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methods/ Are you having a hard time recruiting people in your business and looking for proven mlm recruting methods? Well let me tell you, I am glad that you have not given up on your search because you are about to discover some of the most important mlm recruiting methods when it comes to sponsoring people into your business that will change the game for you. You see when it comes to mlm recruiting methods, there are so many methods out there but what I am going to break down for you are the methods that are critical for your business. Most marketers skip over these tw6 methods and then they find themselves spinning their wheels going nowhere absolutely fast.

MLM Recruiting Methods: Stop asking "What do I do?" This is one of the most important mlm recruting methods that the majority of marketers do not take into consideration. Many people are walking around asking everyone, "What do I do? Tell me exactly what do I do?" You cannot do that because here is what will happen. You will end up doing what everyone else is doing and you find you are not making any progress. What do I mean by that? What I mean is this. I had a guy the other day pay me for a coaching session and he was a total waste of time. He has only been in the industry for 2 weeks and I was trying to break it down to him that he needed to stand apart from his competition by setting up a blog, branding himself etc. I was telling him that by dealing with the cold market, that he had to pre-sell himself because the cold market is just that...COLD and they need to be warmed up.

This dude had the nerve to stop me and to tell me that he could not be different from everyone else because his company tell him what to do and gives him ads to place and he cant change them and he has to do"what they tell him to do". He will forever be unsuccessful if he continues on this path in his business. Why? Because he goes around and asks "What do I do" and he does what his company says do but guess what? What his company is telling him to do is what everyone else in the company is doing. They are posting the same ol stale ads as everyone else in the company, in the same places online and no progress is made. Everyone is sangin' that same ol tired song.

So what do you do? This is the solution: You must know how to think. This is one of the mlm recruiting methods you must know. You must know how to think. You must start thinking about your prospect and what THEY WANT and NOT WHAT YOU WANT. You must start thinking about what they need. If you are trying to recruit someone into your business, you must listen to the words that are falling from their lips and start thinking about what you have and thinking if what you have is a good fit for that prospect.

You must think about who your perfect prospect is. Who do you want to talk to? Who is your target market? Are you speaking to a group of people who you have nothing in common with and you are finding you cannot speak into them when it comes to their needs? You must start saying to yourself "How do I think?" You must think about how to stand out from everyone else in the company. You must start thinking about YOUR BRAND and how you can help these people. You cant do that by saying, "Tell me Tee, What do I do, give me a step by step plan, exact steps on what to do." Learn how to think and apply it and watch what happens.

MLM Recruiting Methods: Build that relationship up FIRST and then POINT! You would think this is common sense when it comes to our industry of network marketing but it is indeed one of the most slept on mlm recruiting methods. People act like they dont have time to build up that relationship with their prospect. Why? Its because they want the money now. Their sponsors are pressuring them to get that bonus in the first 30 days so people forget the relationship and start selling and pitching and dont really care about the prospect. They just want to "get em in". DONT DO THAT!

Here is the deal. You have to find out what your prospect need and want and in order to do that, you must build that relationship up with them first. Once you have built up that relationship and you have found out what they want/need, then you can point to the third party tools that your company has given you, that will SELL for you. Here is the kicker though, when it comes to mlm recruiting methods like this; By building up that relationship with your prospect first and you point to your third part tools to present your opportunity for you, if your prospect is not ready to join your opportunity at that present time, guess what? Its ok because you still have your relationship to fall back on and you can continue to point at a later date when the time is right.

Do you understand where I am going with this?

If there is no relationship and you are trying to sell and recruit people into your business and they say no, you have nothing to fall back on. Build that relationship first, find out what they need and want, get to know them and if you have something for them that will work for them then POINT and let those tools sell for you. You will not mess up the relationship you have built by pointing and letting those tools sell for you. There is something about letting those tools selling versus you selling. When you allow the tools to sell for you, like they are supposed to do, the relationship is preserved because its not you, if that makes sense. There is something special about pointing and letting those tools work. Get my drift?

Anyway, I hope you understand where I am coming from with all of this. :)

These are just two of the mlm recruiting methods that will help you in your business. I wanted to highlight these two methods because they are the most ignored by a lot of marketers. Of course there are others that you need to know and apply. The ball is in your court now. Will you continue to neglect building those relationships with people and continue to ask "What do I do" or will you do the opposite and apply what you have discovered in this post? Only time will tell now wont it? :) Always invest in your education when it comes to learning all of the mlm recruting methods that will skyrocket your business out of this world. As my mentor says: "Always stay in a learning posture."

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MLM Recruiting Methods  

when it comes to mlm recruiting methods, there are so many methods out there but what I am going to break down for you are the methods that...