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Hello! My name is Malthe Emil Skytte. I am a boy and I am 14 years old. My birthday is October 5, 1998. My mother is named Anette and she is 45 years old, and my father’s name is Steen and he is 44 years old. I have got 2 brothers, Mikkel, who is 21 years old and has moved out of home, and Valdemar, who is 12 years old. My little brother and I are some times at his apartment. I also have a sister, who is named Emma and she is 18 years old, but she still lives home. I go at a private school called Hindholm Private school . I am in 8th grade and my school goes from preschool and up to 10th grade, so I have been at the school for almost 9 years. I have got a dog named Thorlaif, who is a boy and he is 10 years old, and 4 cats (all boys) named Oscar, Lille Liam, Grisling and Sofus. I don’t really know how old they are but I know that Liam, Grisling and Sofus are kittens. I live in Bisserup, which it is a little town near the sea and a forest. My grandparents live in Bisserup as well. They are named Carl and Margrethe In my spare time I like to play League of Legends, Skyrim and Minecraft - these are my top 3 games. My best friends are named Jonas and Sune, they are both boys. Jonas and I use a lot of our spare time time to play League of Legends. And Sune and I sometimes play anno 2070 and Minecraft, sadly I can´t play Skyrim online with them because it is not for multi player. I also play table tennis in my spare time. I like to read and talk on Skype with my friends, too.

Malthe Frankrig