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Tina L. Moore

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Flat-Pack Chair The Flat-Pack Chair was designed around specific limitations: it only uses 1/3 a sheet of 1/2” OSB (31.25” x 42”), there may be no lamination of more than 2 pieces thick ( 1”), it must be able to be to taken apart and packed flat, there must be no fasteners used, and it must hold up to 250 pounds. The Flat-Pack Chair was featured in a french magazine called Chalet Maison Bois, which features the use of wood in architecture and design.

AZURA Car Charger

The AZURA car charger is a stylish dual USB unit that provides a premium experience. Designed with the user in mind, the 4.2 Amp charger allows rapid charging of smartphones and tablets.

AZURA Packaging

The AZURA Packaging was designed to be universal solution to all of the products in the AZURA line. It showcases the products in a modern and sleek package.

Time Piece Time is cyclical, continually spiraling back upon itself. It is an eternal recurrence of individual cycles. Inspiration for this conceptual clock was derived from this personal perspective of time. In the prototype, the minutes literally drive the hours, the days, and the weeks, as a mechanism revolves within the larger hour circle. Unbounded, the clock roles across any surface and depicts the hours while it moves.

Edge10c3 Fiber Optic Server The Edge 10c3 is a fiber optic to the home unit. For this unit, the industrial design was tailored to reflect the image and aesthetic of the company. On this project, I was the lead Industrial Designer and I worked closely with the engineering team to design and develop the unit. It is the first in a line of fiber optics server products and will be the design basis for all of the future units.

CliQ: The World’s Closest Social Network

rubber for durability, ility and fun

indents for orientation

s for ring joints for flexibility in product platform usb port for daisy chaining

CliQ is the world’s closest social network. This iPhone accessory allows multiple users to create a shared space for experiencing media using nothing but their phone screens. The intention was to foster a more personal, face-to-face, human interaction in a world of increasing digital divides. By taking the phones out of the users hands and turning them temporarily into a communal object, individuals focus on the act of sharing not consuming. The platform provided by CliQ also allows for further innovation within Apps and what is possible in a multi-user scenario. The product is composed of the physical CliQ connector as well as a companion App.

The World’s Closest Social Network

Rugged Charge Case The Rugged Charge Case is designed to be a protective yet sophisticated charging case. While most charging cases on the market offer little to no protection to the phone, the Rugged charge case provides durability along with the convenience of an external battery. The dual injection outer bumper protects the inner charging case. Consideration was given in the design to button position and accessibility.

Air Case The Air Case provides sleek protection for a smartphone. Air pockets in the silicone layer allow for added protection while maintaining a slim profile. Combined with the ridged but flexible outer layer, this case would protect against drops at any angle.

Learning Surface This innovative learning surface was inspired by and ultimately given to a fourth grade class. In order to meet the needs of the children and address the inadequacies of their current desks, my partner and I developed a folding design for a more versatile learning environment. Taking up no more space than a traditional school desk, the three forms allow the child more control.It can be a traditional desk,seated with a workspace in front, a more relaxed, reclined position, or a standing desk. The versatility allows the desk to accommodate the differing activities of the day.

Hotdesking Solution There has been a shift in the business world with more and more employees working from home or traveling a significant portion of time. Some companies have picked up on these trends and have adjusted the way in which they work to accommodate these new patterns, with more soon to follow. These companies have cut down on desk space. Not every employee needs a full time private work space. This is where our hot desking solution can help. It allows desks to be used by any employee of the company while affording each individual employee with some space for their personal items. The drawers, where one stores their personal items, can be fit into any desk and can transform a desk into your desk.

Birch and Walnut Table This end table was created using flame birch and walnut. The entirety of the design was inspired by the curve which run along the underside of table’s edge. The corners of the tabletop and the shape of the turned legs mimic this curve. There are no fasteners within the table; instead, it uses traditional construction methods of mortise and tenon joints.

We Grow Shoes The “We Grow” shoe is designed to expand as a child grows. It is able to accommodate up to three different sizes. Children out grow their shoes very quickly and often before they are fully worn out.The intention was for the business model to function along the same lines as Tom’s Shoes. The purchase of a We Grow shoe in the US would fund the donation of a pair in a developing country. To allow the US buyer to feel more connected to their donation, the different fabrics used on the shoes would represent the different places the shoes were being donated. We Grow Shoes offers an ecofriendly option in children’s foot wear as well as providing a needy child with the equivalent of three pairs of shoes.

Basic Packaging

The Basic Packaging was created to house a variety of small consumer products. It was meant to be as universal as possible. Different inserts can be added for different products. A large viewing window showcases any product.

Felt: Dynamic Patterning Felt was an exercise in taking a product from conception to production. The final products were shown and sold for a month at an ecologically conscious home goods store, Home and Planet in Bethlehem, Pa. The only constraint was a material restriction. Each product had to include felt in its construction. To obtain the material in a sustainable way, felt off cuts were gathered from Aetna Felt in Allentown, Pa. I worked to develop both hats and scarves which utilized a concept of expanding material by perforating the felt. The hats have two offset perforated layers and are reversible.

In the designing of the felt hats, different cutting patterns were designed and tested both functionally and aesthetically. These experiments eventually resulted in the creation of laser cut scarves.

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