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FINANCING A PEACHTOWN EDUCATION Costs 2010-11 Annual Tuition Charge New Student Registration Fee

$5304 $ 50

Tuition Reduction for Siblings Each additional student receives 15% tuition reduction Partial year enrollment Planned partial year enrollments (not withdrawals) are defined by school notification prior to July 1 for Semester I (first day of classes to the end of 4th week in January) and October 1 for Semester II (last week in January to last day of classes in June). Planned partial enrollments will be charged for the full semester if enrollments exceed four full weeks of school (20 school days) during the semester. Enrollments less than four full weeks are charged one-tenth the annual tuition. Unplanned partial enrollments are subject to full charges and the stated refund policy. In special circumstances, partial tuition refunds after the published refund period will be considered upon written application to the Peachtown Board of Trustees. Scholarships Scholarship applications should be submitted in the spring before enrollment. Scholarships are calculated based on financial need. Information provided is held strictly confidential. Your tuition payment plan is based on your charges after any scholarship is credited directly to your account. Payment Plans: choose one of the following payment options • A single annual payment paid by August 15: Full tuition (non-scholarship) payers may receive a 3% tuition discount if payment in full is received by August 15 • Two semi-annual payments, due August 15 and January 15 • Twelve equal interest free payments, due the first of each month, July 1 - June 1 Refund Policy: Tuition is charged and scholarship is credited one-half the annual amount per semester. Tuition refunds are made according to the following schedule. Scholarship for the semester is pro-rated based upon the percent of calculated refund. Withdrawal prior to the 1st day of class Withdrawal during the 1st week of class Withdrawal during the 2nd or 3rd week of class Withdrawal after the 3rd week of class

90% 75% 50% 0%

Afterschool Program Scholarship students are charged $1.00 per hour for afterschool care. Others are charged $2.00 per hour. Parents are billed monthly.

Financing a Peachtown Education  

Information on financing a Peachtown education.

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