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Li 1 Ting Li Dr. Pearson JRN 371 May 19, 2013 Tips for American in California to Travel in China Travel in China China is one of the most mysterious places in the world. Many travelers come to China for just take a peek of the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on. Since China is so different from California, visitors need to specifically pay attention to some detail, and these tips will help you know better about China and travel in China. Tips for Preparation 1. Do not hesitate to carry cash. Unlike California, Chinese do not use their visa so much. If you want to truly experience the normal life of Chinese people, you will need to carry cash. Often you will find out there is no way for you to use your card if you are eating in a tiny restaurant. 2. Always take a package of napkin with yourself. Again, not like California, China’s public restrooms do not always offer you the toilet paper and paper towel. You will find out the little package of napkin will be really useful. 3. Be prepared for spicy food. China is famous for its delicious dishes, and almost every dish are along with pepper. Most Californian does not use to spicy, but you will have to eat it. If you do not eat spicy food, how come you could say that you traveled China? 4. Bring a pair of comfortable and durable shoes. China has high-developed transportation, but the road is not as clean as California. If your shoes are expensive and are easy to stain, just leave it home.

Li 2 5. Learn some basic Chinese conversation. Not every Chinese can speak English, so it is really important to learn some basic words. At least, you will not live in starving because you do not know how to order in Chinese. 6. Bring a camera with a huge empty space. You will find out that you could not stop pressing down the shutter in China. Especially China has so many different ethnicities and cultures. 7. Be preparing for bugs. If you do not have enough budgets, you will have to stay in a hotel with low condition. The hotel is cheap, but the bugs will be everywhere. Tips for Your Journey in China Travel in China is a huge knowledge, and if you know it very well, you will find out China is a quite interesting to know better. 1. Do not touch anything that does not belong to you, especially others’ baby. Chinese do not like others touch their stuff. Even though the baby is really cute, do not try to touch or give them a candy. Because you will find out your candy will be throw away right off the bat. It does not mean Chinese hate you. This is culture. 2. Do not take a taxi near the train station. Chinese taxi driver is famous for their “kindness” to drive you around, so it is necessary for you to know the direction in advance. It does not mean every taxi drivers do this, but this is a conventional rule to not to take taxi near the train station. 3. Don’t be afraid of cutting in line. Cut in line is another Chinese tradition, and there still some places practicing it. If you see someone is cutting your line, you could say “请排队(please line up)[qing pai dui]”. If you find out that it is impossible for you stay in line and get your food, just go ahead and “cut” it.

Li 3 4. Wait for the vehicles pass by and cross the road. Chinese traffic law do not really protect pedestrian. Do not expect the vehicle will stop and wait for you to cross the road, unless the driver is me. 5. Space is not required in China. American needs their space, but it is impossible in China. China has 1.3 billion people and most of this popularity is gather in big city like Beijing, Shanghai, and so on. Chinese people do not know how to keep space because of their culture and country. When you are waiting for cashier and standing in a line, it is possible that the person stand right behind you will be really close to you. You do not like it, but this is Chinese culture. 6. Have fun and enjoy the special China. This is China, and it is really safe. You do not need to worry about someone will take a gun and point at you in China. People here is pretty nice, and they are willing to help you, even though sometimes they asked you to pay. There are still nice people there than you expect. Come to China. Don’t be REGRET later.

Meet the Author I’m Korean-Chinese, and I grew up with a strong background of Asian culture. I have traveled a lot in China, and I know Chinese really well. The tips that I give are from my personal experience base on what I see and live through. My experience to study in California also helps me to figure out what will be problem to those American to come to China. I believe that the information that I provide will help you know China better, and will guide you to have a wonderful memory in China. If you like what I suggest and looking for further tips, please visit my website or contact me for further information. You are more than welcome to visit or contact me, and I wish I had the honor to serve you with more useful information

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