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HD Retail Simulation 3 – 5 July 2013 | Bangkok, Thailand Organised by: Supported by: Thai Retailers Association (TRA)


Event Design  Purpose:  To demonstrate the benefits of HD security solutions in retail application  Different brands of cameras will be showcased at the same time to educate users about special features of each brand  What are the benefits? This event is fully supported by Thai Retailers Association, so this is a great chance to showcase your security solutions in a simulated retail environment to the decision makers!  Date: 3 – 5 July 2013  Venue: Hall 102, BITEC


Simulated Store Environment


Demo Area Design

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Who to Join? HD Camera: • IP camera: all types are acceptable [except speed dome] • HD-SDI camera

4 installation areas: 1) Entrance/exit: box type 2) Counter area: box type 3) Above shelf: fisheye 4) Corner: fixed dome Note: • There will be presentation time every day [timetable to be confirmed] •The distance between camera and target objects will be between 100-280 cm. •It is recommended the lens to be auto iris. •It is recommended to have SD card inserted if IVS were to be demonstrated •Colour temperature: 2300∘K-5400∘K (illumination intensity: 20-400lux).


Connection Set-up


(prepared by the organizer)

IP Camera


Presentation PC


22” 1080P LCD Display Monitor (provided by organiser)

SNMP PoE Switch

SDI/HDMI/VGA RG-59 Coaxial Cable

SDI Camera

22” 1080P LCD Display Monitor (provided by organiser)


What features to look for in the simulation? 1. HD image quality: transaction at register counter identifying: bill colour, amount, currency 2. HD image quality: face & movement details identifying: faces, clothing details, and items on hands 3. HD image quality: shelf identifying: take out items / put items back on shelf 4. Camera types: Boxed type, panorama, dome, fish-eye can be used in different part of the retail

store to test for different functions 5. Real-time transmission: no latency @ 30/60fps 6. VCA application: How camera can be used to increase management efficiency 7. Floor glare / Sun glare: How is the image quality affected by glare from sun, floor, and glass


How to Join?  Register before the end of May 2013  Participation Fee: USD 1,500  Please submit your product entry form before 14 June. *Any replacement of product is NOT allowed after submission.

 Move-in/out notice and on-site demo schedule will be provided before the event. For more information please contact: International inquiry

Thailand inquiry

Tina Chang

Suwapit Aujanasarun

T: 886-22659-9080 ext 665

T: 66-2717-2477 ext 122




Event Prospectus - HD Retail Simulation