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After a long day to sightseeing, you are already starving to death. You need to find a place to be filled up. Since you are in Peking, you do not want to miss Peking Duck for sure. The best place for Peking Duck is Quan Ju De. It is a restaurant that cooking Peking Duck since 1864. It was opened during the Qing dynasty, and the first chef to cook Peking Duck was the one who cook for the emperor. Quan Ju De has few sub branches in Peking, and the oldest one on Xuanwu District. It proximately needs 200 Yuan for a duck, and you can also requires to fry or make a soup with the skeleton that remains from the duck you ate.

The second place you should visit to eat is called Snack Street in Wang Fu Jing. If you are brave enough, there is food that is beyond your imagination for you to experience. There are fries scorpion, fries locust and fries silkworm pupa. Of course, there are something tradition and normal, such as umeboshi juice, fried glutinous rice balls with sesame, bean jelly, almond tea and so on. Wang Fu Jing is also famous for shopping, so you could be there to eat and shop at the same time. Peking yogurt is the best drink, and if you try it, you are abandon other kinds of yogurt.

Despite these, Peking has a lot of amazing scene needs you to discover. Next week, I would love to move the scene to Xiamen, which represent Chinese style of Romance.

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