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Circular School of Infinity

The Biocosmic Reaction Of Paradoxical Intent

On a conscious level we may consider ourselves positive thinkers; we may, for example, want to achieve great success in a chosen career and in pursuit of that we take all the organisational steps necessary including any education or training we may need. What happens though when despite all the effort you make towards this goal; deep down in yourself you have a lack of belief you can go all the way? Is the goal you are working towards something you are passionate about or is it based on appeasing someone else? These are forms of paradoxical intent and in this class Dr. Simon Spence explores in great depth the many levels the mind works on and how we can ensure that we not ultimately working against ourselves.

The Magnetic Power Of Laser Focus & Auric Expectation

When we have our thoughts, feelings, visions, goals, plans and actions all working in sequence we undoubtedly achieve the results we desire. Belief and hope go hand in hand and in this class Dr. Simon Spence delves deep into the science of expectation and how it determines what we extract from everything we do. The importance of having complete confidence in one’s ability to find solutions to any issue or situation are part of the expectation Simon speaks about in this inspiring session. Among other things Simon explains clearly what the third eye consists of and how it works. The connection between the third eye and one’s aura are explained; as well as how, without having understood the science behind it, we have sensed the energy emitting from people to determine how they are feeling.

Memory Enhancement Part 2 = Simon’s Tour Of The Brain

There is little doubt about the fact of the brain being one of the most important organs in the body, some would say that it is the most important organ we have. The brain controls every function within our bodies and in so doing has the power to affect everything in it and our entire physical health. In this class Dr Simon Spence MSU takes us on a tour of the various regions of the brain and goes into deep detail on their functions and their importance. In addition Dr Spence informs us on how, through a variety of reasons all the maladies that affect us during our lives can be traced back to thoughts that cause actions and bio-chemical reactions. These happenings lead us toward many ends. Our brains are seventy percent water and our bodies seventy five percent. This underlines the importance of our need for a certain amount of water consumption in order for us to live and be healthy. Scientific research has confirmed that most diseases stem from a lack of water and the resultant dehydration. In the second part of this class Dr Spence teaches us that the vast majority of us are in a mode of perceived stress much of the time due to our psychologically stressful modern lifestyles. Constantly being in this mode causes an over chemicalisation of the body which results in the body becoming overloaded with toxins. This toxic overload then causes damage to our cells and puts us in a state of dis-ease leading to illnesses of many kinds. In conclusion Dr Spence points out that much of this stress is perceived and often to the point where the situation appears to be a lot more serious than it actually is. The possibility of any of these complications happening to us can be controlled; we can

achieve this through various breathing exercises, a healthy balanced diet, adjustments in our perception and regular exercise.

The Self Inspired Wheel Of life

From time to time many of us might ask ourselves who am I really? What is my authentic self? This is an important question because we need to know the answer in order to follow our true purpose in life. In this class Dr Simon Spence MSU takes us on a journey designed to open pathways that help us uncover our authentic selves and therefore allow us to begin the journey towards our true purpose. Many of us set goals and do not stick to them; in this session Dr Spence shows us that any goal we set must be in line with what we value in order for us to see it through. He shows us the clear difference between who we currently are and our authentic selves. Part of the journey towards who we truly are requires a selfevaluation. For this task assistance from someone else is required; someone honest enough tell us the truth about any question we ask and not what they think we may want to hear.

The Universal Law Of Change & The Power Of Letting Go

Between the ages of one and seven our minds are like sponges absorbing vast amounts of information without discrimination. This information can form the basis of what we believe and the sub-conscious mind proves this by manifesting into our lives whatever we believe. In this class Dr Simon Spence MSU teaches us that we must be discerning about what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. The way we see things is based on our experiences, our memory and how we felt at that time. Dr Spence explains how we are constantly going through a process in our minds, a process of perception, association, evaluation and decision. Our feelings towards something reinforce the thought. We must get into the habit of using our conscious minds to regulate what goes into the sub-conscious in order that we may control the automatic programming that happens through subconscious absorption. Dr Spence shows us that through forming habits we can control what we do and not just react to things and situations. Some of us may find ourselves getting angry on a regular basis but by being more consciously aware of what we do we can think first and see there is a choice. We can choose not to react in the same manner and let go of a habit that doesn’t serve us well.

Circular School Of Infinity  

Dr. Simon Spence

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