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Enhancing the Free Range Experience

Official Launch First Week April 2012 Reconnecting People Land & Food Real Food & Farming Awareness, Participation, Education Social, Environmental & Financial Sustainability




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Farm Entrance Cabin Concept 36ft x 20ft footprint 2x Windows at back Double Door Entrance both sides fornt and back so can see through

Double Door Exit at back then walk through retail

Don’t need this door

Double garage door



Open Retail Space Front as pic Stable doors / windows


Orchard Aldenham – spacing 15m - 90 trees Brownlees Russet X Bushey Grove Crimson Newton Wonder X Dawn Gavin Hitchin Pippin X Hormead Pearmain Fairie Queen X Lane's Prince Albert X New Hawthornden Prince Edward Rivers Early Peach Rivers Nonsuch Rivers St Martin Thomas Rivers Voyager Warner's King Young's Pinello PEAR Beacon Conference Fertility Magnate Parrot Princess X St Luke Summer Beurre PLUM/GAGE Automne Compote Blue Rock Curlew X Czar Early Rivers Early Transparent Gage Golden Transparent


Opening Event Grid


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About the Park

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Fitness, Picnic & Play

Special Events

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Contact & Directions


Directions to Aldenham Country Park By Road Drive towards Radlett, Borehamwood, Elstree, Bushey area via the M25(J21), M1(J5) A41 (come off at r'bout with A411 Elstree Road), or A1(M)(J23 with M25). Look for the signs on nearby roads. The Park entrance is off Aldenham Road. For Satnav users - Aldenham Country Park, Aldenham Road, Elstree, Herts

Park Entrance

WD6 3BA (This will take you to approx. 200m from the entrance to the park) By Tube / Rail Alight at Edgware Station (Tube - Northern Line), Alight at Elstree & Borehamwood Station (train - First Capital Connect) By Bus No.107 to Elstree Village from the above stations. Nos.W7 and W9 (Mon-Sat) and W9 (Sun and Bank Holidays) from Watford Junction railway station and Borehamwood railway station. For more passenger transport information call Traveline on 0871 200 2233 or visit


Aldenham Renaissance A Renaissance at Aldenham will be about; •Reconnecting People Land & Food •Real Food & Farming :- Awareness, Participation, Education •Providing Free Range Experiences And doing this whilst delivering Social, Environmental & Financial Sustainability Plan Over the first three years we will enhance the visitor experience, in partnership with the Friends, local groups and joint venture with local people, activities that all fulfil the objectives and are in keeping with a farm and country park.

The park will remain free to enter, a place for quiet countryside recreation and enjoyment.


Initial Ideas to be implemented for Easter Launch

A Free Range Experience

Enhancing Education & Experience Manned Farm Reception Farm Food Honey! Farm Boxes

Covered Seating by Kiosk

Woodland Adventure Area Enhanced Signed Walks

Enhanced Farm Experience Demonstration Areas Help the Farmer Feed Free Range Animals in Field

Vegetable Growing Group Plots & Participation

Group Camping Area

Donkey Rides/Occasional Events Walk / Pony Trail Edge Picnic & Barbecue Area Green Gym/Fitness Clubs Enhanced Dog Facilities Walks / Workshops

100 Aker Wood Heritage Orchard Planting Storytelling

Events, Summer Classical Music


Real Food & Farming & Agro-ecological Demonstration Growing Tunnels Irrigation Pond Water Harvesting Water Trough Pig House Vegetable Growing Beds

Straw Bale Storage 40 Pigs & 100 Growing Poultry

Electric Fence Rope Barrier /Sign

Agro-Foresty Strips Fruit trees 5m Spacing Raspberry / Soft Fruit in Spacing

Laying Chicken Huts Goose / Duck Shelter Turkey / Sheep Shelter


Farm Extension February - Remove existing pigs : Disinfect well

Growing Tunnels Irrigation Pond Water Harvesting

Bring over 6 Red Poll Steers, Welsh Blacks x 6 and Lleyn x 6. Borrow CF Set Up Fences / Water pipe/ Troughs / Pig Houses in Field

Water Trough Pig House Vegetable Growing Beds

Straw Bale Storage 40 Pigs & 100 Growing Poultry

Fencing / Water Clear & Straw Grower Barn

Electric Fence Rope Barrier /Sign

Sort out incubation / chick housing / Safety Ropes Source / Make / Sort Layer Chicken / Goose & Duck / Turkey Shelters & Electric Fence net for range. Water for poultry. Pond Wildfowl.

Agro-Foresty Strips Fruit trees 5m Spacing Raspberry / Soft Fruit in Spacing

Flock Buy from CF 18 Embden Geese & 2 Ganders 17 Norfolk Black Hens : 4 Stags 50 Aylesbury Ducks & 10 Drakes

Grower Barn

30 Rare Breed Layers – Light Sussex : White Leghorn : Cuckoo Maran Sell Day Olds / Laying Chickens / Eggs to CF ------

Laying Chicken Huts Goose / Duck Shelter Turkey / Sheep Shelter

6 4 Sow / Piglets Pens

Bring over 40 14 week growing pigs for barn initially plus 4 sows with litters. Bring over 50 Growing Chicks per month keep to 8 weeks return CF for finishing. Then 2 Sows 1 week pre-farrowing per month : Wean at 10 weeks and return 2 sows CF – Turn round pen. Piglets then go to growing barn for 2 months before return to CF for finishing.

Measuring up to do / identify what needs buying look for 2nd hand sale Buy extra Big Bale Straw for housing : Feed :


Aldenham Farm – Help us feed the animals Daily Farm Events 7.30am

Farm Team Start – Check / Feed / Pre-public


Public Entrance Open


Feeding Watering & Bedding Growing Chicks & Poultry


Laying Hens Egg Collecting in Home Field


Feeding Watering & Bedding Geese and Turkeys in Home field


Meet the Farmer in the Hay barn. Five minute chat from the farmer plus Q&A


Pig Bedding, Water and Piglet Checks


Laying Hens Egg Collection in Home Field


Cattle, Calves and Sheep Water, Bedding and Feed Checks


Farmer will be happy to answer your questions in the Hay Barn


Last Entrance to the Farm


Farm Closes


Farm Team Finish

Entrance is free but we ask everyone (over 2yrs old!!) to contribute by buying a bag of animal feed for either the pigs, geese or chickens. Feed bags are £3.50 each - Buy 3bags get one free ! You can then the farmer feed the animals where signposted on the farm.


Food, Farming & Horticulture Participation & Involvement Opportunity for community groups and organisations to share farm vegetables on ½ acre plots.

Help feed the animals, collect the eggs, see daily tasks, help weed the veg. Educational signage extended. Real farming for food.

Farm enhanced with British Lop & Berkshire Pigs. Laying hens. Chicks. Some Red Poll Steers. Norfolk Black Turkeys, Emden Geese, Aylesbury ducks. Lleyn & Black Welsh Sheep

Alternative birthday party – bring friends.

Enhance educational signage on farm, in woodlands about ecology of the farm and park.

Wanted Local Beekeeping Partner 


Extending tour / access and into field Farming at Aldenham

rm Fa

•Help us Farm •Feed the Animals

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e nc

Covered Seating by Kiosk

Indoor Play / Shelter

Manned Farm Reception Farm Food Honey! Farm Boxes

Farm Demonstration Area

Picnic Area and Play Area fenced and enhanced Tractors and small ride-ons For 2-10yr olds. Some Shelter

Ca Sh ttle Pig eep / / s

Veg Plots Growing Chickens Pigs Geese Walk around - help feed animals Help with veg growing in summer

Walk Way

Pig Ch s & i ck en s

Laying Chickens Geese Turkeys


Vegetable / Fruit - Community Groups Farming for Food 8 Vegetable Bed-formed & Manured Plots 4 Growing Tunnels (TBD) 6 Soft Fruit & Orchard Strips 1 Top Fruit Orchard Stretch Irrigation Pond (TBD)

February / March Opportunity for local groups / sign up partners Subsoil if dry

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Volunteers Transplant Wild Cherry Trees from Church Farm Compost if available and suitable / Apply Manure







Repeated Deep Tine Cultivations Plant Orchard Lines & Soft Fruit Lines

April / May Create Beds with Bedformer Seeding begins


Seeds for Veg Plots : Sweetcorn Maize : Over seeding Pastures

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Workshop used for indoor Farm Play /Education Walls with Farm Education Posters

Wheat Pit

Straw Bale Mountain

Workshop & Store

Sand Pit

Soft Play

Ride-on’s Farm Yard

Need safety floor / crash mats

Turnstiles / Ticket in and out : Exhibition Posters : Information : Education : Escape from Rain : Crash mats : wooden mini farm yard..


Pasture Management & Improvement 6 Grazing Blocks

February 20:10:10 plus Trace Elements Fertiliser


4 3


Spike all fields


Harrow all fields Slot Seed Chicory / Herbs / Clover Graze Heavily till germinates

Move to mob grazing


Winter Feed Straw / Roots / Local Silage?



Farm Entrance Cabin Concept 36ft x 20ft footprint 2x Windows at back Double Door Entrance both sides fornt and back so can see through

Double Door Exit at back then walk through retail

Don’t need this door

Double garage door Double garage door



Open Retail Space Front as pic Stable doors / windows

Double garage door


Long term layout ideas Craft Market

Pedestrian Courtyard

Rural Retail

Farmers Market

Catering Cover Covered Childs Play

Entrance & Farm Retail

Lower Hedge

New 6ft Fence Planted every 10 yards fruit trees

Workshop - Play


Example Events Low cost activities & education •Nature trail work sheets – create colouring, rubbing work sheets for kids: Identify trees, plants etc, make a bark rubbing, •Farm Yard work sheets – mummies and babies, food, habitat •Discovery trail – clues with answers dotted about the play/farm yard area

Weekly Events – Looking for Joint Venture Local Partners to Run Saturday •Food & Farmers Market (JV) •Educational walks / talks in association with Friends •Volunteering Countryside Management •Donkey rides / Pony rides (JV) •Barbecue Area open Sunday •Local Craft Market (JV) •Educational walks / talks in association with Friends •Donkey rides / Pony rides (JV) •Barbecue Area open

Weddings / Parties / Corporate Events by arrangement Workshops & Courses from beekeeping to bakery run in partnership with local people


Example Major Events Possible Seasonal Programme Looking to partner with local people who can run events such as; March / April –

Easter Spring Festival

Food Festival, Local Food Extravaganza

Midsummer Festival

Steam Engine & Agricultural Show

Summer Camp

Country Camping Weekend & Tree Fair

Classic Music / Jazz in Events Field

May June July


September –

Harvest Festival Food Exhibition

Halloween. Pumpkin carving, haunted trail

October December –

Christmas Fayre & Victorian Farm Shop.

January / February –

Midwinter Barbecue & Barn Dance.


100 Aker Wood Remain free, natural and open Partner with Story Tellers summer / weekend Enhance by planting Heritage Fruit over coming years – 100 Trees minimum p.a. Teddy Bear Picnics Imaginative play / information & activity sheets

Dog walkers/Walkers Make the park very Dog friendly – poo bins, biodegradable poo bags. Hose points to clean dogs prior to car, drinking bowls. Dog free areas


Natural Woodland Adventure Area


Woodland Adventure Area

Free Range Fitness Green Gym HQ/ Info

Toilets Free / Showers ÂŁ2

re Play A

eted a Tick flow Over

g Parkin


Green Gym : Outdoor Fitness 1-mile ‘safe’ run – a measured run, in open land to help with the feeling of security of female runners. – a run toward the entrance and around the circular copse

Tai – Chi to Cross Country – Round Route Outdoor Fitness

Looking for local partners


Help Requests Help us find reliable experienced Joint Venture / Partners •To Run Weekly Local Food & Farmers Market •To Run Sunday Country Craft Market •To Run Donkey Rides •To Run Pony Rides •Bee Keeper who wants to keep bees onsite and run courses •Groups to take on Vegetable Plots / Top Fruit / Soft Fruit / Growing Tunnels. Growing food & engaging people •People to run relevant countryside, craft, food & farming workshops and courses •People to run Woodland Adventure activities •People to run Green Gym / Outdoor Fitness Classes & Activities. Volunteering Opportunities Feb/Mar 2012 •Local Volunteers to help construct and develop food and farming experience, fencing & practical one or more days a week – 9.00 – 4.00pm •Volunteer guides who know the park and its flora and fauna and would like to run guided walks. Also… Partner to take on 30 year Development, Planting and Care, then harvesting of Heritage Orchard in the 100 AKER wood area – all for free public benefit and education. …….And any ideas input feedback offers of help more than welcome. Contacts



Welcome to

Aldenham Country Park – Free Nature and Lakeside Walks – Free to Explore Pooh Bear 100 Aker Wood – Help Feed the Farm Animals £3.00 – Coffee, Tea, Snacks, Play Areas and Toilets

Car Park Exit Fee –

Up to 1 hour £2.00

Up to 3 hours £3.00

All Day £6.00 : Overnight £15.00

Coaches by Appointment. Walkers & Cyclists Free

Enjoy Parkland, Lakes, Woods, Walks, Wildlife, Camping Traditional Farm, over 400 Pigs, Cattle, Sheep, Poultry & more


Make off white background and plum square keylines : incorporate picture change fonts

Welcome to Aldenham Country Park

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Don’t need any of these – repeat previous map / info board Pictures of Farm Experience

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Wood signs to be replaced Gates fences to be stained

Replace with

Need fence along here


Aldenham plans  

rough skethe

Aldenham plans  

rough skethe