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An Open Life By: Timothy A. Valentine

What is important about life is how you choose to live it?   You can be ashamed of your misdeeds, failures, shortcomings or privileges, but you also can learn from it. Don’t allow the mistakes you’ve made govern your life. Don’t be embarrassed of what you did not have in the past or have today.   Find content in your blessings and achievements. Live with humility, because it all can be blown and washed away by the hurricanes of life.   You can live in fear of others, things, situations and circumstances, but how does that profit you?   If your perception of a specific group of people is bound to the disconnected and misrepresentation of a few in that group without any other interaction then you taint yourself. Everyone, everything and every situation in life is not bad. Socialize, interact and open your mind to other considerations.

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An Open Life  
An Open Life  

A short essay about our perceptions of people and interactions.