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“Keep your kids out of hot water, put them on ice”



Life Lessons on Ice By Kim Tinkham

Hockey From The Neck Up By Paul O’Donnell


By Ken Reinhard

Grow The Game By Courtney Welch

Strong Hockey By Kasie Strong

Behind the Bench By Mark Dyslin The Official Hockey Magazine of the Texas Amateur Hockey Association


2 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Coach Natale readies his PLSQ Maple Leafs like NHL stars for their game at the American Airline Center. The Maple Leafs beat the Blackhawks. Pictured: James McClure, Parker Holdsworth, Dakotah Blank, Max Kuenzer, Ike Gohn, Romano Natale, Ben Lee, Nolan Pumel, Kevin Condy, and Coach Natale.

Stamos Giatrakis making a move.

Plano East JV team after beating Plano Sr. 8 -3 in the summer championship game.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 3


Zachary Burkhart anticipates a play.

Chris Neukranz, in net for Plano East’s JV summer hockey game versus Plano Senior High School JV, makes another save.

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Ken Hatley Photography

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Blake Elliott #3, of Team Houston Hitmen taking a shot.

Plano’s Super fans came to most of the Plano Wildcat high school varsity gold games, but they went above and beyond duty for the playoffs, and really decked themselves out in Plano pride; Andrew Tompkins, Anthony Izzi, Preston Green, Alex Puchala, Bree Lee.

The loneliness of a goaltender. Adin Kettner gets ready for another game. Dropping the puck on a new season.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 5

On the Cover

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August 2010 Now In Our Fourth Season! On The Cover:

Ready For Another Season! Christopher Rodo and his Dallas Ice Jets team celebrate after they score the winning goal in a Cleveland, Ohio hockey tournament. Photo sent in by Cheryl Rodo.

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A hard shot by Stephen Guadalajara.

Justice Watson celebrates his birthday on the ice.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 7


Life Lessons On Ice T

Kim Tinkham is a hockey mom and wife, produces four magazines, a published author, marketing coach, guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, has been mentioned in Newsweek Magazine and is a cancer terminator. She is proudest of her ‘hockey mom’ title. Go figure.

he puck is about to drop on another season of TAHA hockey and I couldn’t be happier. Well, that’s not true. I could be happier. Having said that; what would make me happier? You mean, other than winning Powerball? Here is my ‘hockey related’ wish list for this next season and way into the future. I have to add an early disclaimer that says not everything I want may be right for everyone but it’s my wish list. You can make your own. 1) The cost of ice would come down. That being said, I don’t know what a fair cost for ice would be in a state where 100 degrees is the norm in the summer. Hey, maybe we could adjust ice costs based on the seasons? 2) Officials would have no influence on the outcome of games. I know that they are doing the best they can do, but what I want to know is can they take an oath similar to the Hippocratic oath that doctors take of ‘first doing no harm’. Maybe we can get officials to swear to ‘first and foremost not influencing the outcome of the game’. 3) On the flip side. Any coach, player or parent caught abusing an official must take and pass an officiating course before

by Kim Tinkham, Editor

being allowed back into a rink. See MHOA; I do get it! 4) People who have the need to smoke must go far, far away from the entrance to a rink and must take their *%##&* cigarette butts back home with them instead of throwing them down at the entrances. Do you think they just disappear into thin air? 5) This is Texas. Have ranch dressing available if you serve French Fries at the snack bar of your rink. I know, but this is MY wish list. 6) All the parents who have little kids who want to bring them to the rinks to play floor hockey and run wild while the rest of us are trying to watch a game should be fined and then shot or maybe something less violent. Maybe. And last but not least … 7) More kids wanting to play hockey, more parents willing to volunteer and more professional hockey players willing to be great role models for our kids. Go ahead, make your own list. Don’t forget the Ranch Dressing. Enjoy your season. ■

Josh Mehr and Vili Lappalainen visiting St. Petersburg after their hockey camp in Helsinki, Finland. Nice hats!

Peca with his little protégé, Keegan Reckley, at the Cirone Hockey Camp in McAllen, Texas.

Josh Mehr, Connor Clay and Patric Fun of the Alliance Bantam AA relaxing around and in the pool while taking a break from hockey.

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Alex Issa - GOTCHA!

Luke Williamson keeping his head up.

Please mark Sat. Oct. 30th as Texas Hockey Day when kids ages 4-9 can come to a local participating rink to “Try Hockey for Free!” Go to www. for more information about this great “fun, free” event. All hockey families

Meeting minutes and handouts of TAHA’s Annual Meeting held June 19th are posted on our website. 2010-11 TAHA Board members include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

are encouraged to visit USA Hockey’s new website at adm to learn more about the American Development Model.

President - Ted Skinner Vice Pres. - Jamie Appell Treasurer - Mark Shepheard Secretary - Christine Burns Adult Sect. - Jeff Stone Disabled Sect. - Taylor Lipsett High School - Keith Andresen House Sect. - Cesar Cepeda Travel Sect. - Mark Servaes Women’s Sect. - Tracy Servaes ACE Director - Angie Vaught Coach-in-Chief - Jouni Lehtola Ref-in-Chief - Garry Pariseau

2010 Planned Events Aug 7 Level 4 Officials clinic (Dallas) Sept 10-12 Level 4 Coaching clinic (Dallas) Jan 29 TAHA Winter Meeting (Dallas) Feb 18-20 Hockey Weekend Across America Feb 25-27 States: Tier I & II (Dallas) Mar 3-6 Districts: Tier 1 Youth (Dallas) Mar 4-6 Districts: Tier Girls (AZ) Mar 18-20 TAC Boys/Girls (Dallas) Mar 25-27 Texas Cup HS States (TBD) Mar 23-27 Nationals: High School (Chic.) Mar30-Apr3 Nationals: Tier II Girls (CA) Mar30-Apr3 Nationals: Tier I/II Youth (varies) Apr 1-3 Nationals: Women A/B/C (Varies) Apr 6-10 Nationals Tier I Girls (MI) Apr 13-17 Americas HS Showcase (PA) May 5-8 RMD Player Dev. Camp (SLC)

Registrars - Debra Lewis (DFW) Bettepat Graves (TX) Anne Hetrick (OK)


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 9


Hockey From the Neck Up By Paul O’Donnell

The Evolution of Coaching Youth Hockey


hat if you were to take a survey of 100 youth hockey coaches who were all coaching young players of the same caliber, but at different stages of their own coaching development, and asked them this simple question: What will be your 3 most important coaching responsibilities for the upcoming season? Do you think their answers would be the same now, as they were had they been surveyed at the same time five or even 10 years ago? Furthermore, how many of these coaches do you believe would answer this new survey in exactly the same way? Thought-provoking, don’t you think? My point is that every youth hockey coach is in a different state of individual development that is constantly evolving as time goes by. Some coaches develop faster than others, depending upon the playing skill which each new coach started out with. It also depends on their individual level of thirst for coaching knowledge. For many new coaches It doesn’t take long before they realize that they don’t know as much about the game as they thought. Usually this realization occurs as soon as they begin digging below the surface layer of coaching philosophy,

down deep, into the complexities of the coaching side of the game. After looking through some of my old practice plans from years ago, I couldn’t help but be amazed how far my philosophy and approach to coaching has changed over the years. More importantly my role as educator and mentor has evolved and grown, as well. During the first few years of coaching, most coaches are trying to prove their worth. They are proving it to the parents who will ultimately judge them, the players who depend on them, and to themselves. All new coaches want to make a positive impression on their hockey peers and their community by being successful immediately. Unfortunately, for many new coaches, that success usually comes at a price that is often measured in wins, losses, and championships. There are many coaches who are very successful with this type of coaching philosophy. But at what cost? While a coach can squeeze out a few more wins per season by shortening the bench and sitting their less gifted players, these coaches should be asking themselves if this “win at all costs” philosophy is worth the detrimental effect it takes on

Dallas Scots Bantam AA team Justin Ball playing up in Alexandria, Minnesota this summer for a Raging Bulls AAA Showcase team where he notched 2 shutout wins in a 4-0 Sweep of the tourney!

the parents and team. Not to mention the detrimental effect on the individual player’s hockey development. During my own early coaching evolution I experienced this “win at all cost” philosophy, but eventually I came to the realization that winning should never be the ultimate goal for a hockey coach. Winning is the result! It should be the result of solid fundamental physical training, with a regular dose of classroom education that ultimately makes the difference between a real hockey player and just another above-average pond skater. It also depends on the systems and tactics, the concepts and nomenclature of hockey. But it seems as if, over time, for many coaches who choose to move on in their coaching development, there usually comes a point when they realize their ultimate responsibility isn’t coaching skills and drills during practice or managing the bench during games. They realize that these things are just the vehicles for every good coach to teach these young minds the all-important life lessons of discipline, teamwork and leadership that will serve them well later on in life. The last step in a coach’s development occurs when they’re not worried about

Paul O'Donnell currently writes for the Hockey Stop Magazine. He has been coaching in the Chicagoland Area for the past 25 years. Paul grew up in The Greater Boston Area and played college hockey for Salem State College in Massachusetts. wins and losses, but rather, they take pride in developing all their players to the best of their ability. They take joy in watching the light bulbs start to come on, one by one, as the season progresses, so that by the end of the season, they’re executing their systems and tactics with devastating effectiveness and discipline. The coaches who have evolved to this level usually have the ability to get the most out of each and every one of their players, at any age or skill level. They are the types of coaches that every young player will usually remember fondly later on in life; hopefully so they can pass that hockey knowledge on for generations to come. ■

Jared Mosich readies for the shot.

10 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

Trey Buening in the net.


DSYHL PLPW Capitals - We will miss you, Coach Hache and Tristan! Good luck in Canada! Deuce Redig gets open for a pass.

Tommy Evanyk takes the puck away.


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 11


Dr Pepper StarCenter, DSYHL Spring League Champions, McKinney Squirt Canucks.

Sohil Desai hustles to make a play.

12 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Jud Criss (6 year old) Plano Mite Sabres in his first time in goal.

Aydin Morgan at his Tots II skate class.

PLSQ Maple Leafs as they prepare for their AAC game against the Blackhawks. Pictured: Front Row: Parker Holdsworth, Dakotah Blank, Ben Lee. Back row: Romano Natale, Kevin Condy, Nolan Pumel, Ike Gohn, Max Kuenzer, James McClure, and Coach Natale. 888-878-8465

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 13




e’re busy getting prepared for the upcoming season and thought we should pass along these few notes of interest before the regular onslaught of emails resumes in a few weeks: 2010-11 OU HOCKEY SCHEDULE RELEASED – The University of Oklahoma® Hockey club will play 42 regular season games this season, 21 at home and 21 on the road.    SEASON TICKETS NOW ON SALE – With the season right around the corner, season tickets for the 2010-11 OU Hockey season are now on sale.  Tickets are $170.00 for all 21 home games, which is just about a 20% savings off the regular reserved seat ticket price.    TRAINING CAMP/TRYOUTS START AUG. 24th  – The Sooners will hold open tryouts/training

camp for the upcoming 2010-2011 season, beginning on Tuesday, August 24th at 3:00 P.M. at the Blazers Ice Centre in Oklahoma City.   The OU  Hockey club training camp/tryouts are open to any full-time undergraduate OU student.  As we get closer to the beginning of training camp/tryout, the full camp schedule and other details will be released.  All training camp/tryout sessions are open to the public.   GAME PROGRAM – Want to support the Sooners and promote your business at the same time?  Place an ad in the 2010-11 OU Hockey game program.  5 t h   A N N U A L O U H O C K E Y G O LF TOURNAMENT – OU Hockey’s annual fundraising golf tournament is back for its 5th  year.  This year’s tourney will be at the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club

on Saturday, August 28th with a shotgun start at 1:00 P.M.    OU HOCKEY ALUMNI GAME  – The 2010-11 Sooners will face off in friendly competition against OU Hockey stars of the past in an OU Hockey Alumni Game which will be held on Saturday, August 28th at 9:00 P.M. at the Blazers Ice Centre.  Make it a full day of OU Hockey on August 28th with the golf tourney in the afternoon followed by the Alumni Game later that evening.  Alumni interested in playing in the game are encouraged to contact GM/Asst Coach Larry Donovan at (405) 406-4123. For more information check out our website at www.! ■

Dr Pepper StarCenter, DSYHL Spring League Runner-Up, Euless Squirt Aeros.

14 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Bill Stephanos, playing hockey on Saturday nights in Houston in the Memorial City Weekend league off ice is with his two biggest fans.

Q. What did the summer say to the spring? A. Help! I’m going to fall. Why did the nurse go to art school? NEED A Q. A. Because she wanted to learn how to draw blood. REASON Q. What is a mosquito’s favorite sport? TO SMILE? A. Skin diving.

Derick Breezee, a member of the “99 Dallas Stars Elite Hockey team.

Jordan Peters in his first season of hockey (age 4 1/2). The anticipation of hitting the ice on his face is priceless!


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 15



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Metroplex Hockey Officials Association T

his is my last column for Ice Times Magazine. I have decided to step down as President of Metroplex Hockey Officials Association and am turning over this responsibility, among others, to Ralph Hunter. Ralph is a pilot for American Airlines and as President of the Airlines Pilots Association has proven to be an energetic leader. He also has been an on ice official for more than 15 years. Ralph has served as a secretary for MHOA and most recently as our Vice President over the past season. In addition to Ralph, several young officials have risen to the mantle of leadership. Vlad Gotsdiner is the new Vice President. Vlad is a graduate of our Mentor Program and Advanced Program. He is currently in the Junior Development Program and I am positive you will find Vlad to be a great asset to MHOA. Chris Jones remains as our Treasurer, and Ken Prince is our secretary. At Large Representatives

are newly elected and those positions are occupied by Bryan Hanley, Keith Fastle, and Nate Farkas. Nate leads our Advanced Development Program and is responsible for many of our up and coming new officials. Bryan is a graduate of that Program and a very accomplished young official. Keith has been around MHOA a while and has previously served on the board. I want to thank everyone in the Metroplex who has contributed to hockey and made my tenure fun. To tell the truth there were some really interesting challenges, but really, if there weren’t , it would have been boring..and who needs boring? My on ice work will increase with my “free time” and I will be focusing more on my work for USA Hockey as the Local Area Supervisor of all Officials in North Texas I will still be seeing you all in the rinks, and until then, thank you and remember: have fun out there. ■

Ken Reinhard President, MHOA Local Area Supervisor of Officials, North Texas USA Hockey

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16 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


GROW THE GAME By Courtney Welch

Texas Hockey Day


ark your calendars: October 30, 2010 is the first-ever Texas Hockey Day! Remember what it was like watching your child put hockey gear on for the first time? Those first steps, the first goal, and the way your sweaty kid could not stop smiling when he or she got off the ice? Fond memories, indeed! Texas Hockey Day is a statewide celebration that will allow hundreds of boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 9 years old (and their parents) to experience those same feelings. Participants will learn how to skate and they will find out what it feels like to score a goal. Participating rinks throughout the

Lone Star state will host a one-hour Try Hockey for Free clinic. Locations will be updated continuously at over the next couple of months. This is the perfect opportunity to round up your friends and family who have kids and invite them to the rink. In most locations, kids will be able to suit up in OneGoal gear and learn the basics of skating and stick handling, as well as participate in some fun games. In the past year, over 1,500 kids have been introduced to youth hockey in four different Hockey Days in Florida, California, Carolina and Massachusetts. Texas Hockey Day will be hosted by

Courtney Welch is the USA Hockey Program Services Manager for Texas. Courtney has worked as an administrator in hockey for 12 years.

the Texas Amateur Hockey Association, OneGoal, USA Hockey and the Dallas Stars. Registration is not required, but it is encouraged. Visit for more information, and be sure to tell your friends!

If you are interested in signing up to host a Try Hockey for Free clinic in conjunction with Texas Hockey Day, please give me a call at (719) 538-1118 or email me at courtneyw@usahockey. org. ■

JV Goalie-Chance Rushing.

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Let’s get the season started.

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 17

IceTimesMagazine FULL THROTTLE

Dallas Inline Hockey Team Wins National Championship By Cooper Johnson


eam Full Throttle, made up of seven Dallas-area hockey players, competed at the AAU National Inline Hockey tournament in Huntington Beach, California in July and won the National Championship. The team consisted of all former or current Dallas Ice Jets players, Josh Henson, Tristan Brewer, Brandon Speights, Tyler Zimmerman, Tristan and Travis Rainwater and Kimball Johnson, to round out the small but mighty seven-man roster for the Full Throttle hockey team that competed in the 10-and-Under division in California. The team played in several regional tournaments, qualifying for the National tournament, and ended up undefeated in regional action, as well as at the National tournament. Defeating teams from as far west as California to as far east as Great Britain, the Full Throttle team ended the National Tournament 6-0, pulling out a 2-1 victory in the Gold Medal game over the Anaheim Jr. Ducks ’99 team. Not only did the team perform, but individually, the boys represented Dallas well. Five of the seven players were given All American honors. Additionally, a Full Throttle

player was at the top of each scoring category. Tristan Brewer ended up with the most Assists. Brandon Speights was the total points leader. And Kimball Johnson was the top scorer in the tournament. While all the boys play ice hockey, four of the boys began their hockey career at the Denton inline hockey rink, Face Off, playing recreational roller hockey. They then began to play more competitively on various select tournaments teams, until this season when the inline hockey “Dream Team” of Full Throttle was formed by the two coaches, Brian Henson and Greg Speights, both Denton area residents. Inline or roller hockey is played very similar to ice hockey, with just a few rule changes. There are 4 skaters on the rink, instead of 5. There is no offsides, no checking and no icing. So, the game is opened up quite a bit, but everything else is very similar. They play on a special tile floor and with a special puck that glides on the tile floor. The boys represented the Dallas area well, by not only winning, but doing it with class and making friends from all over the nation and across the pond in Great Britain. ■

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18 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Strong Hockey By Kasie Strong


Listen, Learn & Leverage – Enhancing Conversations with Players

the corner. My challenge to myself and to my fellow coaches is to get a head start on the season. Start now with the calendar, travel arrangements, and practice plans. Get the paperwork out of the way so that when the season begins, we have time for what matters the most: our players. This season, my goal is to improve communication with my players by remembering to: Listen, Learn & Leverage. I promise that I will LISTEN to my players, be present in our conversations and fully hear what they are saying. I promise that I will LEARN from our conversations and work towards a better understanding of the players’ unique learning differences. I promise that I will LEVERAGE the information gained from listening to meet the individual needs of the players and the collective needs of the team. Remember, you can’t begin to listen when no one’s talking. Start with an open-ended question and listen, really listen to your players’ answers. You’ll be amazed by how much you can leverage what you learn when you listen. ■

uring the summer I like to reflect on last year’s season and pinpoint areas for personal growth. We can’t always score perfect 10s in every category, but taking time to improve our own skills as coaches is a step in the right direction. If we are going to challenge our players to develop, it’s only fair we reflect on areas WE can develop. Enhancing conversations with players is a coaching goal of mine. Have you ever asked one of your players how his or her day was and when he or she answers, your response is, “Oh, that’s nice.” You hear what the player is saying, but you neglect to take the time to truly listen and interpret the words. It’s not for lack of caring that we do this. We just get so busy with life that we stop being present and settle for polite. How can I not be present with my players when I’m always at the rink with them? In reality, being at the rink with the players doesn’t necessarily mean we are creating a connection and being present in our conversations. We may be simply going through the motions, just like we tell our players NOT to do. It’s August now and the start of the season is right around

Kasie Strong is a hockey player, hockey coach and hockey enthusiast. A native of Groton, Massachusetts, Kasie coaches for the Alliance Girls Hockey Program and promotes girls hockey in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area.

Strong Hockey is sponsored by Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons, 3600 Gaston Ave., Suite 755, Dallas, Texas 75246 214 - 826-1730 • Dr. Paul Freudigman, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

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Where are they now? Former Dallas Stars Select Midget Major AA player, Kyle Welch now plays for Cushing Academy Prep School in Ashburnham Mass. He played Pee Wee through 2nd Year Midget Minor with Coach Chris Brown’s Dallas Stars Selects team, in 2008 he was Southlake Carroll High School’s  Offensive Player of the Year and now attends Cushing Academy where is a 3 sport Varsity Athlete (Football, Hockey and Lacrosse).


Cam Willis taking the puck up the ice for the Dirtbags.

Austin Perdue of the Grapevine Wolves Squirt AA Team.

Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 19




ahooo! The 2010-2011 season is here!  You should be planning the initial team meeting, right?  Of course right.  Now is the time to set the tone for the entire year.  Before the gnashing of teeth.  Before the furtive looks.  Before the phone calls on how to run a power play (“Coach, I don’t care if they are’ll give ‘em an advantage!). While I don’t have enough space to detail an entire team meeting, I will throw out a few morsels for you to mull over. Consider this agenda: • Introduction (who you are and why you coach) • Coaching philosophy • Goals for the season • What to expect from the Coach • Player expectations • Parent expectations • Equipment needs (depends on level) • Season schedule (practices, games, tournaments/travel) A few paragraphs on expectations. 

By Mark Dyslin

This is your chance to establish alpha dog status. Give serious thought to having players and parents sign codes of conduct.  It may be uncomfortable now, but it will come in handy down the road. Coach's code of conduct should include things like: how you will balance fun, a strong work ethic, and winning; being a positive role model; how you will handle disciplinary matters; and goals for the season.  If this is a developmental team, let everyone know up f ront what winning means to the team. Have the kids sign the “Player’s Bill of Rights & Responsibilities.”  This includes the player’s rights to have you: be consistent and equal in praise and discipline; always available to talk; and develop players as individuals and as part of the team.  Player responsibilities: understand the work ethic and commit to it all season long; be on time for practices and games; adhere to the team code of sportsmanship, and have fun!

Now for Mumsy and Poopsy. The Parent Paradigm: adhere to the team code of sportsmanship; obey the 24 hour call rule; learn the game; respect team practice and game objectives; don’t car/sofa/table coach, and have fun! Coaches: Do not let this be the last time you talk about this stuff.  Verbal and written reminders a couple more times during the year will nestle these concepts snugly on the frontal lobes. W ill this absolutely prevent problems from cropping up?  Oh, heck no.  Then again, we don’t live in an absolute world.  But, it will make most think twice before twisting off at will. By the way, I love parents (I’m one myself ).  I love that they invest their money and time in junior/juniorette’s pursuit of hockey.  I’ve just never been very fond of Mommy/Daddy Hyde. ■

Mark Dyslin has been coaching youth sports for over 15 years and coaching youth hockey since 1999. He is currently one of the coaches for St. Mark’s Junior Varsity Hockey Team.

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Mike Best, goalie for the Dirtbags, making a save against the Ice Cracks. Steven McNamara is really excited about the upcoming hockey season!

20 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!

IceIceSports Sports Directory Directory Rinks DFW Metroplex Addison Sq Gdn 972-960-7465 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972.239-9096 .1mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 2.1mi The Allen Event Center 972-678-4646 American Airlines Center Home of the Dallas Stars for tickets 214.Go-Stars Dr Pepper StarCenter Euless 817-267-4233 Starbucks 817-684-7943 1.1mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 8.0mi ER CareNow 817-428-7300 5.0mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Farmers Branch 214-432-3131 Starbucks 972-406-8289 3.4mi I Fratelli 972-501-9700 3.5mi ER CareNow 972-387-8900 5.9 mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Frisco 214-387-5600 Starbucks 972-668-9520 .9mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 1.8mi Dr Pepper StarCenter McKinney at Craigs Ranch McKinney 469-675-8325 Starbucks 214-383-4095 1mi CareNow 972-599-0077 8mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Plano 972-758-7528 Starbucks 469-229-0100 .4mi Olive Garden 972-578-8576 3.5mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter PSA 972-208-5437 Starbucks 972-758-9565 .5 mi Olive Garden 972.633.0406 3.2mi ER 1st Chioce 214-291-0101 2.1mi Dr Pepper StarCenter Valley Ranch 972-831-2453 Starbucks 972-304-1985 1mi Siena Pasta 972-462-0499 1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 3.6mi

with closest Starbucks, Italian Food and ER Centers (things change, please call before making the trip)

ICE at The Parks 817-419-0095 Starbucks in mall outside of rink Olive Garden 817-283-3121 11mi ER CareNow 817-465-4928 1.7mi Ice Training Center ITC Richardson 972-680-7825 Starbucks 972-238-1563 .3mi Olive Garden 972-234-3292 2.0mi ER CareNow 972.387.8900 4.7mi Polar Ice House Grapevine 972-874-1930 Starbucks 972-874-1394 .6mi Olive Garden 817-251-0222 4.1mi Coppell EmCare 972-745-8097 2.6mi Houston Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex Houston 281-84-SKATE Starbucks 832-237-7586 .25 mi Olive Garden 281- 890-0784 Methodist Willowbrook Hosp. 281-477-1000 across from rink Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center 281-265-7465 Starbucks 281-265-8911 Papa LaRosa Flying Pizza in rink 281-313-3500 Methodist Sugar Land Hospital 281-274-7000 Space City Ice Station Friendswood 281-486-7979 Olive Garden 281-488-1022 Starbucks 281-488-9800 ER Clear Lake l 281-332-2511 Austin Chaparral Ice Centers - Austin 512.252.8500 Oklahoma City Blazers Ice Centre 405-631-3307

Aerodrome Ice Hockey Alliance Bulldogs Arctic Wolf Ice Center

and association

Jackalopes Amateur Hockey

Killer Bee Foundation

Oklahoma City Youth Hockey Association

Bay Area Houston Hounds

Pegasus Flyers Inline

Corpus Christi Youth Hockey

Polar Ice House

Dallas Stars AAA

Rio Grande Valley Youth

Dallas Ice Jets

River City Hockey

Dallas Stars Selects

Scots Hockey

Dallas Stars Youth Hockey League

Senior Stars Hockey League

DJHA Penguins DMHA Titans Dragons Youth Hockey

Houston Hitmen Hockey Houston Hurricane Hockey Southwest Texas area sanctioned high school league

Austin Roadrunners

Houston HERricanes Girls

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Interscholastic Hockey League

McKinney Ice Hockey Club

Grapevine Wolves

Arctic Edge Ice Arena 405-748-5454

AnD AssOCiATiOns

at&t Metroplex High School Hockey League

El Paso Hockey

ICE at Stonebriar 972-731-9600 Starbucks 972-668-1750 0.1mi Olive Garden 469-633-0406 .8mi ER 1st Choice 214.618.6800 2.4mi




PRivATe LessOns* Forwards/Defense David Ambler 817.905.4561 David Fry 817.832.2847 Phil Chaney 214.537,6997 Cliff Cook 469.831.5441 Sergey Deshevyy 214.498.6967 Danny Force 817.903,5442 Ryan McLean 210.788.8286 Stew Carson 817.253.7022 Michael Beck 972.571.7760

Christophe Crossley 817.201.6211

Chris Shakesby 214.597.1907 Justin Walters 405.413.8623 Goaltending Francois Lemay 469.766.1981 Billy Pye 817.845.0133 Andrew Norton 817.896.5084 Cam MacDonald 817.800.2130 Power Skating Rob Warner 214.478.6605 Ramil Sarkulov 817.805.0002 David Horn 972.740.5513

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Sugar Land Ice & Sports Texas Aces Hockey Club Texas Tornado Hockey Tulsa Youth Hockey Univ. of Texas Ice Hockey

PRO shOPs* StarStuff Locations in all Dr Pepper StarCenters Rinks (except Valley Ranch) Players Bench Richardson 972.808.9991 Coppell 972.393.2777

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Houston Jr Aeros Hockey Houston Wild Hockey ICE at the Parks Hockey 817-419-0095 Ice Skate USA Hockey

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NEED TO COOL OFF? Garret Bates playing outdoor hockey in Michigan over Christmas break. Garret is about to score on his dad who volunteered to stand in front of the net while the boys played a pick-up game.

Everyone Loves Hockey Grandmas! Everyone is ready for hockey season to begin, especially the biggest fans, like Doris Fry of Mesquite, surrounded here by her extended hockey family.  This hockey grandma never misses a game, and she always gets a hug from all the players, who all call her “Grandma.”  Surrounding Grandma Doris here are members of the Farmers Branch Senators, winners of the Midget division during the 09/10 season.  Players include, from left:  Coby Benson, Luke Caviness, Dylan Nessman, Cody Richardson, Cody Hanson, John Seitzler, Justin Richardson, Tanner Holubar, Dalton Watkins (Doris’ actual grandson), Thomas Buchanan, and Ethan Fox.

Plano Mite Sabres. Coach Ken, the Sabres, and Coach Marc.

Goalie Ian Shidlofsky has it all covered.

Bryce Johnson, #87 with the OKC Squirt AA Travel.

Daniel Mandell ready for a new season.

Jacob Pratt, shoots and scores!

22 Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice!


Taking a little break from hockey by touring the Shiner Brewery. Here are Alliance players Andrew Warhoftig, Parker Noell, James DeMarque sitting on a farmer’s zamboni – uh – tractor.

Tristan Hache - Body Check!

Moments In Time Video Productions “The Best of Times… The Best of You”

Taking a knee.

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Carol Nguyen during her first season playing on my women’s team called the Peppers. Trevor McClain - “Break A Way.”


Keep your kids out of hot water – put them on ice! 23

Ice Times Magazine August 2010 Issue Amateur Hockey Magazine covering Texas and Oklahoma

Ice Times Magazine August 2010 Issue Amateur Hockey Magazine covering Texas and Oklahoma