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Public in the Chitvan showed a keen interest in lodge complain on corruption issues at MOBILE ALAC.


The 18th Annual General Meeting of Transparency International Nepal (TIN) was held on October 3, 2013 at the Indreni Complex, Kathmandu. Among the 62 members of TIN, 37 were present for the meeting. President Bishnu Bahadur KC chaired the meeting where Secretary General Mr. Bharat Bahadur Thapa presented the Annual Progress Report and Treasurer Mr. Mukunda Pradhan presented the Audited Financial Report. Both the reports were approved unanimously by the AGM after discussions. Chartered Accountants, Dev and Associates, were appointed auditor for the year 2013/14. During the meeting, a committee comprising of Vice President Mr. Mahadev Yadav as Coordinator and Mr. Khemraj Regmi, Mr. Komal Chitracar, Mrs. Padmini Pradhananga and Prof. Pawan Kumar Ojha as members, was formed for finalizing the proposal to amend TIN constitution which was presented at the AGM. The major highlight of the proposal, among others, was to

make eligibility criteria flexible for assuming the leadership role. All the Office Bearers, who have completed their tenure for two consecutive occasions, were barred to run for the election in all capacities for a third tenure. However, the EC Members and Office Bearers, except the incumbent President who has already served two terms, are now eligible to run for the post of President in the election under the new proposal. The newly formed Committee thus is to present its amendment proposal to the Executive Committee (EC) incorporating the said issue as well as in order to comply with the present-day standards. The EC will then present the final amendment proposal to the Special General Meeting (SGM) subsequently to give effect to the amendment.

With the objective to understand and analyze issues affecting governance, TIN completed and published four major researches in September 20, 2013. The research reports were launched by Information and Communication Minister of Nepal, Mr. Madhav Prasad Poudel. Studies carried out include: A Study on Code of Conduct, Study on Management of Funds by Local Development Bodies, Research on Project Cost and Mapping of Selected Anti Corruption and Oversight Agencies and Relevant Laws. Major findings of the studies suggest, inter alia, the erosion on moral values in society, arbitrary

fund management by local government, multiple anti-corruption agencies lacking coordination, donor influenced aid, variance in costs of projects and national integrity in shambles respectively. The findings of these researches have been used by TIN to create mass awareness and also to advocate with the sectors concerned, mainly the Prime Minister’s Office. Most of the findings and learning have been used by practitioners, government agencies, anti-corruption agencies, policy makers and academicians to expand the governance discourse.




An exposure visit to India, 4 to 10 October 2013, was made by three staff members under the ALAC DP Programme to observe the existing good governance practices of TII and local civil society organizations. The team met TII board members and staff, national activists, government officers, and other civil society organizations which helped gain deeper understanding of the governance status and anti corruption initiatives at the local level. Ms. Anupama Jha, Executive Director TII, shared the ongoing activities under the Development Pact program as well as the success stories while signing development commitment with the political parties during the election period.

ALAC DP team also visited various groups, namely, Jaipur CUTS International, Jagamalpura and Kajipura Grampanchayat of Rajasthan, TII Rajasthan Chapter, TII Tamilnadu Chapter and Chief Information Commissioner, Mr. T. Srinivasan. The team observed the functioning of RTI, Social Audit, Community Score Card, Government and Local level Initiatives, participation of local people in Narega Program and the local level decision making process for grassroots level development. The observations made during the visit were shared with TI-Nepal and the recommendations are being forwarded to the board with the possibility of replicating some of the best practices observed there.


Officer, Chitwan; Chief Officer of Land Revenue Office, Chitwa;, UKAID (DFID), Chief Officer of the National Vigilance Centre; Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary General of SAARC. Furthermore, they also had meeting with the TIN Board and the Secretariat to discuss issues like strategic planning, organizational development and chapter communication. Additionally, the team also attended the 17th AGM of TIN. The TIS team also shared their experiences and made necessary recommendations to TI-Nepal.


Ms. Sulakshana de Mel, South Asia Regional Coordinator, TIS and Ms. Maren Thompson, South Asia Programme Coordinator, TIS visited TI-Nepal and its various stakeholders in October, 2013. The visit was primarily focused on observing the functioning of ALAC and NICSA projects. In the process, they attended meetings with various stakeholders namely the Affiliated Organizations - SUNAS Civil Society for Good Governance, Pokhara; Bhrashtachar Biruddhako Abhiyan (Anti-Corruption Campaign), Chitwan; Professional Women’s Support Group, Kathmandu; Media partner-Annapurna FM radio, Pokhara; Chief

UPCOMING EVENTS ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY CELEBRATIONS TIN has recently started using creative approaches on advocacy after realizing the potentiality of fine arts to spread the message. The outcome of this creative route has further enhanced a sense of righteousness among people. The use of fine arts, viz., anti-corruption cartoons, paintings, story books and drama, has brought this burning issue to the people’s notice. This approach has proved to be more sustainable than the orthodox ones. Looking at the positive reception of the creative approach used for the establishment day celebration on August 19, 2013, where a play titled “Bhikshyam Dehi” was staged, TIN has decided to adopt the same approach for the upcoming Anti-Corruption Day Celebration.

A show on corruption in collaboration with Sisno Pani Nepal has been planned where various stakeholders will be invited who in turn will be witnessing anti-corruption messages being communicated with a satirical way. Along with this, TIN is also planning to distribute T-Shirts with anti-corruption message, facilitate partner organizations for various anti-corruption programs and present the Integrity Award.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BUILDING FOUNDATIONS OF INTEGRITY: NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES Corruption is a global phenomenon, and a growing and burning problem in the context of under developed countries like Nepal. Combating corruption in Nepal requires a concerted and coordinated effort between national and international stakeholders. Given the diversity of perspectives present among the relevant national and international actors, cross-sectional dialogue is critical. Like last year, this year too TIN is organizing a two day conference (12 and 13 December, 2013)

where International experts, high-profile Nepali dignitaries and donor communities working in the anti-corruption issues will share their experiences and reflect upon the urgent need for Integrity in various sectors. The conference is designed to engage various national and international stakeholders to chalk out a specific objective of mutual learning and exchange of ideas on the direction of Nepal’s anti-corruption efforts.



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