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Happy Birthday Angelina!

Modern style icon Angelina Jolie has always gone for extremes, but her look has changed drastically throughout the years. From her past obsession with snakes and skulls to a her ultra-glam appearances on recent red carpets, Angie’s fashions are oh-so jolie…

Angelina started as a the daughter of two actors, so she was born with a certain degree of drama in her blood. This has served her acting career well, but it has also influenced her many - and varied - different looks. The evolution of Angelina’s style is one of the most fascinating that we’ve seen! As a child, Angie often attended red carpet premieres with her mother (actress Marceline Bertrand) and father (actor John Voight). In those early years, she was dressed a bit like a doll, wearing grownup jewelry and fancy gowns.

Angelina embraced the role of rebellious teenager, and she has commented on how out of place she felt at Beverly Hills High School. Tattoos, wildly colored hair, hardcore music, and self destructive behavior seemed to rule Angie’s life those days. She was said to wear mostly black clothing, which didn’t endear her to her peers at the ritzy Beverly Hills school. In particular, she liked her big black combat boots, which came much more into fashion with the rise of grunge shortly thereafter.

She started modeling at age 14, and appeared in several music videos. She didn’t really make an impact on the Hollywood scene until she was about 16, though, but her career jump started at that point! The early 90s saw the rise of Angelina’s career, and she everyone’s attention in the cult classic Hackers. She met her first husband (Johnny Lee Miller) on set, and wore a white shirt and black rubber pants to her wedding. The marriage didn’t stick - both have said they were too young for that kind of commitment.

There were two movies in the late 90s that truly established Jolie as an actress to pay attention to. The first was the HBO film Gia, where she portrayed the late supermodel Gia Carangi. Angelina’s gritty portrayal captured the heart of the character, and raised quite a few eyebrows. Shortly thereafter, Jolie played a sociopath named Lisa Rowe in the angst filled memoir film Girl, Interrupted. Angelina stole the show from Winona Ryder, who was cast in the leading role. These movies, combined with her very public - and odd - marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, made Angie a hot topic in the media. Most people recall one distinct fact about the relationship she had with Billy Bob…the vials of exchanged blood that they wore as necklaces.

Jolie’s style during the early years of the new millennium can only be described as gothic. Long, flowing black gowns, exaggerated eyeliner, pale face powder, and lots of tattoos were all elements of her signature look. During these years, she could often be spotted in snake rings and skull rings, which also became a major trend. She made waves with her skintight costume and defined muscles as the star in Tomb Raider, and fans of the video game tend to agree that Angelina is the epitome of character Lara Croft. After the breakup with Billy Bob, Angelina’s look matured a bit, she began focusing on both on her career and her humanitarian efforts.

Angelina became a mother in 2002, adopting a baby from Cambodia. She seemed to find her new calling, and a series of adoptions ensued. Jolie now has a brood of both biological and adopted children, all born in different places around the world. Despite her new roles as a mother and a worldwide humanitarian, Angelina has always looked polished and put together. This was most obvious during the media storm known as “Brangelina”, in which a romance with co-star Brad Pitt was said to have caused his split from America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. The gossip magazines and paparazzi still fuel the so-called rivalry between Jen and Angelina today, keeping both women in the spotlight.

When we see Angelina now - especially when she’s at events with husband Brad Pitt her style is sexy, glamorous, and indulgent. Her decadent jewelry, old Hollywood style makeup, and stunning gowns have catapulted her into an international fashion icon. Of course, her perfectly proportioned features and incredible body (even after having twins!) also helped. Her recent appearance at the 2009 Academy Awards sparked a surge of public interest, and suddenly everyone was dying for Angelina’s emerald earrings. From red carpet kid to red carpet classic, Angelina Jolie’s style has always been unique and enviable.

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Happy Birthday Angelina  

Modern style icon Angelina Jolie has always gone for extremes, but her look has changed drastically throughout the years. From her past obse...