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Te Chang Project By: Ting Huang IBH2 Englih B M M


What career wil you pursue and why?

Ting Huang Period 8 Ms. M 11/11/2011

Topic: What career will you pursue and why? What is your dream? What's your desire? What's your ideal life in future? Choosing a career is one of the most influential decision in one's life, which directly affects a person's living condition, daily schedules, holiday. In the other word, career plays a significant role in shaping one's living. It is common that people, unavoidably, face the dilemma associated with choosing their career. After spending some time ponder through all the possibilities, I finally made up my mind that I want to be a foreign market analyst. Partially influenced by my international study experiences, I become passionated about working in an international environment. Furthermore, after studying two years IB H economics in high school, I realized that market incentive is really what pushes our developments in civilization in human history, and our advance in technology in society. In this case, I'm fascinated by the foreign market!

Leter of Inquiry

Ting Huang Jakarta International school tower 1-095apartment Golf Pondok Indah, Jakarta Indonesia Vancouver, British Columbia Welcome Centre, Brock Hall 1874 East Mall, Rm 1200 Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 06th/09/2011 Dear Sir: My name is Ting Huang, and I am a senior student from Jakarta International School. While considering about the universities, I was fascinated with the excellent business program provided in the University of British Columbia. As the faculty of commerce in UBC not only holds a high reputation countrywide but also offers outstanding teaching program and exchange program, I am very interested in the university and expect to start my college life in UBC as a undergraduate major in international business. However, during the research, I had a few questions which I would like to ask in this occasion. I discovered that the Sauder School of Business in UBC encourages students, especially with a major in International Business, processes a living experience in more than one country as well as certain level of language ability. I had my education before high school in China, and spent my whole hight school life in an international school in Jakarta Indonesia. Furthermore, I speak fluent Chinese and English. Other than that, I have studied basic Indonesian and have been taking a French class for more than two years and is still continuing with it for the third year. When first joined into a international environment, I have confronted many challenges and difficulties which tremendously improved my overall ability to communicate with different people as well as my language skill. Can all these international experiences become an privileges for me to apply to the International business major in the Sauder School of Business in UBC? Will they strengthen my application? At high school, I took IB Higher English, IB Higher Math, IB Higher Economics, and IB Higher Physics. During the school, I involved in variety of clubs including Chinese Club, French Club, and some Service Clubs, and was in the position of treasurer and secretary each for one year in Chinese club. All these have shaped me into an person with relatively strong knowledge associated with math and economics as well as the capacity to communicate, to decide, and to organize. Can all these experiences turn into an advantage when I am studying the introductory courses in the university? Thank you very much for your consideration and your time. I am looking forward to hearing form you. Yours Sincerely,

Ting Huang

Articlestay in one's own country or go abroad?

Take a stp frter? By: Ting Huang

Apply for college in your own country or study overseas? Along with the approaching graduation, this dilemma associated with choosing college stresses all the seniors. As a senior myself, I'm faced with the same problem as well. Choosing university is one of the most important decisions which directly affects a person's future life and direction. In my family, my mom suggested me to consider universities in Hong Kong so it would be very convenient for me to visit home frequently and at the same time my parents would be able to visit me easily. However, I hold a different opinion. Ever since four years ago when I left my home country, confronting all the challenges and struggling to adjust into a international environment, I found myself gradually developing a deep love toward this way of life. Yes, I want to take a step further, and live in a international environment, surrounded by multiple cultures, and experience various lifestyle in a different region. After pondering over and over again, I made up my mind to study overseas. I can still remember when I arrived in Indonesia, my dad told me: when we once reach a new area, surely we would first have to cope with various difficulties caused by language barrier or change in weather. However, once we acclimate with the environment, we expand to a new “comfort zone” that is not limited within our own country boundary. When we success in opening our “comfort zone” one after one all around the world, we become a strong person with an incredible life journey. After thriving through all the struggling on this once unfamiliar soil, I realized my dad's theory was quite right. The very beginning of my overseas study experience, I would say, was really one of the toughest moment in my life during all these eighteen years. For example, just like one of my friend Greg said “I believe cultural and linguistic barriers were the most challenging”, language barriers placed me under a enormous pressure that almost drove me depressed. However, when my parents offer me the choice to either return to China and continue my high school there or stay in Indonesia and keep fighting, I chose to stay. In my opinion, one's endurance and ability can be improved through diversity. Eventually, I successfully adjusted to the environment, and I believe study overseas truly benefits a person in all areas. An international surrounding provides me an excellent opportunity to experience a multi-cultural living style, and this helps to develop a cosmopolitan thinking and open-eye, which allow me to consider problems from different perspectives and possess a wider range of ideas. These study

experiences enrich my knowledge as well as my life story. Furthermore, living in a foreign country, I'm able to integrate in a international community, and thus become acquaint with friends from different nationality; I really enjoy having friends from all over the world! Other than that, the experience of education in different countries might also shines light on my application for further education or job opportunity. Personally, I prefer to study in North American for many reasons. Just like Greg had told me “My favorite part in the U.S. education was the class interaction among fellow students and the instructor”, I enjoy the classes that follow an American way in which we discuss about every topic and share with each other our opinions. Moreover, I appreciate the educational methodology offered by the American curriculum that focuses on well-balanced liberal arts, consisting of languages, math, social science. My Korean friend supposed “Developing creative and critical thinking skill was the most beneficial in the U.S. Education”, and I totally agree with him. Under this educational system, I gradually learn to conclude my own idea; during the class discussion, we are encouraged to ponder over a variety of questions from a wide angle, and express our own point of view. With the help of all the research projects and class discussions, I learned to actively consider a issue in depth from various aspects, and in the other hand, take others' opinions into perspective. I expect to go to a North American university to further enhance these personal abilities and knowledge. Other than all these advantages, a few disadvantages associated with studying abroad might still worry some people. One of the major concerns pointed out by some parents is the possibility of the development of a deepening generation gap between the old parents who live in the home country and their children from “another world”. After spending a prolonged period in a foreign country, one can easily adapt a certain level of unfamiliarity towards one's own country especially when the person moves abroad at a relatively young age, just like Greg in the U.S. suggested “I don't mind being less familiar with Korean tradition or becoming less knowledgeable about what's happening in Korea because I feel like I am assimilated into the U.S. already and I am so much more comfortable in the U.S.” This same problem bothered my mom a lot lately, but in my opinion, the strength of the connection or familiarity between the person and the person's country is really a matter of personal choice; if one decides to keep the traditional culture, I believe this connection between one's home country and individual won't be easily weakened by merely physical distance.

Finally, after expressing so many reasons that encourage people to go abroad, I would still like to suggest that one should always make this crucial decision by oneself. After all, we are the only ones in this world who truly understand what we really desire. Life is compared to a marvelous journey in which we have to believe our own heart. Te wrter i a Chinee graduate of

te university of Brtih Columbia who had send her high school life in Jakara International School in Indoneia

Currculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae Personal details: Name: Address: Campus Address: Phone Number Date of Birth: E-mail address:

Ting Huang Pondhk Indah apartment Golf tower1-095, Jakarta Indonesia Vancouver BC V6T 1Z11874 East Mall British Columbia 0858 1432 1867 01th/04/1993

Education: 2018-2019: Master of Business Administration 2012-2016: Bachelor of Commerce in University of British Columbia 2009-2012: Jakarta International School Academic qualification: 2018-2020 2012-2016 2010-2012

Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Commerce's degree IB HL Math IB HL Physics IB HB English IB HL Economics SAT I SAT II Math SAT II Physics TOEFL

Activities: 2012-2016:

Exchange program to Europe


Chinese Club French Club Project Earth service Club Habitant for humanity


Cancer Hospital service club Chinese Club UN Day performance


Chinese Club UN Day performance

Work Experience: 2016-2018 •Internship in Royal Bank of Canada formal analyst on foreign market (two years) 2014-2015 •Internship in Royal Bank of Canada analyst mainly help to analyses the national market.(summer vocation) 2013-2014 •Internship in HongKong HSBC bank as the assistance analyst responsible for some basic banking business in the company.(summer vacation) 2012-2013 •part-time Job in New Oriental language center as assistance during summer holiday •Internship in China petroleum as the assistance for some basic staff including organizing daily schedule, sending E-mail, deliver documents to different section. Language: •Chinese(fluent) •English(fluent) •French(5 years) •Indonesia(2years) •Japanese(4years) Personal statement: I'm a hard-working person who never give up a goal easily. During my passed experiences, I have developed great ability to communicate with others, to integrate well in a team/group, and solving problem efficiently. Other than that, I 'm a friendly person who enjoy a great interaction between people in a community, and I'm always keen to accept advice and learn new knowledge. Reference: Birem Benmals BA, PhD (Minnesota) Professor and Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs Contact Information Office Henry Anges 123 / Wesbrook (WESB300D) Tel (607) 827-0136 / 827- 8379 Email

Leter of Aplication

Shell Canada Limited P.O. Box 100 Station M Calgary, Alberta T2P 2H5 Ting Huang Vancouver, British Columbia Welcome Centre, Brock Hall 1874 East Mall, Rm 1200 Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 01/07/2016 Dear Sir: I am writing to apply for the position of foreign market analyst that I found advertised in the news paper. I am very interested in this opportunity, and so as required, I have attached with this letter my curriculum vita which includes my academic certification, internship information and my reference. According to the requirements listed in the news paper advertisement, I am confident about my ability and I believe that I am exactly the right person who will make a difference. As it is mentioned, I have plenty of international experience. I finished my education until middle school in China and completed my high school education in Jakarta International School in Indonesia. Later, in Canada, I achieved my Bachelor's Degree of Commerce major in International Business in the University of British Columbia, and meanwhile, I studied in Europe for one year as a exchange student. As an international student, I was exposed to a multi-cultural environment during my education. All these experiences enrich my understanding of different cultural values and allow me to view issues with a cosmopolitan eye and an open mind that accepts the beauty of every culture. I know that: a foreign market analyst, playing a crucial role in the foreign investment of a company, is expected to possess an ability to analyze the overall economic conditions of the countries. During my summer holidays, I applied for internship and worked in various positions in several oversea companies located in different region including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Canada. Through the internships, I have developed certain level of understanding of foreign market in different areas and how they interact with each other. All these work opportunities have shaped my perspective towards the world market and taught me a lot about different potential markets on foreign soil. Based on all my experiences, I consider myself a qualified candidate for this job. Other than that, personally, I have a compassionate approach to the field of International Business, and I always enjoy dueling with international issues associated with investment and business. I truly hope my CV will explain that I have the potential to perform well in this position if I am provided with opportunity. Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking forward to meeting you in an interview in the near future! Yours sincerely, Ting Huang

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