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VCT 300 Week 1 Individual Assignment Good Design

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For more course tutorials visit Resources: •Lessons 2 & 4 of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Digital Classroom •Video “Learn the Basics of Photoshop in Under 25 Minutes” located on your student website •Video “Designing On-Screen” located on the student website •Video “Design 2: The Principles” located on the student website Select two images from the Internet: one you consider to be designed well and another you consider to be poorly designed. The images should be something like banners, online advertisements, or reproductions of print advertisements – not just a photograph or illustration. Write a 350- to 700-word paper that evaluates the images you have selected.

Explain why one image demonstrates effective design and why the other demonstrates ineffective design. Consider at least two of the following aspects of visual design: •Color •Contrast •Symmetry and asymmetry •Balance •Alignment •Proximity •Visual hierarchy •Typography Explain how you would improve the poorly-designed image using any of the Adobe® Photoshop® tools you have learned about this week. Cite the images consistent with APA guidelines. Include the image files in your assignment submission. Also be sure to completely review the posted grading rubric under the ‘Course Materials’ section of the class for information on how the points are awarded, as well as specific information on

required submissions.

Vct 300 week 1 individual assignment good design