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Brief To create a concept that would raise awareness and encourage non ferry users to consider P&O Ferries as a new form of transport to and around Europe.

Rationale After gathering first hand experience by traveling on a P&O Ferry. We identified the initial problems that we should tackle with our concept. From the passenger feedback we gathered a target audience of families, who wanted to travel with cars.

Concept The freedom to explore Europe with your car.

Solution An interactive booklet, that allows the user to physically discover the contents - using the idea of exploring Europe as our design direction.

“Summer is all families” “We are now getting more and more people who are picking up P&O Ferries who are from the midlands” Michael Rooney - Customer service manager / Vice captain

Research A clear concept was necessary for us to identify a specific audience and problem to respond to. As part of our research we traveled with P&O Ferries via the Hull > Rotterdam route interviewing crew, staff, and passengers. From this we came up with an informed problem analysis for us to develop a concept on.

Audience From the results of the research that we carried out on the ferry and through secondary research, we were able to pin point who we wanted our target audience to be. The results from our surveys show that 86% of the passengers were traveling with their cars, of which 48% of that were 1 day return ticket holders. An impressive 100% of the passengers were more than happy to travel with P&O Ferries again, showing that people were willing to spend more time traveling in return for a better experience. As a conclusion, we have decided to target families who intend to travel with their car.

Context With the general public that we interviewed, the people who traveled on P&O Ferries were the people who hadn’t heard of them before. On the other hand 40% of the passengers we interviewed had heard of P&O from past experiences, but it was still unspecific how advertising was used. We wanted to communicate to the audience with an efficient form of communication. A direct product in which we could distribute to car users therefore we wanted to target locations where car users would be, such as: supermarkets, service stations and petrol stations.

Solution The final product we have produced is a promotional and informative booklet that is protected by a sleeve which also acts as an infographics map. Each page will pose a question to suggest different cities, tempting the user to rip open the sealed pages. This will then reveal individual spreads about P&O transport suggestions, facilities and city information - taking into consideration that the user will be driving. There will be 10 spreads, containing information about different cities.

Specification Size - Page numbers - Colour - Typeface - Print process Stock -

160mm x 210mm 10 double page spreads Pantone 265 M Helvetica 7pt Helvetica Bold 8pt/12pt Helvetica Neau 18pt Perforation Wholesale recycleable stock

Suggestions To reflect on the ethical aspect of P&O. We are encouraging users to recycle the use of the booklet by passing it onto other users.

P&O Design Boards Final  

P&O Design Boards Final

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