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Asbestos hearts By Tinet Elmgren

asbestos heArts © Tinet Elmgren 2009 – English edition 2012 Printed in BERLIN MOTHAFUCKAS Any resemblance to real persons, events or locales is merely wishful thinking and/or vile conspiracy theories.

Eva – works as a prostitute. She ran away from home at 14, and has learned to take care of herself ...

The big Nazi – leader of the NaziDarwinists. Gets drugs from foreign NGO’s, and in return he works to destabilize the country.

Ting Yay – in love with Eva. Works as a postman and has inherited an enormous debt to the mafia from his gambling father.

Shu – Ting Yay’s sister. Works at a hotel. Pathologically shy, may have some mental problems ...

“Die Hard” Wuya – Eva’s colleague. Likes bodybuilding and cute sexy men.

The Leopard – collects the debt from Ting Yay and Shu. Musically talented, has romantic troubles.

Kim – Eva’s friend. Works as a domina and has but contempt for men. With good reason.

Bijou – Eva’s friend and colleague. Very kind and nurturing.

Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Yue – hostess Jade – manager at the brothel at the brothel. where Eva, Kim, Bijou and Wuya work.

okay, you fOur Dudes FolLowing me

come on ouT then, and let’S get THiS over with. I’m already laTe

where’s the fourth


What the helL iS up with those coStumes

AsbeStos HeaRTs

And you Think you’Re hard motherfuckers, don’T you?


aw shuckS, alL buT one got broken ‌

noT bad

Ah, There you are.

you have proven yourself worthy of the honour of marching by our side on the road towards democracy and freE market economy²

Surprised?! in Spite of these paThetic disguiseS, we are actualLy righteous fighters for individual freEdom!

and we welcome you To fighT by our s--

WhaT tHE --

uld I shobEen have long e ther o!²


how could you

Such a litTlE cuTie like you …

There tHERE, Ting Yay … leT me reScue you.

What’Re you doing with eva, anyway come To maMa

here ya go, wuya. To bad I hapPened to break alL but one of oh the botTles Thank … god

man, thiS is seriously rude, arriving way paSt midnight aT a new year’s party!

buT it’s my party now²

So you came after alL, eva?

you’ve got holes in your Stockings … what hapPened ?

come on, iT’s only the ChrisTian new year …There’lL be others …

I goT a bit delayed becauSe of some naZidarwiniSTs … SeEmed like they wanted something from me, buT I didn’T realLy liSten … and bruiSes alL over you …

Asbestos Hearts  

7 page preview of this 44 page comic book.