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“ ef i vr se tr ya na r at ims ta tweausr . -Ralph Waldo Emerson 2

project introduction This journey has taught me so much about media design, marketing and branding. On top of all that, I’ve grown t o l o v e t h e U r b a n S m a r t s p r o g r a m . I t ’s incredible because it not only serves at-risk youth but it teaches them creative skills and delivers a positive outlet for the students. This program supports those in the San Antonio, TX area, but I saw that it had much more potential. My vision in this re-branding e f f o r t w a s t o e v o k e t h e p r o g r a m ’s s t r e n g t h ’s a n d s h o w t h e w o r l d e x a c t l y how remarkable Urban Smarts really is. - T.





St rat egy 09 client brief 11 swot analysis 13 creative brief 15 target audience 17 research paper




00 design goals 00 mood boards 00 logo development 00 preliminary designs

St andards 00 color 00 typography 00 imagery + tone 00 logo

References 00 in text 00 images

P ro ces s


So lutio ns 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

connections logo electronic print video green graffiti campaign summary


01 S t rat eg y 09 client brief 11 swot analysis 13 creative brief 15 target audience 17 research paper 6

Research and Strategy insert text here

- T.


01.strategy 8

c lie n t br ie f

The client brief provides details about the Urban Smarts program regarding company background, goals and vision. In order to understand a client and client n e e d s , i t ’s r e q u i r e d t h a t a designer research the company profile. The following information allows for further understanding o f t h e b r a n d ’s v a l u e s and promises. - T.

about urban smarts Ba c k g ro u n d : In 1993 Urban Smarts was put together to “divert elementary and middle school students in urban risk areas away from gangs, drugs, and contact with the Juvenile Justice system”(Urban Smarts). Funded by the Department of Community Initiates, Urban Smarts offers a tuition-free program where students can learn from actual professional artists and work alongside interns to gain inspiration in the fields of art and creativity. This is important because “youths [are] able to gain a sense of selfefficacy through the acquisition of new skills and the accomplishment of multiple goals” (Stinson, A., 2009). “Urban Smarts is an arts-centered prevention program designed to divert elementary and middle school students in urban risk areas away from gangs, drugs, and contact with the Juvenile Justice system (‘Urban smarts’). C u r re n t M arket Sect o r: At-risk youth, according to ‘At Risk Youth’, are “children/ youth who are more likely to drop out of school due to a variety of demographic, socioeconomic, and institutional characteristics.” Various programs are designed to assist these children with developing better decision making skills and lower the risk of dropping out of school, joining gangs or making other choices that

threaten their livelihood. The specific sector included in the action plan above is At-Risk youth programs that use artistic expression as a learning module. The biggest issue these programs are facing right now is a lack of understanding for the demographic and target audience. The programs need to push forward in a way that conveys the potential of the participants instead of conveying the mistakes they’ve made in the past or the idea outsiders may have of them.


makes U r ban Smar ts Different? Urban Smarts is the only nonprofit at risk youth program that not only encourages creativity, but associates it with intelligence.


R e de sign? The current brand image is lacking entirely. The logo and website are outdated. In order to increase interest in the program and instill trust in the guardians of those participating, the program needs a redesign that evokes fun while maintaining a level of sophistication. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

professional image sophistication following brand trust growth potential


01.strategy 10

s wo t an alysis

“SWOT analysis is a tool that helps identify business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats� (Levens, p. 27). In order to fully u n d e r s t a n d t h e c l i e n t ’s n e e d s and the direction of the rebranding campaign, the program had to be analyzed. This analysis pin points the internal characteristics of the program and weights them against the external characteristics. - T.

swot analysis The Urban Smarts brand’s current strengths include the caseworker support, professional artists and the facility. The caseworkers benefit the program because they encourage the students to face emotional issues and provide council. These caseworkers assess each student and provide them with like skills training including “dealing with feelings, dreams/goal settings, healthy choices, and life changes”(Urban Smarts). The program uses one professional artist and two art interns per school. These individuals teach the students based on personal knowledge from life experiences and schooling. They inspire the students by showing them that art and creativity can be transformed into a career path. The facilities act as a benefit because the program is held after school at various public schools. This eliminates issues of location cost, transportation and parental trust in program legitimacy. This also allows for the program to be held at various schools simultaneously. The current weaknesses include a lack of brand image, a lack of social media and the length of the program term. The brand image currently relies on the logo. The website is the only form of visual collateral supporting the program and while it provides information, there is no design or visual feeling. The logo is outdated and confused. The program’s image isn’t reflecting it’s potential. The social media that is lacking is detrimental in today’s day and age. Connection to social media allows a consumer to feel personally

connected with a brand and legitimized the program. Without social media, the program will not thrive. The Urban Smarts program is only run for eight weeks per year. The students are enrolled in a highly effective course, but at such a short interval, the impact is lesser. Future opportunities include expansion to more schools, increased funding and longer program terms. The expansion is limitless if the program evokes its strengths. Not only could the program expand to more schools in the San Antonio area, but the program could spread out of the state as well. If the program can evoke a stronger brand image, the funding could be increased. This would continue to assist in program expansion regarding both locations and curriculum. The program also has the opportunity to run for terms longer than eight weeks. The program would succeed as a yearlong program after school program and over the summer. The threats the program faces are competing after school activities a lack of student interest


caseworker support professional artist teachers open & public facility


lack of brand image lack of social media short-term program


area expansion increased funding longer program term


other after school activities lack of student interest lack of volunteers

and participants and a lack of volunteers including caseworkers and artists. The student participants are those who have an interest or wonder about art and creativity but the program faces competition of programs, such as theatre, that promote similar ideals as well as programs, such a sport activities, that promote different ideals entirely. In order to maintain interest in students and volunteers the re branding efforts are necessary.


01.strategy 12

creat i ve b rief

insert text here - T.


01.strategy 14

research paper

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01.strategy 16

t arget audien ce

insert text here - T.


02 P roces s

00 design goals 00 mood boards 00 logo development 00 preliminary designs


Design Process insert text here

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01.strategy 20

desig n goals

insert text here - T.


01.strategy 22

mood board s

insert text here - T.


01.strategy 24

logo d e v e l o p men t

insert text here - T.


01.strategy 26

p re l i m i n ar y d e s i g ns

insert text here - T.


03 S t an d ard s 00 color 00 typography 00 imagery + tone 00 logo


Design Standards The importance of design standards goes beyond defining t h e b r a n d ’s n e w i m a g e . T h e s e specifications act as guidelines for those involved in future design and branding efforts. Maintaining the brand image is dependent on using design e l e m e n t s i n a s p e c i f i c m a n n e r. Everything from imagery to the tone in textual facets reflects what the Urban Smarts brand is a n d w h a t i t s t a n d s f o r.

- T.




co lo r

In choosing a color palette for the Urban Smarts branding campaign, it was vital to remember two things. First, that using primary colors in order to appeal to a younger target audience is cliche’ and to be avoided. Second, the chosen color had to differentiate Urban Smarts from the competition. Chapman states that white “can help to convey cleanliness and s i m p l i c i t y. . . a n d i s p o p u l a r i n m i n i m a l i s t designs� (Chapman, C). A minimalist approach gives the brand sophistication t h e r e f o r, w h i t e i s t h e p r i m a r y c o l o r u s e d . The green color is bright and fun enough to draw in the attention of a younger audience without giving the brand an unprofessional look. - T.

primary brand colors White


R 255 G 255 B 255 C0M0Y0K0

Vivid Yellow Green




R 215 G 223 B 33 C 20 M 0 Y 99 K 0

R0G0B0 C 75 M 68 Y 87 K 90

*sha de s a nd t int s a c c e ptabl e onl y as s m al l accents .


color usage white a c c e p tab le: backgrounds, headline copy with background filled u n a c cep tab le: body copy, caption copy

vivid yellow green a c c e p tab le: headline copy, background w/headline copy u n a c cep tab le: background w/body copy, captions copy, body copy

black a c c e p tab le: body copy, headline copy, caption copy u n a c cep tab le: background

shades/tints a c c e p tab le: borders, background graphics u n a c c e p tab le: copy, backround, fills

logo color variations a c c e p tab le: 1 color logo, 2 color logo u n a c c e p tab le: copy, backround, fills, graphics


approved logo variation colors






R 242 G 153 B 173

R 241 G90 B 34

R 32 G 196 B 244

R 32 G 149 B0

R 234 G0 B0

C1 Y 49 M 13 K0

C0 M 80 Y 100 K0

C 65 M0 Y0 K0

C 83 M 16 Y 100 K4

C2 M 100 Y 100 K0

*used only for holidays, charity events or promotional periods *color variations are to be used in the logo only


03.standards 34


The following fonts were chosen specifically to adhere to a minimalist look and feel. By using minimalism, the brand evokes sophistication enough to instill trust within the guardians of the program participants. Wheeler states that,�the typeface needs to be flexible and easy to use, and it must provide a wide range of expression� (Wheeler 10/22/12, p. 154). In order to keep the typography choices in line with the fun, youthful aspect of the company all primary headlines will be in lower case format. - T.

approved brand fonts primary headlines

helvetica neue light lowercase kerning +200

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz |1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?><

S econ d a ry He a dlin e s

helvetica neue bold kerning +100

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | 1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?> ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

capt i o n s

h el veti ca neue light ker ni n g +100

ab cdefgh i j kl mno pqrstuv wxy z | AB CDEF GH IJ K L MNOPQR ST UVW XY Z | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 0 ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + | } { : ”?> <

body copy

helvetica neue light

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ | 1234567890~!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:”?><

Logo and Accents run medium lowercase abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz numbers and symbols unavailable


03.standards 36

tone & imagery

Roger Horberry defines a brand tone as â&#x20AC;&#x153;personality in printâ&#x20AC;? ( H o r b e r r y, p . 3 7 ) . I n o r d e r t o c o n v e y t h e b r a n d â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s p e r s o n a l aspects a defined set of acceptable and unacceptable words are included. The brand imagery is an immediate glimpse into the personality and meaning of the brand. The images must adhere to a standard in order to convey the b r a n d i m a g e e f f e c t i v e l y. - T.

brand tone

innovation creation imagination Tagline: What have you created lately? Ac c e ptabl e

Unacceptabl e

Won d e r Aw e Imagi nat io n Exci tem ent P rogress G row th S mart L ear n Fun H ap p y

Uni n spi ri n g Monot on ou s Ted i ou s Ev ol u t i on Augm e n t a t i on Bor i n g Sad Lam e

Co p y: The tone is always fun and lively. Promotion of creativity and intelligence is to be highlighted. Words to be avoided would be words that are too sophisticated to connect with a target audience 5-18 and words with a negative connotation. Ex amp le: “Hey there! Thanks for visiting the Urban Smarts website. If you haven’t had a chance to look around and learn a bit about us and the program, what are you waiting for?!” Co nnectio n s: The Urban Smarts brand image relys on connecting the viewer to other aspects of media. When possible copy should promote connection, action and include hash tags.


brand imagery

Accep tab l e H a ppy C h ildre n A r twor k P a in t P a in t Br u sh e s A r t S u pplie s C a n va s Te e n a ge r s L a u gh in g Gla sse s I n qu isitive f a c e s Un accep tab l e Un h a ppy C h ildre n Bore d S tu de n ts E dgy im a ge r y Da r k im a ge r y Children/Teens




image treatment S iz e: Min imu m 1 5 0 dpi- 300d p i Color: Full color p reffered , b lack a n d wh ite a c c e pta ble Acce pta ble B orde r Colors

Un accep tab l e I m ag e Treatm en ts Drop sh a dow I n n e r or ou te r glow Be ve l/ e m boss Borde r s E xc e e din g 1px




l ogo

Logo standards include the logo anatomy and format variations. Also included are clear space requirements and minimum size specifications. Acceptable and unacceptable variations are included to demonstrate methods of adjustment that continue to maintain the defined brand image.

- T.

new brand logo Logo Ana tomy Logo Gr ap hic

Logo Typ e C o lo r

Tran s p aren cy Sh o wn

Ac cep tab l e B l ack an d W h i te

Horizontal F o r m at


logo specifications & acceptable variations Minima l Sc a le : Picas - 9p 1.25 x 9p1.25 Inches - 1.5174 x 1.5174 C entim eter s - 3.8 541 x 3.8541 Pixels - 109.25 x 109.25 Ma ximum Sc a le : N o Lim it Cle a r Spa c e Defined b y size of â&#x20AC;&#x153;r â&#x20AC;? relative to sca lin g. C le a r sp ace m ay exceed shown b ound ar ie s bu t neighb or ing gr ap hics are not to cros s in to th e clear sp ace. Ap p lys to hor izontal form a t

A c c ep tab l e Variat io n s G r aph i c O n l y Ty p e O n l y ( c a n be u s ed in all w h it e & all white low op acity ) G r aph i c P a r ti a l in clu din g s mile ( if logo is p resent elsewhere) G r aph i c P a r ti a l in clu din g s mile low op acity (if logo is p resent elsewhere) 1 o r 2 Co l o r i n c lu s io n fo r Ho lidays and Events (m ain ty p e rem aining b lack)


unacceptable logo variations U n a ccep tab l e Variat io n s G l o w, i n n e r o r ou t er D ro p S h a d o w o n log o t ype o r lo g o gr ap hic Lo g o i n w i th Grey co lorat io n O ut l i n e St re tc h i n g o u t o f pro port io n 3 + Co l o r A d a pt ion Bri g h t Ba c k g ro u n d No n u n i fo r m Scalin g Ske w i n g / S h e a rin g


04 S o l u t io n s 00 00 00 00 00 00 00


connections logo electronic print video green graffiti summary

Design Solutions insert text

- T.

45 46

c o n n e c t i on s

Instert rationale here

47 48


Insert rationale here

new brand logo



e l e c t ro n ic

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redesigned website


mobile website


mobile application

53 54


Instert rationale here

55 56


Instert rationale here



g re e n g r a ffi ti

Instert rationale here

59 60

s u m m ar y

Instert rationale here


05 R e f eren ces 00 in text 00 image





what have you

c re ate d



De signe r: T ina Nie mynski For: Urb a n Sma rts nie mtl90@fullsa il.e d u


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