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Published & written by: Aysha AlMuhairi, Aysha AlMarzouqi, Fatima AlMarar and LatifaAlQubaisi

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DUBAI The city of life..

Information 1

Where is Dubai located? Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates in the Middle East, It's located on the Eastern coast of the Peninsula, in the southwest


What is the top 1 museum in Dubai? Dubai Museum

Welcome to the city of life, Dubai! Over the years many cities have had the honour of being recognized as the biggest tourist destinations worldwide. New York is the city that never sleeps, Paris is the city of love and London is the city of lights, while Barcelona is the home of football. All those cities are HUGE and well known everywhere around the world but at some period of time there came a city where families come together, soul mates meet and see eye to eye, where all kind of things you will find from shops to restaurants from pools to parks from the ocean to the desert and once upon a time all the human races across the world came running towards this city of life. Yes, my town. My home. My love, Dubai.

What type of multicultural events/ Festivals are held in Dubai? 1



Global village: Where the world comes together. Global Village (GV) in Dubai is an area in Dubai land with a collection of pavilions representing different countries from around the world, selling trinkets, food, clothes which are representative of the culture and country. Dubai International Film Festival:Each year DIFF presents new and exciting cinema from the Arab world, Asia, Africa and beyond.


Modhesh World: Is the best destination for family entertainment during the summer in Dubai.


Dubai Shopping Festival: takes place every winter with its mammoth array of discounts, competitions, prizes, fireworks and entertainment.


Dubai Summer Surprise: more than 100 different shows and activities, spectacular prizes and winning opportunities, and amazing shopping deals across 31 days.


Ramadan in Dubai:Emarati hospitality and traditions are very evident during this month as iftars are hosted across Dubai and residents of different nationalities come together to share the spirit of Ramadan.


NYE in Burj-Khalifa: The annual BurjKhalifa fireworks have quickly earned their place in the league of the world's most popular New Year's Eve celebrations.


DubaiLand: is a unique multi-faceted district of sporting, entertainment, and retail attractions sitting alongside growing residential communities.

What parks or natural landmarks are located in your town? What activities do they offer?






Wild Wadi: Biggest water park in UAE. In front of the stunning Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi offers 30 rides and attractions for all the family. Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore. Jumeirah Park beach:is a ideal for a family picnic on the weekends. The park has a beach front and is visited a lot by tourists for swimming and sunbathing. It has picnic tables, barbecue area, small play areas for children, volleyball play area, showers and swimming areas with lifeguards. Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo: One of the largest tanks in the world, the Dubai Aquarium is located inside the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 33,000 living animals, including 400 sharks and rays and a close encounter via its acrylic walk through tunnel. The Underwater Zoo brings you face-to-face with piranha, giant catfish, otters and a penguin colony while walking through the Rainforest, Rocky Shore and Living environments. Dubai Zoo:Flamingoes, Alexandrine parakeets, herons, Axis deer's, Bengal tigers, Bangladesh mongooses, etc.

Safa Park:It is a large green park has been divided into sections and play areas. There's a video game parlour for teenagers, along with bumper cars and the big wheel. A Mini-City complete with small scale roads, traffic lights and signs for the children. Also, a lake with fountain, waterfall and boating facilities. It has three tennis courts, volleyball, basketball and football pitches, a lake and waterfall, barbecue sites and massive expanses of grassy areas with small gently rolling hills to enjoy. It is very popular with joggers and walkers of Dubai.

What sporting events or outdoor activities are offered in your town?





Fazza Championship 2013 – Falconry:The falconry tournament kicks off the Fazza Championship, an annual event of cultural and heritage sports. Skydive Dubai:They offer you extraordinary skydives over one of the most breathtaking views in the world. They offer tandems with their world class tandem instructors and masters. They also offer fun jumps for skydivers with 500 jumps and a D License. Ranked #1 of 18 Sports in Dubai

Ski Dubai: Located inside Dubai Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the world’s third largest indoor ski slope and the first to open in the Middle East

Dubai fountains:Choreographed to music, the Dubai Fountain shoots water as high as 500 feet –that’s as high as a 50-story building. Designed by creators of the Fountains of Bellagio in Vegas, Dubai Fountain Performances occur daily on the 30-acre BurjKhalifa

What are the weather conditions and average

Describe a typical day in your town (What is there

temperature in your town

Dubai is a constantly changing, sprawling desert oasis, blending traditions and excitement into a cosmopolitan city. Visit new landmarks, such as the world's tallest building, the BurjKhalifa, and the inspiring Dubai Fountains. Experience the culturally significant Bastakiya Quarter. Ride in a wooden boat taxi and take in the sights and smells of

If you are planning to be in Dubai in the summer months – or the hot months of roughly June through September, be prepared for midday temperatures to reach or 42°C to 45°C (108°F to 113°F). On the hottest days the temperatures can reach 48°C (120°F). There’s some respite from the heat at night, when temperatures dip lower, usually in the low

What makes your town unique or Dubai is special because there is nowhere in the world like it. Its tall buildings, its beaches, its desert, its weather, its people and its food. Everything about Dubai makes me fall in love with it over again.

Do It Yourself





The present project 1

The present project 2

Wallpaper Gift Bags

Materials Needed

box to use as a form for the size of your gift, wallpaper large enough to wrap around the box, contrasting ribbon as handles, double-sided tape, scissors, whole punch, cardboard (optional)


Step 1: Cut around the size of your desired box as if you were wrapping a present leaving plenty of space around. Step 2: Fold down about 2″ on the horizontal side. This will act as the top of the bag. Step 3: With the folded part placed at the top of the box, continue to wrap the box like a normal gift. Go back and give a good crease to each bend in the wallpaper. This will help give shape to the bag. With the double-sided tape, tape the edge down. Step 4: Fold the bottom of one side in, but leave the other side open. Step 5: Take the box out of the now formed wallpaper bag and squeeze the front and back together so there’s a crease on each of the sides. Again, this will give shape to the bag and make it more sturdy. Step 6: If you want to really secure the bag’s shape, cut a piece of cardboard to the size of the bottom of the bag (not shown). Step 7: Decide what type of ribbon formation you’d like. There’s the traditional handles with one on each side, or a central ribbon, which I show here. I punched two holes about 3/4″ apart at the top of the bag on the front and back. Step 8: Slide the ribbon through starting on the front, going through the back and then returning to the front again. Then tie your ribbon. Voila!


For large packages, I’d recommend cereal boxes or laundry detergent boxes. For smaller shapes, I used tea boxes. For medium boxes you can use books. Try a variety of sizes to experiment with the fun shapes you can create. Enjoy!

Do It Yourself Hemp pendant Lamps How to make hemp string pendant lamps.

Supplies and tools -Bouncy balls of various size. -clear dying craft glue. -Hemp sting. -Marker.

DIY ‘ TURNING OLD STUFF INTO SOMETHING NEW AND VINTAGE.’ 1. Draw a circle on the ball with a permanent marker. This circle will mark a space on the lamp that needs to remain clear of string. The empty circle will be used in assembling the light fixture and will allow you to have access for changing light bulbs. If the light fixture you are using has lamp shades, make sure that the circles are big enough for the shades to easily pass through. 2. Cover your work surface with trash bags or a drop cloth, and put on gloves (this gets messy). 3. Squeeze a quarter size amount of glue onto your fingers and run the hemp string through the glue and then wrap it around the ball. The string should stick fairly easily to the ball. You can fill a shallow tub with the glue and run the hemp string through it, or you can apply the glue directly to the string

4. Glue and wrap, glue and wrap, glue and wrap. Just keep going. Try to wrap randomly to avoid crisscross patterns. The more densely wrapped the lamp is the stronger it will be. 5. Make sure to avoid wrapping string over the circle area. If there are any areas that seem weak, you can apply a little extra glue to give it more strength. 6. Repeat the steps 1-5 to make multiple lamps. Let the glue dry completely. (The glue I recommended takes about 48 hours to cure completely.) 7. Use the inflating needle to deflate the ball.

8. Remove the deflated ball from the lamp. 9. This part takes some basic electrical skills. Follow the installation instructions that come with your light fixture. While installing the light string, feed the wires through the circle hole of the lamp and up through the top, so that the light bulb will hang down in the center of the sphere.

‘ The trials of life pushed me towards good deeds.’ 7 billion people in the world are living, some are rich, some are poor, some survive the struggles, some give up, some have homes and some sleep on the streets in the cold nights. Imagine 90% of those on earth actually have a good lives, while the 10% don’t have shelter. Some don’t have a piece of anything to keep their hunger down through the winter freezing nights, some don’t ever have a drop of water to keep their throats from drying in the hot summer sun. Out of all those people is a woman who helps those in need even if her budget doesn’t permit, she still finds a way and believes that Allah will always help her; She’s Um Ala’a..


hen did you start volunteering?

5 or 6 years ago. I started working at Shaikha Amna Qura'an center, where they helped thousands of people, and I collaborated with them for a few years .

At which time of the year do you donate the most? There’s no specific time. I donate all the year, but during Ramadan I donate more, because during Ramadan Allah doubles your good deeds, and that’s better!

What encouraged you to carry on doing this job? The difficulties of life. I once worked as a supervisor in one of the schools. Girls used to come with papers that say they can’t offer the money to pay the school’s fees. After investigating the applications, out of 40 girls who came, 6 only were in real need for money and the others were faking their applications just to get more money. This encouraged me to focus more and look for the families who are in need for money..

Where did you come up with this idea? From my dad. He used to be the Imam of the Masjid,. One of the days a man came and gave my dad money (Sadaqa) but my dad told him that he’s not poor and (Sadaqa) is for people who are in need for that money. After that, dad noticed that people don’t know to whom they should give the (sadaqa), so he came up with the idea of putting a box for donation in the Masjid.. And then she mentioned another story of her dad.

Talk about a story that happened to you and got stuck in your heart? There’s a family that have been suffering since years. A family of 10, 4 girls, 3 boys and a father who can barely help himself and has no source of income. One of the girls her fiancé came to visit them directly after he came from his work at 5. The mother got nervous, started to ask the girl “What to give him for lunch? We have no food.” and started to cry out of the embarrassment. In that day we had a party in one of the centers. Look at the coincidence! So I started to collect the extra food and sent it to the family. The reaction on the mother’s face when she started to cry and thanked me was priceless.

Did you feel that your life changed after volunteering? Yes. I feel like a queen now, not because of money but because of the health and success Allah is giving me & my family.

Tell me about the feeling you get when you volunteer? “To be honest with you helping others makes me happy but I try my best not to show it so it can keep me grounded and focused on who I truly am..” Then she added “I don’t like people to know the other side of Um Ala’a, the volunteer, because this will lead to popularity which lead to “Um Ala’a did this and that.” I like to keep those things between Allah & I.” She ended her answer by mentioning the story of Zubaida.. “Zubaidah had built a well in Makkah, this well provided drinking water to thousand of pilgrims for many centuries. However, soon after Zubaidah’s death, her son saw her in a dream and she gladly told him she was in paradise, he told his mother “I’m sure that you’re in paradise because of the well.” She said, “On the contrary the well almost destroyed me.” He said “How come?” She said “It made me famous. However, I’m in paradise because of the two (Raka’a) I pray in the darkness, when everyone is asleep.

I feel like a QUEEN now because of


What are your worries? I’m constantly worrying of having to stop my work. My car is giving me serious problems. I will need a new car soon if I’m going to continue volunteering.

What is the most important lesson you learnt from other’s mistakes? She mentioned a story of her dad “A Family that my father used to help, for about 8 years non-stop. They took food from my mother, daily! And money from my father, it was like a salary, every month. And then boom! They turned out to be liars, they were filthy rich! They were stingy, they saved every peny they had, they were billionaires. Dad found out from that man's brother, and wife. They got into a fight with them, and then they told my father about it. My father didn't know what to do, so he called the police, asked for help, the police men made a preparation, they came undercover. My father started to ask the man infront of the police men, if it was true that he took money from him for 8 years, every month, and supplies everyday. And he said it's true, So they caught him and made him pay every penny he stall and give them to other poor families.” The lesson I learnt from this story is to investigate more about the people I’m going to help.

Simple It’s so easy to find your perfect recipe with Oreo

Oreo truffles balls Serves: 20 Preparation time: 15 to 30 minutes

Ingredients   

2 x 250g packets Oreo biscuits 250g cream cheese White or milk chocolate, melted ( optional )

Method 1. Crush Oreo biscuits to form crumbs. 2. Add and mix in softened cream cheese. 3. Roll into balls and dip into the chocolate. 4. Set in fridge for 1 hour.

Oreo milkshake

Serves: 2 Preparation time:___

Ingredients    

4 scoops vanilla ice cream 8 Oreos 2 cups milk Whipped cream ( optional )

Method 1. Crush Oreos 2. Put all ingredients in blender 3. Blend on low speed for 30 seconds the increase speed to high for another 30 seconds or until thick and smooth 4. Pour into 2 glasses 5. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles ( optional ).

Mohanned AlEnnzi

A super man at the last minute

Football player

What do you feel about Alain Club? I love the club, they are my second family, It's an honor to play in Alain. I've played there for 5 years, and I'll renew my contract for 3 more years. Alain club; they are the champions league, it’s like the sense of belonging staying there. The love of AlAin club is endless, we celebrate together, happiness and sadness, through ups and downs, through any weather, In Any part of the world, I LOVE THE TEAM!!!

How did you discover the talent that you have? It was my hobby! I played since a very young age, then I started playing At AlWehhda Club, all of a sudden, they all started telling me that you are a very good player, you should play in some of the UAE's teams, So the coaches that trained me discovered and encouraged me to be here, lots of coaches not only one. So I'm thankful to God for this talent, for my coaches to train me and both my coaches and family that encouraged me.

Who is your role model? Definitely 'Abu Trekka'! He is my role model in everything, his morality, his religion, I was to be like him, in everything. And I'll raise my kids in this manners.

What do you feel toward the crowds? They are the most important part in the match, and field, sometimes crowds or fans can pressurize us, and this adds to the stress that I already have, but sometimes , I love listening to the crowds, screaming, cheering us, singing UAE's traditional songs, the national Anthems, Loads of love! We must never disappoint them, because they took the time to make it here, they are already stressed, but they are always a good sport. I thinks they are my second most important thing in life.

What do you want to achieve and doesn't includes football? I seriously want to complete my studies, enter high school, and university, get a good certificates, get a job, but at the same time play football, I couldn't make it, because football made me too busy to complete my studies, but I couldn't make it, because football made me too busy to complete my studies, but I advise everyone, first they must finish there studies, get a good certificate, then achieve your dreams, because its never too late, or if you can, make both at the same time.

Work Outfit Turn their heads with your fabulous

Top from H&M DHS169

Ring from H&M DHS26 Necklace from H&M DHS69

Trouser from H&M DHS99 Handbag from ZARA DHS295 High heel boots from ZARA DHS495


FRIEND Laqcena, also known as Latifa is a crazy, freaky, weird directioner. Who fan girls over any little thing. All she wants to do in life is eat, go to NYC, and marry Niall. She’s passionate songwriter and music is everything to her. She can be really unpredictable sometimes.

THE ONES WHO WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK Boys come and go. Dreams will sometimes not come true. Promises will sometimes be broken. But there will always be those who will be there for you and love you no matter what.Take us for example! 4 idiots, someway they ended up together. We talk about some really weird stuff and we know we will always be there for each other through high and low no matter what we will always be together. They’re your best friends.

Things you can do with your friend Indoor activities Outdoor activities Places to go 1.Sleepover 2.Movie night 3.Bake 4.Create games


1.Ski Dubai




3.Malls in general



Tonic3washy, also known as Aysha Bin Shabib. A Pianist who wants to cruise around the world and you can call her a books freak! She has a sense of creation that will blow your mind.. KATAMII, also known as Fatima AlMarar. Baking is her passion. She’s running a baking business by her own. A neat psycho who can’t stand a tiny bit of mess. She’s like the mama of us! Washetta, also known as Aysha AlMuhairi. Obsessed with cookies, movies & TV shows. Dare her to catch up with a series within a short time and she will. A nerd who enjoys studying.

INDOOR ACIVITIES When the weather is hot and you don’t feel like going out you can still have plenty of fun with a friend by staying indoors . .

Sleepover Invite your best friends for a sleepover party, which is also known as pajama party! But you need to get sure that this party won’t be lame. Therefore, follow these steps.. 1.Make sure to get lots of snacks. What’s a party without food? 2.Find out what your friends like to do and try to find activities that are suitable. 3.Have a spa night. From facial to painting nails and more.. 4.Tell scary stories. It’s always fun to scare others specially when it’s the time before going to bed. 3.Play Truth or Dare. This game never gets old! DON’T FORGET TO GET LOTS OF BLANKETS AND PILLOWS!!

Movie night You have nothing to do? Boring night? Pick your phone, call a friend and ask them to come for a movie night! Steps for an excited movie night . . 1.Decide a theme for your movie marathon. Is it comedy, romance or horror? 2.Get snacks 3.Comfy place to stay and watch your movie 4.Get the DVDs ready!

BAKE BAKE BAKE! Frosting, sweets and chocolate.. 3 words drives 7 billion people crazy!! You can have fun with your friend while baking and fill your tummy in the same time. 2 in 1. Easy & quick things you can make: 1.Cake pops 2.Cupcakes 3.Cinnamon rolls 4.Cookies 5.Brownies 6.Fruit pies 7.Biscuits

G E T C R E AT I V E The entire creativeness comes out in our free time. Why not to spend your creativity with one of your friends? 1. Create games: -Bingo -Truth or Dare -Rock, paper, scissor -XO -Hang man

2. DIY: -Get creative with old shirts, shoes and accessories

‘Creativity is Intelligence having fun.’- Albert Einstein

OUTDOOR Barbeque Beef or chicken? Mustard, ketchup, barbeque sauce or vinegar? Half cooked or fully cooked? Those are the questions you should answer when you’re in a barbequing.

Sport Enjoying a workout can be a great chance for a quality time with your friends and losing weight! List of sports you can make: 1.All types of balls (Basketball, Football,etc) 2.Swimming 3.Running

Picnic Summer is the best time to go on a picnic with your friends and make it memorable. First, plan for the picnic before going on one. 1.Choose a place 2.Prepare the food (sandwiches, fruits, chips, pies and juices.) 3.Go to the picnic area and enjoy your time

Gardening It’s time to give to your garden a life by gardening flowers and digging up seeds. Get your tools ready!

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