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Urban Smarts 1

“ ef i vr se tr ya na r at ims ta tweausr . -Ralph Waldo Emerson 2

project introduction This journey has taught me so much about media design, marketing and branding. On top of all that, I’ve grown to love the Urban Smarts p r o g r a m . I t ’s i n c r e d i b l e b e c a u s e i t not only serves at-risk youth but it teaches them creative skills and delivers a positive outlet for the students. This program supports those in the San Antonio, TX area, but I saw that it had much more potential. My vision in this rebranding effort was to evoke the p r o g r a m ’s s t r e n g t h ’s a n d s h o w the world exactly how remarkable Urban Smarts really is. - T.







St rat egy 08 client brief 12 swot analysis 14 creative brief 16 research paper 18 target audience


P rocess 24 mood boards 26 logo development 28 preliminary designs

05 St andards

So lutio ns 52 connections 54 logo 56 electronic 60 social 64 print 70 video 72 green graffiti 74 summary

References 77 in text 78 images

36 color 40 typography 42 tone + imagery 46 logo


01 S t rat eg y

08 client brief 12 swot analysis 14 creative brief 16 research paper 18 target audience


research and strategy After choosing Urban Smarts as the company for the branding campaign, there was extensive research to discover and develop. This research brought forth methods and strategies to understanding the client and the c l i e n t ’s n e e d s . W i t h o u t t h e i n t i a l research stages, the final product w o u l d s u f f e r. W i t h o u t k n o w i n g what a company is, what they s t a n d f o r, w h o t h e y s e r v e a n d h o w they can improve, any final designs wouldn’t be effective.

- T.


01.strategy 8

c lie n t br ie f

The client brief provides details about the Urban Smarts program regarding company background, goals and vision. In order to understand a client and client n e e d s , i t ’s r e q u i r e d t h a t a d e s i g n e r research the company profile. The following information allows for further understanding of the b r a n d ’s v a l u e s a n d p r o m i s e s . - T.

about urban smarts it all star t e d i n 1 9 9 3 .. Urban Smarts was put together to “divert elementary and middle school students in urban risk areas away from gangs, drugs, and contact with the Juvenile Justice system”(Urban Smarts). Funded by the Department of Community Initiates, Urban Smarts offers a tuition-free program where students can learn from actual professional artists and work along-side interns to gain inspiration in the fields of art and creativity. This is important because “youths [are] able to gain a sense of self-efficacy through the acquisition of new skills and the accomplishment of multiple goals” (Stinson, A., 2009).

current market sector At-risk youth, according to ‘At Risk Youth’, are “children/youth who are more likely to drop out of school due to a variety of demographic, socioeconomic, and institutional characteristics.” Various programs are designed to assist these children with developing better decision making skills and lower the risk of dropping out of school, joining gangs or making other choices that threaten their livelihood. The specific sector included in the action plan above is At-Risk youth programs that use artistic expression as a learning module. The biggest issue these programs are facing right now is a lack of understanding for the demographic and target audience.

The programs need to push forward in a way that conveys the potential of the participants instead of conveying the mistakes they’ve made in the past or the idea outsiders may have of them.

brand promise

Through creating and counselor support, the program inspires the participants to discover wonder within and comfort in expressing repressed feelings. Students connect with their inner selves through life-skill building workshops, which then apply to fine arts projects. They find confidence through learning that being creative also means they are being smart.

“to inspire every child to use their imagination and show that creativity is a f orm of inte llige nc e ”

brand values 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

fun creativity safety confidence friendships


current competition

Art in Action w w w. a r t i n a c t i o n . o rg

A Reason to Survive w w w. a re a s o n t o s u r v i v e . o rg

Yo u t h A r t s

S i m i l ar i ti e s : M e a ni n g: A rt as an o utlet A u t h e n ti ci ty: Kn ows target market Val ue: You th em po werment

Similar ities : Me a n in g : Ar t a s a n o u t le t Au t h e n t ic it y: K n o ws t a r g e t ma r k e t Va lu e : Yo u t h e mpo we r me n t

S i m i l a r i t i e s: M e a ni ng : A r t a s a n o ut l e t A ut he nt i c i t y : Kno w s t a r g e t m a r k e t Va l ue : Yo ut h e m p o w e r m e nt

D i ffe ren ce s :

Differences :

D i ff e re n c e s:

S u st a i n ab i l i ty

Ta r g e t Au die n c e : Te e n a g e r s

C o m m i t m e nt

C e lebrati n g 30 successf ul y ears A n nu al F u n d- rai sers

F o c u s o n H e a lin g

Openly describes their field scans, i n t e r v i e w s a n d f o c u s g ro u p s t o s h o w a c t i v e re se a rc h

O nl in e program w/ wo rldwide serv ices O ff er A du l t Cl as ses

Off e r s C o lle g e R e a din e s s pro g r a ms

Offers video and print ‘toolkit’ of suc c e ssful a c t i v i t i e s Includes team training tips for v o l unt e e r s/ i nst r uc t o r s


how is urban smarts different?




caseworker counseling

professional artists

focus on intelligence

These caseworkers are indivually assigned to the participants to counsel and teach life skills including dealing with changes, better decision making and how to set future goals.

Professional artists and student interns inspire youths to push themselves in the field of arts and consider moving forward in the area in their professional and collegiate futures.

By giving students a goal and encouraging them to plan their future they are able to see how art and intelligence coincide. They are able to see that being smart can be achieved through creativity.


01.strategy 12

s wo t an alysis

“SWOT analysis is a tool that helps identify business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats� (Levens, p. 27). In order to fully understand the c l i e n t ’s n e e d s a n d t h e d i r e c t i o n of the re-branding campaign, the program had to be analyzed. This analysis pin points the internal characteristics of the program and weights them against the external characteristics. - T.

swot analysis strengths

caseworker support professional artist teachers open & public facility


lack of brand image lack of social media short-term program


area expansion increased funding longer program term

teach the students based on personal knowledge from life experiences and schooling. They inspire the students by showing them that art and creativity can be transformed into a career path. T he facilities act as a benefit because the program is held after school at various public schools. This eliminates issues of location cost, transportation and parental trust in program legitimacy. This also allows for the program to be held at various schools simultaneously.

The current weaknesses include a lack of brand image, other after school activities a lack of social media and the lack of student interest length of the program term. The lack of volunteers brand image currently relies on the logo. The website is the only form of visual collateral The Urban Smarts brand’s current strengths supporting the program and include the caseworker support, professional while it provides information, there is no design or artists and the facility. The caseworkers benefit visual feeling. The logo is outdated and confused. the program because they encourage the The program’s image isn’t reflecting it’s potential. students to face emotional issues and provide The social media that is lacking is detrimental in council. These caseworkers assess each student today’s day and age. Connection to social media and provide them with like skills training including allows a consumer to feel personally connected “dealing with feelings, dreams/goal settings, with a brand and legitimized the program. healthy choices, and life changes”(Urban Smarts). Without social media, the program will not thrive. The program uses one professional artist The Urban Smarts program is only run for eight and two art interns per school. These individuals weeks per year. The students are enrolled in


a highly effective course, but at such a short interval, the impact is lesser. Future opportunities include expansion to more schools, increased funding and longer program terms. The expansion is limitless if the program evokes its strengths. Not only could the program expand to more schools in the San Antonio area, but the program could spread out of the state as well. If the program can evoke a stronger brand image, the funding could be increased. This would continue to assist in program expansion regarding both locations and curriculum. The program also has the opportunity to run for terms longer than eight weeks. The program would succeed as a yearlong program after school program and over the summer. The threats the program faces are competing after school activities a lack of student interest and participants and a lack of volunteers including caseworkers and artists. The student participants are those who have an interest or wonder about art and creativity but the program faces competition of programs, such as theatre, that promote similar ideals as well as programs, such a sport activities, that promote different ideals entirely. In order to maintain interest in students and volunteers the re branding efforts are necessary.


01.strategy 14

creat iv e b rief

“The design brief takes into account both the ‘business’ and the ‘design’ point of view, and fleshes out in more detail how the client and the design consultancy will work together” (Best 10/2006, p . 9 5 ) . T h i s i n c l u d e s t h e c l i e n t ’s needs as well as campaign goals and strategies. The USP is included to demonstate where the focus of the campaign will be supported. - T.


current brand image

creative brief

unique selling p o i n t

U r b a n S m a r t s i s t he o nl y no nprofit at risk youth program that not only encourages c re a t i v i t y, b u t a l s o a s s o c i a t e s c re a t i v i t y w i t h i nt e l l i g e nc e .

client needs

campaign objective

campaign strategy

A brand image is lacking e n t i r e l y. T h e l o g o a n d w e b s i t e are outdated. In order to increase interest in the program an d i nstill trust in the guardia n s of those participating, the p ro g r a m n e e d s a re d e s i g n t h a t evokes fun while maintaining a l evel o f so phistication.

The objective of the branding campaign is to increase a wa re n e s s o f t h e Ur ba n Sma r t s program. Through increases awareness, the increase of participants, volunteers and d o n o r s w i l l f o l l o w. W i t h t h e in c re a s e o f t h e s e t h re e f a c t o r s , t h e p ro g r a m w i l l t h e n h a v e t h e p ro p e r re s o u rc e s t o e x p a n d t o o t h e r re g io n s .

- R e se a rc h C l i e n t N e e d s c l i e nt b r i e f sw o t a na l y si s t a r g e t a ud i e nc e c re a t i v e b r i e f

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

professional image sophistication following brand trust growth potential

1 . I ncreas e a. awarenes s - s tud ent p ar icip ants - vo lunteer s

- R e - D e si g n L o g o b r a i nst o r m sk e t c hi ng d e v e l o p m e nt - Initiate Multi-Media Campaign re se a rc h d e v e l o p e l e c t ro ni c m e d i a d e v e l o p p r i nt m e d i a d e v e l o p so c i a l m e d i a develop video media i m p l e m e nt g ue r r i l l a m a r k e t i ng


01.strategy 16

research paper

Included is the abstract of the research paper developed in the beginning stages of the campaign. The paper allowed for further development of client needs and client understanding. It developed t h e m a r k e t s e c t o r, d e m o g r a p h i c s and future plans for the campaign.

- T.

research paper abstract Urban Smarts is an at-risk youth program that focuses on artistic expression of the student participants. This paper explores the history of the program, the current problems with the brand and offers a new design and marketing solutions. In exploring this paper one will learn what an at-risk youth is and who the specific target audiences are for this program. The Urban Smarts program is a unique client because of the division of target audiences included in the demographic. These individuals, including potential participants, potential volunteers, parents of potential participants and donors, all require different methods of marketing and branding to find appeal in Urban Smarts. This paper details these methods and why they are effective. One will also discover the history of the program and the current branding used, or lack thereof. Included in the paper is also detail of competing at-risk youth programs and why they are successful. Through the understanding of the program’s current standing, one will then journey into a detailed branding effort. This branding campaign includes thinking outside the box and avoiding cliché’s often used in youth targeted branding. By avoiding the cliché look and feel, the design is able to appeal to each division in the target audience. The multi-media campaign will explore various advertising mediums and ways to push the program further. Methods include electronic, social, print and video media. Also included will be implementation of guerrilla marketing efforts. The guerrilla marketing will solidify the “out of the box” methods and ideals that Urban Smarts holds within its values. By the end of this paper one will understand the exact steps that will be taken to work towards the program’s branding as well as new marketing efforts and how they will result in benefiting said program.


01.strategy 18

t arget audienc e

In researching the target audience we developed specifics. Margo Chase and Chris Lowery introduced the process of creating target audience personas. By creating actual personalities, the design work is pinpointed. When a design a p p e a l s t o a s p e c i f i c c h a r a c t e r, i t will also appeal to the others in the same target audience division.

- T.

target audience divisions parents




male & female Age 5-18 lower/middle class live in urban area interest in art

male & female have child age 5+ lower/middle class live in urban area interest in art





male & female age 20+ background in art professionals college students

male & female age 20+ business owners concerned citizens middle/upper class


primary persona development



Maria Sanchez Age: 14


Stephan Smith Age: 5


Marcus Fields Age: 8

Bio: Hometown: San Jose Hobbies: Photography, Drawing

Bio: Hometown: Houston Hobbies: Coloring, Sports, Cars, Cartoons

Bio: Hometown: San Antonio Hobbies: Drawing, Sports, Movies, Video Games

Maria is an at-risk youth based on the difficulty she has recently had handling life changes and her parents divorce.

Stephan Smith is an at-risk youth based on his lack of attention in school. His young age and attention deficit put him in this category.

Marcus is an at-risk youth based on his location. HIs family’s home is located in a neighborhood known for gang related violence.

secondary persona development


Rachel Woods Age: 38


Brittany White Age: 23


Richard Hart Age: 52

Bio: Hometown: Nuevo Loredo Career: Stay at home mom Kids: 3

Bio: Hometown: Houston Career: Student Kids: 0

Bio: Hometown: San Antonio Career: Entrepreneur Kids: 4, Grandchildren: 2

Rachel loved art when she was younger and wants a program or after school activity to encourage her children to be creative.

Brittany is an art student in her last year of college. She wants an internship or volunteer work to gain experience in the arts before graduation.

Richard is looking to invest in a program that will benefit his grandchildren and as well as show his and his businesses philanthropy.


02 P roces s

24 mood boards 26 logo development 28 preliminary designs


design process

The developing of designs would never have been a sucessful stage in the campaign without specific planning and processing of the research material. Any designer c a n c r e a t e a n a t t r a c t i v e l o g o . I t ’s creating effective designs that was learned along with the process stage. Moodboard development and sketching pin pointed the direction of the design and saved development time overall.

- T.



mood board s

Developing mood boards allowed for establishment of a general look and feel prior to starting any final design work. Three mood boards were developed, with the third meant to push the boundaries and be compiled as an ‘out of the box’ option. This third design,utilizing minimalism and a monochromatic color scheme, was the most successful and although elements were adjusted prior to starting the final designs, the look and feel remains the same. - T.


mood board development Ad ju s ted E l em en ts : Wh a t h a s e volve d in th e proc e ss of de sign is th e n e w u se of c olor ph otos in c lu de d in th e de sign s. Th e im a ge r y still e vok e s th e sa m e f e e lin g - h owe ve r it wa s de te r m in e d th a t bla c k a n d wh ite ph otos on ly did n ot e n c ou r a ge c re a tivity a n d im a gin a tion a s we ll a s c olor ph otos c ou ld. Th e f in a l c olor c h oic e wa s a lso a dju ste d to a gre e n with a sligh tly m ore ye llow ton e h e x c ode #d7df 21 F in a l f on t c h oic e s re m a in th e sa m e u sin g h e lve tic a n e u e in ligh t, bold a n d re gu la r. I n a ddition to th is, th e logo type f on t tre a tm e n t ‘r u n ’ is a lso in c lu de d. Dire c tive words re m a in th e sa m e with th e e xc e ption to “won de r,” wh ic h is re pla c e d by in n ova tion be c a u se it h a s a m ore positive , a c tion ba se d c on n ota tion


01.strategy 26

logo d e v e l o p men t

Sketching the logo was done in three stages. The first round included variations and ideas that were more scattered. This allowed for more brainstorming and different ideas to be created q u i c k l y. T h e s e c o n d r o u n d a l l o w e d for refinement of the most sucessful elements from the first. The character with glasses was the element chosen to develop. The final logo was then edited and then created as a vector image. - T.

logo sketching 1st Round

2nd Round



01.strategy 28

p re l i m i n ar y d e s i g ns

Initial prototypes were created in the begining stages of the multimedia campaign development. These were then expanded to not simply demonstrate a visual display but to show the connection possibilities. Each sketch was then developed into a wire frame which is included in the project book. - T.

initial sketches


website wire frame home









mobile application wire frame

contact information Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui ofďŹ cia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum


social media content wire frames what have you created lately? share it and win a free t-shirt! Introduction


Rules & Details



Rules & Details


Rules & Details


print media wire frames





03 S t an d ard s 36 color 40 typography 42 imagery + tone 46 logo


design standards The importance of design standards goes beyond defining t h e b r a n d ’s n e w i m a g e . T h e s e specifications act as guidelines for those involved in future design and branding efforts. Maintaining the brand image is dependent on using design elements in a specific m a n n e r. E v e r y t h i n g f r o m i m a g e r y t o the tone in textual facets reflects what the Urban Smarts brand is a n d w h a t i t s t a n d s f o r.

- T.




co lo r

Chapman states that white “can help to convey cleanliness and s i m p l i c i t y. . . a n d i s p o p u l a r i n minimalist designs� (Chapman, C). A minimalist approach gives t h e b r a n d s o p h i s t i c a t i o n t h e r e f o r, white is the primary color used. The green color is bright and fun enough to draw in the attention of a younger audience without giving the brand an unprofessional look. - T.

primary brand colors White


R 255 G 255 B 255 C0M0Y0K0

Vivid Yellow Green




R 215 G 223 B 33 C 20 M 0 Y 99 K 0

R0G0B0 C 75 M 68 Y 87 K 90

*sha de s a nd t int s a c c e ptabl e onl y as s m al l accents .


color usage white a c c e p tab le: backgrounds, headline copy with background filled u n a c cep tab le: body copy, caption copy

vivid yellow green a c c e p tab le: headline copy, background w/headline copy u n a c cep tab le: background w/body copy, captions copy, body copy

black a c c e p tab le: body copy, headline copy, caption copy u n a c cep tab le: background

shades/tints a c c e p tab le: borders, background graphics u n a c c e p tab le: copy, backround, fills

logo color variations a c c e p tab le: 1 color logo, 2 color logo u n a c c e p tab le: copy, backround, fills, graphics


approved logo color variations






R 242 G 153 B 173

R 241 G90 B 34

R 32 G 196 B 244

R 32 G 149 B0

R 234 G0 B0

C1 Y 49 M 13 K0

C0 M 80 Y 100 K0

C 65 M0 Y0 K0

C 83 M 16 Y 100 K4

C2 M 100 Y 100 K0

*used only for holidays, charity events or promotional periods *color variations are to be used in the logo only


03.standards 40

t y p o g r a ph y

The following fonts were chosen specifically to adhere to a minimalist look and feel. By using minimalism, the brand evokes sophistication enough to instill trust within the guardians of the program participants. In order to keep the typography choices in line with the fun, youthful aspect of the company all primary headlines will be in lower case format. - T.

approved brand fonts primary headlines

helvetica neue light lowercase kerning +200

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz |1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?><

S econ d a ry He a dlin e s

helvetica neue bold kerning +100

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | 1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?> ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

capt i o n s

h el veti ca neue light ker ni n g +100

ab cdefgh i j kl mno pqrstuv wxy z | AB CDEF GH IJ K L MNOPQR ST UVW XY Z | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 0 ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | } { : ”?> <

body copy

helvetica neue light

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ | 1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?><

Logo and Accents run medium lowercase abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz numbers and symbols unavailable


03.standards 42

tone & imagery

Roger Horberry defines a brand tone as â&#x20AC;&#x153;personality in printâ&#x20AC;? ( H o r b e r r y, p . 3 7 ) . I n o r d e r t o c o n v e y t h e b r a n d â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s p e r s o n a l a s p e c t s a defined set of acceptable and unacceptable words are included. The brand imagery is an immediate glimpse into the personality and meaning of the brand. The images included in all medias must adhere to a standard in order to convey t h e b r a n d i m a g e e f f e c t i v e l y. - T.

brand tone

innovation creation imagination Tagline: What have you created lately? Ac c e ptabl e

Unacceptabl e

Won d e r Aw e Imagi nat io n Exci tem ent P rogress G row th S mart L ear n Fun H ap p y

Uni n spi ri n g Monot on ou s Ted i ou s Ev ol u t i on Augm e n t a t i on Bor i n g Sad Lam e

Copy: The tone is always fun and lively. Promotion of creativity and intelligence is to be highlighted. Words to be avoided would be words that are too sophisticated to connect with a target audience 5-18 and words with a negative connotation.

Exa mple : “Hey there! Thanks for visiting the Urban Smarts website. If you haven’t had a chance to look around and learn a bit about us and the program, what are you waiting for?!”

Conne c tions: The Urban Smarts brand image relys on connecting the viewer to other aspects of media. When possible copy should promote connection, action and include hash tags.


brand imagery

Accep tab l e H a ppy C h ildre n A r twor k P a in t P a in t Br u sh e s A r t S u pplie s C a n va s Te e n a ge r s L a u gh in g Gla sse s I n qu isitive f a c e s Un accep tab l e Un h a ppy C h ildre n Bore d S tu de n ts E dgy im a ge r y Da r k im a ge r y Children/Teens




image treatment

Acce pta ble B orde r Colors

Un accep tab l e I m ag e Treatm en ts Drop sh a dow I n n e r or ou te r glow Be ve l/ e m boss Borde r s E xc e e din g 1px

S iz e: Min imu m 15 0 dpi- 300d p i Color: Full color p reffered , b lack a n d wh ite a c c e pta ble S h ap e: Squ ares , rect an g les & cir lces accep tab le. N o ad d itional ge om e tr ic or or ga n ic sh a pe s





Logo standards include the logo anatomy and format variations. Also included are clear space requirements and minimum size specifications. Acceptable and unacceptable variations are included to demonstrate methods of adjustment that continue to maintain the defined brand image.

- T.

new brand logo Logo Ana tomy Logo Gr ap hic

Logo Typ e C o lo r

Tran s p aren cy Sh o wn

Ac cep tab l e B l ack an d W h i te

Horizontal F o r m at


logo specifications & acceptable variations Mini m al S cal e: Picas - 9p1.25 x 9p1.25 Inche s - 1.5174 x 1.5174 C ent im e te r s - 3.8541 x 3.8541 Pixels - 109.25 x 109.25 Ma xi m u m S cal e: N o Lim it Cle a r Spa c e D efined b y size of â&#x20AC;&#x153;r â&#x20AC;? re la tive to sc a lin g. C le a r sp ace m ay exceed shown bou n da r ie s bu t neighb or ing gr ap hics a re n ot to c ross in to th e clear sp ace. Ap p lies to h or izon ta l f or m a t

A c cep t ab le Variat io ns G raph ic O n ly Type On ly ( can be u sed in all white & all white low op acity) G raph ic Part ial in clu d ing sm ile (if logo is p resent elsewhere) G raph ic Part ial in clu d ing sm ile low op acity (if logo is p resent e lse wh e re ) 1 o r 2 Color in clu s ion for H olid ay s and Events (m ain ty p e rema in in g bla c k )


unacceptable logo variations

U n a ccep tab le Variat io n s G l o w, i n ner or ou t er D ro p S h a do w o n log o t ype o r logo gr ap hic L o g o i n wit h G rey co lorat io n O u tl i n e or St ro ke

Stretching out of p ropor tion 3+ C olor Ad ap tion Br ight Background N onunifor m Scaling Skewing/ Shear ing


04 S o lu t io n s


52 connections 54 logo 56 electronic 60 social 64 print 70 video 72 green graffiti 74 summary

design solutions The most intense and exciting portion of this campaign project was creating the solutions. The planning was all set forth, which s a v e d t i m e o v e r a l l . H o w e v e r, I believe it was this portion that p u s h e d m y s k i l l s a s a d e s i g n e r. I say this not because the course increased my skill level within the software, but because it taught me understanding of a client and a project before jumping directly into creating. Most of all I loved implementing marketing aspects and connections within each asset that is included.

- T.

51 52

c o n n e c t i on s

The model used in our research showed different forms of media and sharing outward through the use of different forms of media. In the Urban Smarts campaign media is instead continuing the story and sharing from initial media to a secondary media. Connections promote actions, keeping the viewer involved in the brand.

- T.

connecting media to media

media linking

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The imperative is to create a more integrated campaign across channels, and it could revolve around any number of traditional, non-traditional media, social networking sites or other venuesâ&#x20AC;? (Dreamfire). In order to achieve this integration,the Urban Smarts campaign will focus on each media linking the consumer to another media in the mix. This keeps the consumer constantly involved and interested in how the company is growing, a n d i m p ro v i n g a n d w h a t t h e y a re d o i n g t o b e n e f i t t h e c o n s u m e r. E v e r y t h i n g w i l l b e based on action and doing something for benefit. The target audience will see the positive actions Urban Smarts is carrying out and want to follow suit. This grows the company base as well as reputation.

53 54


The new brand logo was developed with the three differentiating factors in mind. The paint brush represents the art professionals and interns that volunteer their time to inspire the student participants. The smile represents the caseworkers that work along s i d e e a c h s t u d e n t a s a c o u n s e l o r. L a s t l y, t h e g l a s s e s r e p r e s e n t t h a t each student is intelligent because o f t h e i r c r e a t i v i t y. - T.

new brand logo St a n d a rd Lo g o | Ho rizo ntal Fo rmat | G ra phic Only

A p p ro v ed Lo g o Co lo r Variatio n s



e l e c t ro n ic

Electronic media works to evoke a professional,sophisticated brand image. Each element of electronic media uses flat design to maintain the minimal look and feel. The completed assets connect to another form of media, promoting action and interaction.

- T.

redesigned website

updating the look A c c o r d i n g t o G a v i n C o o p e r, â&#x20AC;&#x153; a website is a living, breathing brand tool that need to be cared for over timeâ&#x20AC;? (Wheeler 10/22/12, p. 166). Simply placing the new logo onto the existing website will not adhere to b r a n d s t a n d a rd s . T h e w e b s i t e n e e d s an updated look and feel but also is necessary to allow for customer connection to each social media.


mobile website

on the go Wheeler stated that â&#x20AC;&#x153;websites lead the top of the brand necessity listâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;no longer enslaved to the desktop, they migrate to wherever the consumer is, on her iPad or her smartphone, to the mall, on a h i k e , o r u n d e r h e r p i l l o w. We b s i t e s have made every business a global business accessible by almost anyone anywhereâ&#x20AC;?(Wheeler 10/22/12, p. 166).


mobile application sketch smart by urban smarts

According to How Businesses Use Mobile Apps, “a mobile app should solve a p ro b l e m f o r a b u s i n e s s o r a c u s t o m e r. I d e a l l y i t w i l l allow them to do something on the move rather than on their computer or in person” (“How businesses use,” 20å13). The Sketch Smart App would allow the students to quickly sketch out ideas to bring to the program at any time. The app also will always include the full name Sketch Smart by Urban Smarts so that any user introduced to the app before the actual program can make the connection.

59 60

social media

Social media is used to promote the brand and illustrate the b r a n d â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s p e r s o n a l c o n n e c t t o t h e p a r t i c i p a n t s a n d t h e c o m m u n i t y. Each media acts as a tool to promote the viewer to take action and continue the connection. This is done through hash tags, sharing and promotional contetsts. When Urban Smarts shows users the updated web presence and pairs it with personality and fun the brand is able to thrive. - T.


facebook ads & contests A c c o rd i n g t o S h e d l o n , “ b r a n d s a re m o v i n g further away from direct advertising, whose metrics that are hard to calculate, and into original video content--content that is created not to sell but to engage. They tell a story and they create brand loyalty”(Sheldon, 2012). Because of this – Facebook will not be successful with simply the daily update o f w h a t ’s h a p p e n i n g . T h e v i e w e r s n e e d t o b e e n g ro s s e d i n s o m e t h i n g . T h e F a c e b o o k page will be used for event and advertising purposes, but will avoid mundane updates. The updates will be primarily those that link viewers to another form in the media mix ( E x . Yo u t u b e , Tw i t t e r, I n s t a g r a m , G o o g l e + ) . E a c h a n n o u n c e m e n t w i l l p ro m p t t h e v i e w e r to take further action and branch off onto a new source of media.



instagram contests Not only will the Instagram page include images of student work but it will also be another aspect of the media mix that will encourage action. The Instagram blog includes many benefits of using Instagram for branding and business purposes. It suggests one â&#x20AC;&#x153;inspire action. Start a movement around your brand, whether that means i n s p i r i n g p e o p l e t o c a p t u re photos while running like the #runfree campaign from @nikerunningâ&#x20AC;? (Instagram for Business). In order to achieve this different hashtags will be created and used within the app. These will include contests or challenges to create or capture an image of something specific. By instigating a challenge, m o re u s e r s w i l l b e i n c l i n e d to participate.


additional social media platforms

linked in LinkedIn will be used for the professional side of the program. It will feature information regarding how the program benefits the students but also allow for those interested in volunteering to connect with the program. This will solidify the legitimacy and p ro f e s s i o n a l i s m o f t h e p ro g r a m . I t will also be used in networking will other companies. J. Kevin Wolfe stated that “once your cause is listed, key players at corporations who donate to you will likely want to show their support by following your non-profit. This gives your non-profit clout, spurs popularity and can lead to further donations a n d i n v o l v e m e n t ” ( Wo l f e , 2 0 1 1 ) . B y connecting with other companies as well, Urban Smarts will gain a higher following, receive more f u n d i n g a n d c o n t i n u e t o g ro w a n d spread to other communities.

twitter “ Tw i t t e r g i v e s y o u a p o r t a l t o bring valuable information about your company to others—your information can potentially reach thousands of people”(Galoozis, 2010). It creates a personal connection allowing consumers to converse with Urban Smarts at any time. It will increase legitimacy by getting the brand out and allow people to talk about Urban Smarts through hash tags and @ UrbanSmartsorg

google + “97% of consumers search for l o c a l b u s i n e s s e s o n l i n e . Yo u r l o c a l Google+ page connects you with customers on Search, Maps and Google+, no matter what device they are using”(Google). Toms uses Google+ as part of their marketing mix. According to Google “TOMS pushed the limits for how their fans interact with their brand by hosting a 6 day Hangout On Air with local artists who customized shoes on the spot” (Google). The Hangout On Air feature of Google+ can be implemented for local artists to discuss the program. These videos can then be recorded and placed f o r l a t e r v i e w i n g o n t h e Yo u t u b e Channel.

63 64

p rin t

The use of print media illustrates brand professionalism and l e g i t i m a c y. I d e n t i t y d e s i g n a n d brochure design provide the target audience with tangible sources for both correspondence and information. Magazines and posters allow for direct targeted marketing. Each print media then carries with it and evokes the specific brand image.

- T.


letterheads Wheeler states, “although emails and texting have become the m o s t w i d e l y u s e d f o r m o f c o m m u n i c a t i o n , l e t t e r h e a d s a re n o t yet obsolete” (Wheeler 10/22/12, p. 170). In order to maintain professionalism all print and email correspondence will feature a specific letterhead including the redesigned logo.

business cards Something tangible is needed to continue with the b r a n d ’s p e r s o n a l c o n n e c t i o n a s p e c t . “ R e g a rd l e s s o f t h e a l l t e c h n o l o g y i n e v e r y d a y l i f e , t h e re i s s t i l l a n e e d f o r a d d i n g a p e r s o n a l t o u c h , s u c h a s a b u s i n e s s c a rd , t o your networking strategy” (NoD, 2012).


informational brochure

why include brochures?

Informational design, such as brochures legitimizes the program for a skeptical viewer. Having tangible information in hand that evokes the brand image, voice and ideals can show a customer the brand is trustworthy. Having said means available tells the customer the brand cares about them and wants to provide all necessary information in a clear format.


magazine advertising

why use magazines?

“Magazines and newspapers are the two most frequently used forms of print advertising” (Levens, p. 198). Magazines ads will be implemented to inspire creativity in the target audience. “Magazines also have fairly long lives; monthlies may be kept a ro u n d a n d re a d f o r 3 0 d a y s o r longer” (Levens, p. 198).


poster design

why use posters? Out of home advertising, specifically through posters will be effective because “it can result in high message frequency among people who often travel the same route past an outdoor board or transit ad” (Levens, p. 199) This use of print media will allow for the delivery of a “short message that needs to be exposed to a broad audience” (Levens, p. 199)



novelty merchandise N o v e l t y m e rc h a n d i s e i s a f u n w a y for current participants to show pride in the Urban Smarts brand. T h e T- S h i r t s a c t a s a w e a r a b l e b i l l b o a rd , a d v e r t i s i n g t h e p ro g r a m wherever the owner travels. The novelty glasses act as a toy that participants can wear and share images of them wearing through the social media platforms included in the campaign.

69 70


Video media is used to create connections on a more personal l e v e l . W h a t ’s s o e f f e c t i v e a b o u t using video “is that it allows you to connect with your customers face-to-face. They get to know y o u b e t t e r, a s a r e a l l i v e p e r s o n , which results in a more profound connection” (Davidson, 2013). - T.

video newsletter why use youtube? Yo u Tu b e i s u s e d t o c r e a t e p e r s o n a l connections between the viewer and the student. The videos will include short interviews with students, teachers, artists and coordinators. A c c o r d i n g t o 4 R e a s o n s Yo u r S m a l l Business Needs to be on Youtube,“the emotional chords that videos can string are much more powerful than t e x t o r p i c t u r e s ” ( “ 4 r e a s o n s y o u r, ” 2 0 1 3 ) . Yo u t u b e i s a l s o u s e d b e c a u s e o f a c c e s s i b i l i t y. “ T h e v i d e o s o n t h e site can be shared or viewed by almost every smart phone on the market, and n o w b y m o s t n e w t e l e v i s i o n s t h a t a re sold. People have the ability to access the site when they want and where t hey want” (“4 reasons your,” 2013).



green graffiti

“Moss graffiti, also called ecograffiti or green graffiti, replaces spray paint, paint-markers or other such toxic chemicals and paints with a paintbrush and a moss “paint” that can grow on its own” (WikiHow). This will show at-risk youth that art can be passive and doesn’t need to be damaging to our surroundings. -T

guerrilla marketing with green graffiti

why use green graffiti? By using graffiti in an environmentally f r i e n d l y ( a n d l e g a l ) w a y, t h e c a m p a i g n message can be spread on the street and implement the idea of creation, and imagination. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Green graffiti forges a strong connection between the urban n e i g h b o r h o o d a n d n a t u re â&#x20AC;? ( U r b a n T i m e s ) and it shows Urban Smarts finding a solution that allows youths to stay creative without being destructive.

73 74


In conclusion the Urban Smarts campaign includes research, planning, guideline creation and solution designs. The level of understanding that went into this process was dependent on the process in whole. Without the initial research, the finalized solutions wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be effective or push the limits of standard design. - T.

art is not a thing, i t i s a w a y. -Elbert Hubbard

” 75

05 R e f eren ces 77 in text 78 image


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