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Marketing Strategy 2018 Presented by: Estie van Heerden Tinfish Creative Solutions Client Insight session 11/10/2018 Š2018 Tinfish Creative Solutions. All rights and content reserved

Background - Tinfish & Urban Initial Creation meeting with Peggy Vreken

Tinfish Creative Solutions was asked to meet with an Urban representation and propose a marketing strategy solution for Orban School based on insights received from Insight meeting scheduled for 11/10/2018 Tinfish Creative Solutions director, Estie van Heerden, had previous experience delivering similar strategies for Jan Cilliers Laerskool in 2017, and have been actively serving clients on corporate level for over 11 years. On most of these accounts, Tinfish was entrusted to do a full marketing audit, deliver 6-12month marketing strategy solutions and brand architecture. As a result of this close working relationship with our clients, Tinfish took over management of these most accounts where a marketing manager was absent, and handled all turnkey marketing activities on their behalf, with renewed retainer contracts annually. Since our short inception with Orban, Tinfish Creative Solutions has done extensive market research and gained in-depth knowledge of gaps and opportunities which Orban can utilize. Through careful strategic and planning sessions, Orban will benefit from the quality of work we do in line with their vision & needs. We are a certified Government Service Provider, VAT Registered, and BEEE-E Level 4. Tinfish Creative Solutions, Pty Ltd. have successfully executed large tender projects for other government entities such as Eskom, CSIR, PIC and the NCPC.


How we compile your Strategy



Feedback from Insight session Round Table discussion with Orban representative POTENTIAL PARENTS


What is the main goal?


Market to:

• • • •

PARENTS & Scholars


• • • •

Increase enrollment for 2019/2020 Visibility Increase a balanced demographic Establish ORBAN Culture

Most affordable private school in JHB North Diverse culture Reactive and constantly evolving Central Location


Marketing Feedback Report

Marketing Insight Findings WHEN First introduction to ORBAN (first contact with brand) Point of contact differ between 3 target areas (slide 4): • TEACHERS - at induction - why am i here at ORBAN? how will I make a change and what is expected of me? • PARENTS - Enrollment - Induction before year start. How do we communicate? • POTENTIAL MARKET - Alumni Advertising, articles, word of mouth referrals.

GAP Why choose ORBAN? What will we offer • SMALL FOCUSSED CLASSES Rest of private schools offer focussed sized classes - at hefty price • CENTRAL - Orban is close to Northcliff, Melville, Greenside, Parkhurst, Linden ect. • AFFORDABLE • CULTURAL DIVERSE - ORBAN encapsulate SA’s diverse demographic

PROBLEM Why choose ORBAN? Are we still relevant? • THEY DONT KNOW ABOUT ORBAN How do we introduce our key selling points: Modern, Current, diverse, central, • NEG PUBLICITY - How do we change this around? Convert the non-believers? Gain foothold as diverse school? Open discussions • VISIBILITY - Community driven but the direct community of JHB North are not aware of our school or unique selling points. How do we change this? • DEMOCRAPHIC?

BEFORE What is currently in place? • NEWSLETTER TO PARENTS Well executed but need to grow in focussed marketing content. Drive traffic to web? • WEBSITE- updated, but need to be aligned with other marketing activities • NEW LOGO - clean and works well. Need to be implemented throughout. CI Manual done (Adri)

WHAT How will ORBAN Accomplish these goals? • TESTIMONIALS - How we sell word of mouth, utilize in all marketing collateral. From parents, Alumni, scholars, teachers, new parents. Through creative and kids art. • GOOD PUBLICITY - Enhance ORBAN’s visibility in media/outdoor/digital marketing • FEEBACK - Ask the parents, ask the kids how we can Communicate better, what they want changed at ORBAN ect. • FUNDRAISING EVENTS - Offer a platform for teachers & parents to interact, and market the school to the public. Not just ORBAN focussed. NPC - tax certificate for donations.



Marketing Tactics identified Focus areas from research

! Strategy Plan

Brand Awareness

Digital Services

Conduct a renewed strategy plan specific to ORBAN. Clearly identify a roadmap for objectives in each marketing category for 2018/9

Launch of the ORBAN Brand, All marketing collateral, visibility at school, establish brand EVERYWHERE, interactive comms, unified collateral to also help establish ORBAN culture.

Enhanced Web platform, SEO, targeted social media, Google Analytics & Adwords, partnerships, internal and external comms.


Public Relations

Communication Tactics

Assist ORBAN with integration and management of existing ORBAN databases, capture data from web, digital leads, events and industry research. Segment according to tags identified.

Profile generation for ORBAN, Regular comment in media, trend forecast, New year exposure, intake feedback, Achievements quarterly, partner with media.

New informative content generation, regular viewpoint pieces, market guidelines, knowledge sharing, Testimonials & Digital open day


Marketing Strategy Focus points

Marketing Strategy Overview Focus areas in the ORBAN Marketing Strategy


Creative Services Tasked General Marketing Management Outline • Monthly communication strategy template • Review marketing tasks - monthly. Does it work? If not - why, how do we change this. Very reactive and quick to change • strategy check-in’s and quarterly business reviews with ORBAN Board • Monthly Conceptualisation in conjunction with ORBAN marketing team for new campaigns, content to boost the digital marketing efforts and ongoing strategic input relative to the latest trends and developments in marketing. • Client feedback meetings, attendance of board meetings and report back sessions.



• Implement new Brand Architecture, Yearbook, and implementation of new brand on all advertising platforms • Compile a full school ‘company profile’ - through brochure, digital, and implementation of corporate video on all platforms. This can be used for donation purposes as well. • Tinfish will become brand custodians for ORBAN going forward. • Task and overview new marketing collateral, event material, products, digital material documents as tasked after each monthly strategy meeting. • Source competitive quotes for all material needed for ORBAN from trusted suppliers and service providers.

Digital: • Web: Implement Google Analytics for ORBAN website and review current SEO. • Google Adwords: Conducted a new keyword research and setup campaigns for ORBAN to enhance traffic. Google Adword research will be conducted with help of Orban representative for best targeted hit rate. • Strategically outlined monthly PPC campaigns and kept in line with strategy outcome - implemented into Adwords campaigns and on social media. • Social media: Review all ORBAN accounts on facebook & instagram. Setup Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for the school. Suggest monthly Management for each of these accounts as outlined in communication plan template. • Setup ORBAN’s own Youtube channel, and upload all edited videos, integrated into website. • Electronic Communication - help ORBAN communicate milestones, events and marketing activities to teachers, parents and potential markets through strategic digital tasks. This will be outlined in the digital strategy.


Marketing Strategy Overview

Digital databuilding and maintenance • Integrated all ORBAN contacts, databases and leads into a master and sectioned ORBAN online database - IF NOT DONE ALREADY • Monthly to assessment of demographic growth and identify growth areas to increase and update this through website subscriptions, ORBAN event leads and new market role players. • Suggest Commissioned content, design and distribution of Communication tasks of specific events and news, to ORBAN database. • Continuously introduced new subscription platforms on social media, and digital tactics to build ORBAN database.

5 Event Management & Fundraising Planning: • Assisted ORBAN task team with planning and execution of various marketing events. Fundraisers & brand reveals. • Assist ORBAN in preparation planning of all event collateral and event material needed. • Assist ORBAN source competitive quotes from suppliers and service providers for event material.

Focus areas in the ORBAN Marketing Strategy


6 Public Relations & Content * • Developing and include a PR strategy & in line with monthly events, announcements and comment on market related news. • Established a relationship and database of media agencies and publications with interest in ORBAN market activities • Setup Public profile for ORBAN Principle or appointed representative, as voice and preferred contact of industry related comment in the media. • Identify brand ambassadors for ORBAN provide basic outline of expectation & PR training when using digital platforms • Draft outline of example media releases on behalf of ORBAN to the media and on digital platform, related to events, news and achievements of the school • Provide an in depth competitor analysis, ensure methods to align ORBAN with successful marketing tasks found, offer mediums and competitor activities relevant to monthly marketing activities which could be introduced to ORBAN • Developed content outline criteria for digital platforms and marketing collateral


Closing Way forward

Š2018 Tinfish Creative Solutions. All rights and content reserved

Orban Strategy Facilitation Outline  

Outline for discussion of client facilitation session on 11/10/2018

Orban Strategy Facilitation Outline  

Outline for discussion of client facilitation session on 11/10/2018