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The next chapter in my life By Wayne Hooks

I’m on the start of my new chapter New opportunities are now opening By this I mean I just don’t dance, I also create Can picture the scene I reach out to help others So they can progress and go further What I see is so rewarding Pushing and pulling in the right direction Thinking each bit up section by section. Believing is what people need to succeed My confidence is what I need to feed Giving people energy is what I do best Now it’s up to them to put it to the test Best foot forward is soon approaching Going to be strange because I won’t be performing Looking forward to see my group perform My dance piece will be a storm My storm started when I performed “Shake the Tree” It’s given me so much. It made me see It made me aware of my skills and many talents Now I want to climb as high as a tree I need a bit of help The people who invest in me TIN Arts has made me stronger It may have taken me a bit longer Now I have the support it is time to shine The time is now mine

The next chapter in my life by Wayne Hooks