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of my world and pulled them in closer and closer. I closed my eyes but the darkness followed me. I remember the end. The end of my life. I remember the end of my life as I knew it. I remember opening my eyes to a new world. I got up and reached for something, anything, to fill the aching emptiness contained in the beating heart in my hand. It still did not warm my fingers. I remember reaching my hands toward the clouds to see if I could still feel the sky and hold it in my grasp. I remember I could. I remember crying. I laid down on the bank and let my tears fall, clear and pure, into the stream. They were washed away by the tide. I remember my fingers. I remember it still did not warm my fingers. I remember that even though one of my hands did remain cold, the other still held the sky. I remember I was okay.


Erin Pontius Final Project  
Erin Pontius Final Project  

this is Erin's final projet upload test