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December 2012

Hey everybody. My name is Amanda Rostrup Peters. I am born in 1998 the 8th of February. I live in Denmark, 4250 Fuglebjerg. My school is also in Fuglebjerg and it is called Hindholm Private School. I came to Hindholm in preschool class, and now I am in the 8th grade, therefore I have been here for 9 years. In my spare time I go to handball and deliver newspapers, which mean I only got Monday, as my day off, and I use that day to go shopping after school with my friends. My interests are almost everything with a ball – football, handball, basketball, table tennis and so on. I also care about what I wear. Every evening I find my clothes to the next day and it has to match. If I haven´t got anything that matches, I go and borrow my mum´s clothes. We use the same size. I also love to take pictures. I got a Canon 1100D camera, and I love to go out in the woods, or in the streets –especially when there is snow! It is so beautiful. One thing I do everyday, is listening to music. I can only clean my room at home, if I also got music. I hear music when I’m out with the newspapers, and when I run to Handball, and in the school, almost every second. My parents are divorced, and they are not good at talking to each other. Therefore I live 10 days at my mum´s, and 4 days at my dad´s every second week. I have a brother, who is 18 years old the 8th of December, and a half-sister, who is 7 years old. She is only my half sister, because it’s my dad and bonus mum’s daughter. I have 4 ‘’best friends’’ - it is my girls. I love them more than anything. We can be weird together, we laugh at each other’s jokes, and we hold girls´ night – nothing is funnier than girls´ night. This is my girls and I.

hope we will stay together forever.

I have also got a boyfriend. He is the best. I love him so much! We have been together for a month, and I This is my boyfriend and I.

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I am always in Spain during the summer and in Norway during the winter, because my mum and her family have got apartments in those countries. Now you have heard about me, and I am looking forward to hear about you. Hugs and kisses from Amanda Rostrup Peters ď Š

Amanda RP