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About Us Red Sea Consultancy is an independent search consultancy recruiting Senior Management and Executive staff for Charity and Philanthropy, primarily in the UK, Europe and the US and International Development in the Global South. We aim to act as both a networking service and a recruitment service provider to the world’s foundations, trusts and charity organisations and in the field for INGO’s and stakeholder partners for International Development, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid. A recent report by the Charities Aid Foundation (March 2013) in the UK regarding Future World Giving projected global charitable giving at $224bn (£146bn) a year by 2030, if people in rapidly developing economies give in line with the UK. Across an increasingly global marketplace, developing economies are growing at an exponential rate, with rising middle classes, and a new class of the ‘super rich’, many with a heart for Philanthropy and a heart for humanity. In a globalising world with changing social trends, but with increasing global challenges, the need for leaders and visionaries to shape our world is greater than ever. Extraordinary people are needed to deliver this vision, and it’s a vision which is close to the heart of Red Sea’s work, providing the best senior and executive staff across Charity and Philanthropy and International Development. ‘I see a vision of a rapidly globalising, diverse yet unified society, but such a transformation in culture brings many challenges to leadership. Red Sea has been created to have a more cerebral approach to Executive Recruitment and a global vision. We aim to be a more consultative company, with a more engaged approach to executive and intelligence search, working with the best talent to bring leadership and transformative change through Charity and Philanthropy.’ Tim Wingrove, Founder and Director, Red Sea Consultancy

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‘Red Sea aim to be a more creative and cerebral force in our search methods and selection process, while consistently delivering the highest standard of leadership talent to our clients – to engage more in an ever changing world and globalising workplace.’ Tim Wingrove, Director

Client Services We are genuinely passionate about our clients, and take the time to listen and understand our client’s values, market profile, brand and culture as well as the specific needs of each search project. We work in a cerebral and creative systematic approach, identifying executives from a variety of sources, who can bring fresh thinking and make a real impact to your organisations. In all our work, we aim to work within the context of Red Sea’s values – honesty, integrity, confidentiality and transparency.

Executive Search Process Executive Search Process and Methodology Overview

Search methods and recruitment processes are critical in any appointment. We provide an executive level standard process, which has evolved from years of industry experience and client feedback. The Red Sea process is designed to make any search and appointment as clear, thorough and engaged as possible. We are flexible to listen to our clients needs and will adapt a process as required, both in terms of timing and best practice. The key thing we aim to do is clarify your expectations, and be accountable to and deliver them.

Briefing and Client Engagement

The initial meeting, or brief with the client, is one of cornerstones of a successful process. Our understanding of your organisation, your aims and ethos, and the past, present and future needs of an appointment is vital to source the best candidates in the market for your role, in terms of both skills/ experience and personality. At senior level it is important to have an engaged and honest relationship with the board or hiring manager, to work in partnership in the process to deliver the best candidates for you. We like to highlight our methods as both cerebral and creative, and are keen to highlight other potential avenues of talent, key areas of strength to search for in the marketplace. We are able to advise on organisational strategy and job specification as part of this process.

Research and Search, Headhunting

We treat each assignment as a different entity, working flexibly within an existing framework. Our key USP is the personal networks which we have built through years in this sector, and we use these networks alongside both a targeted advertising campaign, and a targeted mapping process which looks at potential candidates across the three main sectors, candidates who may be off the market but open to exciting and challenging roles. Our approach and process is completely transparent to our client, and we will take organisation references for potential leads as part of this process. We aim to conduct a national or international research and search campaign depending on the brief agreed. We expect the  research stage should result in a comprehensive and diverse field of applicants whose skills, experience and personality correspond both appropriately and creatively to the initial briefing.

Interviewing, Longlisting and Shortlisting

After the market has been searched and all applicants collated, we create a recommended longlist of the best candidates according to the criteria agreed through the first two stages of the process. These are filtered using both consultative experience and a detailed matrix scoring system built on the basis of the job briefing. National candidates chosen for interview are invited to meet with the relevant Consultant. International candidates are interviewed through online interview. The first stage interviews are a chance to measure and assess all applicants in more detail to the job and person specification. Our process for this involves a comprehensive run through of a candidates working history, giving them the opportunity to highlight experiences in more detail, highlight achievements and qualify their career trajectory. It takes place in a fairly informal atmosphere, which gives the candidate a chance to find out more about the organisation, position and client expectations. The consultant will then go through the position in detail, aiming to gain an understanding the motivations and reasoning behind application. We look at key skills, management style,  career aspirations and also assess in-depth a candidate’s personality including character traits, culture aspirations and working styles. The aim is to create a picture of a candidate which matches the design of the brief in all contexts, and also provide extra strengths beyond the specification. This really is one of the most skilled parts of a recruitment process, and is critical to a successful and longterm appointment. Our success rate stands at about 95% of retained assignments, and part of this success is our skill in this part of the process. We will then produce a report for the client, which details all of the interview process, and helps to build a picture of the talent pool. We will makes recommendations if requested, but ultimately agree a final shortlist with which the client is wholly satisfied.


Once the successful candidate has been negotiated, offered and accepted, we will provide not only comprehensive feedback to all shortlisted candidates, but also to any applicant who comes in from the initial search. The service we offer is one which Red Sea feel is important for your organisation’s brand in the market, and we make sure that all candidates understand the reasoning behind the selection process. We arrange all assessments, interviews and any logistical issues for overseas applicants. Our aim is to provide both clients and candidates with the most positive experience in any recruitment process, and as a result we are crucially aware that all client and candidate engagements ultimately impact on our business and market brand.

Client Services Overview International Executive Search

Targeted Head-Hunting

Our Executive Search service is based on search and selection or targeted head-hunting, and our success is achieved by our knowledge of and networks across civil society. We have Global Networks to resource from, built from seven years work in Executive Search experience in the Third Sector. We are committed to the highest standards in client and candidate care, with the emphasis on integrity, transparency and confidentiality. Our consultants have a track record which includes a range of chief executive appointments, trustees, and Senior Management of Foundations, Trusts, INGO’s and other charity organisations. We have experience in Global Executive Search across four continents.

Intelligence Search

Whether you intend to hire now or are looking at the future market, understanding the market and available talent keeps you one step ahead of the competition in the race to secure the best Executives. Red Sea provides intelligence services that make it easier to find and attract the right people for your business, as well as providing context for a wide range of human resources decisions. Our recent experience includes work with one of the UK’s largest charities in intelligence work across the USA.

Executive & Senior Recruitment Services

• Candidate search • Organisational analysis • Role profiling • Interviewing, shortlisting and psychometric profiling

• Media analysis and advertising campaigns

• Response handling

International Development International development or global development is a key part of the heart of Red Sea’s International search work, which is directly aligned with the work we do in Private and Public Sector Philanthropy. International development seeks to implement long-term solutions by helping developing countries create the necessary capacity needed to provide sustainable solutions to their problems. A truly sustainable development project is one which will be able to carry on indefinitely with no further international involvement or support, whether it is financial or otherwise. We do International Search specifically for INGO’s, foundations and humanitarian, environmental and international development organisations, and International Aid and relief organisations. The areas of development our current and past clients cover include international governance, healthcare, education, poverty reduction, gender equality, disaster preparedness, infrastructure, economics, human rights and environment, across the developing world. We have experience in recruiting Programme Managers implementing multimillion projects across Africa and Asia, and have recruited Regional Director and Country Director roles across the Global South. We also work for INGO’s for CEO and Senior Management at Head Office level in the UK, the US and Europe, and specialise in recruiting senior level candidates to both sides of grant giving and fundraising internationally.

Networking Service As part of our dedication to global charity and philanthropic giving, we aim to offer a pro-bono service, to engage with our clients and networks and act as an introducer for interesting projects, to build new relationships and help to assist causes through shared knowledge. We have deep networks through Charities, Foundations and membership bodies in the UK and US, extending our reach into the corporate CSR sector and independent philanthropic agencies in the UK and US. So whether you are a small organisation looking for unrestricted funding, a corporate looking for charity partnerships or an individual looking at philanthropic or grant giving, we aim to create networks for you and introduce new partnerships as a free, ongoing service to the sector.

Partnerships Overview

Red Sea works with various partners as a service provider and networking affiliate, which helps to increase the depth of our networks and highlight our market accountability. We help our partners deliver various resourcing solutions to their members and affiliates. We are an approved search consultancy working with Philanthropy Impact, to deliver senior level specialists to their membership. Philanthropy Impact, launched in December 2012, incorporates the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving (EAPG), Philanthropy UK, and the Philanthropy Advisors Forum (PAF). It combines 27 years of sector knowledge and experience, creating a rich resource that helps make sense of and inspire philanthropy throughout the UK and beyond.

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