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2 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Ridge Rotan of the Dallas Scots (Squirt B) puck handling around the San Antonio Thunder

DDallas Penguins ‘97 Booster Club

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First Season of A Goalie Parent Part Two By David Smith


ell it was time for our third game ever ything was going along fine,the parents are all supportive of us and him. They ask if the stress has gone down any and I have to tell them “Nope Still There” The third game went alright. He made a couple of rookie mistakes but overall not to bad,on 18 shots on goal he only stopped 6. Loss number 3. On our next game it seemed that the whole team was gelling together, everyone where they should be. We played most of the game in the other teams zone so it wasn’t as nerve racking as the other games had been. When it was all

over we had won our first game 8-3. This picked everyones spirits up at the next practice. Over the next weekend the would be playing back to back days. The team on Saturday was ranked below us and the game on Sunday was against the Number 1 team in our league. The game Saturday was pulling your hair out crazy. Up by one and then down by one then tie it up. With 1 minute left to go in the 3rd it was tied 3-3. with 30 seconds left we scored to go 1 up. At the face off the other team pulled their goalie to trying to tie it back up. With only 20 seconds to go we got

PeeWee Dallas Stars Select Team won 1st place in the Fall Round Up. Jack Duhe #2, Nathaniel Teplitskly #8, Scott Brownrigg #9, Christian Barteau #11, Bradley Smith # 12, Hank Howard #17, Price Dworin #18, Chris Finn # 21, Daniel Mignault #22, Walker Frye #25, Reid Clayton #26, Christian

4 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

the puck and headed for the open net getting ready to shoot as the horn went off. Game over we are now 2-3. The game on Sunday the parents were asking if things had gotten any better, I told them not really ,but that I was going to try not to pull my hair out as I didn’t have much to pull out. Once the game got started things were going O.K and then they scored. We were able to keep the other team down to one through the first period. Unfortunately during the second period he made a few mistakes that cost him some goals. Second period the other

team put 5 on the board.. My son got his head back in the game for the 3rd period and was able to keep them from scoring again. Well that is were we stand for now 2-4-0, not bad for a rookie year, I still have a few hairs left on my head,although most of them are Grey by know. — The Newbie Goalie Dad (And No It Is Not Easier After a Few Games)

Westerberg #41, Drew Higgins #56, Corbin Hutchings #71, Nick Bartlett #87, Alec Michels #91, Head Coach Daniel Mignault, Asst Coach Kent Howard and Asst Coach Brian Clayton.


For the Good of the Game By Keith Andresen

The Home Stretch T

he Holidays have come and gone and the final two months of the youth hockey season are upon us. Every team wants to finish the season strong and on a positive note but what exactly does that mean. In my mind it’s a combination of things that will bring help bring your team’s season to a positive conclusion. FUN: I don’t care if your part of a recreational team or a highly skilled travel team you must have fun. Coaches should strive to make sure every practice and game includes fun drills and positive feedback. Players should come to every session with a positive attitude and a team first mentality. Parents should show support of the coaches and players and stay away from making comments or criticizing that could impact the team in a negative way. Every member of the team must be committed together. WINNING: Don’t let anyone tell you winning is not important. Any of you who have read my articles of the past several years may think that I don’t care about winning but that’s not the case. I wan to win as much as anyone. Over the many years I have coached I have found that unless you’re playing at a very high level your success should not be based solely on winning but instead on the “ingredients of winning”. Winning is a byproduct of talent, teamwork, positive attitude and hard work. I think


the ingredients should be the focus and the winning will take care of itself. If your team doesn’t win, but you are still committed to the ingredients of winning you’re season will still be a success because you have learned some valuable life’s lessons. POSITIVE ATTITUDE: To me this goes hand in hand with fun. Overcoming life’s obstacles can be difficult but there is no question in my mind that a positive attitude can help you overcome most obstacles. Players, parents and coaches that come to the rink with a positive attitude are more fun to be around. Players are easier to coach, coaches are better teachers and parents are more supportive when everyone remains upbeat. Remember, it’s easy to stay positive when everything is going your way. The true test of any person, or team, is how they react when things are not going well. TEAMWORK: The team is always more important than the individual. Over the course of a long season we sometimes lose focus of our goals. While it’s important to have individual goals in everything we try to accomplish we have to remember that team success is the ultimate achievement. Whenever you attend a practice or a game ask yourself “what can I do today to help my team”. I don’t care whether you’re a player, coach or parent you will have an impact on your team. Make sure the choices you make are in the best interest of the team.

HARD WORK: I believe hockey is a basic combination of talent, luck and hard work. Of the three, HARD WORK is the one thing that can most elevate your game at any particular moment. Talent is a combination of the gifts we are born with and our ability to recognize those gifts and develop them over a period of time. Luck, a good bounce here or there plays a part in any sport, However, it’s HARD WORK that can have the greatest impact on you’re game TODAY. How many times have you heard the phrase, “the best talent doesn’t always win”? In order to finish your season strong work hard every chance you get. You can have all the talent in the world but without combining that talent with a good work ethic the talent will never be fully realized.

Keith Andresen, Senior Director, Hockey Programs Dr Pepper StarCenters Dallas Stars Hockey Club

No matter what place your team is in or how far you advance in the playoffs remember that you are part of a team and that FUN, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, TEAMWORK and HARD WORK will make a huge difference in your contribution to your teams push to the finish. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your season! ■

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 5

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Life Lessons On Ice

by Kim Tinkham, Editor

A New Year – A New You!

“The two great laws of life are growth and decay. When things stop growing, they begin to die. This is true of men, business or nations.” – Charles Gow


h, January! It marks not only the end of another year but the beginning of a chance to make a fresh start. I always look forward to putting the previous year behind me with all of its lessons learned to springboard with great gusto into a brand new calendar page of to do’s, goals, resolutions and ways to make myself better in the next twelve months. Do I accomplish everything I set out to do? Of course not! I do however learn quite a bit about things that were very important to me on January 1st which begin to lose their luster by February 5th and become a shadowy memory by the time the first wildflower blooms in my backyard. I attempt to reinvent myself each year. A couple days before New Year’s Day I take time to sit down and envision what I want my next twelve months to look like. This vision quest includes what I want to look like, the books I want to read and write, the people I want to spend time with and the serious list of accomplishments that I would like to

check off throughout the year. My vision usually starts off with me planning on diligently working out, eating right and getting back to my 20 year old body. Then something snaps me back to reality and I reluctantly add another 20 plus years onto the dream and ask for a healthier lifestyle. Next comes my writing down the usual list of books that are considered ‘great literature’ and the self made titles of the ones that I plan to write and would like considered for the New York Times best seller list. I must tell you that 75% of my ‘to read’ list is moved over from one year to the next. Another 15% get scratched off the list due to lack of interest. My next serious thoughts take me through the list of acquaintances and friends that I should make more time for in my life. I try, I really do. I have fascinating friends and people who are at this point acquaintances that I would like to take more time to get to know better.

Then I make my list of other things that when completed will make me feel that I have actually accomplished something important during the year. That’s it. I do all this and then take a deep breath and come to the realization that everything that needs changing in my life has to start from the inside. Ghandi said it so well when he stated that “you must be the change you wish to see in this world.” What kind of changes need to take place in me that need to take place in the world? More tolerance, less political correctness. More charity, less guilty handouts. More accountability, less blaming. More learning how to learn, less googling. More focus, less spreading ourselves too thin. More saying ‘no thank you’. Less martyr syndrome. More living in the now, less wanting everything now. If I started with just these attributes in my quest for improvement I would end the year with less stress, less frustration and more contentment.

What have you planned for this year? Will you be the same person next year or will you have grown in quality and commitment? Without making some positive changes this year what will my life look like twelve months from now? What will yours? Make the effort to spend time on yourself; truly thinking about you. Not about what you want but rather what you want to symbolize. What does your life say about you? Are you happy with its conversation? If not, perhaps you should take the time away from all the reality TV shows and map out your own real plan for the next year. My plan for me this year is to add tolerance, charity, accountability, learning, focus, assertiveness and being present in the moment to my character. Not easy tasks but ones that even if reached in part will make me a better human being and in doing so make a better world. Want to join me? ■

Fueling up. Landon Michniak grabs a little hydration between periods.

8 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Still controlling the puck!

Keeping it in the family. Coach Daniel R. Mignault for the PeeWee Dallas Star Select AA and his son Daniel E. Mignault who also plays goalie for the PeeWee Dallas Stars Select AA. After winning 1st place at the Thanksgiving tournament.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 9


From the


IceTimesMagazine hears from its readers.

Stanley Cup visits the Fall Round-Up Tournament! By John Higgins


he Fall Round-Up tournament has been a staple of youth hockey over the last 7 years. Anybody who has played hockey on a Travel Association in Texas has at least heard of the tournament and probably played in it at least once. The Fall Round-Up, run by the Dallas Stars Selects, is held over Thanksgiving weekend every year, and it has grown to one of the largest tournaments in the area, with teams from all over North America participating – including a tournament regular from Mexico! This year there were 120 youth

hockey teams ages 8 – 18 competed for the top prize at the 6 Dr Pepper StarCenters in the Metroplex. Tournament Director Bob Smith states, “It’s exciting to see teams recognize the quality of hockey in Dallas, and to host teams from states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Arkansas, Tennessee and f rom as far away as  Mexico City  as well as Newmarket Ontario, Canada!  We thank the StarCenter staff for helping to make this such a successful event and for promoting youth hockey in the area.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s

attendance and wish them success in the tournament! ” As a special bonus for the tournament teams this year, the Dallas Stars Selects worked with the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame to bring the Stanley Cup into town. Each tournament team had the opportunity to get their picture taken with the Stanley Cup, followed by a special tournament kick-off recognition during the Stars game on Friday, November 28th. John Higgins with the Dallas Stars helped coordinate the Stanley Cup

pictures and the events at the Stars game. “I always enjoy working with the Fall Round-Up tournament, and this year was especially fun watching all the kids around the Stanley Cup. It’s nice to be a part of youth hockey during these moments…reminds me that hockey is bigger than just a score at the end of the game. You can see the excitement and respect and mystique from every kid when they get close to the Stanley Cup. I’m sure they’ll remember this tournament and that experience for a long time. I know I will.” ■

JPS – Hockey Showcase 89’ - 94’ Midget AAA, Prep, Jr A, College Div I-III • Denver (APEX) MAY 15-17, 2009 • 50 Coaches/GM’s in attendance • JPS is like attending 50 team selection camps • 4 Games & information sessions (Midget AAA, Prep, Junior A, College) JACOB ROMBACK – ’90 Forward – Dallas Stars AAA Player “being from Dallas and attending JPS, this showcase put me on the radar for all the top jr’s and college programs. I have attended all the different showcases across the country and JPS is by far the best. There were over 40 coaches/gms participating and it was like attending 40 different camps! I learned a great deal at all the seminars and l look forward to going back.”

GARRETT POLAND – ’90 Forward – former Texas player – Colorado Rampage AAA “JPS was very convenient to attend. I missed only a half day of school on Friday and was back Sunday evening. I was able to work on my game with other top level players attending. In addition, I was able to improve my shooting/scoring when participating at the many goalie sessions available.”

JACKSON McCUE – ’90 Defense – Former Texas Player – Chicago Young Americans AAA “Coach Buetow, JPS Director, has coached in Division I College for 20 years, scouted and coached in the pros for several years and with his network he has helped my career immediately.”

SAM SMITH – ’90 Defense – former Texas player – PF Changs AAA “Having played in Texas and now in Phoenix (both are not typical hockey areas) I found that attending JPS, who had in attendance over 40 coaches from the USHL, NAHL, and other top Jr. A programs in the US and Canada, numerous midget AAA programs, prep schools, and Division I-III colleges. I found JPS to be a must for young players to get needed exposure.”

10 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Keep Your Kids In Sports and Off Drugs Hooray! It’s a New Year, out with the old in with the new.


his time of year provides us with the opportunity to take time to reflect back on our past year. To think about what we are thankful for and what we would do differently. Have you ever met a person who never intended to change your life, but did? Whether it was for the better or worse? Like someone offering you a drug, (like a joint) and you making the choice to try the drug? For some people their life is forever changed, even after the first use. Marijuana is one drug that provokes heated conversations regarding different opinions on the facts about its effects. We can share many different examples of experiences that we have had, or that we know someone else has had, and question its dangers. But do you have the current facts about the weed of today? What about if you get caught with the illegal drug, and it’s only your first use, is it less illegal then? I know that we all have our own ideas about this topic, and that we may not see eye to eye, but I believe that experimenting with marijuana can be life changing, and life threatening. We know that it is a very risky business associating with any behaviors regarding use or abuse of any illegal drug. And ultimately what’s important is that we provide our youth athlete with current information

regarding the dangers of marijuana use and its long term effects. Again, we may not see eye to eye on this matter, but we can walk hand in hand with informed drug prevention information to have a better chance of prevention success with our youth. The following is some current information to consider: Marijuana-(Pot) is a mindaltering drug which contains THC, (tetrahydrocannabinal). THC is the main active chemical in marijuana that affects nerve cells in the brain. It affects the centers of the brain that regulates a person’s highest level of thought, behavior, and cognitive functioning. For years, Marijuana has been known as one of the “gateway drugs”, and now it is even stronger then before. The Pot of today is not the same as years past. Most parents and youth need to understand that marijuana is two to four times stronger today than it was twenty years ago. It’s not “just a joint” today, it is considered to be under the hallucinogen drug category, and it is addictive. T HC has been linked with hallucinations and memory impairment. It can cause distorted perceptions, paranoia, aggression, mood swings and drowsiness. Smoking pot and playing sports are a very dangerous combination.

For example, think of having a distorted perception while playing ice hockey, cheerleading, or on the football field. The national average age at which teens start smoking marijuana is 14, and by the age of 17, teens say they know 6 out of 7 friends who have experimented with or are using it on a regular basis. More teens are in treatment today for marijuana use than for any other drug including alcohol. Research shows if you smoke marijuana you are 104 more times at risk of using other dangerous illegal drugs such as (heroin and cocaine). A Harvard University research report states that the risk of a heart attack is (5) five times higher than usual in the hour after smoking marijuana. Sports and Pot: Youth athletes report considering substance use for two primary reasons; to enhance their performance, and to cope with pressures from within their environment: Pot has no performance enhancing potential, but is reportedly used to cope with pressures such as; pressure to win (Coaches), pressure to perform well (Parents), and the pressure to belong to a group (Peers, Team mates). Be a person who changes a life for the better, set an example of living a life with character and integrity! We can

Kellie Schriver LCDC, Advanced Addiction Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Youth athlete mom and Coach’s wife.

make a difference in a young athlete’s life, one athlete at a time. For information or a copy of the Family Guide for Drug Awareness and Prevention Education, contact Kellie Schriver at (kschriver@ Visit our web at www.Texcansportsconsulting. com. ■

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Blade Babe

By Scarlett Chambers

Billy Pye Caught in the Net


nowing that Billy Pye has had a very impressive career as a goalie, which includes being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in ’89 and winning Nationals in ’91, you might think his achievements would dominate the conversation. That is hardly the case. It was not until discussing his full-time job as a goalie coach that he began to expand on where his passion for the game lies – in coaching. When asked about the key to his hockey philosophies for developing young players, Pye believes that having fun is first and foremost in order to teach players to be successful. He also shared that players must have athletic ability which is why he encourages players to take part in other sports, especially goalies. “As a goalie, [you must be able to handle] mental adversity, dealing with critics, having a bad game and coming back from it. You must have internal confidence. You have to believe in yourself.” These are lessons that he instills not only in his students and players but in his children, 14-year-old Colton, a forward, and his 10-year-old daughter Alex, who is following her dad’s footsteps by playing in net. At a recent goalie camp held by Pye, where the ice was packed with skaters, it was evident that his love for the game and for teaching others has had a very positive impact on metroplex hockey. He shared, “I am blessed to be able to do what I do.” ■

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IceTimesMagazine Metroplex Hockey Officials Association


By Ken Reinhard

just received an email from “my other boss,” Bob McMann, the Referee in Chief of the Rocky Mountain District. In his email he is requesting the State and Local Supervisors (in this case, Garry Pariseau, Daryl Henley and I) provide our recommendation of officials to be considered for assignment to USA Hockey Regional and National Tournaments. That is a daunting task for us, because we have to sit down and select the best of the best to be considered and not everyone we recommend, good officials all, will get a chance to work these tournaments. I had the good fortune in my career, back in the early 80’s of working the Regional and National Tournaments. The last one I worked was the Regional’s held here in 2001 (I believe). They are exciting and you always have to be on top of your game, because there are supervisors watching everything; on and off the ice.. The point is, this is a mark of achievement

for any official. There are many who are deserving, but as the saying goes, few are chosen. I have always maintained that we have some of the very best official’s right here in our own backyard. While some may disagree, our best are as good as any of the best anywhere in the country. This is evidenced by the number of officials we have sent to high level camps, tournaments, the Junior Programs and even one to the IIHF. Pretty heady stuff. For the 14U Nationals to be held here in Dallas, 18-20 officials will be selected. Of that group, typically USA Hockey only uses 6 officials from the local area. In this case, that means all of Texas. However, in this case, USA Hockey is granting Texas 10 slots for local officials because of their confidence in the quality of officials we have developed here. The acknowledgement of the efforts of the State Supervisory staff, the local staff and the on ice officials tells me that hockey officiating is in good hands. ■

Josh Adams played in Dallas, Texas for the last 10 years, but was recruited by the Colorado Thunderbirds U16AAA team this season. Check out the Lone Star Flag on his mask.

Grapevine Bantam Wolves and the Mexico National Team

14 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Dylan Short of the 97 Dallas Stars AAA makes the glove save in the Fall Roundup Tournament at the Euless rink.


Louie Helsen focuses on the coach and the mouthpiece.

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 15


Grapevine High School vs. HEB

16 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!



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Arlington JV Prep Flyers, RHL Thanksgiving Tournament Champions

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Original Lady Bulldog Signs with Division I Boston College… By Bulldog Hockey


nother former Alliance player has gone NCAA Division I, this time it’s an original Bulldog, and she’s a Lady one at that.   Dru Burns (1991) has just signed a National Letter of Intent to play hockey with the Eagles of Boston College beginning in the 2009-2010 season.  Dru is currently a senior at Shattuck Saint Mary’s (SSM) in Faribault, Minnesota, where she is a defenseman on their Girls Prep (19U) team, which is 24-4-2 thus far in the 2008-2009 season. Congratulations to Dru, her  4 sisters, brother, and especially to her proud parents Christine and David. Go Bulldogs and Go Eagles! ■ Dru Burns

Texas Aces - Mite team won their division/1st Place at the Fall Roundup Hockey Tournament.The players from left to right (Top row) Colin Bridges, John Henry Lightfoot, Jack Barnes, Tyler Jensen, Adam Doucette, Matthew Wrobel, Jack Bedford, Joey Santos, Ryan Casey


(bottom row) Andrew Mack, William Otwell, Hunter Lamb, Tanyr Krummenacher, Hunter Lane, Clay Cassidy, Patrick Neiswender (Coaches row) Brad Lane (asst), Rick Doucette (head coach), Mark Wrobel (asst)

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The Original 1999 Texas Aces

Texas Aces – Not Just “Cards” The Aces had a unique start in Metroplex youth hockey, with an intentionally different mission than most other youth hockey associations. The Early Years The Aces emerged in 1999 as the brainchild of a few player-dads who were seeking to supplement the participation of their children in the local House league. In fact, the Aces were one of a planned “set of cards” whose vision was to identify promising young players who were unable or unwilling to play in the fledgling travel leagues of the time, either because of conflicts with other activities or due to the lofty financial commitments required. The first Aces team was comprised of a select group of players that purchased practice ice at Stonebriar Mall while across town in Valley Ranch, a similar team known as the Kings was being formed. The Aces and Kings, overmatched for any House-level team, scrimmaged each other, and some of the travel hockey teams in the area. While the Kings did not stay together past that inaugural season, the Aces did. The Deck of Cards Grows From the beginning, the Aces began to articulate the concept of “Travel Hockey Without the Travel.” This con-

cept began to gain traction, especially after the Aces began beating many of the local travel teams. After a couple of seasons, a second Aces team was formed, coached by legendary coach Craig Beltrand and as time marched on Coach Kevin Lorenzini arrived with a handful of players and formed the first Aces team to play at the A level, when “A” really meant something. At this point, having become more than competitive with most of their travel counterparts the Aces bit their collective lips and joined Texoma. In the 2001-02 season, the Aces Peewee Minor team won the Texoma Peewee A regular season title, became the first Aces team to make the Silver Sticks finals, travel to Canada for the International Silver Sticks, and also collected several tournament trophies along the way. In spite of their success, it became increasingly difficult to secure ice time as an independent triad of teams, and so in the fall of 2002, a group of Aces dads decided to form an official association and the Aces officially became a legal entity, joining USA Hockey and TAHA.

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The Birth of the NTXHL However, still in the minds of the Aces founders was the yearning to advance the mantra of “Travel Hockey Without the Travel”. The Aces had already proved that the concept worked well enough to outlast entire associations, beat most of the rest of them, and do it all locally and for a lot less money. Baffled by the concept of traveling outside of the Metroplex only to end up playing two teams from DFW, the Aces dreamed of enjoying that same level of competition but without the travel. Never willing to shy from a challenge, the Aces led a coalition that included the Stars Selects, Ice Jets and others and formed the breakaway North Texas Hockey League for the 2004-05 season. The concept caught on so well that Texoma eventually asked to merge back into the NTXHL. Everything Keeps Coming Up Aces As of this writing, the Aces have launched over a dozen players into the collegiate and Junior leagues. The first was Luke Beltrand, who was selected in 2004 by the Northern Massachusetts

Cyclones. The most remarkable thing about this accomplishment was that the Aces were the only association that Luke ever played for, proving that it isn’t necessary to spend outrageous amounts of money or obsess over getting on the “right” team or on a team with three or more “A”s after it. Luke’s tremendous accomplishment and the growing reputation of the Texas Aces has opened the door for many other Midget Aces players as both collegiate and Junior programs have drawn from the Aces’ deck. The Legacy Continues On… Today, the Aces are one of the largest youth ice hockey associations in the Metroplex with 15 teams from Mite to Midget. In today’s society, change is a constant but in DFW youth hockey one thing remains the same, the Aces will always be dedicated to developing complete hockey players that know how to play in challenging situations. ■ IceTimesMagazine

Ice Sports Directory rinks DFW Metroplex Dr Pepper StarCenter Frisco 214-387-5600 Starbucks 972-668-9520 .9mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 1.8mi Dr Pepper StarCenter PSA 972-208-5437 Starbucks 972-758-9565 .5 mi Olive Garden 972.633.0406 3.2mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Plano 972-758-7528 Starbucks 469-229-0100 .4mi Olive Garden 972-578-8576 3.5mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Farmers Branch 214-432-3131 Starbucks 972-406-8289 3.4mi I Fratelli 972-501-9700 3.5mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 5.9 mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Valley Ranch 972-831-2453 Starbucks 972-304-1985 1mi Siena Pasta 972-462-0499 1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 3.6mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Grapevine 972-874-1930 Starbucks 972-874-1394 .6mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 4.1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 2.6mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Euless 817-267-4233 Starbucks 817-684-7943 1.1mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 8.0mi ER CareNow 817-428-7300 5.0mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Duncanville 972-283-9133 Starbucks 972-572-9638 1.9mi Olive Garden 972-298-8871 2.3mi ER CareNow 972-264-5858 6.7mi ICE at Stonebriar 972-731-9600 Starbucks 972-668-1750 0.1mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 2.4mi ICE at The Parks 817-419-0095 Starbucks in mall outside of rink Olive Garden 817-283-3121 11mi ER CareNow 817-465-4928 1.7mi

with closest Starbucks, Italian Food and ER Centers

(things change, please call before making the trip) ITC Richardson 972-238-1803 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972-234-3292 2.0mi ER CareNow 972.387.8900 4.7mi Addison Sq Gdn 972-960-7465 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972.239-9096 .1mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 2.1mi American Airlines Center Home of the Dallas Stars for tickets 214.Go-Stars Slapshot Hockey (inline) 972.644.2777 Starbucks 972-231-1371 1.6 mi. ER 1st Choice 214-291-0101 5.8 mi Face Off Hockey Center (inline) 940-383-8439 NYTEX Sports Centre N. Richland Hills, Texas 817-336-4423 Houston Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Houston 281-84-SKATE Starbucks 832-237-7586 .25 mi Olive Garden 281- 890-0784 Methodist Willowbrook Hosp. 281-477-1000 across from rink Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center 281-265-7465 Starbucks 281-265-8911 Papa LaRosa Flying Pizza in rink 281-313-3500 Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 281-274-7000 Space City Ice Station Friendswood 281-486-7979 Olive Garden 281-488-1022 Mario’s Pizza 281-332-2202 Lupe Tortilla 281-338-2711 BJ’s Restaurant/Brewhouse 281-816-3844 Starbucks 281-488-9800 ER Clear Lake Regional 281-332-


Austin Chaparral Ice Centers - Austin 512.252.8500

Oklahoma City Blazers Ice Centre 405-631-3307 Arctic Edge Ice Arena 405-748-5454


Aerodrome Ice Hockey Alliance Bulldogs Arctic Wolf Ice Center

at&t Metroplex High School Hockey League Austin Roadrunners Bay Area Houston Hounds Corpus Christi Youth Hockey Dallas Stars AAA Dallas Ice Jets Dallas Ice Hawks Dallas Jr. Stars Dallas Stars Youth Hockey League DJHA Penguins DMHA Titans

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ICE at the Parks Hockey 817-419-0095

Forwards/Defense in DFW David Ambler 817.905.4561 David Fry 817.832.2847 Phil Chaney 214,537,6997 Cliff Cook 469.831.5441 Sergey Deshevyy 214,498,6967 Danny Force 817, 903,5442 Ryan McLean 210.788.8286 Stew Carson 817.253.7022 Michael Beck 972-571-7760

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Polar Ice Grapevine Rio Grande Valley Youth River City Hockey Scots Hockey Senior Stars Hockey League Sugar Land Ice & Sports Texas Aces Hockey Club Texas Attack Hockey

Texas Brahmas Youth Hockey Assoc

Houston Hitmen Hockey Houston Hurricane Hockey Houston Jr Aeros Hockey

Goaltending in DFW Cam MacDonald 817.800.2130 Billy Pye 817.845.0133 Andrew Norton 817.896.5084 Francois Lemay 469.766.1981 Power Skating Rob Warner 214.478.6605 Ramil Sarkulov 817.805.0002

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A Battle For Bragging Rights In Texas A&M VS Longhorns By Scott Hullum On November 30, 2008 the Texas A&M Aggies men’s hockey team played the Texas Longhorns men’s hockey team for the third time this season. The Aggies won the Pride of Texas Cup 6 - 2, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Before the game both the Aggies and Longhorns honored their Jr Captains by having Tristan Hullum, Jr. Aggie and Seiler Burr, Jr. Longhorn lead their respective teams onto the ice and stood on the blue line with the teams they represented for the National Anthem. Both Tristan and Seiler play select hockey in the North Texas area and both play in the same division (Squirt A). Tristan plays for the Grapevine Wolves and Seiler plays for the DJHA Penguins, congratulations to both and good luck to your teams this season. ■

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IceTimesMagazine North Texas Speedskaters Medal in Missouri


n a cold day in Jefferson City, Mo., seven ice skaters from North Texas Speedskating Club went inside to the cold at the Washington Park Ice Arena where they picked up several medals. Joseph Burns, 16, of Mesquite – Second overall in the Class A Open Men’s Division Finished first in the 1,500 meter race Finished second in the 500, 777 and 1,000-meter races Travis Jarman, 11, of Burleson – First overall in the Class A Boy’s Pony Division Finished first in the 222, 333 and 500-meter races Zelah Lopez-Garcia, 9, of Dallas – First overall in Class B Girls Pony Division Finished first in the 111, 222, 333-meter races John Cassady, 48, of Azle – First overall in the Class A Master Men Division Jacques Friedman, 10, of Highland Park

– Second overall in the Class B Boys Pony Division Finished first in the 111-meter race Finished second in the 222 and 333-meter races Deavon Kiefer, 17, of Fate – First overall in the Class B Open Men’s Division Melina Carillo, 16, of Irving – First overall in the Class B Open Women’s Division Coach Todd Hackney was very pleased with his team’s performance and plans to return to Missouri in January and February for meets in the St. Louis area. “For several of these skaters, it was their first ice skating competition . They all learned some valuable lessons about racing,” says Coach Todd Hackney. North Texas Speedskating Club is coached by Todd Hackney of Arlington, and John Cassady of Azle. Team members live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and train at the Dr. Pepper Star Center in Duncanville. ■

North Texas Speedskating Club team members. Front row from left: Travis Jarman 11, of Burleson; Zelah Lopez-Garcia, 9 of Dallas; Melina Carillo, 16, of Irving; Jacques Friedman, 10, of Highland Park. Back row from left. Deavon Kiefer, 17, of Fate; John Cassady, 48 of Azle; Joseph Burns, 16, of Mesquite; Coach Todd Hackney of Arlington.

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BE DRIVEN 877-257-3289 888-878-8465

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Rockwalls Nick Ziebell in a puck battle during the Rockwall North Crowley game Dec. 18th. Rockwall won the game 6-1 and has a record of 11-1 on the season.

Sam Armitage (#32) puts one in the net for the Farmers Branch All-Stars Maple Leaf Bantams

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Team of the Month: The Clement Rangers


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Silversticks action at the net!

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No Rebounds:

Confessions of a Goalie Parent

By M.L. Schwarz

New Year Resolutions


omething completely unexpected happened on the way to the hockey rink, life broke out. In mid November the cousin of one of my son’s teammates joined them on the rink for practice. Actually, two of his cousins did. Nothing extraordinary about that, expect for the fact that one of them was a seven year old, Spencer, who continues to make a difference in the lives of the team. And vice versa. Spencer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor when he was nine months old. About two weeks before the ice visit, he was further diagnosed with Leukemia, a result of the constant chemo sessions. Without a bone-marrow transplant, Spencer wasn’t given that long to live. Now as a parent, even just typing that line brings tears to my eyes. I can’t fathom how to understand or deal with that reality. I know the team, burly teenagers, knocking around an ice rink, surely had no realm of comparative experience for evaluating that either. But, they did enter Spencer’s life that Monday night in November. At that point, no one knew if there would even be a transplant. The sequence of events onto the ice was a bit convoluted, but was meant to be: Teammate’s mom (Spencer’s aunt) is watching a game with the assistant Coach’s wife, and the topic of Spencer comes up. Asst. coach’s wife, speaks to assistant coach, who speaks with Coach and voila! What’s amazing about the path, though, is that each person touched along that chain is forever changed.

So, Spencer and his 10 year old brother Parker joined the Jr. Brahmas Midget Major team on the ice for a practice. But, the youngsters had never been on ice…so they had to be carried, and their hands were held by the various players and coaches throughout the session. The practice continued, and various teammates took turns peeling off for kid duty. It was a special time for all involved. The hockey team signed a puck for Spencer. (Ok, do you think any of those 17/8 year old kids ever had experienced their signatures making a difference to anyone?) And Spencer signed a puck for the team. In last month’s Ice Times a picture of the team and kids was published. What struck me most were the smiles on the team’s faces. They weren’t “say cheese” smiles. Those faces had honest to goodness, deep down from inside smiles. They knew they had made a difference. Parker, the older brother also enjoyed his night on the ice. While Spencer has the medical issues, Parker also lives with his brother’s medical prognosis, which reaches out and affects the quality of both siblings’ lives. Spencer’s aunt penned a thank you note to the team and team parents that touched us all, especially the line, “ Spencer will remember that night forever… Hopefully, his forever will be longer than what the doctors say that he has left.” I have been afraid to write this column, because I don’t know how it will end. Fortunately, a donor was found and

Spencer had his transplant last week. The prognosis is guarded as I write this, and just this morning I learned that Spencer is producing white blood cells…a VERY good sign. But, I share this story for many reasons. It’s important to know that reaching out to others can make a difference in the giver as well as the receiver. The weekend following the practice, the team was asked by Coach to each bring in a get well card for Spencer. Each teenager did it, on time, the first time, and had only been asked once. Think they have been affected? Spencer has his hockey pictures in his room in ICU, with the puck and another Brahmas T-shirt which the team signed. We get updates on how Spencer is doing, but I want you to know that it has made a difference for our team’s kids as well. You can’t but help have a different perspective when you look into a seven year old’s eyes wondering if he’ll make it to eight. The daily “challenges” of two finals in a day, or playing the first place team, all pale in comparison. So, take some time this holiday season to really talk with your families and review those New Year resolutions. Sure,

Mike Schwarz, Goalie  Parent, reminds everyone that even with all the emotions expressed in the stands and the passion shown on the ice, hockey is, after all, a game. losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking are all important. But a goal to reach out further to others and make a difference is far richer. Challenge your parents, challenge your kids. As the New Year begins, consider the following words of Dr King, who we honor the third Monday of this month. We should honor him with more than just a long hockey tournament weekend. “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” ■ To be continued…

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Marcus Ice Hockey held their 1st annual coat drive and received over 500 coats, far surprising the 400 goal that they set. Items were donated to CCA of Lewisville, The Stewpot in Dallas, and Goodwill. Way to go guys!

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quiz: the phrase “Olly Olly Oxen Free” means: a) the lite, fat-free version of Olly Olly Oxen (“mmmm, that’s great Olly Olly Oxen, mom!”) b) with the purchase of the Coach Op Art purse and Mini Skinny, you get one of these at no charge c) the chant used to free Nelson Mandella’s third cousin, once removed, from prison d) a ruse used during a game of “kick the can” declaring it was safe to come out of hiding. If you chose D you chose wisely. If you guessed D, you got lucky and are probably not old enough to have ever used that phrase.  For us card-carrying “over-the-hill” types it’s a reminder of the games we played back in the day.  Some games had pre-defined rules.  More often than not we had “parameters,” so the games changed all the time and without warning.  Kids made(up) the rules.  Kids negotiated the terms.  Often our activities were an amalgam

of other reputable games. We valued our freedom to make stuff up.  Whatever sounded fun is how we rolled. I only joined the city baseball league because I coveted the free cap.  I mostly played neighborhood ball in a “meadow” with no backstop, no real bases (we used pieces of wood), and we had base paths only if Perry McWilliams was able to sneak his dad’s lawn mower out of the garage.  The remainder of the infield and outfield was covered in 2 foot high prairie grasses (read: weeds).  If you could hit a ball in the outfield gap you were assured a home run, because it took longer to find the ball than to round the bases. In the winter, we played hockey anywhere and anyway we could. We played mukluk-hockey in my driveway (mukluks are rubber over-boots).  After about a month the driveway snow would transform into ice and we had our poor-boy version of a backyard rink.  At the end of October the village would flood the LanOak pool parking lot yielding two hockey rinks.  There were no hours of play or scheduled ice

times. No parents or organizers of fun.  We “structured” our game by imitating Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Pierre Pilote, and Keith Magnuson.  We figured if they were pros we should play like them. As a parent-coach, I often worry we’re choking the creativity out of our kids.  Think about it: kids spend a lot of time in scheduled, defined activities.  Practices, games, even “open-hockey” are all predetermined.  “All right kids, wheels up at o-eight-hundred for open hockey...” Think about it, f rom their first experience on ice, they are being told what to do.  Yes, I find value in some structured events like beginners being taught proper skating techniques.  But there has to be balance.  We need to back off some and push our kids to do their thing.  Learn through self-realization.  So whaddya say?  Let’s change, right now. Allow time in every practice for the kids to create...stuff.  Spend 10 minutes every practice playing “pond-hockey”.  Let the kids practice their shoot-out skills and encourage trick shots.  I think back on the times I would get

Mark Dyslin has been coaching youth sports for over 15 years and coaching youth hockey since 1999. He is currently one of the coaches for St. Mark’s Junior Varisty Hockey Team.

on the kids for doing goofy things on a shoot-out drill and cringe (see, I had to have a drill to be creative!). What a golden opportunity and I ruined it!  Mix small area games into your practices and turn the kids loose.  Encourage kids to take chances by doing something new.  Until “over teaching” is eased up they will continue to perform like robots and do only what is safe.  They will only take actions that won’t get them “in trouble.”  If we don’t push creativity, the Alexander Ovechkin’s of the world will dry up. ■

North Texas Hockey League – Squirt A Gold team – the Grapevine Wolves

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Evan Knight, Grapevine Lightning Squirt team taking a penalty shot.

Ice Jets 97AA Booster Club

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Good Luck Jetter! Mom, Dad & Emma Grace

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Spider Monkeys stop just long enough to pose for the camera.

Board Vice President Marsha Morrow presents Carroll High School Principal Paul J. Giamanco with a personalized game jersey as his daughter Olivia looks on.

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Three reasons this young hockey player loves hockey!


3rd Annual Dr Pepper StarCenter Mini-Mite Festival where over 80 Mini-Mites, divided into 6-7 player teams, from the Dr Pepper StarCenter programs participated in this year’s FREE event which included half-ice and full ice festival scrimmages.


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Ice Times Magazine Jan09 issue  

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