt and Jessica Peterson; Standing: Noah Patty, Brayton Mitchell, Abby Patty, Matthew Thomas and Matthew Mize.

MECHANICAL, INC. d to Exce ll itte m

ce en


"JS$POEJUJPOJOHt)FBUJOH Comfort & Healthy Air

Inspection Free Home $79 Value

Brendon Barker, Comfort Consultant Parker County 817/596-0309 Hood County 817/573-8555 24 hour service • TACLA001791C

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Attorneys & Counselors at Law Tim Mendolia and Tim McWilliams &* /4FSWJDF3PBEt4VJUF Willow Park, Texas 76087

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Life Skills

By Deborah King, AICI CIP

The Power of Clothing and Behavior Deborah King is President of Final Touch Finishing School, Inc. which she founded in 1989 in Seattle. As a certified image professional, with over 30 years of experience, she presents her programs nationally and internationally for youth and corporate clients. She is co-author of “Image Power” and developer of several educational tools.

John Adams, the second president of the United States said: “From all that I had read of history and government of human life and manners, I had drawn this conclusion, that the manners of women were the most infallible barometer to ascertain the degree of morality and virtue of a nation.” (Dee Jepsen, Women Beyond Equal Rights (Waco: Word, 1984), quoted in James Robinson, Attack on the Family (Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1981), 33.


he role of women in society cannot be filled by any other. Women uniquely impact the family and the community. Typically, they manage the home, provide the meals, select the clothing, chauffer the children, volunteer at school, church and other clubs. Over ninety percent of women also work a part of full time job. Balancing all the roles a woman embraces is not easy.

Learning how to set priorities and how to say ‘no’ is essential. Women simply cannot, nor should not, do everything that comes their way. One area women have a unique opportunity to influence others in is through their clothing choices. Unfortunately, many have followed the trends set by the media. Fashion continually pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable with little regard for the impact on women. Super thin models, scantily dressed and airbrushed to appear flawless create an unrealistic ideal of what it means to be beautiful. These images fill the fashion magazines and the minds of our girls resulting in a loss of self-esteem and the belief that they must dress and look the same if they are to be ‘pretty’ and acceptable in our society. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, m a n y mothers have also yielded to the media pressure. They shop

where their daughter shops and wear what their teenage daughter wears affirming that being young and sexy is the goal. Modesty has all but evaporated from most closets. A woman who knows how to use fashion to dress appropriately for her age, to enhance her body type and coloring, to be fashionable and yet modest, is a joy to all who meet her. The truth is, one is always more interesting when they leave some things to the imagination. A beautifully groomed and dressed woman is a gift to all who meet her and provides an excellent role model for others. Another area women have opportunity to influence others in is by the practice and use of good manners. A child learns what they live. A child who is raised in a home where good manners are modeled and valued will always benefit. Unfortunately, the media has also set the tone for much of

today’s behavior. Television and movies portray children and teens mocking adults and being disrespectful while viewers laugh and enjoy popcorn. The family dinner table has been replaced with drive through menus and playgrounds. Gifts are expected and thank you cards are neglected. Mastering the skills for appropriate dress and behavior is a must for every woman. If you have not learned these skills, make time to do so now and watch the power of your influence soar! Civility Tip #8 Body Management You demonstrate kindness and respect for yourself and others through how you manage your body, appearance and behavior. 1. Maintain a healthy weight. 2. Exercise regularly. 3. Be well groomed. 4. Dress appropriately for the situation you are in. 5. Practice good manners.

Now enrolling for the Fall Semester! Happy Day Christian Learning Center Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 2:30 beginning September 1, 2009 There are a few spaces available, please call 817-596-0100, ext 108 – for more information visit:

Carey Hix, an adjunct instructor for Weatherford College has just been promoted to a full time position teaching in the English department. Carey attended Aledo High School, and is a TCU Journalism Graduate and has her Masters degree of Humanities from the University of Dallas. Congratulations!


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Recognizing a Stroke…



Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the syptoms of a stroke. Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions: 1. S* Ask the individual to SMILE 2. T* Ask the person to TALK, SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (coherently) (i.e. … It is sunny out today) 3. R* Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS. Note: Another sign of a stroke is this: Ask the person to “stick” out their tongue. If the tongue is “crooked,” if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke. If he or she has trouble with any one of these tasks, call 911 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

Mary Martin Elementary kindergartner Austin Garretson places a sticker on a graph to show whether or not he was nervous on the first day of school. Garretson is in Mrs. Willoughby’s kindergarten class.

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind. Martin H. Fischer Can summer camp really be this much fun? Learning and playing at Music camp.

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Laying Down The Law

By Timothy J. Mendolia

Families with Children with Special Needs need Special Planning


Timothy J. J Mendolia, Mendolia a Weatherford native, graduated from Baylor Law School in 1994 and soon after founded, along with partner, Keith Mayo, another Weatherford native, what has become Mayo Mendolia & Starr, LLP, a law firm of 15 attorneys and offices in Willow Park, Southlake, Dallas, Royse City, and Tyler, Texas. Willow Park office located at 5189 E. I-20, N. Service Rd., Suite 104, Willow Park, Texas 76087, 817.546.4100.

veryone of us have been told at one time or another that we should plan for the future, save money, have a will, have a plan for future care whether it was by a friend who is now caring for a parent’s needs, or who just lost a family member, or someone that heard a horror story about someone dying without a will. It is true. We all should have a plan and at the very least a simple will to express your wishes upon your death, whether it be who may get a certain special personal item or who you wish to care for your children if you were to pass, or who you wish to take care of the estate to make sure your wishes are followed. But, for a family with a child, or children, with special needs, this is a must, not just something to think about. Consider all the paperwork and bureaucracy that you had to go through to qualify your child for government assistance and/or social security benefits. Then consider, a member of your family having to take on this same task for your child while dealing with the loss of you and their normal, everyday tasks of life. This is a very likely scenario in the case of your early death. While no one wishes to consider their death

and how it may affect others, if you wish for your child with special needs to continue the care and assistance that you worked so hard to attain, you must plan accordingly. As you know, the receipt of government assistance is predicated upon your child’s income and value of property owned, therefore, if you or a relative, passes and leaves assets to this child, which could occur through a will or through passing without a will, very likely such inheritance could cause the loss of the benefits you have worked so hard to acquire for your child. So, how do you prevent this type of tragedy created by inheritance? There are simple wills and trusts (a special needs trust) that can be set up to avoid these types of issues, as well as, other documents (declaration of guardianship and letter of intent) which should be created to assist and guide whomever you have chosen to care for your child after your death. A special needs trust is a document that can be created which safeguards assets for the child to be used for the child’s needs, but is not considered part of the child’s assets, most specifically, so as not to lose government benefits due to value of the assets held

by the trust. A declaration of guardianship is a document to be considered by a court in determining who shall be your child’s guardian upon your death. It is your wishes set out for the court to consider, and generally, barring any issues with the person chosen by you, is followed by the court in determining a legal guardian. A letter of intent, is extremely important for the person you have chosen to care for your children. The document outlines the care and benefits your child is receiving. It outlines your plan for the such care and benefits. It outlines the costs and how those costs will be funded (usually by a life insurance policy on your life paid to the special needs trust.) It is basically a road map for this caretaker, who most likely does not have experience dealing with children with special needs issues, to follow. After you have set up the correct documents for yourself, you must then look to other family members, like grandparents, that may have your children as beneficiaries of inheritance. Again, a grandparent’s will, or lack of will, may not be something that you directly think as affecting your child ’s government

benefits, but remember, any assets owned by the child, or even in trust for a child if not properly drafted to consider special needs, may cause the child to lose such benefits due to value owned by that child. A simple addition, called a codicil, to a will changing any proceeds from going to your child with special needs to the special needs trust corrects this issue. Yes, everyone should plan ahead, but for a family with special needs it is imperative for your child and for the person you choose to care for your child upon your death. Obviously, there are many other issues to consider in this planning that should be discussed with a financial planner and lawyer who understand families with children with special needs. You can learn a great deal more about these topics and others concerning children with special needs at the Planning for the Future, Post School Connections seminar presented by Weatherford ISD, which be held at the Weatherford College, Doss Student Center, 225 College Park Drive, Weatherford, Texas, f rom 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, September 19, 2009. ■

Security Systems Custom Pre-Wires 24 Hour Monitoring Security Cameras 920 S. Main Weatherford, Texs 76086


Ask us about solutions that meet your financial needs. 817-598-2241 • BBVA Compass is a trade name of Compass Bank, Member FDIC.

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Five Fat Files By Rose Jordan


iction is not my forte, but I’m always in the middle of two or three books. All my reading is in an eff ort to obtain knowledge on one subject or another, f rom gardening to f rugality and health concerns to Christian living. My absolute favorite Christian author is Elizabeth George. Growing up without a female role model, I absorbed everything she wrote. She became my “Titus 2” woman. One thing she taught that I never forgot is called “The Five Fat Files.” You select five areas

that you’d like to become an expert in and label a file for each of them. To determine your topics, ask yourself what you want to be known for and what interests you? Some of your files may be on child-raising, organization, gardening or prayer. Once you have your topics, start filling the files. Anytime you find an article, book, specialized magazine, news clippings, or attend seminars, place the information in your fat file. You are not limited to those five. Once you have learned what you want to know or your

interest in the topic is on a temporary respite, you can start a new file. One of my fi les is on genealogy. I visit it in spurts. I’ll work at it passionately for a time and then get bored with it. Then, I’m off on another pursuit. Since I’m often involved in many projects simultaneously and there is always something more I want to learn, this advice has helped give focus to my learning endeavors. Tell me about your fat files. Find me on Facebook. Maybe we can compare notes!! ■ Facebook: Rose McCombs Jordan

TAKE A RIDE TO AND FROM TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY AND TAKE A SPIN ON THE TRACK BENEFITING SPRINGTOWN HIGH SCHOOL 2010 PROJECT CELEBRATION September 19, 2009 We have a great evening planned for all ages! We will start out at Ft. Worth Harley Davidson where registration will begin at 3pm. Enjoy the Springtown High School Jazz Band play some great music during registration. The cost will be $20.00 per bike for the ride; cars are also welcome and will be behind the bikes. (This will be an escorted ride) At about 5pm we will fire them up and head out to Lake Worth to Boat Club Rd. to HWY 114, then to Texas Motor Speedway. We will have a staging area set up and the bikes will go onto the Speedway as groups of 50 at a time. The fee to ride the track will be $5.00 per person for 3 laps. If you would like to take addition laps there will be another fee of $5 per person and you must go to the end of the line. (This is only if time allows) After your ride around the track, you may proceed to Victory Lane for your photo of you and your bike. If you don’t have a camera we will have one ready and will send your photo to you by email for $5.00. At 9pm we will take off back to Ft. Worth and go through North Side’s Old Stock Yard and then head to Sundance Square to see all the lights of Downtown Ft. Worth( not escorted). Our final destination will be the Brand new OMNI Hotel! The hotel has great food and drinks, and a great band, “Three Fools on Stools”, will be awaiting our arrival. If you would like to stay the night, we will have blocked off rooms for you at a great rate. We hope you will enjoy this event and know that some great kids are very thankful for your help in sending them off from High School. For more info, about sponsorship or ride info email Larry at NOTE: Helmet required on track. Sponsors: Texas motor speedway, Omni Hotel Ft. Worth, Fort Worth Harley, Elegant Waters Pool & Spa 817-371-2866,, Ride Safe Roadside Rescue For sponsors info call Larry Dorman.

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Learn To Love The Wind


For more financial advice, plus special offers to our readers, please visit

Dear Dave, My boyf riend was supposed to help me pay for my car, but he moved out and left me. Now, I can’t afford the $500 monthly payment. I work 35 hours a week, but I only make minimum wage. The car is still worth about $19,000, but I owe $20,000 on the loan. What can I do? — Rachel

Dear Rachel, You went car crazy, and bought a vehicle that was way out of your league. There’s only one thing you can do – sell the car! Right now, your entire financial world is wrapped up in paying for this thing. Having a live-in boyfriend, and relying on him to help make the payment, was a big mistake, too. When he left, the financial support went with him. At this point, all you need is enough credit to cover the hole that you dug. Go to your local bank or credit union, and try to get a very small loan for about $3,000. If the car will sell for $19,000, then sell it, and use $1,000

to cover the difference. Then, take the remaining $2,000, and buy yourself a little junker. I’m talking about basic, ugly transportation. Next, pick up a part-time job on the side, and work like crazy for a few months to get that loan paid back as fast as possible. This is a painful process, but there’s a good side. When it’s all said and done, you will have learned a lesson that will last you the rest of your life. You won’t make this mistake again! — Dave

Dear Dave, Does it matter who keeps the checkbook when you’re married? I’m not good with numbers, but I feel strange because my wife handles these things. Is there anything wrong with this situation? — Daniel

Dear Daniel, There’s nothing at all wrong with your situation. We all have different gifts, so it just makes sense that whoever is better organized, or better with

numbers, should handle this kind of thing. In each marriage there’s a nerd and a free spirit. The nerd is the one that’s organized, and very good at keeping everything in place. The free spirit is not a detail-oriented person. This doesn’t mean they’re not concerned, or that they’re irresponsible, but they just aren’t as administratively-gifted. Th ey don’t get a rush when the checkbook balances out. However, that doesn’t mean that whoever keeps the checkbook should make all the financial decisions, either. Those decisions, like all others in a marriage, should be made together with input from both the husband and the wife. When you do a budget, you should both sit down together, and come to an agreement on where the money’s going each month. Trust me, if you follow these guidelines the checkbook will be accurate, plus you’ll experience increased unity in your daily lives and better communication in your marriage! — Dave

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AISD Reports Single Case of H1N1 Virus (Swine Flu) Aledo ISD has issued an important health report: Aledo Middle School has reported a confirmed case of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as the Swine Flu. The District sanitizes common areas such as water fountains and door handles between each class, but according to the Texas Health Department, the BEST prevention for the spread of the H1N1 virus is to wash hands often and seek medical attention at the first sign of any flulike symptoms. Please urge your child/children to wash their hands often and keep them at home if symptoms appear.

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Parker County Family Sep09  

The only community interactive magazine for families in Parker County, Texas.