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The newspaper article of my night with a ghost On Friday the 13th of November, 2010 the police were called to a disturbance . about a burglar. When they got there they knew it was something bigger. As the witnesses say, they figured it was nothing. “ As I looked out the window there were clear as day finger prints on the window” said Shayla an eye witness. As the scene started to unfold, the finger prints were unusual because they were on the outside of the window but to make matters worse, there was a screen blocking the window to conclude that no human being could make that. Instead of the police taking care of this, the Paranormal Investigators of Philomath were called in on the scene. “ I never believed in ghosts until now” said Katrina As the investigators started to unravel the scene, it came to no question that this was made by a ghost!. As the 3 girls waited outside for the answer, the paramedics had to come because Katrina had fainted. When the ordeal was over, the girls were aloud to go inside but to this day they still feel what is left of that evil night. Their attorneys say they have no comment.

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