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Li 1 Ting Li JRN 371 Dr. Pearson June 2, 2013 Freelance Assignment The website that I picked for the first week is I applied for two jobs this time, and those are both related to my experience. One is for job entitled “Chinese Girls in Different Provinces”, the other one is entitled “Travel Stories about Working, Living and Travelling the World”. Both are really tiny jobs, because it does not look like a big company like I picked for the last time. I wrote my proposal combine with my speculation about the type of people they want to hire. These two jobs that I applied for this week are pretty interesting, and I hope that I could get the job. For the first one, client indicates that the work that we should do is to introduce Chinese girls in different regions. The article is for western men who like to know more about Chinese girls. It sounds really interesting, and I was shocked that people will offer this kind of job and willing to pay for it. Also I saw a big hope to get the job and finish it perfectly, because I am one of the girls need to be written down. There is nothing more than my personal experience. It also requires good English writing and good knowledge about Chinese women, and I think I meet the requirements pretty well. The second job that I applied asked us to write original stories about working, living or traveling the world. It also implied that client want insider story, and I think it could be a fist-hand story. Although I have not travel all over the world, I have been to several countries. I have stayed in different places for a long time, so I could provide a lot of stories base on my experience. I learned that freelancing could be interesting, and I have never thought that

Li 2 freelancing could be any kind of job. I could also be the client, if I want to pay to let others do some job for me. As I was searching for jobs and offers, I found out that freelancing is much harder to get a job than regular one. People who is with expertise and working experience is everywhere, and I see myself as worthless under the comparison with these people. The only way that we attract our client to choose us instead of somebody else is only the piece of query letter or proposal. We have to e good at writing, and this is the golden rule in any countries. Also I learned that not everyone could be freelancing, because I thought people who did not find job could become a freelancer. As soon as I started my freelancing, I realize that I was wrong. I had too many bias towards freelancing, and it is a high-qualified profession. The overall process of applying was pretty easy, and I only need to write down some words to grab attention from the client. But I think it could be much difficult if I treat it as my career. I am thinking that what if the client gets the work and not pay, because I could not verify the client. The client info is too less. I also observed that the number of proposals is going up, and it points out that the competition within freelancing is pretty severe. My proposal for the first job that I Applied: Currently a student in California Baptist University, and is going to graduate next spring with bachelor in Public Relations. I am a native Chinese from Jilin Province, and I am Korean-Chinese. I have a bunch of knowledge about my area. My writing would aim at target readers to write something that western men are interested in knowing Chinese girls.

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Freelance assignment #2  
Freelance assignment #2