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Evaluate a News Article A'

students were asked to write a news article about a recent event in their town. The news article below received a score of 4. When using a 4-point rubric, a score of 4 means "excellent." Read the article and the comments to find out why this article is a success.

Bears Take


day S:in"ll

by Marcus



Graceville poiice reported that residents spotted two black bears walking down the center of c1itr'street on sunday night around 8


Nice work. You introduce the event with a good lead You made it strong by using


The bears;,belleved tobe an adult and a cub, were gone when a police officer arrived and have not biensghiad'since.

Glenda Curtis, owner of Gjendas they were stray dogs sniffing around

, ,

descriptive words.

C*fe,fiist,6*"d fu biai

she was closing, her cafii for.the'evenirrg.


Good! Your introduction deab with WhoT What? When?

"&am u Jisturr." I i;ught a;at"nzlrs. curtis said. "But

Where? and Why?

I knew they were biar.-fiey looked like th.v *.* having a gra*d old timer like a mama *astt*kit g hei cub:on:;s,-,.,,...:, Sundaystroll."Mrs.Curtis.wasithe{rrtto.*il,tlri,; . as

title! tt will really grab

reader's attention.

they got closer

officer Tom Menashi, who,repouted tu tt.,r&aa;ida that recent construction of new hsmes in the area has taken u*uy ro*c

oftn* black bears'natural htbitat,As a result, more blacr'b"ur*.fit#il-spotted in recent months;Last,month a blapk bear war r*un rrg ,: .,\,. across the football,field in Okaloosx pafk.,' -:'', , . ,


Nice-You use descriptive words to give additional about the event. Good job!

Nice work-You do not your personal viewpoint. But you make clear the viewpoinb

of the different people in the article.


Officer Menasha said that Mrs. Curtis did the right thing by staying inside and calling the police. Biack bears might look friendly and even harmiess to some, he said, but they have been known ,o / act aggressively at times.

However, Menasha added, the peopie of Graceville shouldnt worry. The bears, he said, probably returned to the woods peacefully. tia*ryrysryry.xt4li4trryiryg,.iEqgsryF|iilrwj!ft:ww

Writer's Companion. UNIT 1 Lesson 4 Review Writer,s Craft

You do a good job of making sure each sentence has a subject and a predicate.

You end the article concl usion.

with a good

Evaluating a News Article