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School of Professional Studies ​[Applause] [Music] hey what's up guys see Ramana here back with another video and today we take a look at the Animax doorbell camera now this doorbell camera today has been provided by anywhere a computer accessory distributor but the thoughts and opinions of what I think about this is all original and totally mine but if you want to know more check that description box but nevertheless let's jump into this video review but first off what exactly is this thing well it's actually smart peephole doorbell kind of camera rather than specifically a doorbell unit itself it doesn't actually ring or have any doorbell function but does act as sort of like a peephole type of device allowing to use your smartphone or even a web connected device to view the camera through the internet connection it does offer so let's jump into the design department and in the design department this guy actually doesn't look half that bad the inside portion should match most doors here in Australia thanks the fact that has a nice plastic white front face that could easily be also to repainted if your door isn't specifically that color thanks the fact that just comes off the unit so super easy to paint right there the outside portion is also to a plastic build once again however it does remain rather neutral thanks the fact it has a darker color scheme so no matter what color you'd always what texture what type of material it's made of it should go along nicely with most coloured doors out there but just like the inside portion if you are willing to get a little bit on the DIY side you could totally pull this thing apart and repaint it however you may go ahead and actually for the warranty right there on the flip side of this particular device there is some 3m tissue tape to go ahead and hold this guy against the door and there's also - a rubber gasket to stop sort of dirt and debris getting inside this guy so not only do you have that a sticky pad but also - you've got some my gaskets to stop all that rain and dust and whatever else that may hit your front door from getting inside this guy overall both these sides are plastic but I wouldn't have any problems with them and I'm not too fussed as I wouldn't really personally want a piece of metal hanging off the front of my door just seems a little bit stupid so a bit of plastic is definitely okay now even though they are made a plus they feel really really sturdy and whilst again I'm not the biggest fan of plastic I don't have to say they're not half bad built here now taking a closer look at these two units inside the inside portion of this guy we're getting ourselves a cover that takes off like slow to go ahead and reveal the inside workings of this guy where we find ourselves a battery indicator and a status LED and then also two four double A batteries slots yep this guy does run on battery rather than a fixed power source so if your door doesn't offer a fixed power source you should be pretty much okay to go then there's also two a little power switch and oval that's kind of eat on this particular side if we do look underneath that however we do get the ribbon connector and also to the USB cable a connector for going and doing any updates or in fact that to this particular unit they're just touching on those batteries for just a moment I've been using mine for about three to four weeks as of recording this video probably a little bit more by the time this video goes up and I've had no problems with them they're still remaining green and little status LEDs so I have to say in terms of power consumption it doesn't use a whole ton of power so if you're worried about burning through batteries I personally wouldn't be too worried there but definitely pick up some rechargeable batteries as they're definitely a lot better they're not going with disposable batteries but flipping over let's take a look at the outside unit of this particular guy and it's a fairly simple affair yeah we're looking at ourselves a camera capable of recording 480p video whether that be in night mode or are in day mode thanks the fact that it has dual IR LEDs for about three meters of vision at night and there's also two a motion sensor with the optical viewfinder coming in right under it so you can still look through your peephole so even though this guy will be mounted on the peephole you can still look through it thank the fact that it actually allows for a pass-through now there's also to a speaker here for yelling at the person that you do want to yell out on the other side of the door and I have to say the quality is okay it's not gonna be winning any awards anytime soon but hey at least it works and you can give instructions to any delivery drivers or anyone who may be at your door if you're not home or just couldn't be bothered coming to your door but overall in terms of design it's actually not half bad in his design department with that being said let's jump into setting this guy up and was actually really really straightforward sure it may not be unlike the Drobo level of being super simple to set up but it was still pretty simple to go ahead and do you'll need to get everything that's inside the box and follow the simple instructions that they do offer everything that I needed except for a coin to actually take off the peephole and tighten this one up was available in the box but most of us have a coin to go ahead and turn up or screwdriver will work just fine once this guy was connected to my door and I went ahead and connected up the WiFi dongle like so to our router and got everything set up it was actually a really nice experience now do note if your

wireless device already comes pre-configured like mine for some reason already had a username and password on it simply hold down the reset button for 10 seconds boom you're in and ready to set up your device so that's just one thing you may want to keep in mind for some reason it may have a user name and password already set that isn't written on the box so maybe just reset it if you are having a few problems here once it was connected to my LAN connection I could go ahead and use my smart phone app or my laptop to go ahead and finish the configuration steps and overall everything was super straightforward there's no weird menus or anything that caught me out everything seemed pretty straightforward and ready to go the only real thing that I didn't find straightforward was actually finding the IP address of this guy as it will take a dynamic IP address from your DHCP server or from your service on your router so do keep that in mind that actually finding the IP address of this guy may be a little bit on the difficult side if you haven't pre-configured the app already but if you've already configured the app you should be pretty much ready to go and once I set this up it was pretty much set and forget other than the batteries that are there the interface of that application was so simple to go ahead and use it gave me all the basic controls that I needed for this guy and if I needed to do anything more advanced I simply just jumped in on the web browser did my little configurations and I was ready to go the one thing that I really do like about this particular guy is the fact that it can actually store photos and videos in the cloud locally or on a local nadz connection so this guy also two features a micro SD card slot so you can throw in up to a 64 gigabyte unit store up a whole bunch of snapshots videos or whatever you want to store in this guy and you will be all good to go now for me having a server on board I was able to connect it up to my server and I was able to dump the photos and any sort of other snapshots into that guy I really did like that and also to the fact that it has the web storage is also to another that I did like however on a security front I'm personally not the biggest fan because the URL is basically just a generic URL so it can be a bit easy to get into but overall if you are keeping storage locally it's a really good solution once you go here actually configure to go ahead and store videos from this little guy onto either the micro SD card your nasal up on the web you can actually set it to a Lube mode so if that drive becomes full it will just keep recording over and it can actually act much like a CCTV camera on the front of your door now if you are running in AZ again it can work in exactly the same way and I really do like this particular feature again the video footage isn't exactly going to end up on the cover of national Geographics photo magazine but they're definitely enough to catch someone drop-kicking your parcels to the front door or someone trying to break in or something like that and it would be an absolute godsend in something like a police investigation when you need a picture of those people at the front of your door so I really do like the fact that these guys are doing decent enough footage that you can definitely pull some images out of it but again once it's all set up configured everything's ready to go the only real thing you'll need to keep in mind is when the batteries go flat it's pretty much set and forget they're on the plus side if you have a door peephole this thing is super simple to set up and I'll say it's no more than five minutes to actually install the camera was not being the highest end model does definitely provide good quality video and would be perfect again for some like a police investigation or trying to catch someone who has damaged your property or something similar to that or even just providing evidence to the shipping company the day damaged your parcel it's also - extremely clean and very simple design makes it really nice to put on your door without attracting too much attention sure it's gonna be sitting there people are definitely gonna notice it but it's not like putting a massive camera or something really flashy on the front of your that may actually go ahead and get stolen and finally I love the fact that there's no cables needing to be run to this guy if you don't have wires in your door or something like that it's going to be super simple to setup install and run because there's no need for any existing wiring however on the downside because this guy does rely on a wireless network that does rely on a power source if the power does go out this camera will be basically worthless the actual camera itself will keep on trying to transmit video but if the actual receiver has no power and the router is down it's not gonna be working at all basically voiding your security setup so a UPS is definitely needed for the both the router and the access point making it actually usable when the power does go out batteries is also - another downside that some people may not be sort of thrilled to have personally I'm not the biggest fan of having a battery operated device because it is one more thing I'm gonna forget to change and then it's not gonna work and there's just gonna be soon there forever but it can be a plus for some as now you don't have to run any power and finally it's not a full replacement for a proper camera or alarm system if you're thinking about getting this over a proper camera setup or a proper car alarm setup this guy isn't a direct replacement for that sure it provides actually decent enough video for rding people but you shouldn't really be considering this kind of device over a kind of camera system as well but all in all the price point of this guy does come in a little bit also too on the pricey side of 250 Australian dollars and may not be exactly something you're gonna be running out and buy at the end of this video but if you don't have any type of security setup no cameras no alarms or in fact that the value of this guy is actually really really awesome $250 Y system that provides video and photos to a logged connection whether that be

a a micro SD card or a nas or even just to the cloud with remote connect in there's actually a lot of benefits to having this guy even though the price may be a little bit on the pricey side where the value does again come in is installing an alarm system or a camera system is gonna be way more than the price of even four of these guys so you definitely saving a lot of money if you don't have that kind of setup already by grabbing one of these little units I'm definitely not exactly the biggest fan of these batteries inside this guy but if you pick yourself up a couple sets of rechargeable batteries you can always have someone the charge of ready to go in case these guys go flat making for a super easy to use experience which is definitely something that I did end up using was just some rechargeable batteries which were really really nice to do if you're already into security this is definitely not gonna be offering you as much value to you however if you are someone who has absolutely zero security setup at your house having something as basic as this is definitely gonna help you do a lot when it comes to securing your premises and also to well keeping things so do keep in mind though that this is not a be all and end all security system again if the power does go out is basically useless so UPS is needed and it may be a little bit on the pricey side for some but definitely have to say the positives do generally outweigh the negatives when it comes to this little smart guide the fact that it's easy to install easy to maintain and are ready to go at all times is something I personally do like but let me know what you think down in that comment sections do you like batteries in these types of devices or would you prefer something that's a little bit more fixed line so you can just set it and totally forget about it do let me know down in that comment section if you want to pick up one of these guys or find out more check that description boxes a whole bunch of stuff going on down there otherwise guys thanks for watching I'll catch you all in the next [Music] [Applause] you Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.