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Week 2_Activity: ‘FRAME’ Tingting Kong_531923_Studio 12 This week we did the activity called Frame. The material we used is the pieces of cut balsa. It was very light and soft to compare with other wood material so that was the first choice to make the tower.

Material-pieces of cut balsa Next Pictures show the process how the tower built in tutorial.

At first we made a triangle base. As the triangle has the stable character, it was reasonable to choose the triangle to be the base of tower. And we use the glue to stick the pieces together. This joint we called fixed joint.

Then we start to make the columns. The columns were very significant as they could make the tower more stable. What’s more when we stick the columns to the base we found it was very hard to tick them together, the columns such easy to collapse.

However, finally we them. This was because the short pieces of cut make the joint stronger it very fall down.

This picture shows how the stronger joint work

This is the First layer.

finished we used balsa to to make

Continue building the tower. The red circle shows when we found the base was not stable any more with the later increase so we added the another two piece to stick the top and base face of triangle.

Finally we have the two-layer tower. But we found it not a stable tower. 1. When we cut the pieces the section was too thin so that make the tower shaking and looks stiffness. 2. The base was too large that also make the tower unstable.

This tower was the other group’s work and it was the most stable one. From the picture we can find this material is not bucking material. This tower was stable with smaller base they made and use more piece to sticked cross with the of each rectangle of triangular prism

02_ tingting  
02_ tingting