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Design is not only my Passion but also my Lifestyle

About Tina

Tina Lai Department of Industrial Design (2016.09~) National Cheng Kung University Mobile: +886-922-735-486 E-mail:

Experience 2012-2013 Exchange Student in Mason High School (MI, USA) 2016.07 Internation Pioneer Camp 2017.02 Desgin Workshop (about emotion) 2017.06 NCKU ID Final Exhibition-Curator 2017.08 NCKU ID Freshman Camp-Leader of Drama Group 2017~ NCKU ID Basketball team-Basketball manager

Languages Skills -English-GEPT High – Intermediate Level (6/2015) with full marks on speaking part -Japanese Course (4 semesters)

Professional Skills Solidworks Keyshot Rhino MS Office

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Premiere

Product Design Wow for Toast Soffice NOPY

Graphic Design Corporate Identity System DM Package Calendar Ppo Art Low Poly Transparent


Sketch 3D Modeling

Product Design Wow for Toast Soffice NOPY

Wow for toast

Aim to make cooking smple and for the convenience of the whole process. For person who lives alone can experience the fun of cooking.

What I had learnt from this project: - Design method, like persona, user jouney map, and Affinity Diagrams - Conbine the style of craft into daily products Designer : Tina Lai

Background Aim to design a cookware that people live in small room alone can experience the fun of cooking.

Common Problems -Batter is eaily to be poured out -Really inconvenience when washing if the backing tray cannot be taken apart from the machine -If cook bacon before toast on the same tray, the toast will coverd with oil -Small room usually not equipped with kitchen -Beginner are afraid of failure

After the process of brain storming, I wanted to make it looks fine in the room. Also the product must make cooking process more simple, including preparing the mixture and cleaning up.

Design Feature Playful




Transparent part on the top with glass baking tray make it possible to see through. No need to worry about overcook and having fun seeing food cooked.

Special slope design of toast baking tray. No need to worry that lots of oil will cover on the toast after cooking bacon.

Directly mix the ingredients in the mixing cup. Press the button to let the batter out.

Use icon to assist adjusting the time and temperature. Free to choose any temperature.

Form Design

Old version Holders are too thin that feel week

Round shape makes people feel soft and comfortable. Thus, it is a suitable shape for home. White makes it easier to see the dirty spots. And the wood part is a hint that tell the user to touch it or hold it. It is also a color that fit in the house.

User Experience Using the machine

Using the mix cup


Pour in

Put in

Pour into tray


Put back

"Wow for toast" can cook toast, waffle, octopus ball and be use as pan.


As mobile office become a new way of working, we believe that it is important to adjust or create product that can fit in the new trend.

What I had learnt from this project: - Teamwork - Smart device and material that can use when design Designer : Tina Lai, Shuan-jou, Hsu, Hao-Xuan, Lu

Design Concept We wanted to improve the product that people are using now, and make it more easily to bring. Also, we added some new ideas to make our product being thoughtful for the users. Let people can working or holding meeting anywhere. Example Places


Coffee shop

Convenience store

How to let everyone see the screen when meeting outside? How to show small items to everyone at the same time?

Scan Pro

Lap Charge Do we have to bring the heavy charger when using laptop outside? What should I do if we want to use the toliet?

Why do the cliclers always confuse me? Can we control the computer without going back to my seat?


Scan Pro

Main designed by Tina Lai

Equipped with scanner and projector which can let the preparing and the process of meeting smoothly. Let people feel more convenience and easily to bring.

Lap Charge

Main designed by Shuan-jou, Hsu

The bag of laptop equipped with charger and laptop lock. More convenience and safe when working outside.


Main designed by Hao-Xuan, Lu

Compare to normal clicker, it is more simple to control with our gesture. The material of fabric make it possible to ďŹ t in different sizes.


How to Use Scan Pro Start using Select funtion, from left are -Document Cameras -Scan Mode -Project your screen Turn on the power botton

Document Cameras During meeting, this funtion will bring convenience for people to show some small items to others.

Scan Mode The laser light will point out where is being scanned. And the information will transfer to the device through bluetooth.

Project your Screen The users can adjust the project into the angle that fit their situation.

Small size to fit in the bag

Put in the lid of scanner

Press down the stand

Press the satnd into the hole

Place the top on the stand

Scan Pro is made for helping people finish their work smoothly and have no problem discussing with other people when they are not at the office. Also, it is coverd with soft material which will make the user feel warm and confortable.


Bed is not only for sleeping but also for bringing up their imagination. Use the feature of elephant to design the wonderland for kids. What I had learnt from this project: - Teamwork - Participate in the competition Designer : Tina Lai, Chen,Ting Fang

Feature Equipped wtih wardrobe which can let kids to learn how to organize their colthes.

The drawer on the stairs can store toys and their daily items.

The ear of the elephant is a table which can be used with the elephant foot chair.

Kids can sit on the elephant foot chair when playing or resting. It also equipped with drawer.

Graphic Design Corporate Identity System DM Package Calendar Ppo Art Low Poly Transparent

Corporate Identity System

Corporate Logo

Corporate Envelope & Letter Papper

Bussiness Card

VIP Card


Child toys activity

Product Package

"Chinese Six Arts" was our team topic. And I choose "Calligraphy" as my main design. Use simple shape to conbine modern style with traditional culture. The package is for watch.

Calendar Design

Choose film camera and traveling as the topic and hope to give people ideas about where to go every month. Each tourist spots have their own description on the calendar.

Die Cutting

Pop art

Low Poly



3D Modeling

Tooth brush

3D Modeling


Scan Pro

Street lights

My Name Tina Suewinda Lai

Tina's Portfolio 2018  

Tina's Portfolio 2018

Tina's Portfolio 2018  

Tina's Portfolio 2018