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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University | School of Architecture Email: Tina1.Vuong@famu.edu Phone: (954)-552-0286 Tallahassee, Florida

Table of Contents Projects 01 Urban Infill House


02 Collaborative Research Building 03 Iran Pavilion Expo Additional Works 04 Hand models 05


Art Boards



01 Urban Infill House 2nd Year Design Studio Objective Design a mix use compact home. Consisting of three floors, the first floor must be an office space or store with the remaining floors residential. Entry to the Residential floors must have a separate entry from the Store/Office entry. Located in downtown Tallahassee on Gaines street, It’s a populated area where business opportunity is abundant.

Passive Design Strategies


Incorporate Natural ventilation to lessen usage of air conditioning The sites area is 12’x36’. My approach to my design the addition of rectangles with an extended border by 3’ so there won’t be a need for vertical support.

Flat roof works well in hot dry climates


First Level

Second Level Third Level

Street Elevation Office is located on the first level, housing meetings and workspace. Residential begins on the second level and to enter the residential is a separate door.

Interior Perspectives

2nd floor Kitchen view

Office views

02 Biotechnology Research Facility 3rd Year Design Studio Objective Design will consider the current expanding use of flexible and open areas for a collaborative research building in a full block between FAMU and FSU in downtown Tallahassee as an opportunity to explore new avenues for architecture. This project is expected to be another landmark to represent current growing activity, research that relates to the neighboring universities. Flexible, and changeable space will help the building adapt to changing activity.



CONCEPT DIAGRAMS Usage of a Group of Hexagon to create a form and grid and morphed the overall shape to be non-symmetrical.



Exterior Perspectives

Perspectives Atrium view from 2nd floor




03 Iran Pavilion 4th Year Design Studio Objective Each student is assigned a specific country, and the objective is to design a pavilion representing its country and should incorporate its history, culture, or art into the overall design.

Concept and Form



Overhead View

Floor Plans


View from center of Pavilion.

Entry Sequence

04 Hand Crafted Models

1st year Design Studio

05 Art Incorporating Architecture

A Collage inspired by the Stonehenge and prayer to the Sun. Each year, on 21 June (the longest day of the year), the sun always rises over the Heel Stone at Stonehenge – a single large sarsen stone which stands outside of the main monument. Others think the site may have been a kind of Stone Age ‘computer’ that credited solar or lunar eclipses – or a temple to the sun or moon gods. Software: Microsoft PowerPoint

A Collage that ties the streets and buildings of Tokyo Japan with a relation of Tourism. Software: Microsoft PowerPoint

A Interior Interior Design Design College collage inspired with a by concept Batman. of the superhero Batman Software: Microsoft PowerPoint

A College of the Pyramids of Giza with the Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet. Software: Adobe Photoshop

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Undergraduate Portfolio  

Undergraduate Portfolio