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As blogging turns out to be more popular during these days as means of conveying messages, stories and ideas for the readers to comprehend and ponder, the WordPress is well thought-out as a significant blogging tool. With WordPress as astounding tool, it is also one of the most troublefree content management systems on hand. Considering the WordPress' advancement, we take into account the conditions in selecting accordingly the best WordPress host. Primarily, the WordPress host must meet the basic server requirements which includes PHP version 4.3 or greater and MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater. Then, it must have an excellent support which means that the host assists and backs up their services. Next is server reliability which means that the host must do routine server maintenance, server supervising, response policies, testing server uptime and speed. Remember not to easily fall for the space, you must think about how many database and domains the host can provide on one account. Then, think about whether or not the host endows with one click-install and as well as the instruction needed. Other than that, check if the host maintains up-to-date the WordPress version. Another thing is that the host ought to include the important features and these are: • Generates standards-compliant XML, XHTML, and CSS • Integrated link management • Search engine-friendly permalink structure • Extensible plugin support • Nested categories and multiple categories for articles • TrackBack and Pingback features • Typography filters for proper formatting and styling text • Static pages • Ability to feature multiple authors • It supports latex There are also features and some of these are: • Ping Away- this allows utmost exposure of the client's blog to search engines. • Full User Registration- permits people to sustain and register profiles and as well as leave authenticated comments on the blog through the built-in user registration system. • Bookmarklets- makes easier to add links to your blogroll and post to your blogs. • Intelligent Text Formatting- this steers clear of areas wherever you already contain blockHTML tags and breaks. • Workflow-users can be filtered who only post drafts and not publish on the front page • Comments-allows the visitors to leave a comment and you may also permit or not the comment apiece post basis. • Easly Installation and Upgrades- doesn't entail technical skills

• WordPress pages- permits to deal with non-blog content effortlessly • WordPress links- it gives permission to sustain, generate, and bring up to date any blogrolls. • Spam protection- provides tough tools to abolish comment spam on blogs • Full standard compliance- a fundamental component for the capacity to switch over and utilize information with today's browser. Searching for all the requirements of choosing a good WordPress host is a hassle but now it wouldn't be a problem because BGSA web hosting is an excellent suggestion. BGSA web hosting is more than competent to provide the qualities of one of the best word press host that will surely suit your site. Other than the WordPress hosting, there are also different web hosting services offered by BGSA web hosting.

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==== ==== Great website hosting, and blog hosting ==== ====

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