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jet aircraft with an estimated speed of 1,500 mph (2,400 km/h), German engineer Georg Klein claimed that such designs had been developed during the Third Reich. Klein identified two types of supposed German flying disks: A non-rotating disk developed at Wroc?aw by V-2 rocket engineer Richard Miethe, which was captured by the Soviets, while Miethe fled to the US via France, and complete up working for Avro. A disk developed by Rudolf Schriever and Klaus Habermohl at Prague, which consisted of a ring of arresting turbine blades around a constant cockpit. Klein claimed that he had witnessed this craft’s favorable manned flight on 14 February 1945, when it managed to transport to 12,400 m (40,700 ft) in 3 minutes and attained a speed of 2,200 km/h (1,400 mph) in level flight. Aeronautical engineer Roy Fedden watch that the only craft that could near the abilities attributed to flying saucers were those being designed by the Germans towards the avert of the war. Fedden (who was also paramount of the technical mission to Germany for the Ministry of Aircraft Production) said in 1945: ” I have seen enough of their designs and production plans to fulfill that whether they (the Germans) had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of totally new and lethal developments in air warfare “

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