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Writer's'Gra{ in'Literature

Reviewl Writer's Craft Personal and sensory details help writers express their viewpoint, which is

how they think and feel about a topic. Sensory details can also give readers a first-hand experience of something. Like quotations, descriptive words, and questions, sensory details help writers create strong leads for their writing.

A. Read the passage below. Notice how the writer uses descriptive words to express a feeling of excitement.

Soon Nellie Blywas the Wortdi star srunt reporter, responsible for coming up


her own great story ideas.


epless niglr1she had an extraordinary idea. She wouid break thg

fictional '


reaoid 6fPfii1-eas Fogg,whowent around thqworld in eighty days inJu1ei.,Vernetsr,,,, ',, popular novel. ' ,In:the,Iate.,!800i'it,tookmany monthl ib,travel around the *orld-Boati'wire late, *airrs weie,,slrow, ahd:conneitions were ofteA rnissed. But Nellie checked the timetables



she could beat Fogg's

, , . . Besides,



record..Heriditor was doubtful'......9',r,

Wrtd*outdnt ,.nd hei,,he'd simply find



:another,,,, ,,,,,,



The Doring Nellie Bly:


Reporter by Bonnie Christensen

B. Find sensory details and personal viewpoint.

1. Underline words that help you know the writer's viewpoint about Nellie Bly.

2. Put a box around sensory details that give readers a picture of Nellie Bly. 3' Double underline details about what Nellie did that help readers understand

what she was lik

c. What could you add or change to make this an even better lead for the selection? On the lines below, tell what you would do.

Writer's Companion r UNIT 1 Lesson 4 Reliew Writer's Craft

Sensory Details  

-from reaoid 6fPfii1-eas Fogg,whowent around thqworld in eighty days inJu1ei.,Vernetsr,,,, ',, . Writer's'Gra{ in'Literature de$paper.thatwo...