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Elaine’s Toffee: Go No Further If you are like me then you also have what some people like to call a sweet tooth. I do not like to say that way rather I say that I have a finer appreciation for the good things in life. As it turns out, one of my favorite candies since I was a small child was English toffee. How I love the sweet chocolate outer layer mixed with the buttery crunchy almond toffee that melts in your mouth! It is as though nothing can compare, especially to toffee made at home. My grandmother could make the best English toffee I have ever had and when she passed away, she took that famous recipe with her. I’ve never had English toffee that could compare to grandmother’s toffee until I visited the quaint little shop of Elaine's toffee Company. It was like revisiting my childhood when I bit into that piece of toffee and let it melt for a little while. I simply had to buy a tin of it, no question. The reason is that Elaine’s Toffee Company utilizes family toffee recipes that have been in their family for generations; that’s right homemade toffee. I must admit that one of the best parts about Elaine's toffee Company is their online store. It is difficult for every store to carry every option and item available. The online store clears all of these complications by allowing the customers to order customized tins, baskets, or boxes of English toffee and other goodies. Now that the holiday season is getting started we are now starting to keep an eye out for the best gift deals and ideas. Make your gift creative and decadent with one of Elaine’s Toffee Company’s gift baskets. Elaine’s has three gift basket concepts, the classic toffee lover’s gift basket, the toffee twosome, and the metropolitan gift basket. The most extravagant gift basket is the Metropolitan available in a beautiful wooden box with black ribbon and many varieties of toffee including almond and peanut toffee. When buying gifts for friends and families over the holidays, it can be difficult to fully utilize shipping yourself. Imagine trying to ship a gift basket at the post office! Ordering your gifts online is perfect because you can have them ship it directly to who you are giving the gift to, saving you the time and trouble. Sometimes though, we just want to buy a little something for ourselves. When it comes to this, you simply must visit the store. Quaint and cozy, any of the locations of Elaine’s Toffee Company will sure to impress and bring back the memories of grandma’s house. Be sure to look on the website to see if there is a location near you. Visit Website

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