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Designspiration Gazette

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014


World news .

Ann Vancoillie & Dirk Deleu

Making ideas happen

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty ~ Eleanor Roosevelt of their dreams”


in the States

“We found that our modular frame concepts offer very efficient solutions that meet the specific needs of the American tradeshow industry.”


Aluvision was founded in 2003 by Dirk Deleu and Ann Vancoillie. As a result of their success in the exhibition business, they felt the need

~ Stephan De Mulder.

to share their knowledge and experience with the market worldwide. Europe’s leading modular exhibit system supplier

Another advantage of the Aluvision range is the in-

We develop and manufacture a modular alu-

Aluvision, opened its first sales office in Atlanta,

visibility of the structure after completing the build.

minum system for the international exhibition

Georgia. Since Aluvision was becoming more and

Not seeing any aluminum profile structures gives

and event industry, as well as for store and

more successfull on the North American market and

that high-end custom look to all designs. Moreover,

showroom fittings. The high-end frame system

the demand for their products kept growing, open-

through its modularity and reusability it is the perfect

allows a quick, efficient installation of every

ing an office in the States was the next logical step.

solution for any exhibit company’s rental program.

solutions for straight and curved hard panel

We meet up with Stephan De Mulder, Senior Account

Aluvision has become a renown event and trade show

walls, for fabric walls as well as for hanging

Director of Aluvision Inc., in his Atlanta office.

industry supplier. “We offer a very wide range of

project. The unique Aluvision concept offers

building solutions based on lightweight, aluminum

signs. We specialize in developing LED solutions for the illumination of design objects,

“Our Atlanta office will allow us to react even faster

frames: straight or curved hard panel walls, fabric and

stand-alone displays and large fabric structures.

to all requests and orders from existing and potential

backlit fabric structures, hanging signs, freestanding

Our latest development is the brand new Puck

U.S. customers. It will also give us the opportunity

displays and many more.”

light, our Puck Flex, an ingenious display spot.

to provide a closer technical support and to organize local product trainings on more regular bases,” says

Thanks to the wide range of creative solutions

For further information, visit

Stephan De Mulder.

the Aluvision system offers, you will be able to adapt each and every of your designs to your

sented in about 35 countries worldwide. This is

“The modularity and reusability turn it into the perfect solution for any exhibit company’s rental program.”

the result of a great team working together day

~ Stephan De Mulder.

in day out!


clients’ needs. Keeping the philosophy of excellent quality and service as a prior goal, we are currently repre-

We are proud to present our first “Designspiration Gazette”. It will show you the drive and energy that Aluvision has and will continue to have in the future. We are happy and pleased to share it with all of you! Enjoy! The Aluvision team

“Aluvision is very committed to the U.S. exhibit industry, since we experienced that our modular frame concepts offer very efficient solutions that meet the specific needs of the American tradeshow industry. Costs for drayage and labor are reduced to a minimum by using our versatile, lightweight and easy to set up construction elements.”

Aluvision @ Exhibitor 2013

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014


Culture .

Heads up!

After his professional career as civil engineer,

Guido Deleu

Guido Deleu dedicated himself to his passion for art and sculpting. “The Visitor” is handcrafted ceramics by Cores da Terra, the studio of Selma Calheira. All of them are finished with only natural elements like clay and colour pigments.

Blond ambition

The studio is located in Ibirataia, South Bahia State, Brazil.



“An Engineer and artist with a huge love for nature and mankind.”

Cores da Terra has become extremely well known for

Belgians have acquired an excellent reputation

developing and educating local artisans, as well as for

for their taste in chocolate and beer.

its direct contribution to the economic and cultural deAt the Aluvision booth you can indulge yourself

velopment of one of the poorest areas of Brazil.

in the sweet taste of “De Zwarte Vos” choco-


“The Visitor” is a design of the Belgian artist Gui-

Today, these products can be found in museumshops,

lates combined with the slight bitterness of Leffe

galleries and boutiques throughout the world.

Blond. This authentic Belgian abbey beer will certain-

do Deleu, the father of Aluvision’s president Dirk Deleu. Engineering and art are clearly not incompat-

The project supports a village of hundred people in

ly be a welcome refreshment when visiting our





One picture says more than 2011


a 1000 words

From the very beginning of Aluvision, we chose to create yearly campaigns that not only show our products, but more importantly also represent our corporate philosophy and strengths. Modularity, flexibility, durability, functionality, elegance, are only a few of the key characteristics of the Aluvision product range. Combined with a driven and dynamic creative team this has always resulted in eye-catching campaigns. For each edition of Euroshop, the Aluvision booth design and the campaign picture, are developed around a single theme.



Find out more about this year’s campaign on page 17.



“Do it big, do it right and do it in style” ~ Fred Astaire . 2004





Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

National news Belgium - Deinze .

Efficiency inevitably leads to success What better way of being efficient than to generate a huge return on investment by being able to re-use the same frame structures over and over again in all kinds of lay-outs. Aluvision ‘s anodized aluminum product range combines durability with elegance and modularity. All products have a repetition of small holes which are exactly 62mm apart. These drillings enable you to make endless combinations, not only within one product group, but throughout the complete Aluvision range. Call it Meccano for grown-ups ; simplicity is the strength of the products. This unique concept has forged partnerships all across the globe. This worldwide network not only adds leverage, it also offers opportunities for international project management. Aluvision’s structure as a solid base, combined with your creative ideas and a great eye for detail are the perfect combination to satisfy your customer’s needs. Because isn’t this the ultimate goal for every business manager, a one way ticket to success !

Next to service and quality sustainability is also considered a key value. Thoughtful use of natural energy sources is one of many ways to run a company in a sustainable way. In this perspective Aluvision has installed 620 solar panels, equalling a surface of over 1000m².

. • Small environmental footprint • High Return-On-Investment • User-friendly and lightweight designs .

. The produced energy is used for milling and cutting the aluminum profiles of which the scrap is in its turn 100% recyclable. Aluvision also invests a great deal of effort in constantly developing their own LED solutions, the brand new “Puck flex” is a perfect example. Read more about this eco-friendly display spot on page 16.

“Call it Meccano for grown-ups; simplicity is the strength of the products.” .

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014


Politics and economics .

Entrepreneur of the year

Aluvision’s president, Ann Vancoillie, has been honoured with the prestigious Womed Award. This yearly award, which selects the best female entrepreneur, is an initiative of a group of business organisations like Unizo, Markant, KBC, Trends & Vlerick Business School. Ann received the title from Her Royal Highness Queen Mathilde and Minister President Kris Peeters. For the period of one year, Ann will be the Ambassador of Female Entrepreneurship. She will encourage and inspire women to develop their business skills, since there is still only a minorty of companies headed by women. .

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there” Minister Kris Peeters, Miss Ann Vancoillie, Her Royal Highness Queen Mathilde.

~ Theodore Roosevelt .


Aluvision soon in full expansion

Our production capacity will be tripled, our organisation further optimalised and all of this to maintain our high-level of service & quality. “A brand new showroom will guide you through all our new products and innovations” says Dirk Deleu, founder of Aluvision. The start of the construction is planned for the sum-

“What’s in a frame” The Aluvision frame system offers enormous benefits compared to post and beam systems.

mer of 2014.

Not only is it lightweight and easy to handle, the

We will be fully operational at the start of 2015.

self meticulously before the actual setup, which

system is particularly suited to prepare youravoids nerve-racking on the spot setbacks. Furthermore, there is an endless choice of possible infills, which is a determining factor in the actual look and feel of the booth. (dibond, syntra, MDF, plexiglas, fabrics, …)


Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Design .


by Aluvision



Think outside the box and bend back those straight


panels. Our curved panels, manufactured from the Pre-finished frames allow you to erect a stunning stand

same sturdy aluminum as our straight panels, give

quickly and cost-effectively. Modular, so flexible! Hardly

your stand the extra edge. Thanks to these clever solu-

any preparatory work involved. And astounding to boot:

tions you can effortlessly create a cocoon or pillar. By

the sturdy aluminum frames are reusable which means

linking the curved panels to their straigt counterparts,

that they can be used time and time again, making them

you end up with a flowing, meticulously finished

an attractive proposition for anyone involved in stand hire.


Sub Vision

What’s more, they can be dressed to suit individual tastes.

Straight Walls 2

Basic Vision


Looking for a true eye catcher for your stand? Our frame

As an eye catcher, a pièce de resistance or purely as a

systems for canvas do not only offer you endless possibil-

light feature… the possibilities are endless. Thanks to

ities, they are also stunning to look at! What’s more, can-

the convenient slot, affixing a canvas has become a

vas is light and compact, so easy to mount and transport,

no-brainer, allowing you to create a cube or rectangle

in other words the ultimate solution for large panels. The

which you can either hang up or position at floor lev-

pre-finished hems fit seamlessly into the slots of our alu-

el. As it takes no time at all to run up a new canvas, the

minum profiles, making extra tools ... surplus to require-

box will become a lasting feature of your stand that


will always look well.

Walls 3

A sound framework is half the battle. All our panels,


irrespective of size and dimensions are made from sturdy aluminum. Because they are so easy to link,

Master Vision

you can build or dismantle your stand in no time at all

Although stands that come with special light features are usually custom built, one thing never changes. All our il-

and use the same panels to keep on reinventing a new

luminated panels are made from Plexiglas or canvas so that

trade-fair stand, show after show. Thanks to our inno-

there is hardly a shadow to be seen. This ensures that your

vative cladding, even the profiles are rendered invisi-

clients’ messages get the attention they deserve. Our secret?


Aluminum profiles with a very slim rim, giving your tradefair stand a dazzling look!

Curved Walls Walls Basic Vision

Changing decor becomes a piece of cake with our frames. As we use high-grade aluminum only, the frames can be reused time and time again and will serve you for years on end. Simply change the canvas if you feel the time has come to introduce a fresh and new look. From a new promotional image to a different backdrop, you can change your decor at a hand’s turn.

D Vision

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

The frames have been constructed in such a way that




they will take light fittings without any problems.

Glass panels As an illuminated element, you can use the frame to invoke a particular atmosphere and highlight a numB Vision

ber of corporate features by using the correct canvas. The aluminum frames are sturdy and of high quality, making them reusable and easy to transport from one trade show to the next. Thanks to our clever profiles, cubes or rectangles are

Mini-I Vision

constructed in no time at all. Now, add a light and you have a decorative feature that is guaranteed to draw attention. The added advantage is that our profiles do not leave any shadow borders. What’s more, the aluminum we use is not only beautiful, it is also eco-

There is simply no better way to close off meeting

logical and reusable.

areas than with glass or Plexiglas. Create privacy without sacrificing your sense of space and allow


visitors to discuss their business in peace. You can also cover the glass with foil to provide even more privacy.


Structures Large trade-fair stands demand extra stability. We offer you this extra stability without compromising

Master Vision

on elegance or beauty. With it, the practical aspect of stand construction has not been overlooked either. Cables run through the standard drill holes inside our frames: convenient and invisible. Fancy a combined arrangement? No problem! All our

Lumi Vision

products are compatible thanks to their fixed 62-mm grid.



Illuminated objects are the one sure way to boost your

Enhance your stand’s interior with Aluvision products,

image in style, to highlight your message and to stim-

which all boast the same unmistakable quality our frames

ulate the senses. By combining a range of dimensions,

heve become famous for. Our range includes tables, coun-

you can create a unique image. The eye for detail with

ters and information displays.

which the products have been designed ensure that you end up with a shadow-free and uniform picture


that truly complements the ‘light’ design.


iPad display

Extend Vision Light display



Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Wall 1 Poly Vision

Omni Strip

Basic Vision

Uni Vision

Omni Vision

Wall 11 The Puck flex

Poly Vision

Sub Vision joining set

LED Light

Double Vision

Sub Vision

Wall 111 LED Light

Poly Vision

Omni Vision

Basic Vision

C Vision

V Vision



Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Bar Uni Vision


D Cover

Low Bend

Sliding door

Premium Door

Expo Vision

Basic Vision

Double Vision

Cubes Sub Vision joining set

Sub Vision

Poly Vision

Ino Vision joining set

Ino Vision

Center structure

Triple Vision

Basic Vision

Omni Door

Low Bend

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Square Bright Vision

Mini Vision

Slim Vision

Constru Vision

Expo Vision Joining set

Expo Vision


Tables B Vision

Master Vision



Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Innovations .

Quick Tightener

Slim Vision

Uni Vision This very low profile was designed especially for use with glass panels. These panels can be attached to the frame by means of clear

The newest Quicktightener that is now also made

double-sided tape. These glass

out of a hollow aluminum extrusion profile, weighs

walls are compatible with both

only half as much as the previous version.

panel and fabric solutions.

et, which means that it can be screwed on easily either by hand or with an allen key.

This profile, based on our Basic Vision profile, allows you to use both fabric and panel on one single

The fixation disk is bigger but still has a hexagon sock-

Omni Vision

LED Modules

side. In using one fabric to cover multiple frames, you can create a wall with one large, seamless visual.

Booth Music Visiting our booth at Euroshop 2014, is not only a feast for the eyes, you will certainly also love the music. One solution, two applications.

As a Belgian company, we like playing music of

This versatile frame profile allows for both silicon

our internationally renowned artists.

Thanks to our new Power LED modules we can

edge fabric or hard panel infills on both sides of the

If you like this music, we made a playlist for you

guarantee a maximum light output. The Aluvision

same frame. Omni Vision has the same profile width

on Spotify. Go to your Spotify and search the Alu-

modules generate an impressive 1400 Lumen, which

as the existing Basic and Publi Vision frame systems,

vision playlist or, scan this QR-code with your

is an improvement of 45% compared to solutions

meaning all solutions can be combined, without any


currently available on the market.

restrictions. Furthermore, the technically improved

These LED modules can for example be mounted in

and much lighter ‘quick tightener’ allows for quick

our Poly or Double Vision fabric structures. This al-

and easy installing and dismantling.

Enjoy the music!

lows you to create an illuminated fabric wall or display without any shadow edges in a very quick, easy and aesthetic way.

Omni Strip

Scan this code and enjoy our playlist.

Aluvision Playlist

Constru Vision

Small but ingenious. Brand new structural profile.

This small but ingenious profile, developed for use

This brand new structural profile can be used for posts

in combination with our Basic Vision range, allows

and beams or to cover large spans. As with all Alu-

to span one large silicon edge graphic over several

vision solutions, the Constru Vision can be combined

frames. The Omni Strip profile is mounted onto the

with any other Aluvision frame or profile.

Basic frames by means of a toolless connector.


The broken circle breakdown












Ozark Henry


Selah Sue

21 tracks

20 tracks

30 tracks

25 tracks

18 tracks

21 tracks

18 tracks

18 tracks

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014



Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

“We made the move to Aluvision and haven’t looked back.”

Testimonials .

“We immediately understood the philosophy of Aluvision.” ~ Davide Cascini . Client Profile

~ Stan Kruss .

Aluvision has given Expocentric a huge competitive advantage: our stands now require less skilled labour, are quicker to install, the quality and finish is amazing, they are cheaper to transport and totally reconfigurable and recyclable. In todays market of reduced budgets, Aluvision is the ultimate solution as our clients can receive a five star

Client Profile

stand without the price tag of a timber stand.

Function: Director Company: Expo Centric Pty Ltd Australia

. Expocentric has been using Aluvision now for two

Function: International Business Dept. Company: Shoei Bijutsu Co. Ltd. Japan

years. We build around 120 stands per year out of Aluvision. Our stands range from 9sqm to over 300sqm. We made the move to Aluvision from building traditional timber stands and haven’t looked

. It is a key feature to understand Japanese aesthetics:

back. .

simplicity! Japan resonates with simplicity and minimalism. It is this sense of simplicity that inspired

industry in Japan, incorporated in 1979 and currently

“ The highly professional and devoted Aluvision crew understands it’s about people that make bussiness.”

the leading display Company in Japan.

~ Rik Resnik

Shoei immediately understood the philosophy of


Shoei Bijutsu in its Aluvision designs. Shoei Bijutsu is a leading contractor in the exhibition

Aluvision, the potentiality of its smooth surfaces and round corners, the possibility to fuse light and simplicity in order to create immediate and beautiful creations. It is in the thin balance between lights and shadows, colors and whites that Aluvision helps Shoei creating its simple and evocative booths.

Client Profile

Function: Director Company: Enigma


. markets in exhibiting bussiness. After full five years of Aluvision usage, I’m glad to conclude that we’ve

. Client Profile Function: Manager Company: Standex gmbh Germany

Almost a decade we’ve been experiencing unration-

hit it all: we’ve really got a great looking, easy-to-han-

ality of traditional, carpenter-way of standbuilding.

dle, extremely durable and above all, cost effective

Human resource limitations, sometimes almost bi-

modular system enabling us being very competitive

zarre setup/breakdown timings, stand (un)repeat-

on practically all european markets. Need to stress out

ability problems, etc... lead us to a decisive moment

that it couldn’t be possible without a highly proffes-

in 2008 to find a durable, design-looking modular

sional and devoted Aluvision crew that really under-

system to support our competitiveness despite some-

stand it’s about people that make bussiness and not

times huge distance away from the main European .

opposite. Always there, always ready to help.

“For more than 7 years now, we are also building exhibition booths for many of our customers using the Aluvision systems.” ~ Gerhard Czerny



We were facing the difficult

acquired a taste for Aluvision. For more than 7 years

task to build a stage for press

now, we are also building exhibition booths for many

conferences. The requirements

of our customers using the Aluvision systems. Our

of our customer were clear : design-oriented, flexi-

rental stock is constantly growing.

ble, reusable, short setup time. After some research,

We are always keen and curious to learn about every

we came across Basic Vision and we built about 20

new Aluvision development. Their high attention for

stages with these Aluvision frames.

design, combined with easy handling, keeps amazing

After our first cooperation with this manufacturer , we

us. The Aluvision team is a creative and reliable part-

ner in our search for individual solutions.

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

References .

Super Vision

Publi Vision

Super Vision

Double Vision Basic Vision

Poly Vision



Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Technology .

Making it easy for you.

01 .

Aluvision’s brand new creation

The Puck flex is the result of a strong desire for ecological yet brilliantly designed lighting solutions in the display and exhibition market.

> Leightweight frames easy to transport and handle.

This directable luminaire outshines all other display lights in its state-of-the-art design and top-notch LED-technology.


> Toolless asssembly of the frame structure.


Seven high performance LEDs house in an ultra-thin Aluminum outer Shell serving both as a contemporary fixture body and as a heat exchanger. An invisible hinge in the shell makes it possible to change the focus of The Puck, thus allowing precise illumination. The armature is built to be compatible with any smart system. Installing is simple: just plug and play! The opalescent lense, especially designed for “The Puck”, refracts light in such a way that the entire surface is evenly lit. Choosing either warm or cold white light will let any object stand out even more. This useful mobile lighting fixture comes in a solid and practical casing.


> Mount infill panels using velcro.


04 .

> Instant result in no time.

Visit or scan this QR code and watch our instruction videos.

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014


Marketing .

Shapes in Motion: the Making


You might think that Aluvision’s frames are stattic, but this campaign aims at convincing you of the opposite. You can make your booth as dynamic and elegant as these dancers show you. The robustness of the frames provides the ideal support that will make your visuals stand out from the crowd. This is what the muscular male dancer, Johan, represents.


Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Sports .

Mens sana

in corpore sano

We strongly believe in the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body. That is why we attach great importance to our annually teambuilding trip.

Designspiration Gazette Aluvision - Euroshop 2014

Word search

 Aluvision  Concepts  Contemporary  Creativity  Deinze  Design  Detail  Durable  Ecological  Efficiency  Exhibit  Expo  Functional  Innovative  International  Modular  Simplicity  Tightener  Tradefair  Unique  Worldwide


Lots of fabric

When you visit our booth on Euroshop, you will have seen nearly 200 fabric walls covering a total of 600 m2. Each with their own graphic print.

Visit us at Exhibitor 2014

Aluvision will be exhibiting at EXHIBITOR 2014. You can visit us on March 16-20 on booth #1265 in Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas. Exhibitor is the Largest One-Stop Shopping in North America! Create your wish list, then register to visit the EXHIBITOR 2014 Exhibit Hall. It’s the fastest, most cost–efficient method of finding new partners, products and solutions for face-to-face

Dance Stars


Did you know that the models for our new campaign are actually dancers that starred in

marketing programs.

Visit our website.

Get informed online about our products, their technical specifications and our possibilities.


In 2014 we secure the future of Aluvision. Three of our

After registering, you can easily download our

employees are expecting babies this year. Congratula-

technical catalogue and CAD-files.

tions to Joke, Inne and Adil!

the Belgian TV-show “So you think you can dance”? Johan Christensen is originally from Denmark, but lives in The Netherlands. He studied classical ballet in a school in Denmark and decided to participate in SYTYCD to kickstart his career as a dancer. Johan is starring in Red Yellow Blue, a dance performance by Isabelle Beernaert. Kris Siekerman studied Performing Arts at the ‘Hogeschool voor Kunsten’ in Amsterdam. She already performed in several productions, such as Rick Odums Jazz Dance Company, The Wiz, Fame, Dirty Dancing, Chicago, Crazy Shopping and Wicked.

“Okay, get me Esher on the phone!” ... “NOW!”

Clemence Dosschestraat 44 9800 Deinze - Belgium T +32 9 381 54 70

Aluvision Inc. 5815 Windward Pkwy, Ste 302 Alpharetta - GA 30005 - USA T: (646) 736 7317

Profile for Tim Vanhoutte

Aluvision Designspiration Gazette  

We are proud to present our first “Designspiration Gazette”. It will show you the drive and energy that Aluvision has and will continue to h...

Aluvision Designspiration Gazette  

We are proud to present our first “Designspiration Gazette”. It will show you the drive and energy that Aluvision has and will continue to h...


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