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It’s been a long week to see you all. Chinese people just had their Children’s Day yesterday. Due to the Chinese family structure and China’s one child policy, Children’s Day is family day in fact. Let me explain this. Chinese treat their children as the most precious, and China’s one child policy makes their children increase even more of their attention to their children. This is another Chinese culture; so try to avoid any chance to contact children in China. As I mentioned last week, we have already known some tips for travel in China, and we could start designing our trip map. I would divide China into three parts. Those are historic, modern, and original scene. Historic means the places or cities with long history, and full of immemorial building and art. The top one of this part is the capital of China-Peking. You can miss everything, but you do not want to miss the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tian’an men Square. Within these, you do not want to miss flag ceremony holding for the rise and fall of the sun in Tian’an men Square. Modern means cities with beautiful and modernized building. Most of modern cities in the world are similar, but there are also some differences bases on different culture. You can see the combination of Chinese culture with modern building in every big cities in China. The building in Shanghai is tend to convey the information of people from Southern China who is meticulous, and the building in Peking is tend to express the meaning of people from Northern China who has imposing manner. If you want to see original scenery, you will need to travel by the frontier of China. I would love to recommend Tibet, Yunnan, and Inner Mongolia. These places contain different culture and a lot of pretty places. All these three components could be satisfied in Peking, so Peking could be the last one to visit. Travel tips for these places are also dependent, and I will give travel tips for tour in Peking next week. There will be delicious Chinese dishes and the most pretty inner beauty of China. Please follow my upcoming blog if you want to know the mystery in China.

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