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Twitter Incubator Go from Egg to Eagle in one session!

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A Few Resources


What is Twitter?

The Metaphor

The Metaphor

My Twitter Experience

What’s good about it for Educators? Amazing resource for personalized and professional learning! Expanded network of passionate colleagues with whom you can work. Platform for reflective teaching and for sharing your expertise. Method of communication with students, parents, colleagues and the community. Teaching tool to enhance collaboration and communication.

Lurkers, Learners, Leaders Lurking is perfectly fine. Spend time getting to know the Twitterverse by watching others. Eventually, you will want to participate to ramp up your learning. It’s totally okay to reach out to folks you don’t know. Once you have the feel of it, contribute your expertise and help others to feel welcome as well.

Your Profile Ditch the egg. People won’t take you seriously. Fill out your profile with relevant information that represents what you hope to offer and gain through Twitter. Don’t lock your account.

A Quick Vocabulary Lesson Tweet Retweet (RT) Quote Tweet Mention (MT) Direct Message (DM) Handle (@) Hash Tag (#)

A Tour of the Interface How to Tweet How to Retweet How to Favorite How to Follow How to Create Lists How to Direct Message

My Workflow You never step into the same stream twice. 80% professional, 20% personal. Only share what you find valuable. Point resources to folks who you think will find them valuable. Assume best intentions and be your best you.

Twitter Extensions Tweet Deck Visible Tweets Paper.li Storify Twitter Widgets

One other thing... Don’t click on direct messages like these:

Finding Resources Follow folks (@) who have mutual learning interests and passions. Spend time curating lists to help keep your feed organized. Follow relevant hashtags (#) Seek diversity in the folks you follow to help push your thinking.

Building Your PLN Personal Learning Network Retweet resources that have value. Reach out to folks you enjoy reading. Ask questions. Engage in Twitter Chats. Respond when people reach out to you.

Sharing Your Expertise Reply to questions posed to the community. Share your digital work (blog posts, ideas, resources, presentations) freely. Engage in and lead Twitter chats. Create opportunities for people to connect.

Twitter as a Communication Tool

Tweet class updates for students and parents. Tweet good news for the school community. Add a Twitter Widget to your class website. Crowd-source information or resources from students.

Twitter as a Teaching Tool Use Twitter as a backchannel discussion space. Use Twitter to follow news events and relevant resource providers. Use Twitter to demonstrate your learning. Use Twitter to connect to other learners. And so much more!!! (LiveBinder included)

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Twitter incubator presentation  

Twitter for beginners session notes at #GCCC13.

Twitter incubator presentation  

Twitter for beginners session notes at #GCCC13.