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foreword by Morten Ugelvig Andersen, CEO of Venture Cup

For the fourth year in a row, Venture Cup is hosting the University Startup World Cup.

and international universities and startups around the world.

In 2015, we welcomed 37 startups and had many ideas and expectations for our new program the University Startup World Cup. Today, we welcome more than 65 international startups who are traveling to Copenhagen to participate in the week-long program.

We cooperate with universities, incubators and accelerators around the world and some of the largest companies in Denmark which all see opportunities in the talent pool gathered in Copenhagen.

We’re quite proud of this achievement, but we could not have done it without our Venture Cup family of jurors, mentors, public and private partners, Danish

Together, we hope to create a platform that celebrates the best student startups and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Thank you for supporting us on this journey!


your story, our future by Morten Ugelvig Andersen


dream big by Dr Rotimi Alabi, USWC17 winner


in denmark, a startup journey BEGINS AT UNIVERSITY

foreword 1 11 make it happen 1 13 TEAMING UP WITH STARTUPS 1 TO TACKLE BIG PROBLEMS 16 1 MEET THE TEAMS by High Tech Summit

by André Leonardo

By Maersk

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your story our future

when it all adds up

by Morten Ugelvig Andersen, CEO of Venture Cup Our vision for the University Startup World Cup is to celebrate the best university startups from around the world and to create a global community for talented university students, who share a passion for innovation, creativity and positive change. Having grown to the size it is today, with more than 40 country partners and 65+ teams participating, we are proud to say that the vision is coming to life. With the support of the Danish universities, the Region of Copenhagen and many other partners in Denmark and abroad, the USWC has become a way of benchmarking the best local student startups against the global elite. Simultaneously, the network of partners and pool of talents are creating a unique network that fosters innovation and new opportunities across borders. As this network continues to strengthen and grow, we see how the startups develop and new collaborations


are build. We hope that this year’s USWC finalists will see the possibilities of international collaboration or the opportunity to establish themselves here in Denmark. By hosting the University Startup World Cup, Venture Cup is attracting international talents and startups to Denmark while helping Danish startups advance internationally by giving them contacts and credibility. To stay with this year’s overall theme “Your Story, Our Future”, I want to share a few diverse examples that together paint the whole picture as to why USWC is so important to us here at Venture Cup and to our partners. It is about the young talents and startups, it’s their stories, but the reality is that it also makes sense on so many levels for universities, business communities and society as a whole!




a Swedish startup succeeding in Odense

a software engineer who moved to copenhagen

Tendo is a Swedish startup that participated in USWC 2016. They’ve created a robotic gripping tool which brings artificial strength to the hands of people with a weak grip due to age or a disability.

After that Tendo spent 2-3 months on applications and travels back and forth between Lund and Odense before they got a call from Odense Robotics saying welcome to the Hub.

Last year, Mohammad Javanshah, a university student from Iran, participated in USWC. Mohammad has explained that he worked tirelessly in Iran to create a great life.

During his stay in Copenhagen, Mohammad visits companies, network with the startup ecosystem and ends up being amazed by both the Danish business community and the Danish universities.

Sofie Woge, CEO of Tendo, explains that during USWC 2016 they received important sparring but also made contacts that turned out to be a turning point for them.

“We all just picked up what we had and moved to Odense!”, says Sofie and continues:

He and his friends had many ideas and ended up creating an app called DreamTicket It turned out to be a huge success.

Now, Mohammad is back in Denmark. Already a software engineer, he’ll advance his opportunities by doing a master on DTU while working before starting his own business.

Tendo participated in the category IndustryTech & Robotics. They visited Odense Robotics, the category sponsor, Teknologisk Institut and the robot cluster in Odense, and were as Sofie says: “Blown away with all the amazing technologies and knowledge presented to us” . Besides the company visit, Tendo’s pitch was judged by among others Michael Hansen from Invest in Odense, and during networking Michael introduced them to and invited them to come to Odense Robotics StartupHub.


“Before the move, I was the only one working full time but when we got this opportunity we decided to go all in. We all moved into an apartment together, and we have since then closed two investment rounds, expanded the team, created our first fully functional prototype, are testing our third one with users as well as developing a fourth. It was the boost we needed! And we have now been selected as one of the 20 robotics startup in Europe to be part of the acceleration-programme RobotUnion. According to Sofie Woge, all of this started with Tendo getting that first networking and pitching opportunity at USWC in 2016.

Mohammad wanted more, however rules, regulations and bureaucracy made the road to success bumpy. Mohammad hears about the University Startup World Cup and decides to apply. He qualifies and travel to Denmark with a new idea called BuyRapido - a mixture of royalty system and Fintech.

He realizes that he is part of a network of like-minded and that he has the whole world as his playground.

Here, he becomes part of a community of international students who all have similar visions and dreams. He realizes that he is part of a network of like-minded and that he has the whole world as his playground.


VENTURE CUP DENMARK www.venturecup.dk

A Danish startup going abroad In 2015, Sensohive, a Danish startup from University of Southern Denmark and Copenhagen University, qualified to participate in USWC after winning the category Product & Devices in Venture Cup’s Startup Competition. Sensohive has developed a cheap, flexible and durable communication system that makes it possible to gather data that was previously very difficult to collect.

Venture Cup is an association of the Danish universities that, for more than 18 years, has promoted entrepreneurship at the Danish universities and provided a platform to showcase and accelerate the best university startups.

tools, mentors and services so they can take their innovative business concept to the next level, develop competencies that will help them further their careers and give them access to a network of experienced business people.

We host two national competitions, a Nordic competition and the University Startup World Cup for entrepreneurial university students. We help students and startups grow by providing inspiration, programs,

Venture Cup works together with international universities, accelerators and incubators to identify, benchmark and develop the talents and technology of tomorrow.

big thanks to our sponsors and university partners

In addition, it also gave them that extra to push through that was necessary to make Sensohive a success. Sensohive won the category Product & Devices in which they competed against teams from South Korea, Ireland, Italy, India and more. “USWC gave us the international credibility needed to establish some strong international co-operative agreements�

Sensohive has aimed and succeeded in making it easy to collect, analyze and understand value data for a business through a wireless sensor solution. According to Casper Harlev, CEO of Sensohive, participation in the USWC and winning a category gave Sensohive the international credibility needed to establish some strong international co-operative agreements.



dream big by Dr. Rotimi Alabi uswc 2017 winner

dream big When RAB Microfluidics attended the USWCin the autumn of 2017, we had no expectations as we were a small start-up company from Aberdeen, United Kingdom, looking to solve a challenge faced by industrial businesses. We were motivated to tell the world and who ever cared to listen, how we intend to achieve that. We wanted our thoughts and ideas to be challenged and the USWC provided the right environment. On the chilly autumn evening at the finals of the USWC, in Copenhagen, when we learnt we were successful, we were astounded. We had just won the grand prize of the USWC, facing competition from over 60 promising start-ups from around the world - that surely challenged us. To us, it meant the small start-up company from Aberdeen could dream and dream BIG.

Back against the wall

“For us, every new day is an opportunity to meet the people that will join us and help shape our journey.”


I took the leap to found RAB-Microfluidics in August 2016 with my back against the wall. I had finished my PhD at the University of Aberdeen 10 months earlier and felt I had attained the summit of academic achievement; therefore, I should be the toast of all the companies that required specialised and seasoned intellect - how wrong I was. For 10 months I struggled to get a job. Contrary to my idealistic thoughts, the fact that I required a work visa was not attractive to many recruiters.

Conviction in our idea With the uncertainty that surrounded not having a job, and the even greater uncertainty that comes with

starting a company, one would think I was crazy to start RAB Microfluidics on nothing other than an idea and proof-of-concept science performed during my PhD. Who knows, maybe I was but one thing was certain, I had a conviction that industrial businesses should be able to tell very early when their valuable machinery would breakdown if only they had more regular oil analysis data and we had the technology to make this happen. This conviction is what drove us on the days we tried calling potential customers and they did not want to speak to us, or the days we got so close to winning certain competitions to grow the business but didn’t win.

Starting Small Copenhagen was an inflection point in the RAB Microfluidics journey, it put a spring in our step. Today, RAB Microfluidics has raised £1 Mn in funding, we have grown from a team of two to six, we are working with companies like Siemens, Maersk, Rolls Royce, BP and many more and we expect to start generating revenue with our commercial product next year. The ambition in RAB Microfluidics is still very much unflinching, we want to change the way petroleum analysis is carried out and put a laboratory on every machinery in the world, but today we are small, and we know it. We have embraced it as it is part of our journey, our story. For us, every new day is an opportunity to meet the people that will join us and help shape our journey.


in denmark, a

By Marianne Kristensen Schacht, Bootstrapping, for DTU High Tech Summit.

startup journey begins at the university In the outskirts of Copenhagen, a unique startup ecosystem is starting to make an impact on some of the biggest issues of society.

“Our main drive is solving the world’s plastic issue. ”


At Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) something quite unique is happening. Here, students are given limitless creativity to test their own ideas and acquaint themselves with the startup world, and it works.

“Our main drive is solving the world’s plastic issue. It’s a huge societal and environmental problem and it is important for us as engineers to use what we’ve learnt for a higher purpose,” says Thomas Trebbien.

The early-stage incubator Skylab is to thank for this. Trebo, a startup nurtured at the incubator Skylab, was founded by the two friends, Andreas Leth Bockdorf and Thomas Trebbien. Besides giving them a place to learn, the high ceilings of Skylab have already helped them raise €100K within a year of existence.

The two founders at Trebo perfectly exemplify the idea of the startup ecosystem at DTU. As students their attention was caught by the the high ceilings of creativity at Skylab. Here, they took part in the events and competitions while creating a prototype of their hardware. With advice from Skylab’s mentors they have progressed to Danish Tech Challenge and Futurebox, an accelerator on the DTU campus. In October they will get a chance to network with the likes of Maersk, Novo Nordisk, and the rest of the DTU ecosystem at DTU’s annual High Tech Summit.

“As soon as we walked into Skylab our minds opened to the possibility of building our own company. There’s just such a great energy here and everyone at Skylab is making something awesome. It’s safe to say, that we would never have founded Trebo without Skylab,” says Andreas Leth Bockdorf. Trebo was recently awarded the prize as best student startup at DTU for their groundbreaking plastic sorting machine. After graduating, the two friends have now advanced to the accelerator Danish Tech Challenge and now their ambition of decreasing the world’s plastic waste is starting to actualize.

In one year’s time, Andreas and Alexander hope to have established a plastic recycling station where companies can have their plastic waste sorted and reused. To finish off the cycle, they are also looking forward to give back to the DTU startup ecosystem. “We benefited a lot from the DTU startup ecosystem and we will do our best to support the startups here in the future,” the two founders agree.


make it happen BY André Leonardo

Make it happen I was born in Terceira island, Azores, Portugal and I’m a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, author and conference speaker. I spoke to more than 35.000 people in more than 7 countries. I´m also a university teacher and TV host. I have been making it happen since I was 5 years old and decided to set up my own business: selling flowers door-to-door. After that, many adventures came along. One of my favorite happened when, in 2014, I decided to take off alone to travel around the world with the mission to bring to life inspiring stories of people (entrepreneurs) whose accomplishments inspire others to move forward with their lives. Europe was in crises and I believed entrepreneurship was the solution. I visited 23 countries, interviewed 143 entrepreneurs and travelled through more than 126.000km. I’ve always believed that the ability to make dreams come true is directly connected with our attitude towards life, with our ability to sacrifice for what we want and the will of really making things happen. After this expedition, I’m pretty sure! The people I’ve met along the journey, they all had reasons to give up. Most of them had all the odds against them Yet, every single person found a way to overcome the obstacles and make things happen like no barrier was high enough to stop them.

Difficult is different from impossible. After everything I’ve witnessed and experienced, I can firmly assure that difficult is, by no means, the same as impossible.The truth is we all have dreams and goals that we would like to achieve. For some of us that means travelling the world, for others finding a job, or bringing to life that old idea, or even to buy a new car. Big or small, we all have them and to make it happen, it really doesn’t matter who we are and what our goal or dream is. These days, if we wish to make it happen, we need to have an entrepreneurial attitude, live life to the fullest and look for what sometimes only we believe in. But most of all, we need to keep going until we get what we want, adapting to different situations along the way, working hard with sacrifice and dedication. We should never give up and never leave something to say or do. This is the only way to make it happen. Today, I believe that being an entrepreneur is an attitude, a lifestyle and a concept which crosses all kinds of businesses, companies and life in general.

“Keep going until YOU get what YOU want” 11


teaming up with startups to tackle

big problems By Anja Andersen, Senior Corporate Brand Manager at Maersk

With its size and global presence, it’s easy to forget that A.P. Moller - Maersk was started by one person with an idea. With Maersk Growth, Maersk’s launchpad for new ventures, the company has an ambition to turn ideas into growth opportunities with major impact on future revenue.

Maersk Growth looks at mega-trends in the world and how Maersk as a company can tap into them. This has resulted in three investment domains: Fight Food Waste, Enable Trade and NextGen Logistics. Focusing on different pain points throughout the global transportation supply chain, the Maersk venture programme was launched in 2018 as a platform for enabling today’s most promising startups to partner with Maersk and potentially build the company’s next world-class business together.


“What we’re doing with the Maersk Venture Programme is trying to identify the best startups that want to work together with Maersk, have a mature idea or proven solution and a committed team and ultimately want to co-build a new business,” says Philip Christian Adrian, Corporate Venture Capital at Maersk Growth As a start-up you can follow many different paths, but when succeeding in presenting your idea to Growth you get the advantage of a multinational company backing you.


‘A partnership with Maersk seems like quite an opportunity for us as Maersk is a respected company that has distinguish goals of sustainable development’ says Tamar Valdman, from the startup Saillog, who participated in the Maersk venture programme. CEO of Coldhubs, Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, another startup participant continues: ‘For me it was useful to get the insights of these experienced industry professionals into the technology and service we seek to deliver.’ And at Maersk Growth there is a more informal atmosphere than at the usual Maersk workplace. The door is open to anyone – especially visitors – to talk about their projects and their potential. “We see ourselves as a mix between a start-up accelerator and a, corporate venture capital fund,” says Adrian.

What is the Maersk venture programme? The Maersk venture programme is a platform designed and facilitated by the Growth organisation to enable Maersk to partner with the most promising startup companies. For the startups, it’s an opportunity to tap in to the world’s biggest shipping company and its assets, customers and subject matter experts with operational expertise and world-class infrastructure knowledge. The startups can pitch their ideas and receive feedback, and Maersk help them develop their business, value proposition and product market fit. Over the cause of the first year 2018, Maersk Growth received more than 300 applications to participate in the Maersk venture programme. Startups participated from a variety of regions from around the world.


15 3


health HEALTH Digital health, healthtech, medical devices, life sciences, careware, medtech, biotech, drug delivery devices and compliance of drug administration.

“If I could time travel into the future, my first port of call would be the point where medical technology is at its best because, like most people on this planet, I have this aversion to dying.�

Neal Asher

Science Fiction writer





MoTrack Therapy

University: Memorial University of Newfoundland Country: Canada

University: Cork Institute of Technology Country: Ireland

University: Johns Hopkins University Country: USA

BreatheSuite is developing an inhaler add-on device built to train patients with Asthma and COPD proper inhaler technique and adherence. The BreatheSuite device sends data automatically to the user’s smartphone.

StrydeTech is an innovative and life changing mobility enablement device which provides independence and confidence to those who are unable to stand up on their own.

MoTrack Therapy provides improved hand therapy for patients suffering from wrist fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related conditions by integrating their at-home physical therapy exercises with real-time feedback, tracking & games.


University: Technical University of Denmark Country: Denmark TresActio is a novel lab-scale fermentation control system. By adding monitoring, control, and wireless communication to the strain screening process we replace the current analog solutions with a cyber-physical system.

sehat labs



University: University of Southern Denmark Country: Denmark

University: University Politehnica of Timisoara Country: Romania

Sehat Labs develop and sell intelligent software solutions primarily to the healthcare sector in order to handle their pre-hospitalization interviews (PHI).

XVision is an automated X-Ray diagnostics application that uses machine learning to interpret radiographies with radiologist-level accuracy.


University: Startup Kiev Country: Ukraine Our LEA (liquid embolic agents) is called «Embolin» and has advantage in polymerization, imaging and price when treating arteriovenous malformations, tumors, gastric bleeding etc.




Loro is a platform that provides a smart companion for wheelchair users.

We have developed an innovative and objective method for phobia treatment. What drives us forward is the will to improve the lives of those who suffer from mental disorders, namely anxiety related issues.

University: Harvard University Country: USA

University: Lisbon University Country: Portugal

University: University of Southern Denmark Country: Denmark Our solution to the expensive and time consuming training of medical students is to create a teaching aid, in the form of a virtual space where students can learn and practice skills and procedures at any time and place.

GoodVibe Medical

VulCur MedTech


We are a medical device company focused on rehabilitative technology through biomechanical stimulation therapy, which uses repeated low-frequency vibrations to loosen muscle tension, improve circulation, and stimulate cells.

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using a novel combination of existing technologies. Our method of treatment uses laser technology to kill bacteria within wounds.

S-Case medical is a technological device that is intended for third world countries. S-Case is a combination of several large, expensive, inconvenient and energy-intensive medical facilities into one compact device.

University: New Jersey Institute of Technology Country: USA



University: Copenhagen University Country: Denmark

University: Comenius University in Bratislava Country: Slovakia


nextgen logistics NextGen LOGISTICS Shape the future of trade and provide simple end-to-end offering of products and services in the logistics space – from producer to consumer. Startups in this category are mostly focused on broad, scalable, and flexible solutions that can help enable trade, remove barriers and decrease inefficiencies in the global supply chain


“Trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until information moves them. ”

C. J. Cherryh American writer



zeleros University: Universitat Politécnica de Valencia Country: Spain Zeleros has designed an innovative hyperloop transport solution that outperforms any current transport system in cost and energy efficiency. It achieves speeds above 1000 km/h with reduced construction, operation and maintenance costs.



University: Tallinn University of Technology Country: Estonia

University: Memorial University of Newfoundland Country: Canada

Timey produces smart “best before” indicators for temperature sensitive food. It is a sticker sensitive to time and temperature that will turn from green to red. The stickers can be attached to food packages giving an accurate representation of the food’s condition.

UAV Control Tower is a comprehensive flight management system for drones that allows for the approval, monitoring and historical recording keeping of UAV flights.

BLUEBENU University: DTU / CBS-CSE Country: Denmark BlueBenu is developing a lead technology for converting plastic pollution and mixed waste into crude-oil, eco-fuels, and petrochemicals.

Nucleus Technologies s.r.l University: Politehnica University of Bucharest Country: Romania

ClarK - Smart Glasses for Industry 4.0. ClarK offers a solution based on augmented reality (AR) to improve workers’ efficiency and safety across industries.



iseal digital

Drones, robots etc have been revolutionised over the last 80 years but the two-joystick control interface has not. Tekuma has built a one-handed six-degrees-of-freedom tactile controller that is intuitive, universal and robust.

On every container that is being shipped worldwide, a seal must be used to ensure its security. Currently, the most used solution is an analog, one-time seal. iSeal Digital provides a smart reusable solution for shipping containers.

University: University of Technology, Sydney & Macquarie University Country: Australia

University: Technical University of Denmark Country: Denmark


green tech GREENTECH

Cleantech, environment, climate, energy, upcycle, recycle, preservation, wildlife

“Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something.”

Carl Sagan American astronomer, cosmologist, astrophysicist & astrobiologist



Octarine Bio

University: Technical University of Denmark & Copenhagen University Country: Denmark Octarine Bio is a synthetic biology startup providing bio-active ingredients to improve skin care using sustainable microbial fermentation platforms.

Breeze Technologies University: Technical University Hamburg Country: Germany

A cloud analytics platform for environmental data that provides comprehensive and hyperlocal air quality data, measurement networks and sensors.


University: Kaunas Technology University Country: Lithuania We have developed an energy efficient ventilation system with heat recovery. It is at its core to have a predictive algorithm which allows the system to withstand extreme winter temperatures.



University: New York University Country: USA Sunthetics provides an alternative path to manufacturing a chemical intermediate for nylon that is emission-free, more efficient, and cost-effective. Sunthetics offers a solar-powered reactor that uses 50% less energy, less raw material, and produces less waste.

shengneng p.p.r.r.

University: Shanghai University of Electric Power Country: China Our team is committed to forming a mutually beneficial and profitable profit model with the power plant. We help them reduce fly ash discharged into the atmosphere and process the collected fly ash into environmentally-friendly products.

dust killer

University: Hebei University Country: China Photocatalyst Environmental Protection Dust Suppressant - A fancy production and to make it easy to remember, we call it dust killer. It can not only suppress dust, but also decompose the organic pollutants.




iBreathe is the first personal unit for air monitoring. It consist of a physical device that collects and displays real-time values of air quality for the users’ local area.

We address renewable energy, pollution and promote nature conservation through one power solution. How? Plant generated electricity.

University: Aberdeen University Country: United Kingdom



University: Estonian University of Life Sciences Country: Estonia

University: Drexel University Country: USA

3CULAR is reinventing 3D printing in a sustainable way, enabling manufacturers to produce any kind of wooden objects out of leftover wood material, increasing resource productivity and reducing the use of plastics.


ZUS BeeOtics

University: Aarhus University Country: Denmark

University: University of Rijeka Country: Croatia

Our mission is to create sustainable packaging by utilising a biomaterial derived from sugar. We pursue a packaging with the same features as conventional plastics, but harmless to the environment.

Honeybees are slowly disappearing due to intensive agricultural practices that are permanently altering the natural balance of beneficial bacteria that live inside bees. Our company wants to change this.

Polynovo Biotech

University: Tsinghua University Country: China Polynovo Biotech is a unique startup company, which could produce high-value microalgal biomass based on straw waste. Compared with the traditional process, the production efficiency can be raised by more than 30 times and the cost can be reduced by 60%.


products & design PRODUCTS & DESIGN Traditional products & devices, inventions, designs, services, hardware, etc.

“Quality in a product or service is not what the supplier puts in. it is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for. A product is not quality because it is hard to make and costs a lot of money, as manufacturers typically believe.�

peter drucker American management consultant & educator





We introduce the concept of rapid prototyping and industry 4.0 in the process industry, by introducing a modular, flexible and scalable IoT-based solution for flow control.

We create end-to-end IoT systems that monitors the location, the use and the condition of power tools and offers predictive maintenance for them.

University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Country: Greece

University: Aalborg University Country: Denmark


University: The Swedish University of Agriculture Country: Sweden Lupinta is a new innovative, sustainable alternative for soy products. We stand for eating tasty, healthy & environmentally friendly food. Our mission is to decrease soy importation from outside the EU for a more sustainable world.




Our FoodBIOPack project is aimed at solving the global problem of plastic contamination. It is based on the innovative technology of biodegradable materials for food packaging.

Shanjirensi takes “inheriting nation symbols and carrying forward ethnic culture” as the entrepreneurship idea, “integrating the Internet and jewelry into ethnic minority symbols” as the enterprise responsibilities.

University: Sumy National Agrarian University Country: Ukraine

University: Dianchi College of Yunnan University Country: China


nihax sensible


Our vision is to make the measuring and understanding of the world around us more engaging and available to all. Sensors are used to understand and analyse everything.

Speakeasy brings the world of gin to your doorstep. With our high-quality gin tasting set we provide an all-in-one gin experience. Speakeasy gives you the opportunity to test various international gin brands with a simple mouse click.

University: Munich Business School Country: Germany

University: Technical University of Denmark Country: Denmark



Laava Tech

University: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Country: Romania

University: Tallinn University of Technology Country: Estonia

One of the most common issues of the 21st century is back pains. if your posture on the chair is incorrect, a mobile application will show a full-analysis of your back, indicate the problematic zones and their evolution over time.

Laava Tech develops artificial lighting systems for greenhouse operators to decrease energy consumption and increase yield. We have developed a combination of hardware and software, which gives plants the perfect growing conditions.


fintech ai & ict FINTECH, AI & ICT Design, construction, operation, and use of computer systems, apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, robots, gaming, services, VR and oT In addition, any other machines that can substitute for human actions. Includes computer programs, blockchain, and other technologies.

“If we do it right, we might actually be able to evolve a form of work that taps into our uniquely human capabilities and restores our humanity. The ultimate paradox is that this technology may become the powerful catalyst that we need to reclaim our humanity.�

john hagel Management consultant & author



Yellow Card Financial

Yep Sarl-S


Yellow Card is the cryptocurrency gift card. Buy and sell crypto with cash at store. Yellow Card distributes its Yellow Card Vouchers and PINs into retail stores around the world.

Our company offers LUXCMS, a highly flexible and customizable app engine that works natively on iOS and Android. It is the perfect solutions for organizations mainly focused on providing news, information and notification to audiences.

Heartstrings is the world’s first clinically-validated technology that uses Artificial Intelligence for screening and early diagnosis of heart disease.

University: Auburn University Country: USA

VIBRATION MILL DEVELOPMENT m.l.m. University: Vinnytsia National Agrarian University Country: Ukraine Processing technology of mechano-activation of the particles after fine grinding in the Vibration Mill will enable creation of a wide range of a new products.


University: Royal Institute of Technology Country: Sweden

University: University of Luxembourg Country: Luxembourg


University: University of Zagreb Country: Croatia Prostec is a tech startup with a goal of improving production and business efficiency of livestock farms around the world. Our solution uses RFID technology to tag animals together with a device to identify them from a greater distance.


University: Universitas Indonesia Country: Indonesia Moneysphere is digitalizing the traditional lending circle by using online-based and equipping blockchain to make it more transparant, efficient, and scaleable.


GO ARGuide


Our goal is to provide tourists with a guide accessible on their phone. Using augmented reality (A.R.) we bring you Go ARGuide, a free app that provides a local guide, where tourists can watch points of interest.

imagiCase is working to inspire the next generation of female technologists and increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields.

University: Reykjavik University Country: Iceland


University: Belgrade University Country: Serbia

Trusteed is a Software, a service tool for Instagram deep analytics. Trusteed utilizes the power of data trough our own data science and machine learning algorithms resulting in in-depth insights about followers’ interests, their behavior and reactions.


University: Royal Institute of Technology Country: Sweden

pyn labs

University: International University Of East Africa Country: Uganda Our project Djem Music is a next generation musical platform designed to solve problems in the current musical platforms while keeping easy for the mainstream adoption.



innovation SERVICE INNOVATION Development of user experience and user design. Focus can be on development or optimization of products or service designs, experiences, events, e-services, mobile, web, digitalization or sharing economy.

“you need to think of the three elements of utility, usability and pleasurability as a mixing desk so that you can fine-tune your interactive solution and find your own mix. A�

Marc Stickdorn Trainer and service design thinking consultant



Homecooked, Inc.



Homecooked is a social dining platform that organizes dinner events at the homes of local chefs. Rather than organizing events by food or menu, we have honed in on food as a medium for social connection.

We provide sequential priority roadmap that lets the startups work on the right decisions at the right times while saving and analysing the workflow and decision making process in the team.

Our service solves the problem of delivery in other way. We help to unite people who want to send goods abroad (or receive from abroad) with those who can do it as soon as possible for a small fee.

University: Yale University Country: USA

morpheus team

University: University of Zagreb Country: Croatia Morpheus Zone is a system for creating and playing online e-sports programming games. The player writes a strategy for a game. That strategy is paired against strategies of other players in real-time in a virtual 3D arena.


University: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Country: Ukraine

University: Tampere University of Applied Sciences Country: Finland

Juyi test

University: Shanghai Jiaotong University Country: China In order to achieve the resource sharing and optimum utilization, JUYI TEST had constructed an O2O trading service platform. Based on the internet, it collects all the scientific research instrument and equipment.

Nautilus Software Technology Limited University: City University of Hong Kong Country: China Our startup is on a mission to solve the equity problem in education and strives to make fun and quality learning accessible to all students.





University: Indian Institute Of Management Raipur Country: India

University: Now Asia International SDN Country: Singapore

StudySmarter empowers everyone to achieve their educational goals. We have developed an intelligent learning platform, boosting learning efficiency.

Nearfit is an online aggregator of fitness centers. Nearfit (NF) passes consist of ‘single day’ and ‘weekly’ fitness passes created by any fitness center. A fitness center can create a pass e.g. for Zumba and we broadcast and sell that pass.

LIFI is an application function which aims to foster community engagement and interaction through communication by raising awareness of items misplaced or found within designated compounds.

University: Technical University Munich, Ludwig Maxmilian University Country: Germany

GOLDENME University: University of Luxembourg Incubator Country: Germany The mission of GoldenMe is to eliminate social isolation with a particular focus on people over 50. We aim to achieve this by bringing people together based on common interests and local events.


Famousgadget Lda

Choose Your Future

University: CEI - CATAA Country: Portugal

University: University of Turku Country: Finland

We built this incredible new “organic” table offering multiple connectivity with timelines, performances and budgets. Simply manage your great projects by easy plan over control.

Choose Your Future is helping people (such as refugees, students and employees) find the best place to live and integrate them to their new home cities.


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University Startup World Cup 2018  

University Startup World Cup 2018